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Guy Kawasaki: Don’t Write a Mission Statement, Write a Mantra

Published: February 19, 2012 | Business | 3 Comments

A friend of mine told me today that he wants to start his own business soon. My immediate reply was… “Then get ready to lose your weekends.” While I’d like to talk more about the rest of that conversation, I decided that it might be better to just leave it at that. And instead, share […]

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Guy Kawasaki: Make Meaning In Your Company

Updated: February 19, 2012 | Mindsetting | 5 Comments

I’d like to share with you today an excerpt video from a talk given Guy Kawasaki to the Stanford Technology Ventures Program in Stanford University. In case you don’t know who Guy Kawasaki is, well he is one of the founders and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, a seed-stage and early-stage venture capital fund. […]

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