Giving Back to Society

Updated: December 17, 2020

Becoming an entrepreneur is still out of the norm set in the academe. Most do still teach you to become employed immediately after going through the university.

But, more and more people are joining the business bandwagon. And if you’re one of them, then we’re sure you’re now busy with building your brand, getting new clients, and connecting to the right network. So that ultimately, you can succeed in your business.

There are tons of institutions, startup programs, and self-help guides out there to help you with the things that you should do, and the pitfalls to avoid. Making your way is definitely not easy. It takes a relentless and agile spirit to even start one, much more to succeed in business.

But despite all the things that make you busy, you should also think about doing time to give back to society. It’s not a perfect world out there. Just look at that traffic causing you loss in productive business time, right?

But perhaps, it also needs you in some way or another. What role have you played to actually contribute to the betterment of your everyday workplace or residing community? So let’s give this a try — here are some examples of how we can actually give something back to society:

Join a charity event.

Run or join a triathlon, or just participate in events whose proceeds go to a worthy cause. It can be your college organization raising funds for a scholar in your alma mater, or perhaps a professional organization doing their part to help and promote local livelihood businesses.

Do something good for the environment.

The world is always a better place if you do your part in conserving energy, minimizing waste, and helping others to do the same. If you want to do something unique, then maybe go back to the beach you frequent and organize a clean-up project. That’s a good way to do something different during your vacation.

Be a mentor or a business coach.

Help other entrepreneurs succeed by offering guidance to new ones about the lessons you’ve learned so far. You can even initiate joint ventures. In our company, we try to collaborate with co-entrepreneurs and join tax orientation sessions. We know that most business owners are not well-versed about taxation, that’s why we’d like to help them.

Teach your passion.

Ever tried sharing your talents with others so they can make a living out of it? Baking, calligraphy, dancing, sewing; or even a notch higher like, graphics design and photography or event organizing are some of the things you might be able to teach. It may just be a hobby for you, but it can be a source of income for other people once they learn it.

Volunteer in colleges or universities

You can be a panelist in the students’ business feasibility studies. It would also help the professors obtain a different angle on the viability of the student’s project.

At the same time, it gives you leverage as to what ideas are being brought to life out there. Just make sure that you back yourself up with real-life application inputs to make a wealth of contribution to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

It’s not rocket science, so make it a point to give back. You’ll be surprised how much you can do to change the world we all live in for the better.

This article has been contributed by startup founder and entrepreneur, Rodel Mendoza.

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  1. It’s hard to explain to people why you try to help causes when you yourself have limited resources. I wish I know how to explain this to them

  2. Everyone is capable of giving back not just through monetary contribution. Consider time, talent, and skills. This reminds me that we shouldn’t focus only on making a living but more on learning how to live: loving and caring.

  3. Two of our favorite projects:
    1. We often, in the past, encountered street kids asking for money. We DO NOT give money as it is well known that these funds often go to a street gang. There are also a number of anti-begging republic acts that could land both the beggar and the giver a fine. We instead offer food at local eatery’s or fast food shops if the kid is hungry. We also inquire if they would like a job. Surprisingly, we have had a number of these less fortunate kids enthusiastically say YES to a job.

    We have had them come to our sub-division and delivered by the shuttle service from the front gate to our home. You would be surprised how happy these kids are cleaning up trash on a nearby vacant lot. We have also had a small crew wash the walls and floor of our carport. After a nice lunch we pay them well above average and call for the shuttle service to pick them up and drop off the kids at the front gate. Some of these kids actually want to go to school. When we have found children that really are enrolled but do not attend school due to lack of funds, we contact their teachers. Once the facts are verified, we have purchased school supplies in the past to get these kids back on track. Hopefully, we will be able to do this again, post pandemic?

    2. Our main project is helping a small orphanage that normally houses around fifty residents at any given time. The children range in age from infant to teenager. Did you know that some orphanages are sponsored by celebrities? Did you know that many smaller orphanages slip through the cracks and have very little support? During the pandemic of 2020, we learned that no visitors were allowed inside to help contain the spread of the COVID virus.

    Sadly, some people that only wanted a photo-op of their giving stopped bringing supplies to the facility when they could no longer go inside. We were asked by the director if we had anything more that we could spare in addition to our donations. It was truly a desperate situation. The staff, at times, were actually using the old trick of feeding rice cooking water to infants as the infant formula had run out. Thankfully, volatility drove up the price of stock and ETF options during that time. I sell option premium as a regular part of my income. We were able to make additional contributions. A few other kind folks have now joined us in sending regular donations or food, clothing, rice and toys. I have said before, my family is VERY BLESSED to have fifty little prayer warriors remembering us and asking for our protection. Every donation makes a real impact when the receivers have so very little.

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