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3 Things No One Will Tell You About Trading in the Financial Markets

Updated: January 17, 2018 | Guest Posts, In Focus | No Comments

Trading stocks, commodities, forex, options, or ETFS is one of the dependable ways to build wealth outside of a 9 to 5 job. However, trading is not likely to transform you into an overnight millionaire; yet, many people begin their trading journeys with unrealistic expectations. Successful traders tend to highlight the glamour points of trading […]

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Stop Waiting For The Recovery

Updated: September 27, 2014 | Guest Posts | No Comments

I remember around four years ago, a friend of mine asked me what’s a good investment to put his money in. Without hesitation, I told him that he should invest long-term in the stock market. He gave me a surprised look and asked, “Isn’t the stock market falling down these past few months?” “Yes!” I […]

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