5 Insider Tips for Trading and Investing Courtesy of XTrade

Updated: October 13, 2017

Most people find themselves investing in some form or another during their lifetime, whether it’s real estate, collectibles or commodities, or online Forex trading sites like XTrade.

Online trading has fast become one of the most attractive and resourceful ways to invest. Forex, commodities, CDF trades, all offer you a way to invest through a click of a button, or a touch of a screen.

Online trading offers the investor ease of access, security and current tools such as charts and technical analysis.

A recently new feature (and a vital one at that) are trading apps. A great example that offers professional trading functionality with a simple user-friendly interface, is the new XTrade app.

Almost anyone can become an investor nowadays. But there’s much more to trading than that. The tools mentioned above, are offered for a reason. Being a savvy investor means taking time to review, to analyse and to compare.

That’s why we have listed our top 5 tips to becoming a savvy investor.


1. Investing in you

The most important aspect of trading with platforms such as XTrade, is knowledge. The biggest investment you will make, is in yourself. Find a trade style that you are comfortable with, and learn everything about it.

Read articles, join forums, discuss, ask questions. The more you know, the more you will feel confident as you make your trades.

A well-educated investor will be able to draw insights from the world events that are going to influence market behavior. Are you a day trader? Or a position trader? CFD’s or Forex? Learning your market inside and out is the first and most vital step.

2. Go bite-sized

Planning and preparing is all very good, but it’s nothing until you test the waters. Primarily investing conservatively in various options is a safe bet.

In the beginning, spreading your wings over a variety of investments is a wise choice. It gives you the ability to get a taste of things to come. Many traders come in with a very carefully calculated initial investment; ultimately giving them a clearer view on how to grow their investments.

3. Time is money

If time is money, then you better not waste it. Investing your time, means expecting to yield a return, right?

Well that’s just what should happen when you (using an old carpenter’s proverb) “Measure twice, and cut once”. You’ve done your homework, you’ve dipped your toes into the financial waters; and now it’s time for the big plunge.

The beauty of online trading forums is that this all should happen pretty quickly. You’ve already made your initial investments and now you know what you want.

Your strategy in place, your confidence is built, and now you are at the stage, to become a serious investor. By now online trading should be something you would be able to do over your coffee breaks, with your smart phone in hand.

4. Build it up

Like any good venture, investing needs to be built on. Widen your scope, diversify your Portfolio.

The easiest form of investment to build on is in currency. Forex platforms such as the one XTrade has offer you the very simplest way to invest. Stocks, and shares are commodities that will offer you even greater potential.

Invest your money by spreading it out in calculated portions and always on a regular basis.

5. Have fun

The beauty of online trading, such as Forex trading is, with practice it becomes a lot like a game to the savvy investor.

You will find yourself casually looking over the charts, trends and even your own trading history; and within minutes choosing your investments.

You are experienced enough to make educated trading decisions, that now investing is almost a form of passive income for you.

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