Where To Find Suppliers For Your Business

Updated: October 25, 2018

Your business needs suppliers that will provide you with materials, tools, machinery, and other manufacturing needs essential to your operations.

This is the reason why you need to invest considerable effort in finding the right supplier who can provide you these necessary products at the best deals.

Do note that finding the best deals doesn’t mean looking for a supplier with the cheapest price. You should likewise consider product quality, payment terms, delivery options and many others before you close any deal.

However, before you go into those considerations, your first task is to simply find suppliers. And this is what we’ll discuss today.

So where do you look for suppliers? Where can you find those manufacturers and wholesalers? Here are some of the places where you might find suppliers for your business.

From The People You Know

It’s common sense to always ask the people you know first if they can recommend suppliers.

Business colleagues and other entrepreneurs are some of the best people you can ask. A friend of mine who put up a photocopying business got his supplier by asking the property office supervisor of his company for contacts.

Inside Telephone Directories

When I used to work as a purchasing engineer, the telephone directory was my best friend. Through it, I was able to find all sorts of suppliers, from heavy machinery to special bolts and gaskets.

Just browse through the business listings by industry and start calling. Remember that if they don’t carry the item you need, ask if they can refer a business that does.

In Magazine and Newspaper Ads

Business and trade magazines along with newspaper classified ads are good sources of information to get local suppliers. Community newsletters sometimes have these advertisements too.

On Bulletin Boards and Mailing Lists

Groceries and coffee shops typically have bulletin boards where suppliers advertise their business. Go around and see if you can find your supplier in one of those postings. Alternatively, check your mailbox and read some of the pamphlets and brochures you receive.

Trade Fairs and Bazaars

This is probably the best place to find a supplier. Get the latest schedule of trade fairs and bazaars in your city, prepare your business cards and get ready to meet your future partners in business.

The Internet

Aside from using search engines, you can visit online forums, buy and sell websites and even blogs.

These places have advertisement and online market pages where traders and suppliers actively participate. Alternatively, you can post your own “Looking For” ad and wait for the suppliers to find you.

Check Your Competition

You can likewise try to find out where your competition gets his products and materials.

Simply wait for the delivery van to come and note the supplier or just go inside and casually ask one of the store employees. Doing this can give you great leads on where to find the best deals.

Business Training Centers

Alternatively, you can call or visit local business training and livelihood centers for contacts. You’ll most likely get the suppliers you need if they offer courses on the business that you plan to put up.

Field Hunt

Your probable last resort is to go on a field hunt. Go to where your suppliers are most likely to be found. In Metro Manila – Binondo, Divisoria and Recto are the usual choices.

Alternatively, you can go to stores and get the manufacturing and distribution companies on product labels. A friend got her supplier of plastic cups by going to the grocery and calling the telephone number of the distributor on the label the plastic cup package being sold there – very clever!

Once you have a list of potential suppliers, the next step is to determine who among them will you choose to become your partners in business.

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  1. […] The World Bazaar Festival will be held at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila from December 5 to 16. Aside from being a grand shopping destination for interested bargain hunters, market travelers and folks who just love fun shopping, this is also a great opportunity for you to find suppliers for your retail business. […]

  2. I need a supplier of candy vending machine or gumball vending machine in the Philippines. Hope you can help me. my e-mail ad is : [email protected]

    Hope you can e-mail me suppliers of these in the Philippines.

    thank you

  3. I am looking for supplier/manufacturer of cheap wallet, beltbags for xmas givevaways. Can somebody help me? Thanks

  4. Hi Need supplier for kids music instruments such as finger drums, gathering drum etc. Would you know where i can look for one? Will need it for a early childhood music and movement program. Thanks.

  5. Hello I am in search of a company to buy hair products, purses, hair weave, shoes, cloths, ect. Thanks for your suport

  6. Hi.
    Will it be possible to reach Mrs. Calico if she’s a supplier of women’s accessories. I’m planning to sell some of women’s accessories with a good quality and affordable prices for customer this Christmas as a sideline. Thanks.

