What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Credit Card Debts?

Updated: February 13, 2023

What will happen if you don’t pay your credit card debts? Will you go to jail because of it? These and a lot of other questions about credit cards have been answered below, courtesy of a credit card officer which I had the opportunity to interview.

Due to the sensitivity of the topic, the credit card officer, who currently works in one of the largest banks in the country, requested I make his/her identity anonymous.

Moreover, he/she says that the answers provided are solely based on his/her knowledge and may differ from how other banks conduct their business. Thus, one should NOT consider the information below as an absolute fact that applies to all cases.

Lastly, please be guided that the answers given in this article are NOT intended to replace the advice of your financial adviser or legal counsel.

And with that disclaimer said, let’s now go to the credit card questions.

What happens if I don’t pay my credit card debts?

When you default on your payment, the bank will flag you as a delinquent card member. They will call you to remind you to pay.

If you continue your non-payment, the calls will be more frequent until you reach a pre-determined number of missed payments. After which the bank will dismiss your case and turn your account over to a collection agency.

The collection agency is not a part of the bank. They are a third-party business that buys delinquent accounts. The collection agency will now take over the responsibility of convincing you to pay your credit card debt. Whatever they collect from you becomes their profit.

You said collection agencies BUY the delinquent accounts?

Yes, the bank sells the accounts to them. This will minimize the bank’s loss. The costs (legal and otherwise) that will incur if the bank continues to pursue the delinquent account can be expensive. Asides, it’s not worth their time anymore – that’s a simple way to explain it.

Furthermore, the bank cannot just freeze and take the money in your savings account to pay for those debts. They would need to have a court judgment against you to make it legal for them to do that. And that will again, cost them money and can take a long time.

So what happens when your account is turned over to a collection agency?

Then it just remains there. The collection agency will do its best to convince you to pay because that’s how they will make money.

I know there are a lot of horror stories when it comes to credit card debt collection. That’s a sad reality that many people around the world experience. The best thing to remember is that all those are just empty threats so stay calm and don’t worry.

Will I go to jail if I don’t pay my credit card debt?

No. That’s the most honest answer I can give you.

To my knowledge, nobody has ever gone to jail for not paying their credit card debts. Why? Because incurring debt is not considered a criminal act. Of course, this is assuming that you just simply failed to pay your credit card debts for whatever reason.

It’s important to know that circumstances will be different if you have issued a check or have signed a contract because a bouncing check or a breach of contract can be turned into a criminal case such as estafa.

That’s why some collection agencies will try to make you issue checks or sign a payment agreement because that could give them legal grounds to file a real case against you.

How about my credit history?

Not paying your credit card debt will reflect badly on your credit history. Which means it will be difficult for you to get a personal loan when you need one.

Aside from that, some companies do check the credit history of their job applicants so a bad credit history may affect you if you’re looking for employment.

Honestly, there’s no definite list of ways in which a bad credit standing can affect you negatively but trust me, it can and it will.

There is some good news though. Your bad credit history will not remain on your record forever.

It will be erased after several years BUT NOT because you’ve been “forgiven” but because the computer database is close to full already and it needs to purge some old data.

And with higher capacity computers becoming more available nowadays, the time it will take for your bad credit history to disappear can and will become longer.

So what is the worst-case scenario if I don’t pay my credit card debts?

The worst-case scenario is that first, you would have to live by cash for the rest of your life. Thinking of buying a house or a car someday? Then start saving for it now because chances are, you won’t be able to get a loan from any bank.

Secondly, you would have to deal with calls, letters, and threats from credit card collection agencies for a very long time. Sure you can just ignore them but they do find ways to involve your family and friends in the situation.

I think personally, that’s the worst part of not paying your credit card debts – having to deal with the worry and unnecessary burden that collection agencies can bring your loved ones. That is personally something that my conscience can’t take.

Thank you for your time, any advice for my readers?

Always be conscious of your credit card spending and be smart with your finances.

But if unfortunately, circumstances work against you and you find yourself deep in credit card debt – then my advice is not to worry.

Be honest and tell your family and friends about your situation so they can offer a support system. And lastly, consider the option of getting a financial planner to help you fix everything.

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This post is part of the article collection, All About Credit Cards.

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  1. I must admit, I have a pending loan with which I have not yet paid since I still don’t have a job. My daily earnings right now is not almost even with my expenses.

    Anyway, they keep on calling me before and telling me that they investigate if I really don’t have the capacity to pay, as well as they will cease my valuable things and others.

    I keep telling them to that they are very much welcome to my place and check, but they did not come.

    So, my advise to everyone with the same problem is to tell the truth and be ready to prove it. They should also update the company so that they will not feel that you just want to escape from your responsibility.

    And yes, be honest to your family members and friends about it. But of course, choose the ones who you think can help. Some of them may just be adding your problems by telling it to everybody, which may ruin your image.

  2. This is great information Fitz! I keep only one credit card with a low credit limit. If I decide to pay it all in one month, I can easily do it. This way, I can control my spending. I don’t want to be caught in any downward spiral involving credit card debts.

  3. Very nice article
    Like others who have read this–I am trying to rise from my poor financial choices when I was younger

    I am currently paying my cc but still struggling.

    May I re-post your article at my blog?
    With link to this post, as well as a proper acknowledgment to the author and this site.

    Thank you!

  4. It’s tempting to NOT pay your debts and learn to live with it…But the reality is, it is much harder to face yourself in the mirror knowing that you owe someone and you didn’t pay him what he is due. In my opinion, I’d rather pay it and learn a thing or two about taking care of my own finances than living a life of constant worry and hiding away from collectors. Running away from debts is not a way to live a financially abundant life.

  5. Hi Fitz, nice interview there. Since I have a background on credit cards, definitely, no one will get into jail because of non-payment of credit card debts. Why? The case that you are going to face for non payment is what you call “SUM OF MONEY”. It is a civil case and not a criminal case so you won’t be jailed. This is in contrast if you have bounced checks which is a criminal case and that’s what you call BP22 or Batas Pambansa 22.

    However, even if you did not get into jail because of non payment of credit card debts, you will surely be blacklisted if you are availing a loan or a credit such as housing loan, car loan, etc. This is because as you have said, the bank already put your name into the deliquent accounts and all banks share their database of delinquent ascounts.

    Also, yes, the bank will turn over the deliquent account to a collection agency which is not part of the bank. These agencies usually get paid if and only if they were able to collect payment from the debtor. Thus, their service is called “no cure, no pay” basis.

  6. does it mean that you can pay a minimal amount (not the amount demanded from you) just to give tell them that you wont run away from your unpaid credit?

  7. Thank you for this article Fitz.Finally, my questions about what will happen if i don’t pay is answered. I cant ask my friends because Im afraid…afraid that they would make chismis about my credit card problem. It’s not that ” i dont want to pay”…but we have financial problems now. I have 3 kids & my husband’s salary is just enough for our monthly expense. We wanted to settle our accounts but the collection agency is demanding us to pay in full… & we cant do that.

    Some even say that it will appear in NBI records if we dont pay. Is it true?

  8. the article is very enlightening. but what does someone do if a collection agency persists in collecting even if the debt has been settled years ago?

    this has happened to me. in the latter part of the 1990s, i settled all my credit card debts incurred under bankard. now after these many years, this collection agency sent me a letter urging me to pay up or else they would haul me to court. this they followed up with a phone call. i have told them that i have already settled that account but unfortunately i misplaced the documents proving that the debt has already been paid up. what can i do under the circumstances? please help…thanks a lot.

  9. Hi, very informative. Thank you very much.

    I was reading inquirer’s articles and i encountered the “Credit Info Database” article posted last 1/28/10… i just want to share it. here’s the link…


    How long does a bank keeps the record of their delinquent accounts?

    A person with bad credit history can’t get loans from banks, does it include the Pag-ibig Housing Loans and the SSS housing loans?

    thanks again :)

  10. First, when you apply for a credit cards, there is something that if you can’t pay your debt on your credit cards they will have something to get your things.

  11. One thing that was not mentioned here is if the debt is significant enough, sometimes the credit card company will pursue legal action (instead of selling to a collection agency). If they do this, the consumer will receive a court summons. If a judgement is place on the debt by a judge, then you can run the risk of your checking account being garnished (which basically means the creditor can take the money out without your permission) or your paycheck will be garnished. So, it’s not always cut and dry where the creditor just sells it to a collection agency. Some of them will come after you legally for the money.

  12. Well it is true that you won’t go to jail if you don’t pray your credit card debt.

    However bear in mind that according to the Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998 (Republic Act No. 8484) “A cardholder who abandons or surreptitiously leaves the place of employment, business or residence stated in his application for credit card, without informing the credit card company of the place where he could actually be found, if at the time of such abandonment or surreptitious leaving, the outstanding and unpaid balance is past due for at least ninety (90) days and is more than Ten thousand pesos (P10,000), shall be prima facie presumed to have used his credit card with intent to defraud.”

    So in other words you can somehow be imprisoned for credit card debts ! But technically speaking you are imprisoned here because of the presumption of “fraud” and not really for non-payment of credit card debt. (As guaranteed by the 1987 constitution article 3, sec. 20 that nobody shall be imprisoned for debt) :-) :-) :-)

  13. After a long months of non-paying of personal loan to the bank way back last quarter of 2008, the account been transferred to a different collection agencies / lawfirms. Receives demand letters, but there’s this one agency who handled the account recently who’s text stating they’ll publish the account’s photo on newspaper . Is it legal for a lawfirm agencies to publish your photos on newspaper for the unpaid personal loan (P33,000 included the long overdue interest) without proper court litigation?

  14. Thanks for the information. I’m in a bad credit card situation now and i’m afraid to tell it to my family. i want to solve it on my own.

  15. Filing cases in court based on 10K or above loan is not an option collection agencies would take because the filing fee for a case in court is much higher than that. Got this info from a contractor pal of mine. He got a demand letter from a lawyer with a threat of a court case. Never did happen because the contested amount was not worth the cost of full blown court case. And the threat of publishing your name or account for unpaid debts is again an empty threat in my opinion. Its like putting you in on trial by publicity. I don’t think any paper would entertain those things without legal basis. If this is indeed possible then a lot of papers would be publishing those bad debtors … again without factoring legality of such action the cost of publishing just to make you pay is not at all feasible. Again getting a court order to freeze or take your personal bank deposit or personal items from your home or very home even is a very complicated legal process but then again there are lawyers who actually make a living out of this and are very resourceful. So if the amount is considerable then the lawyers of those collection agency would indeed work hard to get that court order. To be in a bad credit listing is really a hassle once you try to get a loan. An office mate of mine who even after she paid off her credit card was unable to get a loan from a bank. She was denied because her name was still in the bad credit listing. And it was almost a year when she already settled her debt with her credit card. Its like a bad dream only difference is it haunts you when your awake.

  16. Thank you for the very informative post, i am also a recipient of a demand letter from Domingo & Molaer Law Offices that was sent to me last March 2009. However, until today after applying for a checking account with my bank I was informed that I have been flagged for bad credit made in 2000 until I settle it and show proof or certification coming from the bank they will not give me a checking account and it will also be subject for approval of the branch manager. My card is under Bankard, and I remember very well that during that time I was able to negotiate with the collecting agency to pay only the principal if I do it within the same day which I did. Unfortunately like Jun, I have lost all of the documents since I’ve been married since and moved out my parents house.

    This incident happened years ago and I can say I have matured financially and been able to be debt free since I’ve been married 8 years ago. I am planning to put up my own business now and these bad credit history will be a problem esp. in my application for a checking account which I need instead of exchanging cash, application for credit to create bigger opportunities for my business…etc. Like I said, this was years ago and financially different right now…even if they check on my current credit card standing they will see that I always settle by account before its due date. I would like to erase this bad credit history rating, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  17. Just wondering,what should i do if the credit card company failed to dispute unauthorized transaction?I was billed almost P72k on my acct,victim of fraud..coordinated with the bank and the merchant already but it is still under investigation though.So scared on what to do,if it won’t be disputed.Any advice?tnx.

  18. Understandably, having a bad credit history can affect all future applications for loans, etc. but in the event that all credit card debt has been settled, is there a way to improve bad credit rating?

  19. thanks for posting dis article. i have credit cards and loans and i cannot afford to pay them all particularly my credit card. Its not that i dont want to pay but i cant pay right now. My bf and i are going to Macau for 1 week vacation. Does non payment of credit cards will hold me in the airport for non payment?

  20. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and adding more information regarding the topic.

    @Len, you don’t have anything to worry about, just let the investigation run its course. If the worst should happen (which most likely would NOT), then negotiate with the bank for a lowest amount you can afford to pay. Just my two cents.

    @Kat, your bad credit rating will eventually become better as it moves farther from the present. My advise is to try to get a few small loans you can afford to pay so you can “overshadow” the bad credit you incurred in the past.

    @anne, for a simple non-payment of credit card debts, NO you won’t be held up in the airport.

