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4 Reasons Why Your Business Will Fail Before You Even Get Started

Updated: May 27, 2020 | Business | 4 Comments

Are you planning to start your own business? Then prepare yourself for an exciting and challenging journey into entrepreneurship. But before you spend a single centavo of your start-up capital, make sure that you’ve got these four things covered. Four simple, common-sense but often overlooked traits that every budding entrepreneur must overcome to be able […]

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Top 8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

Updated: March 5, 2020 | Business | 7 Comments

The US Small Business Administration defines a small business as a privately owned and operated business with 100 employees or less. This definition would put all enterprises of entrepreneurs who I personally know under the category of a small business. And that is a bit discomforting because according to US statistical data on small businesses […]

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