  7. supplier from Manila … need a polycarbonate 4 x 8 ” 6mm thick
    send thru my email…thanks

  8. I need the list of all wholesalers in Divisoria to check on their interest to join an “Auction Expo” at the World Trade Center on Sept 23 to 26, 2010…

    Hope you can help me guys…

    Thanks so much.

  9. hello guys…..
    hi Im in a printing business (offset, digital, silkscreen and largeformat process) like: flyers, brochure, receipt, forms, ID cards, business cards, posters, calendars, stickers, tarpaulins, t-shirts, lace, and etc… and if you need a lay-out for your project
    we can do it for you. this is my contact number 02-7829325, 0919-2550266 and email add: [email protected]
    may the GOD JESUS bless all the business in our country.

  10. Hi,

    Im new in water refillinf business and im looking for suppliers foe our consumables. ie: bottles, CAPS, seals, stickers etc..

    Can you please help me find a supplier?


  11. Hello, Our company is engaged in manufacturing of PET bottles in the Philippines. We have 3 plants and 4 warehouses scattered all over the country. We also have caps, seals, dispencer, stickers, etc… Contact me at [email protected]

    Good day everyone!

  12. Looking for a manufacturer of customize glass bottle caps (plastic caps water tight). I can email sample. need around 200 of these.Thanks in advance.

  13. hi! pls tell me where can i find candy/chocolate vending machine at divisoria.thanks a lot sir!

  14. Hi,

    I am just starting a small business for household and cosmetic products and I am in need for a supplier of PET bottles here in Pampanga.

    My number is 0916 400 1114 and email of [email protected]

    Thank you and God bless.

  15. Im starting an office supply business please send me an email about the quotation of prices on all leading and saleable office items and products. Thank you.

  16. hello!! I am looking for a supplier of pet botttles.. FOR PERFUMES nd cologne’s and those Like mineral bottles, much better if You are offering all sizes.. Thanks! ^^,

  17. im looking for the supplier of foods and beverages or any product found in the groceries where can i find that tnx

  18. Z&M International industry group is a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer for clothes, footwear, handbag, hat, gloves, towels, toys, scooter and other goods for over 20 years.
    “Cowisdom Trading Co., Ltd”, which is a large international goods distribution centre of ours, to especial export and supply with the items, and according to the various customer requests from all of the world. Our products are included a variety of fields. Such as: Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Hats, Towels, Gloves, Belts Sock/Stocking, Christams Goods, Gifts, Wall Sticks, Toys, Scooters, Electronics, Furnitures, etc.
    contact: [email protected]

  19. I need a reasonable price wholesale supplier of saleable grocery products like 3 in 1 kopiko, milo,shampoo, dishwashingsoap detergents, bar soap, rice, sugar.noodles, snack foods, ans can goods anywhere in manila. thanks

  20. hi. i would like to start a small business. where can i find a supplier for nice purses, wallets, bags i affordable price but wih very good quality. email me at [email protected]

  21. hi im looking for a wholesale supplier of rtw for women…
    affordable and have good quality
    blouses,shorts,pants and dress
    thank you very much

  22. hi..
    please help me to find supplier for total pillow in divisoria..huge orders. i want direct contact for supplier.

  23. UniMinx Trading primarily specializes in Distributing Quality and Cost-Effective Salon products, which are all formulated in Japan. The mission of the company is to provide Economical Lines which will tailor-fit to the needs of each customer in terms of Beauty and Wellness, as well as Customer Service Satisfaction. Since 2008, the Minx / WiiNiii Lines has been present in selective areas of Metro Manila, and to date, the company has expanded its operations in Luzon and several inter-islands in the Philippines. Our Vision is to strengthen our distribution to a National Scope. Each and every employee is well-equipped with the proper training and work values which the company has instilled upon them. Rest assured that our clients will have the continuity and availability of our products in terms of distribution and retail, and to maintain the long-term partnership and business towards UniMinx’s customers.

    We are looking for prospective business partners who could become our Sub-distributors in other provinces in carrying our product lines by providing exclusivity and ownership rights on the said brands. On the other hand, Uniminx Trading has expanded its to the Personal Care Market, by providing high quality Perfumes which are imported from Switzerland. We like to invite small / big / new investor’s to be our Dealer in a specified territory for a minimal yet reasonable investment. We also provide all types of bottles (e.g. PET, Glass, etc., at all sizes). So start your own business with just a snap of your fingers.