  21. hi fitz,
    your site is very informative to delinquent cc holder like me.
    i’ve been receiving harassment calls and visits from the
    collection agency that hsbc sold my account with. I have no choice but to say that I no longer live in the house that they are calling. It’s true, i moved across another house but within the compound as well. Technically, same address but another house. The landline # that they are calling is not mine but my mother’s. I’ve already contacted hsbc to have a payment arrangement so i could settle my debts, but these crooks still haunts me. Am i liable to hsbc for ra8484 because i declared I no longer resides to the address? But Im still here, just another house :)

  22. Good morning !

    About credit card collection, Someone called me up to settle my obligation, she told me that she will give me a 167% discount for my unsettle account..
    Is it true that the collection department can give this large amount of discount like this?
    Thank you

  23. Question for you: I have credit cards in Canada that I’m unable to pay. I moved in the USA in December 2006. Is it still my obligation to pay them, since I don’t own any property, home, assets, etc… in Canada?

  24. hi po.

    I have the same issue po with them. But in my case. I’m still a student. Pero i tried my very best to pay my balance every month in time. Pero po ang laki po talaga ng interest nila. ung metrobank po. tapos ngaun po may tumawag skin na bakla na from summit collection daw. sinasabihan nya ako kanina na mgpay daw ako ng half of my outstanding balance before april 25 kng hndi po daw idedemanda po daw nila ako. Tapos malalaman po ng school ko ung nangyayari. akala ko private situation po ito. d ba? tapos sabi pa nya na mkukulong daw ako. at kanina tinanong kng mgkano pera ko sabi ko 5thousand lng sabi nya kng kaya ko daw ba maghanap ng 10thousand para 15k ung mabayad ko before 12NOON sabi ko tomorrow lng ako mgbayad. tama ba ito? help me po. i really need your advice. mgwork na nga po ako e.

  25. Hello there,

    I have the same problem. I was so shocked this morning when I received a call threat from collections agency. He was forcing me to pay my unpaid debts for 5months na 31k na dati 21k lang. Sabi kung di ko daw mabayaran yun within this day magffile sila ng demanda against me..Estafa.
    Pero natatakot din ako kasi baka makulong ako dahil sa (Republic Act No. 8484), dahil nagresign ako sa work ko na di ko iniinform ang HSBC.
    Makkulong or maddemanda parin po ba ko dahil dito?

    Thank you so much in advance!

  26. for how many years will my credit card account stay in the records of the debt collection company i am already paying (though small amounts only) for at least a year now…tnk you

  27. Hay grabe!! I have unsettled credit card balance from AIG & Citibank wayback yaer 2001. But then I thought since it is almost 10 years ago my record will be clear so when HSBC offered me to avail their credit, after some confirmation of my records at home & office I was informed that my application has been denied.
    After 1 to 2 days I have received a call from an Agency holding my AIG account and asking me to pay 1t least 40% of my total outstanding balance and I will be clear.
    I was so afraid co’z I have just avail a housing through Pag-ibig and my savings will be enough for my monthly amortization.
    And according to my friend previously harassed co’z of her HSBC account better not to pay them co’z after paying the 40% the agency will still insist that I am not yet clear with the.
    Is that true? Please advise me co’z my priority now is my house amortization.

  28. hello,may cc dept din po ako,a collection agency wrote a demand letter to pay may dept. Tumawag po ako sa kanila para makipa arrange and ask them kung ano ang pwd kung gawin dahil hindi ko kayang bayaran in full, kung pwd ba sya in monhthly basis para lang mabayaran ko,They offered me pero hindi ko parin kaya dahil ang 26thow ko ay maging 80thplus daw payable for six mos.sabi nila kung d koraw mabayran e sa korte nalang daw kami magkikita….natatakot po talaga ako,sana po mabigyan nyo po ako ng advice kung ano po ang pwd kung gawin…thnak you…

  29. What would happen if i left the country where i got an unpaid credit cards…like Dubai?

  30. @Danila Perez
    If you are already in the Philippines, then you are safe in my opinion because you are no longer subject to the credit card debt laws of Dubai. However, I am not an authority on this, better consult a lawyer to get more accurate information.

  31. hi,
    re: cc debts..how much is considered significant amount for them to pursue a legal case .I have a debt amounting to 300K++ interest on one of the ccs(have several ccs).waiting for your reply .thnx

  32. After two years of non-payment, I have now the means to pay my debts. How should I go about it? Should I pay to the bank who originally issued the cc or to the collection agency? Thank you.

  33. im here in dubai and im not paying my creditcard almost 1year maybe its around 10,000 drhms,and this coming dec.im go back in the philippines for my vacation,my question is the immigration in the airport will hold me they will detained me and bring me in the jail,what will happen to me?tahnk u i hope somebody will answer my question,.

  34. Hi Fitz, I have two questions.

    I have a personal loan from Citibank. It’s a non-collateral loan. But I noticed in the fine print of the promissory note about “liens to property and accounts.” Does this mean that my savings and other assets be frozen by Citibank?

    Does the promissory note which I originally signed with Citibank constitute evidence/grounds for estafa in case I fail to pay during times of financial difficulty?

    Thank you.

  35. I’m not a lawyer but this is my ongoing experience…

    Stopped payying cc debt in Jan. The usual threats nad phone calls began. I’m currently in bargaining for about 40% on the dollar, and my credit report will read Paid In FUll….

    One cc company filed a lawsuit. I answered . Two weeks later they offered me a settlement of 35% on the dollar. We’re discussing Paid in full on credit reports right now.

    I feel about as morally obligated to them as they did when they reduced my credit line, then used the debt ratio to increase my credit card rates to loan shark rates..

    look around online….It takes timeand mental toughness but the card companies will take just about whatever they can get right now.

  36. Hi

    Three years ago, I was in Canada and I stayed there for 3 years and a half. I got a credit card and I was doing well till some problem happened to me so I spent all the money which was really a lot. Now I am outside Canada( live in africa). I didnt pay back a cent cuz it was really alot. Now, I am moving to Australia. do you think I can get a prepaid credit card without any problem there and no calls and stuff. Thanks in advance

  37. Hi ,
    This site is very informative. I used to have an account from hsbc and failed to pay for sometime because of financial issues until it got settled with paying only 20% of the total due that they originally charged me. This was mostly accumulated charges. As far as i know I have already settled this but until now a few years after I seem to be in the blacklist. How do I know if I am already cleared?

  38. To Miss Dotie,
    Maybe 5years after na mabayaran mo lahat ng utang mo sa HSBC saka pa lang ma-clear ang pagka-blacklist mo sa lahat ng banks. Temporarily, kailangan mo ng certification from hsbc para may ipakita kang clear ka na kung plano mo pa kumuha o mag-loan sa mga banks

  39. Can someone give information regarding their policies for deceased clients. The credit card company blocked the principal’s credit cards and his suplimentary cards. Are the spouse or children required to pay the principal’s debt? What about the points gained… can they redeam them?

  40. State:- Kansas
    I was in US for 3 years on student visa.Everything was going fine but one day i got DUI and my the bad starts.I lost my driving license and lost my part time job also.I start using my credit cards to pay my bills and living.I got a debt of around 45000$,as i got all the credit cards after putting the false information that i am resident of US but i have got the SSN.After that i came back to India in 2007.But now i am again planning to visit US after 6 months.Can anyone provide me information what will be the consequences i need to face in US ?Do i have to face any criminal charges against me or they can arrest me at the airport?

  41. Hi Sir,

    I have a cc debt tinatawagan ako ng collection agent at ififile daw nila ang kaso laban sa akin mau ocular inspection daw pong gagwin yung mga pulis sa bahay o sa opis namin at natatakot po ako. 16,000 ang debt ko pinagbabayad nila ako ng 32,000. They make arrangement daw po pero di ko pa rin kaya ang amount na dapat kung bayadan. Anu po b dapat kung gawin tulungan nyo naman po ako.

  42. i wasnt able to pay my credit card worth Php 15,000 for only one week. but i was able to pay it after one week of due date. my husband wants to loan a car. will a bank approved me?

  43. Hi there!

    i used to own a standard chartered credit card which i defaulted payment a few years ago….. my standard chartered account is with the collecting agency.

    now, i’m having problems with my HSBC account. i’m quite struggling with my finances and i’m afraid that i will not be able to settle at least the minimum amount for my HSBC account. in the event, that i defaulted payment with my HSBC card, what will be the effect of it considering that i already defaulted with my standard chartered card.

    hope you will be able to enlighten me with my situation right now.

  44. I also have the same problem. I am based in Manila and parents are back in my province. My parents texted me that a policeman visited our home and told them that I’ve been doing ‘illegal things.’ They just left number and a name, a certain Atty. Jaime Chua/Cua. My mom said that people back home speculated if me doing illegal things….

    And that policeman also talked to some neighbors. My mom said that people back home are thinking of so many things. My parents were clueless about this loan. It was supposed to be payable in 3 years but was unable to continue after 1.5 years

    The company has my contacts, and even my office address but they opted to visit my home province? It’s really humiliating. I ‘m not sure if I will contact the person or directly coordinate with the bank.

    In my mind, i know what to do – that is to settle the account. I just hope they won’t double the amount.

  45. I need advise.

    I can no longer fund personal loan checks monthly amortization. What normally bank do?

  46. Hi,
    I am in difficult situation & need advise.

    I have 4 credit card of UAE having outstanding balance. I came to my Home country & unfortunatly had an Major Heart attack. After 1 month of hospitalization i was able to survive some how. As per doctors advise i cannot do any physical work now & due to which I cannot join my Job in UAE. I am jobless & do not have money to pay outstandings. My question is :-
    1. I heard something about credit sheild, will that apply.
    2. what legal action can be taken care by Banks now ?

    Please suggest,


  47. Hi Fritz,

    Just want to ask if you could refer a financial planner who wouldn’t charge me a lot. I have googled for financial planners here in the Philippines but they are mostly connected to banks and insurance companies. I am hesitant to come to them since I have this perception that they will just “offer” me something since they are working for an institution. Plus, I have bad experience with banks in the sense that they don’t really entertain you unless you have a lot of money with them.


  48. […] practical advice if you do not pay your credit card debt from Fitz’s […]

  49. Hi everybody,

    I have worked in dubai 3 years back and could not pay my credit card dues on which my overall limit was 3000 dhs only.
    I was holding the Standard Chattered Bank credit card on which the overall lmit was 3000 dirhams only and i have used some around 2000 dirhams ,dont remember exactly .As my intention was not to keep the debts and clear off after coming back from the vaccation but unfortunately the situations didnt allow me to come back as my grand father was expired and the company was not ready to give much hike and parents doesnt want me to go and work for that salary .Anyways, i did not got any intimation or email from the bank but yes i have got a call from Recovery Agents from india and was saying to pay around 500 dhs atleast as it has gone to 5000dhs some late payment and etc…He said if i did not pay then they will inform the Dubai police for the entry.And they said atleast pay 1000 dhs and we will close the case ,i was ready to pay for that but i asked them for the clearance certificate and confirmation letter that i will not have any problems in future in going back to Dubai ,on which they said they dont guarante for that.And investigation about that agency through friends and relatives ,they said if u pay also they will not give anything written and kind of fraud peaple.So on next call i recieved from them i said i will pay in dubai thorugh my friends and once they came to my home also but i was out of town and my parents said he is not at home and after that no calls nothing from there side.
    On searching in forums related to this issues ,i found that they will deport back something like that …as my name will reflect on the defaulters list on immigration..I also came to know that we can make some negotiation with the bank and mention ready to pay the partly limit on overall limit so that there should be any problem in entering to Dubai.Is there any way if we can find my name reflects on the defaulters list at immigration or any way to sort it out..

    Please if u fine any answers let me know if i can come back to Dubai.

  50. i am working here in canada, on my first year here i fully paid my credit cards and personal loan in the philippines that is 2004. last 2007 a collecting angency sent a letter that i had debt in my credit card rcbc card which i know that i dont have a balance before i left the country but i didnt close it.my sister show them my documents of payments they told that is the the one they are collecting to me it is rcbc credit card which i didnt used after i lost my job 2000 but i didnt closed it. and they are offering me 50% discount but i fortunately i dont have money to pay.they told to my brother who went home last month that if i will visit my family they will hold me in the immigration and file a case to me. i think they have somebody watching my family if i will be home to collectt from me. my mother is sick i like to see her but i am afraid to be hold in the immigration what will i do i dont have money to pay them. how many year the collecting agency have the right to collect to me. please help.

  51. hi, just got a summons form court ok makati city. i live in the province. the office of the cc is base in makati. which have jurisdiction makati or my city in the provice? thanks.

  52. jessica

    i would just like to ask is the summons that you’re talking about is signed by the judge or the clerk of court or was it simply a letter that look like a summon and was signed by a lawyer? kasi some cc companies would harass their clients with some letters that look like court order were in fact it is not.

