3 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Brighter Life Philippines Website

Updated: September 4, 2013

Sun Life Financial has recently launched a new community website called, Brighter Life.

It’s actually a lifestyle blog with focus on personal finance, health, family life, career and business.

As part of the company’s financial literacy campaign, Sun Life hopes that Brighter Life will help inspire and educate Filipinos toward the more enlightened path of financial security.

So why should you visit the Brighter Life Philippines website? Here are three reasons that I hope will convince you.

Reason #1: Because I’m a contributor there

I’ll be talking about The Sandwich Generation through a series of articles there.

In fact, the first part is already posted and you can check it out here: We Are Family: Confessions of a Sandwich Generation-er


Reason #2: Because it’s fun to play with the Dream Calculator

Have you ever dreamed of owning a car, a house, or a business?

The Dream Calculator will help you calculate how much you need to be able to afford your dreams. Check it out here: The Dream Calculator


Reason #3: Because you’ll learn more about Nicole and Jenny

First of all, I’d like you to meet Nicole:

And then, here’s Jenny:

Brighter Life is created with them in mind – the single, young urban professionals and the hip, young moms of today.

So if you’re either one of them, then Brighter Life is especially made for you.

I guess that’s it! I do hope you can check out this new project from Sun Life Philippines, not just because of the three reasons above, but also because it can help you acquire a brighter perspective on what it takes have a secure financial future.

Oh by the way…

If you’d like to talk a Sun Life Financial Advisor about their life insurance or mutual fund products, then you can just fill up the form here.


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