    Office Address: #33 C. Leyva St., Cor. H. Lozada Sts.,San Juan City
    Contact Numbers: 744-2985 / Telefax: 745-7376
    0917-5709386 / 0915-1807170 / 0922-4319154
    Email Address: [email protected] / [email protected]

  24. hi im looking for a wholesale wet & dry goods supplier. for my resto. pls help me.. i need their direct contact. thanks..

  25. hi im looking for supplier of PET bottles all sizes (for mineral water) and stainless buko cutter and bottle cup puncher. pls email me @ [email protected] or contact me at 09473862347. tnx

  26. Hello everyone!

    We are making quality pillows made from polyester (definitely soft and clean) and the pillow covers are not just ordinary plain cotton textile but with designs that it looks as if it can be the pillow case itself which would be ideal for hotel,apartments,dormitories use.

    You can email me at [email protected] if you are interested in our product. Or reach me tru this number 09264630188. Thank you!

  27. Hi daniel,

    I can provide you with wet and dry goods supplier for your resto. My contact information

    Unit 601 The One Executive Office Bldg.
    West Ave. Quezon City
    Direct Line: 632 3762485

  28. We are a professional supplier and exporter of sport equipment and fashion product in China.
    1) sport equipment: scooter, ATV, kick scooter, e-bike, bicycle, skateboard, toys scooter, baby stroller.
    2) fashion product: apparel, handbag, bag, shoes and fashion accessories.

    Welcome reliable cooperation partners to establish long-term business relationship.For more discussion, please contact:
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: cowisdomcn

  29. hi. i would like to start a small business. where can i find a supplier for clothes like casual wear teens wear in affordable price but with very good quality. If you can be my supplier please lets talk personal
    email me at [email protected]

  30. Hi Mae,

    I am a distributor of food and beverages and other products that can be sold in groceries. Please feel free to reach me through 09178783912

  31. Hi Carolina…I am a wholesale supplier of grocery products. I have coffee, chocolate drinks, shampoo, dishwashing detergents and other basic commodities. My goods can be distributed within and outside Metro Manila. Please feel free to reach me through 09178783912.

  32. Hi Daniel,

    I have goods that are good for your resto business. You may reach me through 09178783912 for details.

  33. Hi im pie im a businesswoman and a supplier of dry goods like blouses, leggings, shoes and many more at lowest prices. Wholesale/ retailer of local products with good quality here in Philippines. You can email me at [email protected] or contact me @ +639078368654 for more info. HOPE YOU ARE INTERESTED. GODBLESS AND ORDER MORE.

  34. Good day! Am on the lookout for a distributor who can supply formula milk under any of these manufacturers – Nestle, Wyeth or Mead Johnson

    You can reach me at 09059904029

    Name’s Chris

  35. hi my name is elvie, i would like to start a business here in Cagayan de oro city, i would need a supplier of gold plated accessories

    please email me at [email protected]

  36. hi
    im planning to have a small business of lady shoes bags and clothing. i want where can i buy the cheapest products but of course with gret quality. i want to put my own brand on it.. is it possible?? and i also heard about consignee.. what is that. can i start my self as a consignee?

  37. Hello der, i am a supplier of small bottle of alkaline water good for groceries, restaurants and stores. Just message me for details.

  38. hi,Im cyn I will be opening my shop soon here in alabang it´s pharmacy with mini grocery I´m looking for a supplier who can supply me for grocery items and it is sealable.you can write to my e-mail address thanks.

  39. hi i want to start a small business for my buko shake can you help me? find a supplier for mineral bottles. for small,medium and large size thanks.

  40. hi i need a supplier for my online shop. Im in need of suppliers for stuuf toys (lamaze, turtle lamp constellation) and some other baby stuffs. need help thanks

  41. Hi i am planning to open a small business selling sacks brand new and first used. Please help me find a supplier. Please txt me at this number 09998895261. thank you

  42. Hi, looking for suppliers of chicken, pork, beef, sausage, hotdogs, ham, bacon, siomai,dumplings, etc that can give big discount and better if for consignment. Im very interested to be a dealer, sub-dealer with ANY products (especially affordable and fashionable CLOTHES) for consignment too. Please contact me @ 0928-2945526. Thanks

  43. hi! i need a supplier of meat,(beef tripes,pork belly,chicken leg quarter),dry goods,(like detergent powder,detergent paste,etc.)
    can u pls help me..