  53. @marky mark

    thanks for the quick reply.

    it was signed by a clerk of court of makati and served by court authorities from my city.

  54. jessica,

    ah ok….

    ano bang nangyari why you received summons from the court? coz bihira lng talaga na they would file a case against a cardholder… would you mind kng anong company ba yan?

  55. @guerilla investor: tumpak sana mabasa ang post mo mga taong naninisi ng mga collectors gayong ayaw naman talaga nila bayaran ang cc na talaga namang ginamit at pinakinabangan nila.

  56. Hi Fitz!

    The insights you posted here about credit cards are really very informative. I also have big worries about my unpaid credit card dues for a long time. I have a long overdue credit card balance with BPI. Unable to settle it for quite some time due to some financial and other personal problems. From its original unpaid balance, it has now reached 100K since i have neglected paying it for the past 2 yrs. The account has already been turned over to a third party law firm or collection agency and i have been receiving emails reminding me of my balance. Now here’s my concern: Our company’s payroll or payroll account is thru BPI. Would the bank run after my payroll account soon or hold the deposit that gets to my payroll account since I have long overdue credit card balance with them? My payroll account though is not enrolled for auto-debit with my credit card account, but i’m afraid they might do some legal actions about it. I badly need your advice on this. I’m planning to reply the emails sent to me by the third party collection agency and make payment arrangement with them in smaller amount. Thank you!

  57. im not pay cedit card dept in dubai for the last 3-4 years bcoz i leave dubai early for family reason in 2007, till now not pay but i want to go back to dubai again but im very scare if i go back the police will caught me in the airport. So my question is police will case me when i arrive to dubai immigration????

  58. hi fitz

    i have an outstanding credit card loan of 1 mil..I am planning not to pay my debts because my business is badly in need of cash.

    all my earnings just go to my credit card payments..what shall i do.


  59. Dear fitz,

    i have the same law firm sending me threat letters and they have raised my loan to about 5x the original loan amount within a period of 3 years. i’m pretty used to the letters coming from them but this time its a little different. it says that “if legally warranted they will prosecute me for violation of r.a. 8484” i’ve lived and worked in the same place for three years and its the first time that they changed
    the theme of their demand letter saying that PSBANK has finally decided to file in court.is any of this true or is this just just another one of their threat mails?


  60. Hi everyone.

    For those who have credit card debts outside the Philippines, I would advise that you talk to a registered financial planner or a lawyer who could give you proper advise regarding your situation.

    For those who are torn between paying their credit card debts and using the money for necessary expenses. I would suggest to prioritize your necessities first.

    For those who have been receiving different types of letters and calls. Don’t worry – they’re still collection agencies. As I’ve said in the article, banks do not file cases in courts for credit card debts.

    Lastly, it’s important that you understand that a credit card debt is different from a bank loan. Other laws will apply to that so if you’re having trouble paying your bank loans, it’s again best to consult a financial planner or a lawyer regarding your case.

  61. is it true that you get your name blacklisted at the bureau of imigration and cannot travel outside the country if you have a deliquent cc account?

  62. hi fritz,

    i was able to pay before my cc that has been issued to me way couple of years ago, i was able to pay in on time until such time that i can no longer pay it because the company i used to work with is not giving our salary on time. ive been receiving calls, harrassments, etc. i left the house where i live as well. but after a couple of years the bank send me a letter again, i wasnt able to read the letter cause a relative got it and threw it away. am i gonna be sued or jailed because of this. please advice. am worried… thanks and more power to you…

  63. Hi Fitz, nice site.. enlightened by problem.

    I have a CC and I am not paying it for more than a year because of personal reason. And I just resigned from the company. My big problem is I have a loan at PSBank (moneycard). It would bring me to jail if I will not pay for it?

    Thank you

  64. Hi Mr Fitz,
    Thanks for the very informative blogs or website.
    Kahit papano I can share some information about Credit Card. Halos karamihan sa mga naglalagay ng comments ay mga card holders na di na
    makayanang bayaran ang mga dues.May I just share my views to one of Sir Fitz comments or advise:

    {For those who have credit card debts outside the Philippines, I would advise that you talk to a registered financial planner or a lawyer who could give you proper advise regarding your situation.}

    I agree, better to consult a lawyer for a better advise.As far as I’m concern running away from from debt specially at UAE and other Arab countries is a criminal case. If filed to their court and a Police Notice handed to the authorities they can arrest the debtor.But if the debtor is already here in the Philippines they were free from arrest for UAE court does not have jurisdiction in our country.But then Interpol has a coordination to our NBI and cases from other country can still be forwarded.

    [For those who are torn between paying their credit card debts and using the money for necessary expenses. I would suggest to prioritize your necessities first.}
    I agree: kailangan muna nating mabuhay bago tayo makabayad ng pagkakautang.Pero wag mong hahayaang hindi nakikipag usap sa pinagkakautangan mo.Lalo na sa Banks

    {For those who have been receiving different types of letters and calls. Don’t worry – they’re still collection agencies. As I’ve said in the article, banks do not file cases in courts for credit card debts.}
    I beg to disagree.
    Banks files court cases for violation of R.A.8484
    either Credit Cards or Cash Loans and also files Small Claims Court Cases.
    Wag nyo rin po balewalain ang mga letters na dumadating sa inyo baka po subpoena na yong dumating at pinabayaan nyo mawawarrant po kayo.

    {Lastly, it’s important that you understand that a credit card debt is different from a bank loan. Other laws will apply to that so if you’re having trouble paying your bank loans, it’s again best to consult a financial planner or a lawyer regarding your case.}

    Both debt or cash loan and credit cards are covered by the access devices law or r.a.8484.

    Thanks sana po makatulong din sa inyo.

  65. Hi Fritz! Very informative piece. I have questions I think your readers need to take into consideration for their own (and mine) peace of mind. 1) Are “summons” applicable to a credit card related situation? My understanding is that “summons” are carried to you residence by uniformed policemen if you have a “personal” debt that hase been filed against you. Say that I’m right.If this happens to anyone of us here what do we do since having a credit card cannot be considered as having a “personal” debt? But I’m pretty sure that this is definitely a wrong move by any collecting agency. You should not be recieving a “summon” if you did’nt break any “credit card” rule right? If this is the case, who does these policemen represent? Can the police represent the collecting agencies? 2)Does our law say anything about the lenght of years a credit card debt can be considered “erased” or it depends on the memory of the (computer)server? 3) If an account is bougth by a collecting agency, do we still have to recieve billing statements from the credit card company? If NO, what does this mean and what should we do?

    Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated by all of us. Thanks and best regards.


  66. @manny Summons will be given by a court if a case has been filed against the debtor. The only case that can be filed against the debtor is collection of sum of money, a civil case, assuming of course there’s no other factor aside from just failing to pay credit card debts. The lesson is, don’t be fooled by some hardened collection agencies’ tricks and gimmicks.

  67. This is really an interesting article. I just paid my HSBC CC balance despite it was STOLEN from me. I had pride pa nun and doesnt want to pay for a stolen puchase. Pero when I need to clear everything I just gave up and end up paying.

    The things is the collection agency keeps on going to our place, giving their calling cards to our neighbors and telling them to tell me I SHOULD PAY. I don’t really like how these collection agencies do their job. I just pray na kaya ng konsensya nila ganung harassment. Karma na lan yan, lahat naman tayo accountable sa actions natin.

  68. Mr.Fitz good day. I have CC debt from BPI. My last payment was August2010. Now my debt is almost 64,000. Triple of my principal. I already talked to collections agent since December 2010. But they didnt grant my request of interest rate moratorium. I have housing loan on the same bank, evidently I cant pay my debt because Im just a minimum wage earner + housing loan. Yesterday got a mail from NG & Associates, stating that I should pay the whole amt of P63,954.18 with additional interest/penalty per month thereafter and 25% atty. fees within 10days. Otherwise we will be constrained to file an action for damages. I anticipate receiving your payment to obviate being embroiled in a costly and cumbersome litigation.

    I would like to pay them because I dont want to be blacklisted but not in full, amnesty and installment would be great. I would like to email NG & Associates, but im not sure if its the right move. please help, what would happen to me and what should I do.. thank you so much! God Bless!

  69. My ex wife apparently ran up a P25,000 credit card bill before she moved to the US 6 months ago, I have a court judgement to say that I can live in the house which is in my ex wifes name, I’ve been receiving notices at the house for my ex wife from a collection agency,
    Can the collection agency put a lein on the house or seek a court judgement to have it foreclosed.

  70. is it true po ba na pag di daw na locate kung saan ung place ng debtor e ipapa warrant daw po nila .

  71. I would like to seek an advice. I had a Citibank credit card before and my sister was my supplementary. Since I worked abroad I have not been using my card, but my sister in the Philippines used it for a while and she was only paying the minimum due amount until such time that it went up to more than Php100,000 due the late charges & credit charges that continuously built.

    We have been receiving frequent calls from Citibank, and later from collections agency. Two years ago, I asked for an amnesty with Citibank. They told me to issue 48 pdc checks for the payment that we have agreed upon which is payable in 4 yrs. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge with regards to paying debts by checks, I issued the pdc checks as they have requested. Now I completed paying 2 years, but I am having financial difficulty at this time because I loss my job and I am supporting my father for his medications. I would like to send a letter to Citibank to inform them of my current situation and that I am unable to continue the payment and I do not foresee being able to pay the remaining balance in full. But I am willing to raise a certain amount (Php10,000) and offer as the final & full settlement of my debt. Do you think they will accept my offer? I am worried about the pdc checks I issued to them, I believe they can file a case against me for a bouncing check. Can somebody tell me what is the best thing I should do? Thanks.

  72. I would like to seek an advice. I had a Citibank credit card before and my sister was my supplementary. Since I worked abroad I have not been using my card, but my sister in the Philippines used it for a while and she was only paying the minimum due amount until such time that it went up to more than Php100,000 due the late charges & credit charges that continuously built.

    We have been receiving frequent calls from Citibank, and later from collections agency. Two years ago, I asked for an amnesty with Citibank. They told me to issue 48 pdc checks for the payment that we have agreed upon which is payable in 4 yrs. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge with regards to paying debts by checks, I issued the pdc checks as they have requested. Now I completed paying 2 years, but I am having financial difficulty at this time because I loss my job and I am supporting my father for his medications. I would like to send a letter to Citibank to inform them of my current situation and that I am unable to continue the payment and I do not foresee being able to pay the remaining balance in full. But I am willing to raise a certain amount (Php10,000) and offer as the final & full settlement of my debt. Do you think they will accept my offer? I am worried about the pdc checks I issued to them, I believe they can file a case against me for a bouncing check. Can somebody please tell me what is the best thing I should do? Thanks.

  73. Years ago, the CA was asking for 50% of my outstanding balance…so I said ok, then pumunta ako sa Citibank and negotiated directly with them. Ayun, 30% lang binayaran ko at me certificate pa na wala na ako utang.

    The CA was sooooo PISSED! She started threatening me, I just told her to stop or sasampahan ko sya ng harassment with grave threats.

    TL;DR Deretso ka sa banko makipag-nego, wag sa CA.

  74. Umm.. hello mga sir/ma’am..

    Pag pinasa na ba ng bank ang account mo sa collection department, sa bank ka prin magbabayad diba?

    Makikiusapan ba mga yan? Kahit mga 3,500 lang kada buwan mahuhulog mo, papayag kaya sila?

    Kinukutuban na kasi ako kasi tumawag ang bank at sinabing hindi umabot sa Minimum Payment ang nabayaran ko this month..

    thanks sa mga sasagot ha…..

  75. aw.. mali ang copy paste ko sa unang question..

    yung second question talaga ang tanong ko..

    sorry admin/mods…

  76. Hi!

    My due account in Bankard for 2 yrs reached to 19k. BUt I was offered by Domingo and Molaer law firm of an amnesty of 11K. I settled right away and been asking for the certificate of clearance.

    Do you think I can still avail for a new card in Bankard or from other banks after I settled my old account? I actually re-applied a week after I settle my due account and spoke to Bankard customer service and they kept telling me that subject to apporval pa daw but Im doubtful that it’ll be approved.

    PLease help.Thanks!

  77. hi fitz,

    I have CC from Citibank amounting to almost 100k due to penalties and interest. And collection agencies keeps on going to my house but apparently i’m not always there so my parents were talking to them. But its annoying. Kasi natatakot din ung parents ko. so gusto ko sana mabayadan but still i’m on a financial crisis. baka next year pa ko maka recover sa financial crisis and ung interest nagaacumulate pa din. when does the interest and penalties stop accumulating. I just want to pay them at least 1k each month just top finish my CC debt for as long as it takes but if the interests and penalties won’t stop, it would take forever. Does citibank file cases on court for CC debts? Thanks and more power.

