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Thomas Suarez: A 12-year-old App Developer

Published: April 28, 2012 | Inspirational | 6 Comments

Nobody is ever too young to become an inventor and an entrepreneur. And there’s no greater proof of that today than Thomas Suarez, a 12-year-old mobile software developer who I am featuring today. If you didn’t “Google” who Thomas was when I mentioned him in my post, 20 Excuses That Losers Tell Themselves, then here’s […]

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On Mobile Games, Streetfood Tycoon and Pinoy Technopreneurship

Published: April 7, 2012 | In Focus | 9 Comments

Do you like playing games on your smartphone or tablet? I do, because they’re a great way to relieve some stress from the daily grind. And I know a lot of Filipinos do, based on how popular Angry Birds was last year; and in recent months, Temple Run and Draw Something. Personally, I like playing […]

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