  44. Hi! I am looking for a supplier of strideline socks and nike elite socks and other sports garments. this is for my family and my bf :) i need it very much. Thank you!

    Thank you! :)

    C/N: 09154532706

  45. Hi. I am looking for a supplier of the following;
    Microsd card of both Kingston and SanDisk 4gb and 8gb
    Earphones (black)
    Monopod stick
    Ballpen with logo of our company

    Please email me right away or call 956-2382
    It should be in a high quality and affordable
    *Bulk Orders

  46. hello i am planning to start a small business.. i am looking for a direct supplier of RTW’s clothes for men and women, accessories,toys. yun mura at good quality lang po sana… i am from bacolod city. add me on facebook para maka pag usap tayo.. [email protected] or email me at [email protected]

  47. i need a clothes,women’s accessories,men’s cloth supplier in divisoria or baclaran

  48. Hi im looking a supplier of men, women, kids rtw’s from baclaran or divisoria.. taga ilocos po ako…

  49. hi i’m robbie looking for perfume boxes and refilling machine for cheaper price can u help me?

    thank’s robbie

  50. Im going to open a small business in mindanao of all kinds of children’s product. .from toys,dresses,school supplies etc.please txt me only @ 09999888871

  51. Hi there! Do you know any suppliers for stickers and papers. Im starting out my new business as a printing shop. Its hard to find it on the net regarding this matter. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it :-)

  52. Hi, i’m anna
    Planning to put up a meat shop and looking for a supplier of pork,beef,chicken.Better if possible consignment,tnx #09084393094
    From: taguig

  53. Planning to start online selling. San po ako makakahanap ng supplier yung cheaper price but good quality items. (clothing, accesories, shoes, bags, etc.)

  54. hi, iam mhel i need a supplier of beverages and all other saleable products for my mini grocery store in bocaue bulacan

  55. Planning to start online selling next week. Where can i find a supplier having a cheaper price but good quality items. (clothing, accesories, shoes, bags, etc.) Please email me at [email protected]
    Thank You 😊

  56. where can I find suppliers for our mini grocery? actually its a pharmacy with a mini grocery.

  57. Hi im pLanning to open an online shop im looking for suppliers of ladies and men clothing like tshirts,dresses,pants,shorts.Cheap but good quality and affordable contact me 09084313193 or add me my fb account is angelica calma

  58. hi, i need a supplier of perfume bottles, quality good looking bottles together w/ their boxes and w/ fair prices please. please contact me, my mobile number is 09059700284 . thanks

  59. hi, need a supplier of 1 liter,2 liters, and 4 liters gallon respectively for our liquid organic fertilizers..please provide us fair prices..tnx

  60. Hi,
    Im in the midst of putting up a small clothing business online, i need fahionable items at cheap price. Im located in pampanga. I need a supplier who can suply all the items i need.. send your proposals that will include the minimum order,wholesale.price and srp at [email protected]

  61. Hello there. I’m planning to open up an online store. Can someone recommend any suppliers of party needs and arts-and-crafts. Like, patterned paper plates, cups, straws, lootbags, paper supplies. Washi tapes, deco tapes and the likes. Please email me at [email protected]. thank you!

  62. We are looking for a suppliers/distributor of groceries items saleable for sari-sari store. We are in wholesale business located at Bocaue Bulacan.

  63. Hi, i’m a Supplier of RTW clothes for Kids. 340pesos per dozen in Terno etc.. Localy made. We have stalls in baclaran. Email me at [email protected] ..we have lots of items to choose from. Wholesaler here.

  64. Hello everyone and anyone,

    I need help, I am searching for a supplier for online shopping mall, Branded items and almost anything you see in the traditional mall

  65. Im from Cagayan de Oro City, Im looking for a supplier of clear glass food bottle and clear plastic food bottle and also label supplier.You can reach me thru my e-mail address [email protected] or contact me in my number 09177057856.


