When He Said That Money CAN Buy Happiness, I Was Shocked – But In The End, I Believed Him.

Updated: December 10, 2022

Why is Christmas a generally, happy season? I believe partly it’s because people have lots of money during this time. And because they have money, they are then able to buy happiness…

No, I’m not talking about “fake” happiness, but true genuine happiness.

I’ll explain that later, but first – you have to watch this TED Talk video by Michael Norton – who shares with us an experiment he did that proves how money can indeed buy happiness.

It’s shocking, it’s insightful – and it’s a great lesson to learn.

So why are people happy during the Christmas season?

Because aside from the fact that we’re among friends and families during this time – we also have money to spend on gifts for our loved ones – and thus, making us happier.

Share this video with your friends, and show them the secret to happiness.

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  1. Hi, I watched the video, but did you noticed that when he presented the map, the Philippines is tagged as almost red which means negative. Most of the countries are green which means giving money to others resulted positive to them.

  2. Hi…nice article…btw pardon me i know my question is not related to the topic but i just need to ask this question…is philplans a good company for pension plan? Pls give me your feedback bec if its not then ill stop payment na lang…thanks a lot…

  3. I think people enjoy giving and get a general good feeling from it, so the season of giving would make others happy. Interesting video btw.

  4. It’s a funny thing if we read the phrase “money can buy happiness”, true but other people didn’t know about what it really means. Thanks for the insights Sir Fitz.

  5. […] 10. Teach them the importance of giving. Lastly, but certainly not the least, allow them to experience the joy of helping and making others happy. Ask them to buy a gift for someone they know or guide them in picking a cause or charity where they can donate some of their savings. Not only will they learn how to be generous, but it will also make them happier. […]

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