What’s a Good Business to Start Today? (Episode 33)

Updated: December 9, 2021

Listen to Episode 33:

Summary of Episode 33:

I’m a serial entrepreneur. (1:14)

What’s a good business to start today? (2:14)

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A fixed mindset. (4:42)

A growth mindset. (6:58)

My entrepreneurial breakthrough. (9:12)

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  1. Fitz, you have done an excellent job of refining the process of business selection and then the building of it down to the true heart of the issue. We agree that there is absolutely no reason to waste time on something you dislike. In this day and age. we are so blessed to have many way to create a business around those things we care most about. What an amazing thing to watch all the new opportunities unfold with the development of the internet. We may do something from the past but do it cheaper and better than ever. We may try that witch has never been done before. Winners will try, have a failure but rise up and try again. That is a golden rule of business. Once again, I thank you for all this old foreigner has learned about the Philippine oppertunity and for all you have done to enlighten your population to what is possible.

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