  66. hi Good day!

    I’m July. I need a supplier of office supplies like paperone bond papers,office king continuous paper,max staple wire etc. wholesale price pls… call or text me 09269367688..thanx

  67. hi!I’m planning to put up a small business focussing on pet supplies, dog/cat food, vitamins,meds, pet accesories, cages, etc. I am looking for a suppliers.

  68. Good morning! I need a bag/ sack supplier for 10 or 5 kls of rice.. Anyone who can help me , pls e- mail me at this nglmanugo@ yahoo. com Thank you!

  69. Good day Im planning to be a online seller of products such as clothes,shoes,accesories,bags,etc. That has cheap price and good condition that will make others attract. Im from batangas. Please send me a message at my email [email protected]
    thank you and Godbless

  70. Good day! I am planning to put up a textile business but I can’t find a direct supplier basically of cotton jersey. Can you recommend someone or a company who offers a cheap price but with good quality?Thank you!

  71. Hello! Good day! We need a supplier for childrens party needs, like hats, paper plates, pabitin, paloyok, balloons, invitation with kiddie designs. Please email us at [email protected] -kindly include pictures and wholesale prices, your location and contact nos. Thank you!

  72. hello everyone…im planning to start online selling…i am looking for a supplier for imported chocolates and any products that we can find in the grocery…pls emai me at [email protected]

  73. Hi, I’m looking for direct suppliers of rtw for women and kids, quality and cheaper price, Im planning for online business. email
    me for catalogues and pricelist. thank you my email add- [email protected]

  74. Hi i need a supplier in whole sale price by bulk order of food clear containers for ready to eat fruits and veggies and cling wrap.pls contact me at this number 0922 860 4434.tnx

  75. Hi , im looking a supplier of generic denim pants for men/women to start our business , please contact us : you can email us @ [email protected] or text us 09051468302 or anyone knows good supplier for denim generic in philippines

  76. Planning to start online selling. Please help me find a supplier (cheaper price but good quality items). (clothing, accesories, shoes, bags, etc.) Please email me at [email protected]…. Thanks

  77. hi I’m from surge del sur area i need a supplier of dressed chicken
    you can reach me in this mobile no.09109252921

    thanks//// tammy

  78. Hi im lorenz ancheta from Gear up Activation & events inc. and our company is looking for suppliers who can provide us the cheapest prices (ranging to 40-50 pesos each) of the ff:

    -Piknik Blankets or matt mid size

    -Sunglasses different colors (polarize & cheapest) (specifically wayferer type)

    -miniture electricfan

    all are 1000 pcs each can you kindly quote and send me the prices if ever you have these set of items.

    thank you.

    best regards

    you can reach me at [email protected]

  79. Hi im from Davao City looking for supplier of infant formula brands mead johnson,wyeth,nestle,and etc. Reach me in this #09496964010.Thanks.

  80. hi, looking for supplier of empty sack here…jonard from camarines sur 09258840330

  81. Hi Im looking for a supplier of newspaper near Sucat Paranaque area. and also Supplier of office supplies. you can send me email at [email protected] and you can call me at 353-3203. Thanks.

  82. hello guys baka alam nyo po kung saan nakuha ng perfume testers around paranaque area lang po ba sya kasi mostly ng mga nagbbenta ng lowest price is taga paranaque or cavite email me pls. [email protected]

  83. im looking for suppliers of dog and cat accessories, clothes, dogfood, medicines and other pet supplies. please email me at [email protected] or text me at 09052233390 09772049461

  84. looking for good quality of office furniture and office supplies . you may contact me with this number 09161792880

  85. Hi I just recently open up my own pet boutique and I am looking for dog/pet apparel, food, etc supplier with adjustable, and consignment terms. You may contact me @ 09357602062 thank you. :)

  86. Im looking for a supplier milk product brand wyeth,nestle etc. Marikina area..
    you may contact me 09108171004

  87. im looking for a supplier of schools supplies at taguig area… you can send me a message at my facebook account. . thank you and more power.

  88. Hi.. I want to start an online store.. and i dont have any supplier yet.. Can you help me to find my supplier in divisoria? Thank you..

