Five Simple Tasks That Will Help You Save and Make Money In The End

Updated: January 30, 2024

We’re all coming from the holiday break and I hope you’re all ready for the challenges that the new year will bring.

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? Is one of them to save more money this year? If so, then I’d like to challenge you today with five simple tasks that will not only help you save but make you money as well.

These challenges are easy enough for everyone to do but the lessons and skills involved in completing them will be invaluable in helping you improve your finances.

Admit it, I could just say “pay yourself first”, “make a budget”, “learn how to invest” and other personal finance must-do’s but I know they seem to be too broad to turn into immediate and concrete action.

That’s why below, are exact goals you can work for in the next few weeks. Do them whenever possible, but I suggest the soonest. Because in the end, I believe it will help you become a financial success this year.


Task #1: Spend a weekend without screentime.

Most successful people I know don’t or rarely watch television. So challenge yourself and find something else to do at home besides watching TV or spending hours of entertainment on a digital screen.

And if you’re really up to this challenge, then also avoid social media and video games.

The lesson:
Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to do something productive or creative with your time.

Perhaps you can organize your things, make your next grocery list, brainstorm money-making ideas, or learn how to cook a recipe. And speaking of cooking…

Task #2: Learn how to cook spaghetti.

It’s cheaper to eat at home. But how can you avoid dining out if you don’t know how to cook, right?

So challenge yourself and learn a simple spaghetti recipe. If you already know how to, then how about doing pork menudo? Or if you have an oven, then why not learn how to bake chocolate chip cookies?

The lesson:
Home-cooked food is not only cheaper but also more nutritious. Learning how to cook will help you save money. You can skip eating out and just bring lunch to the office.

When you have guests coming over or if you’re going to a potluck party, you can now cook and skip buying take-out. And not to mention, selling baked goodies usually makes good extra income.

Task #3: Name 100 beaches in the Philippines

We all know Boracay, but what other beaches are there in the Philippines? Thanks to travel bloggers, it’s easy to search for these online.

When you’re done with your list, I’m sure you’ve seen photos of these beaches. Then why not take it a step further and pick out your best 10.

The lesson:
Polish your research skills with this challenge. Being resourceful in finding information will help you a lot when you need to find suppliers, do market research, and do other important tasks in your business.

Likewise, it will practice your due diligence skills. This will come in handy when you’re looking for investments.

Task #4: Go to a mall and find the cheapest plain red shirt.

Do you want to go out and do some window shopping? Then add some fun and productivity with your time by looking for the cheapest plain red shirt out there. Do this task with some friends and make it a game; the winner buys “merienda”.

The lesson:
Not only will you know where to buy the cheapest red shirt is for Valentine’s Day, but also, it will practice your bargain-hunting skills.

Who knows, you might discover a new boutique with quality but inexpensive clothes. Plus, you get free exercise with all the walking.

Task #5: Sell something online.

Look around your house, take inventory of your things, or make something that you can put up for sale on the internet.

Old mobile phones in good working condition, baked goodies, books, and even artwork. You can read about the best-selling items on eBay to get ideas on what to sell.

The lesson:
This is one of the most practical ways to market your products and the fastest way to sell anything of value that you don’t need anymore.

I’ve always been a strong believer in selling stuff online because for many years, even until today, it’s still one of the ways I make money.


I hope you can do some, if not all, of these tasks. They’re quite simple, and yet challenging enough to make you think, take stock, and manage your time and resources.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun, and again, have a truly wealthy and prosperous new year!

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  1. Truly inspiring Fritz, Me and husband learned so much from your website… Continue to share your thoughts and inspire others. Happy new year!!!!!!

  2. What do cupcake, Froyo and honeycomb have in common not related to food without internet searching? That is hard. And the clues are eclair and donut??

  3. Hi diwata. Yes, you’re right – and gingerbread is also a clue.

    Here’s another hint, they have a sequence: cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread and then honeycomb.

    If you’re keen enough, you’ll see that they’re alphabetically arranged – but that’s not the answer. 😛

    They all do have something in common that’s not related to food. Ask your friends and see if you can discover the answer. 😀

  4. Cupcake, Froyo, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, even Donut… can all be broken down into separate words? Cup, Cake, Frozen, Yogurt, Honey, Comb, Ginger, Bread, Do, Nut… can’t figure out how Eclair fits, though… so I guess I’m off the mark. 🙂

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