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Never Had the Knack for Budgeting? Try these Budgeting Starter Tips to Kick-Start your Money-Saving Habits

Posted January 14, 2015 under Guest Posts, Money Saving Tips | 5 Comments

It’s ironic that most people will say that budgeting is important, but only a few will actually create and religiously follow one. Tracking your expenses and sticking to a financial plan can be a challenge at first, but I will tell you now that – it gets easier through the years. In fact, it only […]

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8 Steps To Creating A Zero-Based Budget Planning System

Posted April 25, 2011 under Personal Finance | 16 Comments

I first heard of the zero-based budget planning system from financial author, Dave Ramsey. During that time, a few years ago, I’ve already been using the Envelope System to track and control my spending. And upon realizing how similar and complimentary the two methods are, I’ve decided to incorporate both systems into my budget planning. […]

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How I Started Saving

Posted February 15, 2010 under Guest Posts, Money Saving Tips | 5 Comments

I know a lot of people considered “To save more money this year” as their resolution for 2010. A month and a half into the year, how has it been? I hope you’re doing fine with your plan. To inspire and give you some tips, here is Raine, our guest blogger for today, telling you […]

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