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Updated: September 22, 2014

Academic writing services such as providing term papers and study guidelines for students are viable sources of income that you can do at home. All you need are good research and writing skills, a reliable internet connection, a bit of free time and a natural interest for information. The subject of the essays could range from arts and history to science and technology but literature and current events are by far the most common topic assignments.If you’re interested in pursuing this line of freelance work, then here’s what you need to do:

1. Write a couple of essays about two different topics.
All academic outsourcing service companies require you to submit sample of your works. Even if you have a few of your college papers saved in your computer, I suggest that you write something new for your application. Choose topics that you know well. Keep them simple and light but informative and insightful.

2. Be aware of your available resources.
You cannot use the internet as your only source of information. Discover other places where you can do research, the local library perhaps or a bookstore which allows private reading. And while you’re at it, refresh yourself on the different citation styles because you’ll be using them a lot; APA and MLA are the most commonly used format.


3. Assess your free time.
Applying yourself as a writer will take a certain level of commitment. Whether you’re composing a 2-page review or a 30-page dissertation, doing this will require you to budget your time so that you can produce quality work. Plagiarism, specially from internet resources, is not tolerated. So be prepared to learn about your assignments and feel like a college student again. Furthermore, you will be receiving your assignments through email, so be sure you have time to go online often.

4. Search and submit your application.
It’s now time to find your employer. You can start by browsing through popular search engines and choosing among the various companies online that offers payment for custom essays. Contact them and inquire on what opportunities they can offer you. It is also important to ask how you will be paid for your work. Make sure you understand their requirements and scope of work before accepting any terms.

To my fellow Pinoys, I recommend applying at A1Essays.com or MakeMIEssay simply because I can personally vouch for the honesty and reliability of payments in these companies.

You’re all set after this, good luck and enjoy writing!

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  1. I had success using writingscore.com for an essay I needed to hand in last minute. I actually got a pretty good grade if I remember correctly lol. What are some other good writing services you guys have success with?

  2. i want to earn money by writing essays on different topics.and want to prove my best in this way.so please give me one chance.i shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness…

  3. i am very much interested in writing essays..please give me an opportunity..surely you will get the best essay..

  4. Why is everyone asking for chances and saying they want to write essays? This article clearly points you to OTHER sites which let you do that.

    I however do not trust them. Academic outsourcing is highly unethical. If my University caught me with an outsourced paper, I’d get expelled. There are plenty of legitimate publications which publish essays. Try to get through to them and you can be a real writer.

  5. Are the mentioned sites reliable because I am interesting in writing and Mr Briman’s comment has confused me ! Need some help ! Thankyou

  6. Good day. I am a creative as well as a researcher. My work has been commended at my University. I write essays, poetry, short-stories, book reviews. If you name it , I can write it, with the exception of disserations and graduate school entry essays.
    My creativiy flows all the time. I so love the written word, after all it is the carrier of our culture, the sounds of a babies first word and that first story once read, never forgotten.
    Work ethic is important to me. I will work hard to fill the clients every need. I do have some great guiding software that assists in the process of A.P.A., M.L.A. and more. Thanks, My Best, Mrs. Mary Beth Graves

  7. Hi, My name is fatima Gul. I am freelancer writer and complete thousand Essay , dissertation Coursework , Term Paper , Thesis. I have 7 year experience. Please contact me if you need any help..


  8. I am very interested in writing essays. I have wrote many essays and still have them on file.

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