6 Simple But Life-Changing Tips That Will Help You Achieve More This Year

Updated: January 7, 2022

It’s the new year, and I know you’re feeling hopeful and excited for what’s ahead.

You’ve written your goals, made your plans, and you’re ready to become a better person and achieve more this year.

Hang on to that feeling. Close your eyes and remember it well.

Because you’ll need to recall how you feel today when the novelty of the new year has passed, and everyone’s back to reality… when you’re back to reality.

The good news is – there are things you can do to sustain that motivation until you succeed. You can become a better person and achieve more this year, with these 6 simple but life-changing tips that will help you persevere on attaining your goals.


1. Commit until mid-March.

According to a study by Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at University College London, it takes 66 days on average before a new behavior becomes a habit.

Did you resolve to start exercising more often this year? Avoid being mentally overwhelmed by shifting your focus to simply exercising regularly until mid-March.

Hopefully, after 66 days, working out has now become a habit and it’s already part of your system. Thus, it will be less challenging for you to keep up the habit for the rest of the year.

2. Visualize your next day.

As you lay on your bed ready to sleep, with tomorrow’s schedule carefully planned, spend a few minutes visualizing the day ahead. Doing this helps prepare your mind and body for the tasks ahead.

Hoping to create your monthly budget this Saturday morning? Imagine yourself finishing your breakfast, taking a quick shower, and then going straight to your laptop to work on your spending plan.

This simple exercise creates subconscious anticipation and you’ll have better chances of sticking to your schedule and doing what needs to be done the next day.


3. Find an anthem.

What’s your current favorite song? The song that never fails to make you feel good and lift your mood. Learn the lyrics, even if it’s just the chorus, and make it your anthem.

Now, whenever negative thoughts come, and you hear yourself complaining, and the temptation to procrastinate is getting stronger – immediately tune out the self-sabotaging thoughts by singing your anthem.

Doing so creates a positive noise that will drown out your self-doubt, the feeling of overwhelm, and the desire to quit.

4. Appoint a goal checker.

Assign someone who will check on your progress. Having accountability to a friend or a loved one, will help you succeed faster and better because you don’t want to disappoint them, do you?

Additionally, it’s always good to receive motivational reminders from others. To have someone tell you that you can do it, and you’re doing a good job.

A friend successfully stopped eating fast food by making himself accountable to his wife who’d ask him every night what he ate for lunch at the office that day.


5. Establish a metric.

What gets measured, gets managed and improved. That’s why it’s important to establish a key metric to track – so you can monitor your progress and have measurable proof that you’re becoming better.

Doing so will help keep your motivation up, especially if you can set milestones and reward yourself every time you reach a mini-goal.

This was the strategy that helped a friend become a book reader last year. Each week, he would track how many pages he had read, and tried to beat the number with each succeeding week. By December, he can already finish a novel within a few days.

6. Make it easier to be good.

Make it harder to do bad habits, and easier to do the good ones.

Give your Facebook account a complicated and long password and set your browser to NOT remember it. Then create a one-click shortcut to your business plan on your computer desktop. By doing this, accessing your business plan is now easier than logging in to Facebook. Guess which one you’ll do more often?

It’s all about decreasing the obstacles needed to stick to your plan. Set up your environment so that initiating good habits take minimal effort.


I always say that the opposite of success is NOT failure BUT inaction.

When you set your vision towards a goal, it’s inevitable that you’ll fail at times along the way – that’s part of it. Learn your lesson, get back up, and continue moving.

The key is to never stop trying, to always be improving, to realize that all that’s needed to become the best version of yourself is to simply take action.

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Photo credits: Matt Madd, Paxson Woelber and Mitchell Joyce


  1. good tips to learn… it’s motivating and timely….thanx Fitz, you got iy again! Happy New Year and GOD BLESS,

  2. I find this very useful and motivational to begin with. The energy to start everything right, the force to be better while its the first few days of the year and the push to keep going while everybody wants to change and be successful in time are positive disposition for 2015. Having the mindset of changing for the better while partnering with your someone who has the same goals as yours is closer to achieving success. Lets keep the momentum alive with an inspirational song and a motto in mind. 😉 Happy New YOU!

  3. I remember writing an article about the difference between setting a goal and setting a system.

    Goal works best in planning your progress.

    System works best in actually making progress.

    – habits are formed by creating a system around it like making it difficult to access your fb account. hehe.

  4. I love this article…truely a well and good tips for those who really need guidance is achieving goals. Thanks Fitz!

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