How to Start a Movement: A Lesson on Leadership

Updated: November 21, 2020

I first saw this viral video a few years ago and it’s amusing to see it still being shared on social networks until now.

It’s the video of a “crazy dancing guy” during the Sasquatch Music Festival back in 2009.

The original video is here, but instead of showing you that one, I decided to share with you a TED Talk about it.

Below is Derek Sivers, telling the people at TED, the lessons on leadership that he learned from this “crazy dancing guy” – who was able to start a movement in just under 3 minutes.

Get ready to be fascinated and entertained.

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One comment

  1. Well said, we can’t all be leaders, but the 1st follower is rather important. It makes the crazy nut not so alone, thus not so crazy. I loved the talk at TED about something so off the wall.

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