  78. ugh… paano kung ang husband ko ang may credit card tapos hindi siya nakapagbayad four months ago tapos may tumatwag sa phone at hinhanp siya hindi ko sinagot kung nassaan ang husband ko, tapos ibanaba na niya ang phone hindi ko alam kung sino siya kasi hindi niya sinagot nung tinanong ko kung sino siya. Natatakot ako na baka isang araw may dumating sabahay at kukunin ang lahat ng mahahalagang gamit, paano ang gagawin ko kung sasabihin nilang pambayad iyon sa credit card ng husband ko..

    ~please paki sagot lang ppo kasi wala akong idea kung paano ang gagawin kung sasabihin ko ba nasaan ang asawa ko o hindi. Nag-abroad kasi ang asawa ko.


  79. please help,

    ask ko lng po kung pwede kong bayaran ung credit card ko pagpunta ko ng abroad paano ko o ma clear un na i’m not indebted anymore while im overseas. pwee ko po bang sabihin s bank o s cc na pupunta ako ng abroa then dun ko nlng continue ung pagbabayd? i’m worrying bka i hold nila ako s immigration for non payment of credit card. wla n po kc akong work s pinas kya i have to go overseas to pay my debt and to earn a living.

  80. I have read in one of the posts here that he went directly to citibank and negotiated for a certain percentage of the total amount he owed and got the deal directly from the bank. Is this more advisable than paying through collection agencies who frequently calls and harass you? My fear is that if I pay through an agency, I would still have a bad record with the bank for whom said collection agencies are collecting payments.

    Need an advise here. tnx.

  81. hi, i left dubai with unpaid CC, but unfortunately one collecting agency is chasing me here in the philippines, they said that they represent the credit card company. is it possible for them to sue me on behalf of the bank? are they allowed under our law? thanks

  82. Hi Chingkit!

    I would be interested to get in touch with you. I have the same concern. Can I call you? How could that be possible?



  83. hi fritz just today june 2 i received a demand letter to pay my husbands cc debt amounting to 123,ooo dirhams.sa dubai kasi nag work noong una ang husband ko at na terminate sya.. grabe kinakabahan ako ,,, di ko alam ang gagawin ko nakaktakot ang letter kesyo sheriff daw mga gamit namin etc..di ko rin alam na ganito kalaki ang utang nang asawa ko.. ano kaya ang gagawin ko pag dumating ang mga collector?wala kasi d2 ang asawa ko nasa abroad uli di ko lang sasabihin kong saan pero nakaalis sya di naman sya hinarang sa airport kahit may utang sa cc.akala nga namin wala na yong utang after 2 years,, eto binulaga ako.. please ano kaya ang gagawin ko pag pumunta yong mga collector?its my first time to encounter this kind of problem.. need ur advice please..

  84. hello everyone,

    i have a huge debts in metrobank cc, umaabot 300k including interest, im still paying but its not enough to cover the minimum due…im worried now cause i have received text message from the law office requiring me to pay the whole amount due, i answered that i dont have the capacity to pay the whole amount or even half or even the minimum amount…and have some threats that they will file a case to RTC…what will happen to me? im planing to work abroad next year, ma-apektohan ba ako when acquiring VISA? since one of the requirements in visa application is mostly bank statement? what will happen to me? need your advice please

  85. Hi,

    I received a summon for unpaid credit card debt, it has been signed by a branch clerk of court. I have other obligations that i continually pay, and i really dont know what to do next. I dont have the money to pay for an attorney to assist me with this case. What will happen if i dont respond to it?

  86. was issued a credit card when I was still in college (preapproved due to a big amount deposited under my name). I had a debt for around 17k and since do not have income back then, I was not able to settle it. Then just last week (around 14yrs after) I received another demand letter stating that I need to pay 300k plus! I know it’s my fault but I still find it ridiculous. I will try to contact the bank directly (and not the CA) and settle for the original amount in debt. If they don’t agree, then I have no plans in paying. Did I say they still send me letters 14 yrs after? hehe

  87. I am a professional. I would like to ask if they can blacklist me from my profession, or worst, they can file for the cancellation or revocation of my license at PRC for non payment of cc debts?

    Thank you,


  88. I lived in united states for 3-4 years during my study and when I was planning to come back for some family reasons i fell short of money and I maxed out my 2 credit card worth about 4000 dollars. I came to my country with the hope that I will go back soon and pay my bills. I had temporary residence status on my student visa at that time. well I came back and situation became worse and I could not able to go back. now its about 1 and half year since I came and planning to go back. I wonder would those unpaid credit card bills will be a hurdle in getting a new visit visa??? any relationship in that unpaid 4000 dollars credit card bill and visa clearance from US CUSTOMS AND BOARDER PROTECTION? I went for visa interview and they have sent my visa case to USCIS for clearance . all I know usually they check for some back ground on criminal activities or terrorism, which I know I m clear of.

    please let me know if the US visa officer or US counslate would come to know about this credit card thing?

  89. ask ko lang po pag my utang ka sa credit card pwede mag sheriff or nakakarating po ba na my hearing sa court ito? salamat

  90. ask ko lang po din kung pwed nila makuha ang bahay namin kapalit ng utang? baka po kasi makuha ng bank. hindi ko na po kaya mag bayad sa card almost 5yrs na ako nagbabayad ng minimum ngayon 100k pa din utang ko.salamat

  91. Hi,

    If ever I setteld my credit card debt, how can I be sure that my name will not be anymore in the blacklist? Also should I really settle with the collection agency?
    Or even if the bank has turned over my loan to the credit collectors, can I still call the bank and settle with them like make tawad.. pwede ba yun?

    thanks and hope you enlighten me on this…

  92. Since, unsettled payment of credit card considered as delinquent payer! If ever does certain application in abroad can be affected for this matter?

  93. Hi.

    I have 21k debt sa cc of hsbc and now it was reach at 42k.i want to settle my cc debt but the collection agency want me to pay the whole amount but i cant .i ask for any options but they told me dt there will b no any option.whats confusing is they just txt me and no formal call or emails.i’m just afraid bcoz they txt me dat d acc is already for litigation and they will file a case against me. Can i just call hsbc and made arrangement wd them ?thanks.

  94. I am Canadian living in Asia since 2000, I was using and paying my credit cards for several years, but after a while I had financial problems so I was unable to send the money to the banks and my student loan also, I tried to contact the creditors afetr a while of stoping, but I couldn’t, so my question right now is if I go back to Canada, can I have problems at the customs and immigration? How I can get advise to rebuild my credit and how I can negociate with the banks? Can I got to jail?

    Thanks for your help,

  95. after we receive demand letters from the collection agencies, can we still pay at the credit cards owner like hsbc, standard chartered etc?
    even though we are receiving already those final demand letter?

    because our debt increases more than a hundred percent if the collection agencies are the one who handles our account.

    i have no job, only my wife, and she takes all the burdens.

    thank you very much

  96. hi fitz,

    we have cc that was unsettled, and now its in collecting agency,
    1. can we still pay at the bank? so that the interest and penalty is not that high as the collecting agency.
    2. although we have’nt receive any summons from the rtc, is it that before you go for preliminary arraignment, you must receive first a summons or subpoena from the rtc?
    3. and is it allowable to pay for a length period of time just to finish our debt? coz honestly, right now our salary cannot compensate our necessity.

    many thanks for your help, best regards.

  97. Hi there Sir Fitz. Sir I would like to ask for an advise regarding my unpaid credit card. Me and my family have been harassed by many collection agencies because of the matter. Just today I received a text message from Summit Collection that my case has been filed to Camp Crame etc., which is kinda new for me because liked what I’ve said my account has been in different collection agencies. And they told me that they will post my picture on newspaper, etc and file a ESTAFA case against me which I kinda doubted because for them to do that I believed it is related to defraud and breach of contract which I didn’t do. Obviously one of the tactics of collection agency.

    What I noticed is that in every collection agency that handled my account they will offer a very big discount from the OUTSTANDING BALANCE of the credit card, however it should be one time payment only. Now I am wondering, can I just go to the bank directly and asked for an easy payment scheme for my unpaid credit card instead of forwarding my account to different agencies and be harassed? Is this possible? I hope you could reply ASAP please. Thanks

  98. hello ask lang po ako.. kasi may psbank money loan ako and naging 300k plus na.. hindi ako makabayad kasi ang laki na.. wala din po ako work ngayon.. question ko lang kasi im getting calls from an atty na magfile na case na daw sila today at 3pm.. so just wondering kung totoo ba to? tapos everytime magtalk kami sa phone, grabeh parang harassment na.. sinabihan ko naman na hindi ako makabayad kasi ang laki na ng utang ko.. please help..

  99. @ryan

    I have been through the visa process with USCIS and they did not find my credit card debt. In fact I’ve been in the US for 3 years now and nothing has come up about my credit card and bank debt in Canada.

    When I moved they could not find where I moved and I have had no notices for this time period. However my son informed me that they sent a notice to his address recently because I had a phone account that my son uses that had my name on it. I think I may have messed up because I changed my accounts name to my married name in the US. I hope they don’t track me now, they don’t have my SSN however.

    I was going to claim bankruptcy but you have to be a resident.

    I was told by a bankruptcy agent in Canada to just leave it if I was not going to be back for over 7 years and that the debt cannot be collected if they have not made contact with me. Does anyone know if this is true?

    Fritz do you happen to know in this situation if the debt is cleared? Would I be better to start bankruptcy proceedings in Canada by using my son’s address as a residence (since I need a residence to do so?). It would be nice to have it finished and then when I move back to Canada in a few years there won’t be an issue.

    I am not happy about leaving debt unpaid, however I have paid my debts for years and years and with the interest have paid the banks several times over for this money and I am getting older and have no money for retirement or to pay my rent etc. Times are very tough! I want to do the right thing and have a clear slate.

  100. hello fitz,
    i left Dubai with unpaid cc and loan.the bank in UAE keeps on sending emails and ask to pay my debt.I ask a favor for amicable settlement and luckily they grant me,but the problem is they want me to pay the amount of 500,000 plus in a span of 5 months.I told them that i cannot pay such amount.Now i recieved an email threatening me to file my case to the police.Is it possible that they can put my name blacklisted in the immigration here in the philippines.

    Need some advice, and many thanks for your help.

  101. what if a law firm representing aig sent a letter stating that they will ask aig to file a case against me? They will garnish my properties and told that i’ll be sued for violation of ra8484? should i talk to them or to aig? i resigned from my previous job and not able to pay because of financial problem. i want to pay but i can’t pay a large amount. pls help me.

  102. A real and fresh experience…from the jail :(
    Hey guys I’m sure everyone in this page is longing for the real experience about BANK DEBTS here in UAE…then here you go…
    I have total 8 credit cards and 3 personal loans from different banks here in UAE (ADCB,FGB,Mashreq,RBS,RakBank,Dubai First & Citibank), my all credit cards has a maximum credit limits of Dhs.6k aside from FGB which I’m having 2 cards Visa & Mastercard with Dhs.10k each credit limits. So for all my credit cards I’m having a credit limits of Dhs.56k. My 3 loans are totals Dhs.45k.

    When I started collecting this cards way back year 2005 I’m earning Dhs.9k monthly +++ then due to financial crisis they terminated 60% of staff and all the balance staff like me received salary reduction of almost 60% of the salary, from Dhs.9k down to Dhs.4.5k monthly is my salary since beginning of 2009. Since then I got difficulties in paying my debts monthly I have to divide my salary in total 11 payables…

    May 2010 when FGB collection agency (not the bank collectors itself) started to disturb me ang threathen me that if I’ll not pay today (take note they didn’t give me time to arrange money, collectors just simply say today) she will send CID. I told her I don’t have money and my salary reduced so and so… she has given me only 1 week to arrange money but on that time she wanted Dhs.10k as a final settlement of my all dues from FGB (take note my 2 cards with Dhs.10k each limit, they merge it to 1 limit only of Dhs.20k and my purchased debts was converted to EASY LOAN of Dhs.18k in total so I have to pay 1200 monthly for a period of 24 months, but I failed paying almost 4 months that time)…Anyway in short she given me 1 week grace period to pay Dhs.10k one shot and close the card/easy loans. I arrange Dhs.7500 and cdeposit the amount, it was thursday that time and I called here and inform that, that’s all my money I have, the next day Sunday she send CID in the office (I’m not so sure even my colleagues are not sure wether they are really a CID because they just introduced they were CID but without showing any ID etc…) Luckily I was off that time, but unluckily when my Manager came to know that he terminated me :(…so I lost my job, I tried to manage here from supports of my friends (food and shelter) but didn’t pay any banks after that May 2010, since then all my loans get accumulated all the interest and penalties exceeded on my credit limits, in short if I want to settle my debts I need to have Dhs.100k to settle all, I got new job after 1 year, and because I really don’t have plan in running away in my debts, I went to the banks personally and ask for the settlement or anyways they can reduced the penalties and interest, any help I approached from the. Some banks are reply good some are not, usually they want me to settle the maximum credit limit so I can close the cards or balance amount of loans.

