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Disaster Preparedness: Have a Grab-and-Go Bag

Updated: May 24, 2019 | General Information | 3 Comments

In unexpected ways, we can suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a disaster that will require us to evacuate our homes. It can be a fire, storm or hurricane. There could be an earthquake or worse, insurgencies. When this happens, it helps to have a “grab-and-go” bag where all your vital documents are stored. […]

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How To Cope and Rebuild Your Life After a Disaster

Updated: November 23, 2017 | Personal Finance | 1 Comment

I was having coffee with some friends the other day when an interesting question came up during the night. “If you were one of those whose home got destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda, how would you rebuild your life?” There was about 20 seconds of silence, all of us were in deep thought, and then one […]

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