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5 Biggest Financial Mistakes that 50-Year-Olds Regret The Most

Updated: April 30, 2018 | Life Lessons, Personal Finance | 6 Comments

I had the chance to talk to future retirees during a recent speaking engagement. Among the topics that we discussed were the biggest financial mistakes that they regret, now that they’re in their 50’s. Today, I’m sharing with you a few of their stories, which I hope you’ll find valuable. Read beyond their sentiments and […]

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4 Emotional Mistakes That Cause People To Remain Poor

Updated: July 31, 2018 | Mindsetting | 8 Comments

I’ve spent a good deal of time talking to people about their financial problems. In most cases, their money troubles can be traced back to bad decisions they’ve made, and continue to make unconsciously. Particularly, emotional mistakes that they repeatedly commit, which severely affects their ability to change their financial circumstances. Check yourself against these […]

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The Two Pains in Life: Which One Would You Choose?

Updated: March 4, 2018 | Life Lessons | 3 Comments

Pain is a part of life. And no matter how much you try to avoid experiencing pain, there will be times when it is inevitable. Pain is good, because when you feel pain, it means that you are still alive. If you don’t feel pain, you’ll never know that touching a flame hurts, and you […]

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5 Simple Rules For Living Your Life With No Regrets

Updated: December 16, 2017 | Mindsetting | 3 Comments

American novelist Kurt Vonnegut once said, “Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are: It might have been.” Indeed, getting to the end of your life burdened with “could have’s” and “should have’s” is a painful experience that no person wants to happen. But how do you avoid living a life full […]

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