    But…when I visited FGB the person there told me just give me your number and we’ll contact you, following day a collector from another collection firm called me and forcing me to pay Dhs.20k and settle the card, he told me I have police case already, I told him I just get new job I need good settlement plan, I visited their office also in Sharjah near Rolla because I’m sincere that I want to pay. He just told me no way they need only Dhs.20k or else they will file police case (I told to that Manager, you told me I have already police case and now you’re going to file again police case?)…

    Anyway I didn’t pay coz I don’t have money…After 3 days the same guy called me and told me come to our office we got new settlement plan of Dhs.500 monthly for you, come and get the agreement letter. So I was happy to know that, so the next day I went in their office and met him, he asked me to wait and I waited for almost 2 hours, after 2 hours CID came and brought me in CID office then in SHARJAH CENTRAL JAIL…Court given me Dhs.1k penalty which I didn’t pay because I was already 10days in jail when the judge given me the verdict….

    But the reality is…so many ladies inside the jail having 100k, 150k so and so amount bounced cheque and they’re serving maximum 3months in jail and clear the case…

    I have so many things wanted to share because I met so many ladies inside the jail who has different experience and they just serving the punishment inside…

  103. hi,

    Can someone please enlighten me about dispute. gaano po katagal bago lumabas yun investigation result. Pa share na din po for those who experience an unauthorized transaction and filing a dispute.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  104. Magbayad na lang kayo ng mga utang nyo! Or live beyond your means. Not max out your credit card(s) to appear you have a high standard of life. Tapos hindi nyo naman pala kayang bayaran.

  105. To Dan,

    I understand your point however, there will a come time that one of your family member or maybe yourself will be in “critical” need that you need to sacrifice everything on the line even whole of your credit limit and running through loans for help. Yes debt is a responsibilty and you need to pay it but you dont know what are the circumstances people are experiencing when situations like these arises, and that’s why they cannot pay their debts. I hope you can be more sensitive to these things and have an open mind rather than being too “righteous” and rude.

    And P.S i hope you wont get paralyzed or terminated from a job because of recession or company meltdown, or your mother/father/brother/sister gets terminal illness. Peace be with you. Godbless.

    Have a heart.

  106. +1 @Blair..

    @Dan – It doesn’t necessarily mean that when someone has maxed out his credit card, he’s having a “high standard of life”. I maxed out my cc because my father got hospitalized and unfortunately, that was also the time when my emergency fund got depleted because my mom just had an operation. I never really wanted to be a delinquent payer (i believe nobody does), but after all the hospital bills and maintenance meds for my parents, I had no choice but to skip my cc obligations for several months. Now I’m also receiving a lot of threats from CA. :(

  107. i failed to pay my credit card and exceeded 100,000. its over the limit off the small claims case. whats the worst that can happen? what can the bank file against me?

  108. I also have the same problem, i have 11 credit cards from different banks, i started using credit cards since 2006 and used it for business, for the first 5 years i continue paying in full that’s why many banks offered me credit cards because i have a good credit records despite of having higher credit limits and also increases my credit limit every six months, for me it is very helpful as additional fund for my business but when i started another business this last March 2011 and used my credit cards…i did not earned monthly what i have to pay for 11 credit cards, so 8 to 9 of my cards are only paid in minimum so it started adding finance charges that up to now i cannot pay because of higher monthly minimum and also finance charges added….don’t know what to do.

    As of now i only maintain 7 credit cards 3 are paid in full, 4 are paid only in minimum, 4 of them are already in CA…i don’t have capacity to pay all of my debts and i cannot save for my children because all income are paid in different banks. I cannot think of a plan.

    I just want to share just to lessen the burdens.

    Thank u guys for posting, its all for a relief.

  109. I have the same problem with regards sa personal loans.natatakot ako kasi baka makulong ako dahil sa (Republic Act No. 8484), dahil nagresign ako sa work ko at di na ako nag chance n inform ang Bank, result is di ko n nabayaran un loan ko for how many years, i went to other country, kung babalik po b ako ng pinas Makukulong or maddemanda parin po ba ko dahil dito?

  110. Hi. my question is, if there is already a final court order for me to pay, and this was carried out by the sheriff, should i still settle directly with the credit card company or the agency?

  111. hi Fritz, what about in the NBI clearance? will they not release my NBI clearance beacuse i didn’t paid my 60k credit card balance?

    Thanks in advance

  112. Hii my question is, i got credit cards frm australia,i failed to pay the interest fee as well as the original amount in 2009,on unexpected things i need to fly to india from australia,iam gng to visit australia,does any thing will effect for my future.bank people will be send any guys on to me…! iam little bit shivering because iam applying visa to australia frm india…! do it cause anything serious that i will not get visa for not paying the credit debits because its more than 2 years i hvn’t been paid $27,000.i didn’t even tell to my wife how she could react on me..! iam more worring about paying lot of money.i cant afford to pay that much untill i get visa to work in australia…! please can u suggest me how 2 get out of this hell..! even my hands are shivering wen iam typing this….! please help me out…! do it will effect my visa for australia….! plz help me out…!

  113. Hi Fitz

    First time lang sa tagal ko nang my credit card isang beses pa lang ako na-delay magbayad because for the first time din na-delay for one week ang salary namin due to company’s financial issues. Gusto ko na rin e-close credit card ko kc ang laki na ng interest. This year twice ko lang ginamit ang card ko amounting to 4k only pero mas malaki pa ata interest kesa sa mga napurchase ko. Kung kakausapin ko ba ang bank papayag kaya sila na wala nang interest at items purchased lang ang babayaran ko?

  114. Hi Fritz, i had 3 credit cards before in different companies with a bad record and I was able to settle all of them early this year. The banks issued a clearance to prove that i had really settled my accountabilities. I applied for a personal loan from several banks and unfortunately i always get disapproved, though i attached the clearance with my application. what could be the reason for my disapproval? is my name still black listed even if i settled my accounts? are there banks in the Phil who can accommodate loans from consumers with settled bad credits?

  115. it’s only now that I read this blog, thanks! I,too, have so many cards to settle. I work in a good company, but because I’m paying a lot these days, I could not cover everything esp because I have 2 kids, one 1.5 yrs old and one 4.8 yrs old.

    reason why we were not able to pay was because my husband lost his job, jobless for 6 months and so no means to pay. we also had borrowings during that time which we are paying till now.

    CAs are always calling and usually pressure me to pay within the day or by the next day, etc. I’ve explained that my husband have lost his work for 6 months but of course they dont care. My point is, he was removed from his post, did not resign, it was something beyond our control. Who would want to intentionally run away from debt? I believe everyone who has someone to pay wants to pay (in full, if at all possible) at the soonest possible time, too.

    and I say also to Dan that yeah, we should not judge quickly. for like in our case, we used to be good payers, not until he lost his job.

    Is there a good way to settle credit cards already with CAs without having to go through them? Can i go straight to the bank?
    I really just want to put an end to this nightmare!

  116. Hi
    Recently, I received an SMS from a a bank tell me if I don’t pay the amount they will black list me and send arrest warent against me were as I have to pay small amount if 3000dhs .can you pls help me in this why the bank send this type of SMS some times It worries me a lot mentally and physically can you advice on this waiting for your knd reply


  117. hi mr. fritz.. it was a nice blog… i just want 2 ask we can debt at hsbc few months na rin dati it was 27 k until it bcme 41k now.. we like to pay sana to stop the collection agency harassing us.. nka2takot .. we tell the collection agency na wla na sa haus ung husband q kc bhay un ng momy q.. pwde sanang byaran namin ung 27k sa bank mismo ng wla g interes kc ang laki2 e… tska last nyt my ng txt sa husband q n may magvi2sit daw sa haus na legal officer nla..npero d nman cnbi kung sa bank of hsbc.. ntakot lang po aq nwala na ug peace of mind q.. pls help naawa na rin aq sa para sa husband q…pls help.. ty

  118. once lang kc kami na nadelay mag pay ng bill kc nhosptal daughter namin den after dat nag pay na kami ng minimum payment pero kht 4 months na xa d pa rin naba2wasan un bill namin,, tnatanong namin ung hsbc kaso d namna nila msagot un… den after dat we decided not to pay na unti last month ng ha2rass na ung mga collection agency.. dti 2mwag sa law firm dw xa.. then after nun sa brangay daw xa.. den every now and then they keep on calling sa haus harassing us.. kay kaasar… is it a gud option kaya kung magapalit kmi ng landlyn or hindi rin namna mka2tulong.. na totrauma n kc aq e.. pls help…ma tetrace b nila if sabhn nmin n wla n ung husband q dun sa haus.. ty

  119. hi i also failed to pay credit card to HSBC….coz I need to resign coz my mother is very ill & i need to care of her…. so I started no to pay for the minimum amount…then the CA start calling me & harassing me…my 40K debt is 75k na…. i want to pay them but i don’t have the capacity ryt now….maybe in minimial amount but they want me to pay in full…..can i go straight to HSBC and to talk to them & make a arrangement how to pay in minimal amount instead in th CA….nakakatrauma kasi….i don’t have work ryt now coz i need to take care of my mother….tnx…

  120. hi! good day fitz!i need help ‘coz i have two cards with 10K and 15K credit limit both are from RCBC both are max out because my grandmother gt hospitalize due to heart attact and since then i wasnt able to pay the said cards ‘coz i have to buy my grandmother’s medicine for her heart and since then i use my cards for groceries and other food for my family i am the only one whose working i want to pay my debt with them but i can only pay a minimal amount,the coll agency keeps on calling me every single day and me pay the full amount of the cards.what will i do pls help.tnx.

  121. Hi fitz, same as others problem of not paying cc. Nagresign po ako sa datin kong company na idineclare ko sa CC ko pro d ko naman po nainform ung mga CC company na wala napo aq sa company na pinapasukahn ko dati.I received a demand letter from Domingo Molaer law offices, sabi nila i am a delinquent payor of SCB and I am not paying my monthly due umabot na po sa 20k ung due ko SCB then sabi nila magbyad daw aq until nov 18 para mahold ung filling of civil case against me kahit daw ung 50% lang kasi iwaived nila ung 50% kaso po i dont have the capacity to pay may debt sa SCB now because my salary is enough only for my daily expenses.Ipa-file po kaya tlaga nila sa court ung kaso ko. hindi naman po ako tumatakas sa obligation pro d ko lang po talaga kayang magbayad sa ngayon po. Makukulong po ba talaga ako? please help me.

  122. hi fritz,

    gud day!

    Merun po akong pinirmahan na promissory note last january 2010 for the housing loan in our company at nag-issue po ako ng pdc. the loan was 5 years to pay and 3,770 ang monthly payment ko. Lately of october 2011 i availed my early retirement which i can claim my early retirement fee. tama po bang ibawas lahat sa loan ang retirement fee ko at mag-pirma na naman ako ng panibagong promissory note? gusto ko kasi ipatuloy lang ang previous promissory note ang monthly payment ko na 3,770 and still 5 years to pay which i still have 3 more years to pay my the housing loan.

    sana po matulungan niyo po ako.

  123. hello sir fritz,

    thanks for this site, i have also 2 credit cards but then isa lang ang nakayanan kong i maintain. the other one naging deliquent payee nakao… cause mas may kailangan akong bayaran… ngayon kakatawag lang sakin ng molaer domingo collection agent para bayaran ko ang utang ko sa knila. i never intention na hindi sila bayaran… nagkaton lang na hindi ko na sila kayang imaintain.. i got sick and need to on leave and yon na ang nangyari.

    15k lang credit limit ko na umabot ng 27k pero ang kinasama ng loob ko kse ang credit ko lang sa knila na nagamit sa cc ko… ay nasa 10k lang.. may mga finance charges etc pa kse sila binigay.. kaya ayun ang nangyari hindi ko na sya kayang bayaran….

    i just want to share this experience to others.

    sabi naman ng friend ko na nag wowork sa bank kahit bayaran mo na sa third party ang exact amount na pinag usapan nyo ng CA… blacklisted ka na din. kase ang binabayaran mo na is mismong CA at hindi ang mismong bangko. kaya nonsense na magbayad ka pa daw sa bangko kase binenta na ng bank mo ang credit card account mo sa third party..

  124. gud pm san po ba pede magreport ng fraud? yung isang kakilala ko may utang 14 yrs ago 2 accounts sa citibank po and di na xa nacontact. pinapasa pasa kc ung phone sa office at sabi resigned na sya eh ndi nmn po.. baka million na ung utang nya
    give ko nlng po ung numbers, nagchange number na ata xa pero ptry 09228207187, at sa office emerald vinyl 3616101 – 04.. actually po sasabihin resigned na xa but ndi po.. katunayan po ang sss cllection na named after the company, add ng office 24 oliveros dr balintawak quezon city
    and name nya dolor, or dolores salcedo (maiden) casabuena.. 44 na po ata xa..

