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Get Rid of Clutter Once and For All

Updated: August 15, 2020 | Life Lessons, Mindsetting | 5 Comments

If you live in a typical household, then you probably have a lot of unnecessary stuff lying around. Clothes rarely worn and just filling up space in the closet. Drawers and shelves overflowing with trinkets and souvenirs from a trip or a party. There are boxes filled with manuals, old textbooks, used electronics and broken […]

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How Much Does Sentimental Value Cost?

Updated: December 1, 2019 | Inspirational, Mindsetting | 11 Comments

During my first day in college, I wandered around the UP Shopping Center and found a nice bead bracelet which I bought to mark that new chapter in my life. A couple of years later, I did not fancy the bracelet anymore so I stopped wearing it but kept it in my dorm room desk […]

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