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Borrowing Money In Plain English

Posted August 18, 2009 under Personal Finance | 7 Comments

All rich people borrow money – they all have credit and loans. Do you believe that statement? I do because I’ve experienced how powerful it is to leverage on credit. More than 70% of the start-up capital of the internet cafe I own was borrowed from an investor. Furthermore, a lot of the equipment I […]

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How To Make Friends Pay Back The Money They Owe You

Posted October 14, 2008 under Life Lessons, Personal Finance | 72 Comments

A friend asks if he could borrow money from you. He promises to pay by next month. You, being a good friend, loaned him some cash to help ease his financial burdens. That was a month ago and now, your friend is avoiding you. Whenever you get a chance to talk to him regarding his […]

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What Do You Do When Family Members and Relatives Ask For Your Financial Support?

Posted April 8, 2008 under Life Lessons, Mindsetting, Personal Finance | 61 Comments

Filipinos have very close family ties and as a child, I was raised to honor this tradition. And since this is a big part of our cultural upbringing, it is often considered inappropriate to decline giving financial support to family members and relatives. I was able to talk to one of my friends regarding this […]

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