Where to Invest? Always Consider Ease and Convenience (Episode 105)

Updated: January 11, 2022

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

When it comes to investing, we’re always looking for the one with the highest returns or the lowest risks – as it should be. But other important factors that only a few consider are ease and convenience.

In this episode, we talked about three aspects of investing: learning about it, choosing the right investment, and deciding where to open an investment account.

For each, we discuss how ease and convenience should be a factor, most especially for beginners.

Excerpts and Highlights:

Once you’ve defined your specific goals, then it’s easier to determine where you should invest.

There are many ways to invest. Some are simple and straightforward. Some are more complicated and time-consuming. But as a beginner, the most important thing is being able to start.

If you’re a beginner, you don’t need to make investing unnecessarily complicated. Just choose an investment that matches your goal, and then go for it.

Investing is a journey and along the way, as you grow your knowledge and become more consistent and savvier, then you can eventually level up your strategies and explore more types of investments.

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  1. Finding a great brokerage firm to work with is super important, especially for a beginner. Around sixteen years ago, when my first wonderful Bride passed away, I was tasked with settling estate issues and deciding what to do with IRA (retirement account) money accumulated at the law firm where my wife was employed. It was blatantly obvious the brokerage firm that held all of the IRAs for law firm partners and employees did NOT want business from anyone outside the law firm. Simple requests to let me see the trading platform I might be using were ignored or brushed off.

    I made phone calls and one employee at the firm I eventually moved my money to stood out for her caring attitude and willingness to answer questions important to me. She was not licensed to give any sort of investment advise, her job was simply to speak with perspective clients and refer them to specialists when needed. Her personal advise on what she would do was allowed. She told me simply: “well, when you change jobs, you take your desk set, photographs, plants etc. Why wouldn’t you take your investment funds with you?” That firm has a conveniently located office, a very pleasant 45minute drive into the nearest city. They would host education events in office. Today, they deliver a lot of on-line presentations due to the COVID.

    Excellent international money management including ATM charge rebates, good anywhere in the world clients make withdrawals using the VISA card sponsored by the firm. Can you imagine, those wicked P250/ withdrawal fees that all foreign cards are tagged with are fully rebated! What a great benefit this has been since I relocated to the Philippines ten years ago. Beyond investing and trading, my brokerage has been a true blessing to us as my Beautiful Bride of 5 1/2 years and I began to build new business ventures here in the Philippines. The brokerage firm you choose will in deed have a long term impact on your success.

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