  89. I’m looking for a make up supplier in Pampanga. I’m planning to put up an online store. Please message me at 0906-263-4244. Thank you :)

  90. Hello I’m looking for distributor or whole sale of grocery items I agusan del sur pls email me

  91. I’m planning to open a pet food store. Please contact me if you know of any dog and cat food wholesaler. My number is 09062824857. Thanks!

  92. looking for direct supplier in divisoria….ung may store sa divisoria only…clothings,,,,accesories,,,,,,shoes…..bags….etc…..

  93. Hi where can I find a supplier of empty bottled water and sealer in cagayan de oro,for my buko juice business, please contact us this number 09326303190

  94. For those who want to have their own perfume business, we do supply raw materials, ready made perfumes and bottles. We also offer ready to sell perfumes. Visit us on our fb page: AscentShoppe

  95. Hi. I’m looking for any clothes or RTW direct supplier (cheapest price and wholesale) . Please message me 09278467730 thankyou.

  96. Hi! Just to rephrase, I’m looking for direct distributor of pet products. Tnx!

  97. hi. im cris, looking for supplier of meat products(pork, chicken) planning to put up a meat shop here at baclaran, pls send me an email at [email protected] or txt me at 09773736738,tnx

  98. It is very important to get success in any business that we have perfect suppliers for raw material. for example if we have a photocopier shop and we print and coping document on huge level so we need best quilted papers otherwise customers are not like our service. you have given here proper knowledge about this. thanks for this knowledge post to get success in business.

  99. Im looking for a supplier of dog food pra po sa opening business… Urgent po sana matulungan po ako mahanap kung san po ang supplier ng mga dog food etc.. Pls email me at [email protected]
    Tnx in advance god bless po

  100. Hi im looking for a supplier of mini groceries like coffe 3 in 1,shampoo,bar,etc
    Here in montalban
    Pls contact me thru my email. Thank you

  101. I am starting a water refilling business soon. May I know the names of suppliers in Divisoria who could supply me pet bottle, caps,stickers etc. Please email to [email protected]

  102. Hi! I am looking for supplier for e-liquid glass dropper bottles, metal keychains, label stickers, any other things that is related in making e-liquid/e-juices. Kindly send me an email at [email protected]

  103. Hi, Im looking for potential supplier (wholesale) for cotton gloves, knitted gloves and palm fit or any industrial products. Please contact me or send email @ [email protected]. Please send us quotation in my email address.

  104. hi, Im from surigao, I am looking for a supplier of affordable sports shoes repica is considered and also party and casual dresses. Please send through my email at [email protected]. thanks!

  105. Hi, i’m looking for a supplier of cooking oil. I want to be a wholsaler here in Nueva Ecija.
    Hope you can help me. my e-mail ad is : [email protected]
    Thank you and GOD bless all.


  106. Hi everyone! I hope someone finds this comment. I am Looking for direct supplier of OEM Shoes with wide selections and has a warehouse that we can drop by. I recently opened an Online shop and now in search for legit supplier that offers lower and reasonable prices.
    Please contact me thru 09151537030
    Send us your proposals at [email protected]

  107. HI! I’m Planning to open an online selling of dry products (bags,shoes,clothes, accessories, etc.) for adults and kids with good quality. I’m looking for a legit supplier or for consignment. Please email me your complete details or where can I reach you. Thank you! [email protected]/[email protected]

  108. where can i find supplier for detergent raw materials in cagayan de oro city or here in region 10?

  109. Hello! San po ba ang location nong bodega ng OEM shoes? I think it’s Quezon but not sure where. Thanks for the info!

  110. Looking for a supplier for soft icecream machine here in Davao city. Kindly send also quotation please. Thank you..

  111. Hi! Gud am po! Im looking for supplier of wrs, school supplies and detergent soap. pls give me a call 9367408723. Maraming salamat po.

  112. Hi! I’m looking for tester perfume manufacturer in paranaque city. Please inform me if you know the location of manufacturer there. Thanks

  113. good morning.. im a supplier of raw materials for detergent powder, fabcon and dishwashing.. also like textured vegetable protein, potato starch and modified starch. you can contact me at 09270521611 and look for Ms. Sm thanks.

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