  125. Hi,

    Your blog is very informative! Same as many of us here, I also have problems paying my CC with HSBC and now it was turned over to Domingo and Molaer Law Office. They kept calling me on my celphone, almost everyday.. They are giving me until the end of this month, 11/30/2011 to pay my bill amounting to 19K. They said that the other option I have is to pay for it within the next 6months but I will have to pay the total of 47K (including interest.) I don’t have enough resources at this time, I am sick and my husband lost his job, I have a 5y/o daughter too.. I was telling the CA agent that I might be able to pay for it by next year but they dont want give some considerations. I know that I somehow neglected my obligation but that’s because of some reasons that of course they will not understand. I am afraid at this point, even if I know that I won’t be put into jail because of that, but I’m afraid that they might go to our house or to my office and harass me. Please give me some advise and more power!

  126. Good day! I don’t know pero feeling ko di pala ako nag iisa sa problema ko sa credit card. Since september last 2010 nawalan po kami ng trabaho. Meron po akong 10 credit card. Di naman po ganon kalalaki ang nagamit ko kaya lang po nag earn na ng patong patong na interest. Madami po nadating sakin ng mga demand letter at trying na maki usap sa di pagbayad sa mga outstnading bill ko.I know my fault ako sa di pag ayos ng financial obligation pero kakahiya man di ko talaga makayang bayaran pa kasi po hirap din kumuha ng trabaho sa age ko. Pero previously po na may work ako makikita naman po na wala akong deliquent na bayad.
    Ang tanong ko po:

    Talaga po bang di ako makukulong dun kasi po nagkaroon na ako ng nervous breakdown sa mga utang na di ako alam pano ko babayaran pa?

    Meron po akong na issue cheque worth 6k+ sa Citibank financial loan pero since nawalan ako ng trabaho nag close na po yung account. So ibig po sabihin pag nadeposit yung cheque babalik lang sa kanila gawa ng close account na. Pero i try po na magbayad ako ng 2000 per month. pero since di po talaga afford na kaya po di na din ako nakabayad sa kanila.

    Please please help me what to do. Salamat po.

  127. hi sir,

    i just want to ask about my situation…

    i am applying for an RCBC bankyard mastercard for the first time.. i just remember all of a sudden that i still have credit in AVON for years now..

    does it affects my credit card application?


    hoping for your response. thanks..

  128. hi fitz, thanks for posting this. i just wanted to ask. regarding the estafa issue. i have a loan with BDO and that payment arrangement was supposed to be an auto debit to my payroll account but when i left my old company, naging regular savings account nalang. then i stopped sending money to the account and failed to settle my loan. would that be grounds of estafa? today, my neighbors said 5 policemen came to our house and may dala daw warrant of arrest. no one was there since my family and i were on a vacation. i had no idea for the reason of the warrant of arrest but do you think that that BDO loan could be the culprit. I have yet to call the number na iniwan sa kapitbahay namin. need to call a certain colonel daw. hoping for your response. thanks!

  129. hi good day!
    I just want to say something about some of those collecting agents… some of them are so bastos at walang modo kung maniningil… It so discouraging to pay when you are dealing with this kind of people. Because they are so mean parang ayoko na tuloy magbayad prang revenge sa pambabastos nila..

  130. for everyone, try to visit http://www.failuretopaycreditcard.com- you also get lots of insight there on how to handle this predicament.

    I opted to go for the amnesty program of the banks and am enrolled in payment schemes.One bank is on 6 years to pay at 1000 per month. it’s better than for my card balance to balloon.

    for HSBC, one of my cards with P17thou balance, I paid at 5thou plus only. full settlement arrangement.

    There is hope, just don’t give up. keep praying for help to come. I know, it’s out of the topic, but in case you have a few thousands to invest in a business with 4thou initial investment, you are invited. 099999-77499 is my number. dont post replies here re the business opportunity. text me so we respect this post. thanks!
    God bless!

  131. hi po,
    I am quiet in a dilemma now. Fervent prayers talaga na darating ang solution. There is naman actually, kaya lang medjo it’s a matter of time. Thank you for your insights. Helpful indeed. Medjo pansin ko nga na collecting agency na ang nagpapadala ng demand letters about threats sa NBI, warrant of arrest etc. Of course I am very afraid. I will pay my debt, as soon as I get the money I am waiting for. Kaya lang I am afraid to communicate with them. I had been most afraid and reluctant also to look up sa internet about the consequences of my non payment, afraid of what I might read. I know it would not be right to totally ignore our debts but thank you for the infos. I will pay my debt. Hopefully I would be able to do so.

  132. Hi i just like to ask i have a credit card loan from citibank which amounted to 70k, i was a good payee until my business went sour now its over 8yrs, is’s been 2yrs now since the collection agency or a law firm had stop inquiring about my whereabouts, just got my NBI clearance and i’m clear from any records,i’m willing to pay them back but i’m scared of the overdue charges and can i apply for a new card from a different bank…please help Thanks

  133. thank you so much for this article..i have been harrassed also by domingo and molaer law office..this is very enlightening..

  134. Hi, I use to live in saudi and then moved to Syria, I have an amount didnt pay it to Visa and Master Card, about 16’000US$ , whenever i arrived to Syria, i opened new account at one of Syrian banks, but the day i got my ATM card i found its an ATM and Master Card same time. this way they can find where am i? what if i cancel the card, they still can find me or not?

  135. Hi,

    i have this problem with AIG. Worse kasi acquired na sila by Chartis. Here’s my thing, i have already fully settled my balance with them 2004 pa. They’ve even sent a letter confirming that i have fully settled my account (kaso nawala ko yung letter). Now, when i applied for a savings acct sa bpi, the bank just wouldnt let me kasi may unsettled balance pa raw ako with AIG. Tumawag na ako sa kanila nung 2009 to resend the letter. Kaso they did not. Until they were acquired nga by Chartis so i no longer know who to talk to. I need help, real bad.


  136. Hi Fitz, i just would like to be enlightened if there will be tendencies na ma hold kami sa immigration if hindi kami makabalik sa canada for not paying our credit card debts which was way 2 to 3 yrs ago. Baka hindi na kami makabalik ng canada. Actually gusto na naming mag bakasyon sa pinas but we are bothered so much of our unsettled cc debts na hindi pa nabayaran. Right now we are hesitant to be on vacation baka ma hold kami sa immigration dahil sa problemamng ito at hindi na kami makabalik sa canada. Is there such a thing? Thank you very much it would be a great help if you could have time to answer this message of mine, Godbless you more!

  137. Hi Fritz I have credit na hindi ko n mabayaran kahit may work pa ako, kasi ang dami ko iniintindi and to think maliit lang din sahod ko then itong mga collection officers kung tumatawag kung ano-ano sinasabi pupunta daw sa office magdala ng police huhulihin daw ako….natatakot ako cympree hindi ko namn sinadyang d magbayad nag-invest kasi ako, nag undoy…. nawala lahat, d na ako makabayad ngayon… lately may tumawag, sabi for court filing na daw yung sa CC ko sa isang bank… can they sue me in court… please need your advice.

  138. pano po kapag hnd ako nakabayad ng credit cards at ung edad ko binago nung agent n nag apply sakin ng cc para maapprove sinunod ko po ung edad n nilagay nya sa twing tatawag ako dati sa bank pero ngayon hnd n ako nakakabayad financial problem kc .., ano po worst case scenario pwede mangyari ? knwing n mali p ung edad n binigay ko ? salamat

  139. thanks sa mga blog nyo, perhaps mejo na-relieve ako dahil I share same stories with you guys.I also had 8 credit cards 5 of them has current installment balances now,.I started using those cards from 2006 till now and I have a good credit standing but 3 yrs ago(2009), my husband died and he left me 3 kids studying and I have no one helping me on my finances until now.Last 2010, I resigned to the company I worked (but I did not report to the bank that I am not connected anymore), to try out putting my own business using my limit of the cards but the bizness only lasted for a year coz it was bankruppt. After the business has failed,I had problems on how to pay my debts coz I have no work, no bsiness and doesnt get any financial assistance to anyone., but still I pay in full by using balance transfer from 1 credit card to another. last Oct.2011, I tried to seek advise to public attorneys office, and one legal officer told me to go the banks and request to them(5banks) for re-arrangement of my loans. So what I did, I went to Makati (where head offices are located) to talk with the management of this 5banks
    (bpi,hsbc,metrobank,standard ch,rcbc) reg.this matter for re-considerations. But unfortunately they all denied my requests.So since, I dont want to run from my responsiblities, I still continue to pay in full by grabbing long term payments with high interests. To sum it up, I have more or less 150,000 debts now including interests to my 5 CC and my monthly amortizations is 15,000 to these 5 CC. And the company where I worked before has closed already last dec2011.Can I declare to the banks the company closure? and My problem also is I just started to work again earning only 12k/month and I have children going to college and high school next sch.yr..So there is nothing left with my salary for my family and it is almost not enough also to pay my bank’s monthly dues. Even electricity, water and food expenses still not included,. So now, what comes to my mind is not to pay the CC anymore(though its not I really want to happen, but I see no choice) coz I have really no capacity this time,though its not my personal intention, but I got worried of these law firms that might bother me and my family. I am thinking also, what if I pursue to pay the 2 Ccards, so that I can maintain the good credit standing on that cardS, and leave the 3 cards with outstanding balances, will it make any sense??
    Please smeone give me an advise what to do, although as of this time I have no past due yet, its just that I have nothing left to spend for my family and all other expenses and my credit does not stop coz I keep on using my ccards for our needs and taking more loans just to pay other balances,bcoz all my salary was directly paid to the banks..Pls, need help on advise…
    thanks so much..

  140. hi Fritz, ask ko lang kc may cc ako from hsbc dati nung nasa oman pa ko. nagamit ko yata around 200+ omani riyal nung umuwi ako nang bansa kc nga naparesigned ako kc nabuntis ako nun. 2006 yun. may dumating na sulat saakin nung 2007 about yung utang ko sa hsbc pero from dubai na. tapos nun wala na akong naring. after almost 5 years eto na naman may bago nang company na humahawak bilkish daw. willing naman ako tapos binigyan ako nang acct number at swift code na magagamit ko raw sa pagwa-wire nang pera. meron po bang ganun? ipadadala ko raw yung pera kasi sa dubai pero nung ginawa ko one time hindi alam nung bdo. di ko po alam kung totoo yun… paano ko kaya mako-contact ang hsbc na diretso na lang akong magbabayad sa kanila? Pls help naman po. Masyado kcng malaki ang hinihingi sa akin nung collector dito sa pinas… almost 75k

  141. Hi fritz, Nakatangap na ako ng summons at nareceive ko last march 5. May case na nafile sa akin dahil sa credit card ko. Kailangan ko ba talagang mag hire ng attorney?? ano ang gagawin ko? natatakot ako baka pumunta sila sa bahay at kunin mga gamit namin since they only give me 15days para sagutin yung complaint sa akin. PLs help me worried na po talaga ako.

  142. if you have maxed out your cc because you or your family suffered from illness, you should or must learn also not to hide with the C.A calls you.. You can ask for a payment scheme.. yung kaya lang ng magiging budget mo and not beyond Banks policy.. Hindi mo naman alam kung anong mangyayari sa future mo, malay mo magkaron ka ng business, kailangan mo mag expand kailangan mong mag loan sa mga banko… pano? kung blacklisted kana… madaling mag hide pero mahirap maglinis ng pangalan…

    Thank you

  143. hi everyone! Still may account in HSBC is very complicated. There was an error on their part way back July last year that results into to a complicated account. I paid the whole installment, but then the agents who handled my account did not terminate the installment.So it’s still appearing on my billing.They treat it as an overpayment!

    Since then I tried calling and requesting for re-computation and ask for a correct billing before I pay them. Since then I started paying only the minimum amount due because I’m still receiving incorrect billing from them. They do not accept their mistake and even did not correct the error on their part until now. They are claiming that their charges are correct since I am only paying minimum amount due. But how will I pay for the whole amount when they are giving me incorrect billing statement. From then they keep on putting charges in my account. The original amount is only around 60k but then now its almost 85k.

    After all the efforts sending them emails, calling them and talking to their agents and collections department still they do not honor my request to waive all the charges. I told them I am willing to pay only the balance I used excluding their charges but on a monthly basis.

    They said my request is already answered/closed and the resolution was final. They are giving the payment arrangement 1st option is to pay in a discounted amount of 63k but I have to pay that in full for a month only!First is 20k on the 2nd week of March then the remaining amount is on the end of March!

    2nd Option is 12mos Payment arrangement, wherein the overall balance is around 80k included some of the charges and still I need to initially pay them 20k in cash then before I can avail of their offer 12mos payment.

    3rd option is 6mos payment, wherein the overall balance is around 70k included some of the charges and still I need to initially pay them 20k in cash then before I can avail of their offer 6mos payment.

    I explained to them that the only option I have now is to pay them on a monthly basis only and I am willing to pay them the whole balance I incurred 60k.But then they do not agree!

