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If You Want To Reach Your Goals, These Are The Things You Need To Do

Updated: December 8, 2019 | Mindsetting | 3 Comments

December is a time when a lot of people are happy and feel most hopeful about life. And beyond the celebrations, shopping, and reunions, it’s also during this month when we look back at everything we’ve done during the year, and note the failures and successes we’ve experienced. However, I’d like to challenge you to […]

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Research Shows 5 Effective Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Updated: January 26, 2020 | Productivity | No Comments

“Writing a book is one of those things that I hope I could do someday,” shares a friend. “So what’s stopping you?” I asked. “Lack of time mostly,” he confessed. “There are weekends when I do have some free time, but then I find myself just staring on a blank page for hours.” “I guess […]

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