BPI: Going Beyond Online Banking

Updated: June 24, 2013

Years ago, not many people would do their banking online.

I can still remember myself choosing to go to the bank to pay my bills instead of just paying them online because I don’t trust the security of my bank’s website.

But that was before and so many things have changed for me since then.

My confidence in the safety of internet banking has gone way up and not only do I now pay all my bills online, but I also invest and manage my portfolio through the internet. And I’m glad to say that in my more than five years of actively banking online, I can’t remember any single instance that I had any trouble in my account.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), is one of the most stable and highly trusted banks in the country. And now, they’re hoping to go beyond online banking by giving us a better way to learn about their products and services through social media.

Introducing, the BPI Online Bankers app in Facebook – an application that uses the most popular social network in the world to help people get the financial advise they need.


Just type apps.facebook.com/bpibankersonline on your browser, connect and register with your Facebook account, and you’ll get a selection of bankers which can specifically help you with your financial needs.

BPI Bankers Online on Bankers

I like how BPI has made it easy for you to choose the right banker to talk to.

With each one having their own names, personalities and area of expertise, you’re sure to get the personal advise you need – may it be in money management, investment guide, loan applications or business financing.

And it’s interesting to note that there’s even several who’s focused on helping Pinoys working and living abroad, and someone who’s even there to give expert money advise for Koreans in the country.

Once you’ve chosen the best banker to talk to, you can simply click their photo or name and you’ll be taken to a contact form where you can ask your question.

I’m hoping to expand one of my small businesses, so I chose Jay and sent him a question regarding how to apply for a business loan with them.

BPI Bankers Online on Jay

After sending the message, all you have to do next is simply wait and check the messages tab in the app for the reply. This could take a couple of hours, up to a few days – so just be patient.

Personally, I find the app very useful and convenient. And it’s a great way to learn about your financial options without the need to go to the bank yourself.

And since you’re talking to a banker with a specific area of expertise, you’re sure to get the best answer to your questions – better than just talking to a phone banker who may only have basic knowledge on your requirements.

So I hope you can check out the BPI Online Bankers app. It’s free to use and available for everyone, even those who don’t have an account with BPI.

Visit the official BPI Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/bpi to learn more, or go directly to apps.facebook.com/bpibankersonline and start using the app today.

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  1. Hi Fitz,

    This is great. I luv your blog site. Its very informative and very helpful for me as OFW.
    Thanks.Keep up the good work.


  2. Hello Mr. Fitz,

    Your blog is one of a kind i really like it, it helps me to think and grow and build next small biz venture in the future going back home. It’s like you’re in a business school here following the ” Ready to be Rich” site.

  3. I always use BPI online to pay may Globe wimax bills soon I will use it for Electric Bills… =)

  4. Thanks Fitz, 🙂
    Di ako nahuhuli sa mga ganitong klaseng balita dahil sa blogs mo.

  5. Hi Fitz,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. I need to try this.

    I use BPI Express Online services to handle all my accounts. I really like their security and ease of use. Glad to hear that they have this kind of technology to reach out to their clients.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

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