14 Responses to “How to Fund your eToro account”

  1. Jack says:

    Maybe I am too old to “get it” but Etoro does not appear like a good value to me. Sure, there is a low minimum to open an account but many conventional brokerage firms also have very low thresholds to open an account these days. Really, charging you $25.00 USD to withdraw your money? That does not sound like a good deal. My biggest question that I have yet to find an answer for: eToro claims “no commissions ” and that they “get paid from the spread.” The underlying question is, how wide are those spreads? Most large Cap US stocks on my platform trade at a one penny wide bid/ask. If the same stock on eToro had a spread, for example of .05 cents, then every small lot traded would actually be exceptionally expensive to the small trader. A large volume of small trades equals a whole lot of money! So who actually sets the bid/ask spread on the eToro platform and how wide are those spreads? My guess, you MUST pay the ask or there will be NO trade. Not exactly commission free as it appears on the surface.

  2. Henry Chua says:

    Hi Fitz, does etoro have a buy below price recommendation like in col financial? Thanks.

  3. STEPHANIE says:

    Good day, will it be ok to share this article to those inquiring in fb how to deposit funds in etoro? I just wanna be safe in asking permission 🙂

  4. Vincent Quitoriano says:

    Question. Is etoro legit and not a scam. Because i keep reading that some of the cannot withdraw their money etcetc

  5. Fitz says:

    @Vincent, I’ve had my account since 2018 and I have never experienced any problem. I’ve withdrawn my profits several times already and received my money in my bank account without a problem.

  6. Ken says:

    Hi sir, how did you fund and withdraw your account? And how long did it take for the withdrawal to reflect on your account? I funded it using credit card, so does it mean that it would reflect on my credit card first? I also used Paypal the second time but still used the credit card option. Will I still receive on Paypal or on my credit card? Sorry for the questions.

  7. Fitz says:

    I withdraw to my local bank dollar account. The money reflects on my bank account within 2-3 business days.

    For your first funding, it would reflect on your credit card first.

    For your second funding, it would reflect on where you chose to withdraw it.

    It will only reflect on your credit card first if you used it directly to fund your account.

    For your second funding, you used your credit card to fund your PayPal account. And then PayPal funded your eToro account. So it’s not a direct transaction.

  8. Ri says:

    Hello! Can I withdraw my earnings via BPI epay, a local peso debit account? Or does it need to be Dollar?

  9. Fitz says:

    You can withdraw to your BPI peso savings / debit account. It doesn’t have to be in dollar.

  10. Ramil says:

    Hi sir Fitz,

    I funded 500USD my etoro with my local bank BDO. I want to add fund 500 again using credit card. Can I widraw it all 1000USD and reflect it in my BDO account? Thank you.

  11. George says:

    Goo day, Sir Fitz!

    When investing in eToro from Philippines, is there tax included in transactions?

  12. Fitz says:

    There are no taxes charged in the transactions. It’s up to you to file and pay for them in your personal income tax report.

  13. You have a write up on etoro fees? I’m just new to etoro and opened an account this 2020. I found out that upon depositing 200 dollars, I actually paid 50+ pesos per dollar when the exchange rate is just 48 pesos.

  14. Fitz says:

    That’s a great idea. I’ll write that article soon. Thanks.

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