    Since due to their late respond and action in my case the money I have allotted for them last year was used to other priority because unfortunately, my wife lost her job that time so I need to budget my earnings for the whole family needs.

    They told me that if I will not pay them for the said period of time they will put my account to their legal department. I still insist that I am still willing to pay them to the way I can base on what I can afford to pay them.

    I already told them that I will wait for the court to decide for me. Since from the start if only my account was handled correctly by their agents, my account will not become complicated like this.

    I also told them that what’s important is the willingness and eagerness to pay..

    Any advise you can give me…

    Should I ignore them and still be firmed that this is their fault so I deserve to be given consideration.. besides I am a good payer and responsible card holder to them!

  144. Hello, i read your column regarding credit cards. I am from Philippines. My case is that i signed an agreement with a collecting agency way back 2008 and agreed to pay my balance in 12 month which i complied but i missed 1 more payment in the amount of less than 2k. Now another collecting agency filed a case that i should pay the full amount to more than a hundred thousand. I talked to them and i said, i will only pay the remaining balance but they refused to accept it and requested me to pay that amount they asked from me or else they will file my case. I have kept all my receipts with me and told them, i will pay the balance i owe to the credit card but not the one they asked from me. I haven’t use this credit card anymore way back 2007. Now can they demand too much from me? I didnt even issue checks, will they be able to go after me with this little amount i really owe from the credit card.

  145. I have a question po. I have this cc with bankard and it became delinquent. This time the case push thru in court, but luckily after several times of hearing, the case got dismissed.

    Suprisingly, i have received today a letter from a collection agency for the same credit card. Would this be possible??

  146. Question po…pupunta po kc ako ng singapore. natatakot po kc ako na bka maharang sa immigration nila kc po may naiwan po akong utang sa Dubai. Posible po ba un na ma question po ako dun o malayo pong mangysari un? na bobother po kc ako. bka po maharang ako ng singapore immigration \. Thanks po. Looki8ng forward po sa sagot nyo.

    Salamat po :)

  147. Hello Sir fritz, tanongko lang paano kung di na ko nakatira sa dati ko adress dahil po nag hiwalay na kami ng ka live in ko? And then after 5 years po may bigla po raw dumating na barangay police sa adress ka live in ko… Hinahanap po daw ako at pumunta po daw ako sa barangay… Perodi po ako nagpunta . Dahil alam ko sa utang ko sa cc po yun.. E sabi ng relative ng ka live in ko dati, di na ko dun nakatira. Ung ka live in ko po ay nasa abroad na. Need ur advice asap.. Di ako makatulog po. Thanks po and God bless..

  148. hello po, ask ko lang if mabayaran ko ang balance ko with bpi credit card before ako mag-migrate sa US, ok na po ba yun? or masisilipat sa us embassy na deliquent ako, napunta sa blacklist then ma deny yung immigrant visa application ko? thanks!

  149. Hi guy’s i would like to start of with saying when i was younger about in 2006 i toke a credit card loan with the limit of $12.000 AUD.

    I have had blacklisted from then and my life has been a living hell i lost my wife i lost my friends i lost everything a normal human would have in they life.
    Due to the fact that i could not have enough funds to live everyday cash to cash as my income wasn’t to good either.
    I’m sadden really hurts that my partner 2 months ago left me because she asked me to get a house with her :( but i couldn’t so she left me. As much as i would say i hate life right now due to me been stupid which i was for trying to take out a credit loan and going out partying with stupid friends years ago i have regret that day i asked for a credit card.

    So i just got in touch with my credit file history i found out that i owe them Account Details: COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA –
    Balance Outstanding: $12920.76
    The credit history company said i should get in contact with the company that has taken over this and they called credit crop.
    I asked them if i could pay this off in a lower amount they said the best they can do was $9000. I said ok i will do my best so now that $9000 i borrowed of my dad which he said if i don’t use this money to invest in my business he will go crazy.
    I’m stuck here because all my life i’v been living with rice gain just day to day.

    In my credit file check it says this
    Last Updated: 22/8/2007
    judgement Date: 16/8/2007
    Amount $8,618
    Deletion Date: This will automatically be removed from your file on 16/8/2012

    So what do i do if i want to fix my credit right now i have that $9000 they asked i could pay to remove it but they can’t delete anything until 16/8/2012

    I want to pay this off so i know i can go get a car on a loan or something instead of using this cash. But the set back is they won’t delete it if i pay right now.

    I want to do what should i do please anything comments would be grateful

    Thanks Brendan

  150. I have 5 credit cards, 3 for Citibank, 1 for Metrobank and 1 for RCBC. I’m not paying my cards for months now since I’m financially struggling. I’m married with four kids, so our money is not really enough for our daily expenses. I work from home, and I only earn per project basis. I really want to pay my debt but I don’t know how especially with my situation now. I tried to talk to he banks but the amount they’re asking me to pay is something I cannot afford. I received a letter from an agency and I’m asked to pay the amount, and I really don’t know what to do. With those 5 cc, I owe them almost 200k in total. I don’t know how to pay them. Please help.

  151. I once had a personal flexi loan from a bank back 7 years ago. As I remembered it I still have more less 10K outstanding without interest and other charges. Just last week I received a letter from our ‘Barangay’ (the barangay captain personally gave it to me and the letter is already open because it was addressed to the barangay) from a law firm saying that my unpaid due is 195K. This is horrible. How is this possible? I can’t get a loan more than 30K back then because my net pay ranges only from 5K to 6K per month? The letter also said that I will get more letters like this and to avoid embarrassment I need to settle all the 195K. I am planning to run for Barangay captain next election and my name is dragging to this kind of harrashment. any advice is much appreciated.

  152. Hi,

    I am also experiencing this problem.

    My question is, Is there any way to pay my debts without the agency or not through the agency? And also is there any other way that I can pay the lesser amount only like asking for amnesty in the bank or any deal? Would they provide that too?


  153. hi,
    ask ko lang po, i have a 50k cc. but due to financial crisis, 2 months na pong more than minimum lang nababayaran ko. is it a bad record na po ba?

  154. hi fitz

    tnx sa article na ito, medyo nakahinga ako..today kasi may naghatid ng letter dito from CA..nakita nyo ako kaya iyon pinakausap nya ako sa agent na naghahandle ng account ko and then pinipilit nya ako na magbayad ng 5k today pra sa account ko na umabot na ng almost 75,000 due to penalties & other charges and he wants me to pay the balance until may 26..nakiusap ako na hindi ko kaya byaran..so sinabi nya na lang na magbayad ako atleast 27,000 pero di ko pa rin kaya dahil gusto nya until may 18 lang.so nakikiusap ako na pde magbigay p ng other option but then he forced me to make a promisory note para ibigay ko sa tao nila kasi tinakot nila ako na pag di ako gumawa kakausapin nya boss ko, natakot ako so gumawa n lng ako ng promisory note..so my question is can they use the promisory against me? please need your respone..sobrang naba-bother talaga ako..=( tnx so much

  155. I just would like to clarify, is it true that a credit card delinquent payer has difficulties to work abroad? and do a delinquent payer can no longer get NBI clearance?

  156. hi i have an arrangement with bpi that i have to pay them for 3yrs for a certain amt. i was able to pay for a yr, but i cant anymore. will i go to jail or will they sue me for breach of contract since i was not able to continue the arrangement? thanks in advance

  157. Dear Sir,

    While I was working in UAE, I purchased some product around 7500/-AED, from my Credit Card.
    When i got termination from my company, i don’t have money to pay that amount. I came back to India. Last 16 month i was here, just last week i received one mail that they are going to take action regarding that…. they will take travel ban and they will forward case in India..
    Let me know…they can take action? I can’t travel to Qatar?
    I Have Due in my credit card payment- they can take GCC ban.

  158. i want to share something really important! WARNING!!!!!!

    i have an employee who use to stay with us and work with us aswell… she tried to settle her account but the collection agency did not grant maybe beacuse they wil not earn from that much from it but she did paid more than 75 percent she was shocked coause she requested them to cut but still the accumulated interest appeared…. she was disabled now and she went home… now i dont know if this is from RCBC BANKARD….. they called and said they are from RCBC BANKARD we have a warrnt for the so called not payer…. so i said she dosen’t live with us anymore and she dosen’t work for us…. suddenly he said PUTANG INA MO WAG KA NA MAGTAGO! so i was thinking they will not do this to their clients… but it never ended he harassed my employees he even told me he was SP01 Romulo the next day SPO1 ESPIRITU i was asking him what station he will say PAPATAYIN KITA CRIMINAL! so i filed a complaint to RCBC that some of your colloction officers are harassing my family already that i told them i have nothing to do with it and i dont know whe she was …. later someone called the barangay pretending he was a police from station 10 go to this house and confirm if the so called not payee was there… GOOD thing we are firends with the brangay so they thinking twice if this are sindicate who just wants to do money thing to others so they asked and called the number ledt it was a sari sari store… it was so scary i think the mailman can be a part of it beware!!! dont be easily scared… if they say theres a warrant ask them what branch which city hall and whats the court case number cause sometimes you never know they might just make things up harassed you and say settle it to them! be ware

  159. Hello Sir,
    I have a situation like this too.
    My status is under over limit due to some expense financial expense.
    Kaso lang biglaan na walan ako ng trabaho. Almost 8 months na yata
    unemployed ako. Nabubuhay lang ako sa mga sidelines which is project base and earning lang mga 300-600 per week, minsan din wala.
    For now, hindi ko pah kaya bayaran credit card, pag may extra ako
    tyaka ako maka pay. But i promise to pay once i already have a
    stable job. I just have a question. I know my name will be block list in bank while paying the amount asked by collection dept. Once i have accomplish it the full amount of the debt. Is there a possible that my name will be remove from the block list?

  160. TO ALL HSBC CC Holder

    Always keep your previous billings, I was victim of this HSBC CC company not only me and also my office-mate has the same problem of double posting transaction, we tried to settle the problem to the HSBC collection department but to no avail the transaction still valid and yet the late charges and interest are accumulating every month. I had already forwarded my previous billing and still the transaction is valid. We already stop using this HSBC CC and we believe that the charge back department of HSBC is sleeping into our case or probably incompetent or lazy perhaps.
    As of now, I will use this previous billing as my proof just in case, I am planning to sue this bastard and anyone of them (hsbc collection & charge back department)cannot do anything about it to resolve this issue and all they want for me is to pay the balances I had already paid previously…

  161. I hope you guys can answer this question… i have a friend who has an unpaid creditcard with a bank where our payroll is being credited each month. Is the bank allowed to freeze or garnish his payroll account without any court order nor authorization from him?

    Thank you.

  162. This is very informative… Im relieved to know that you will not be jailed for nonpymt… however what im most curious about is the length of time where your name will be dropped off from the cmap list of badpayers… I hope you can give me an idea because i’d really like to have another creditcard again soon. If my name is still there then there is really no point of applying for one. Thanks!

  163. Hi. I haven’t paid my citibank card for 22 days already since I’m still waiting for my loan to pay it off since the finance charges are much too high. It’s better to get a loan since the interest rate is much lower(less than 60% of the finance charges I’m paying from citibank). When do they sell my account to a collector or agency because I’m still hoping to pay for it before 1 month. Will I still be blocked even if I pay although my account is already delinquent for a few days? I’ve learned my lesson, I was debt free before I had a credit card so I’m cutting it off.

  164. hello. i need help very badly. my in laws called me saying that their barangay captain went to their house looking for me. the barangay captain received an information from the mayor’s office that i would be issued a warrant of arrest if i will not call the fiscal or if i would not pay my credit card debts.i was shocked to learn that credit card collectors can go as far as giving credit card names to towns’ offices so those who don’t pay can be traced.i have not paid my debts since 2006 because i lost my job then. i tried to ask the bank then if they could help me pay my debts staggardly but they want the payment in full. so i stopped settling my accounts then. is it possible the i will be issued a warrant of arrest by a fiscal in quezon city and i’m here in the province?will i let my friend lawyer to talk to the fiscal or i will be the one to talk to the fiscal. my in law said if i wont call today d warrant of arrest will be issued right away. pls help me.tenx a lot

  165. Ms Mea I know you are in shock or paranod right now. I suggest you email the consumer office of BSP. Report that collection agency because what they are doing is totally wrong. It also happened to me. Collection agency will do everything just to get something from you because they will earn big commission from it. When you email CORAO, also mention the bank where you have debt with and complain them also for allowing those bastard collention envoy to do something terrible on you. After I emailed CORAO, the collection agency had stopped harassing me and the bank which I have debt contacted me and apologized. The bank will even lower your total balance ( a way lower than what agencies wants to collect from you, believe me! ). Don’t fall into the trap of these collection agencies. They are devil that will let you experience hell on Earth.

  166. my sister also encounter HSBC problem., she told us that she already paid the amount but the hsbc still continuing sending letters to us and said that the balance came to 62000.00, until now, final notice came and it said that if my sister wont settle amounting to 2500, they will file case to my sister.,
    are they gonna really file a case.? or as you said that they are harassing us to make money of us?
    what should we do if they really come into our house with a warrant? please help…. thankzzzz

  167. in addition sir., 62000 was they said the interest of my sister’s account, but my sister said that she already paid the interst a year, year ago that before it wsa just something 1000 i think.., my sister is not living with us right now because she moved, and now all the letters are sent to us and it was really really bothering., please sir, what should we do if they will come in to our home.?

  168. I found this site and learned many things from it http://failuretopaycreditcard.blogspot.com. This is for Credit Card Debt by Defaulters in the Philippines.

    1. Go straight to the bank. Most of the time lalo na kung matagal na yung CC debt nyo, di na din alam ng bangko yunor purge na sa list nila. Talk to them at sa kanila kayo magsettle HINDI sa debt collection agencies.
    2. WAG kayong papayag sa sinasabi ng debt collection agencies about sa terms na gusto nila. KAYO pa din ang masusunod.
    3. Kung may summons from court, text messages, email, at mga taong nagpupunta sa inyo or nakikipag-usap sa kapitbahay or sa pamilya nyo, mga tao lang yun ng collection agencies. Wag silang paniwalaan kahit pa sabihin na pulis/nbi sila or lawyer galing sa kung anong law firm. Hindi ito totoo. You can also file Harassment sa kanila lalo na kung sobra silang mambastos.
    4. RA 8484 DOES NOT Apply to credit card debt kahit sabihin pa nilang Estafa yan. Wag paniwalaan. http://failuretopaycreditcard.blogspot.com/2009/06/ra-8484-simplified.html
    5. Wag matakot kung nakapag-settle kayo sa bangko. It means hindi nakuha ng collection agencies ang kikitain nila sa inyong pagbabayad. Just ignore and move on.
    6. CC debt is a civil case if ever. Hindi makikialam ang kahit anong government agencies like police, nbi, immigration, Government Agencies, etc. Criminal case lang po ang may imprisonment.
    7. Magbayad kayo directly to the bank sa halagang kaya lang ninyo.
    8. Unahin ang inyong sarili before ang pagbabayad ng utang.
    9. Pag namatay na ang taong may utang, HINDI po ito transferrable sa kanyang pamilya.
    10. HIndi nila makukuha ang mga gamit/bahay/lupa ninyo. Kailangan nila ng court order para dun.
    11. Hindi nila pwedeng i-debit and utang sa savings account nyo unless nakaconnect ang dalawa. Kailangan nila ng court order para dun.
    12. Wag matakot. Gawin lamang ang kailangan.

    – Ask for your Statement of Account to the credit card companies not the Collection Agencies. Pag walang maibibigay ang bank it means purged na ang record mo.
    – Review you account.
    – Write your proposal directly to the credit card companies. Pay if agreed.

  169. Naku mga mam and sir wag po kayong maniwala dyan sa mga collection agency na yan na grabe kung manakot makakuha lang ng pera sa inyo. I am telling you po isumbong nyo po sa BSP specifically sa CORAO kasi they will do something about it. Mas maganda din po wag po kayong makikipag areglo sa mga collection agency dumirekta po kayo sa bangko. Like what happened to me. After ko pong sinumbong sa CORAO yung bangko at collection agency. Natigil yung harassment at yung bangko mismo makipag usap sa akin at humihingi ng dispensa dahil sa mga kahihiyang dinulot ng mga collection agency na yan. At regarding po sa mga SPO1, hindi rin po totoo yun. Sabihin nyo po kung pulis ka talaga dun tayo magusap sa prisinto. Ako hindi ako makukulong sa utang, eh ikaw makukulong ka dahil hindi ka naman pulis talaga!

  170. Dear Sir:
    Gusto ko lang po sana humingi ng tulong tungkol sa pangloloko sa akin at marami pang iba ng”PADILLA LAW FIRM AND ASSOCIATE” na my address sa #2 Manira Bldg., Brgy., Malaya, Mapagbigay St., Quezon City, Tel.929-2741, may balance po kasi ako sa Citybank na 190k, pinuntahan po nila ako sa bahay at hinaras ng mga tauhan nila mga 5-8 persons po sila na kasama po nila ang supervisor daw nila na si MR. RAYMOND VALENZUELA SANTOS na siya ring nakipag-usap sa bahay namin,pati parents muntik ng atakihin kasi pabalik-balik sila sa bahay namin pati sa mga kapit bahay namin, after na maka-usap ko siya tumawag na siya sa opis at inoperan nya ako na magbayad ng 50,000thou. pero sabi ko wala akong ganong kalaking pera kung 30 thou. pwede kung gawan ng paraan, sa madaling sa madaling sabi pumayag siya at tinaningan niya hangan June 27, 2011 lang pag di daw ako nabayad sa nasabing dated fortfeted na raw ang oper na yun, sa totoo lang alam ko rin naman ang kalakaran na kailangan may letter of agreement kaya lang nong kahit anong pilit ko na kailangan ng agreement sinasabi nya na di na kailangan kasi lahat daw ng pinag-uusapan namin recorded so naniwala naman ako sa matatamis nyang salita, ang tsaka ang todo pangako nya sa akin after 2 days daw matatangap ko na raw ung letter ko para sa full payment so aasa -asa na ako pati na pamilya ko na totally settled na ako,at wala na raw akong aalahanin pang problema, kaya lang laking gulat ko ng may natangap na naman akong statement na lumalabas lang na advance payment ko lang pala un sa balance ko, kaya ang pamilya ko dismaya-dismaya sa pangyayari kasi inutang ko lang un sa bombay ung pinangbayad ko kahit may tubong 20%. So ngaun po hinaharas na naman ako ng ibang koleksyon agency, na sa totoo lang wala na po akong kapasidad para mabayaran pa ung balance ko na umaabot na sa 200+++thou. so please help me… Kaya sa inyo huag magbabayad kung walang agreement o kasulatan maraming taong walang puso at kunsinya pati kaluluwa dapat yang ganyang mga tao mawala na sa lipunan…

  171. hello, all,
    I learned na pag wala pa tayong capacity to pay, wag muna makipagkasundo and check always with the bank alin ang authorized collection agency ng account nyo. then, saka po kayo maki-negotiate dun sa collection agency. Always ask for an agreement in written form. Na-close ko na, so far, 4 cards ko, though hindi sabay sabay. ung isa kc, 5K+ lang out of 18K. Me isa pang offer for the month, pero wala pa ata ako pambayad so ignore muna and wait for offer ng next authorized collecting agency

  172. YANG AIG na yan grabe, nag txt dun sa bgy captain namin at sinabi nga TAGA cidg DAW SILA at coordination daw dahil may nakafile daw sa kin na case na ESTAFA,, tapos ang utang ko daw e umabot ng 100K plus pero bibigyan daw ako ng 50% discount pag binayaran ko ngayon din. san naman ako kukuha ng ganun at saka interes lang ata yun. Ang tanong kolang bakit may involve na pulis at prospero belo daw ng mtc pasig.
    Tapos pupunta daw sa bahay para manguha ng gamit.
    Pakitulungan lang po, sa mga AIG collectors, grabe kayo mang harass.\
    Ganun ba talaga? Nananakot kayo..

  173. pwede ba talaga sila pumasok sa bahay namin at kumuha ng mga gamit? Grabe talaga di ba? Legal ba yung payment sa bank?

  174. naku kapag pumasok po sa loob ng bahay nyo yang mga taong yan pumunta po kayo sa police at magsumbong po kayo. Ms. Ediliyn sulatan nyo po ang CORAO mabilis po sila umaksyon. Wag po kayo makikipag transact sa collection agency, sa bangko lang po dapat kayo makipagusap.

  175. hi. this article is helpful. i just have a few questions: if i decide to settle my delinquent CC account with the collection agency, will my name be cleared with the bank? what is my chance of getting a car/housing loan with another banking institution? please advice. thank you.

  176. hinaharass na nila ako. kahit mga lola ko tinatakot. malamang mapatay ko sila kapag me nangyari sa lola ko.

    ano ba meaning ng corao? pano sila makokontak?

  177. Hello all, may problema ako sa union visacard.. 10 years ago or more, na isyuhan ako ng CC na ito. natatandaan ko nasa 7k lang nagamit ko dito at ang akala ko nabayaran ko na ito sa mga siningil nila noon.. hanggang this week naka received ako ng final demand at for case filing na kapag di ako nagbayad within 5 days na utang ko na nagmula lMng sa 7k ay lumobo na ng mahigit sa 116k. after several years na di sila nagpapadala ng financial statement bigla na lang nagpadala ng final demand letter ang collecting agency nila na CASES CORPUS AND ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICE. Tama ba ito o isang uri na naman ng harrassment? Sir/Madam, ano ang mapapayo nyo tungkol sa problema kong ito at ano ang dapat konng gawin?.. salamat po in advance…..

  178. Dear Sir,

    Pls let me know i am suffering from the HIV/AIDS and i have not paid the credit cards payment for more than 5 years and all credit card payments are due for private banks only and also personal loan of the same. pls guide me what to do and i am jobless also.

  179. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    Very hepiful po to at ang mga comment po. May tanong lang po ako. un po collection agency tawag po ng tawag I understand po un pero nagsabi po sila na magvvisit daw sila sakin? Ano po un? ndi naman po nila ako pwd hulihin diba? metrobank po un cc ko na last year ko lng nakuha kaso ndi ko mabayaran dahil sa kulang na kulang sa sweldo ko. Sana po ma sagot nyo tanong ko. Thank you in Advance

  180. Hi Sir/Mam,

    We received a letter from CC na naniningil ng unpaid amount of 38k +8k na attorney’s fee.. Gusto ko na sana settle kaso sa ngayon hindi ko pa kaya.. Nag woworry lang ako dun sa letter kasi ang nakalagay is prudential vs me na galing sa court.. And gusto ko din po sana malaman kung totoo to..

    Maraming salamat po.. More power

  181. Hi,

    I have the same problem here too. I have a outstanding balance on my credit card and overdraft and the total is around 8,500pounds with HSBC, now I’m going abroad on this month so I wrote to the bank for a final settlement offer regards to above account and it’s rejected as I only can raise 1100 in total and they think it’s too less and I have to pay it in full without having any troubles or actions against me whilst I’m in China, I said if u don’t take my offer then you wont get anything at all from me after I leave the country, but again, they said u should know we are a global bank and I think what she tried to tell me was the bank will still be able to chase me even Im not in uk,is this possible???

    I have also spoken with a advisor from National debt helpline, they told me its possible that the bank transfer all ur detail to the branch in China to continue making payment but there is no way that they can force u to make the payment because there is no such agreement between uk and china, therefore its difficult for them to asking u pay the debt while u r in China and again, the debt I have got is a uk debt so they can only take legal actions against when u r in uk but not in China. Any thoughts here???

    What I am thinking to do is leave 1000 pounds in my saving account and set up a direct debit with my current account, just to maintain the minimum payment to the credit card for a short period of time before I found any jobs(just don’t wanna leave it cause it might affecting my credit rating while I am haunting for jobs also to avoid prospectives employers credit check on me, just in case). So after I got a job, I won’t bother the further payments anymore I just let the bank do it course.it does give me a lot of pressure and stress and don’t want let my family knows all this…

    What else I can do before I leave or any better suggestions based on my siuation???

    Any ideas here???

  182. Hi Fitz, I’ve got a bad credit standing due to non paying of my credit cards balances and that’s 8 to 9 years ago.. but can you please help me give me an institution that will let me have a loan even I have a bad credits before? Because honestly I really want to clear all my bad credits and all I want is to have at least one institution that will help me lend enough money to start all over again.. Thank you so much in advance..

  183. Ok question, since you are already black listed say for example, in the bank where you got your credit card, can you still open a savings account if you didnt pay your credit card debt?

  184. Hi to all. This blog is very informative.

    Just want to share that i am now almost debt free with my Citibank CC.
    I entered into an arrangement directly with them -Payment Assistance Program last 2008.

    My CC balance then was 50K, and agreed settlement was 70K- paying it in 48 mos. at P1,500/mos (kc eto lang kaya ko) kasi i have no work at that time.

    Religiously i am paying them cash thru bank. By Nov. 2012 tapos nako, Thank God. Now i am worried a little bit, after reading some of the post here, that after settling obligation after a few yrs may utang pa din.

    So my plan by this mos i will visit Citibank personally and bring my documents to ask for a summary of my payments from them then i will compare with my docs, and will make sure that they will issue me a clearance that i am free of all indebtedness to them.

    Will update you by November.

  185. Hi to all!

    First of all I would like to thank you for helping us in dealing with this such bad situation. I would like to share my experience regarding the CROCS of BILKISH. They been harassing me for almost three years but I never intimidated with their threats because. I left UAE last 2008 because I was terminated by my company due to recession. Even I have huge amount of loan from the bank I have no choice but to leave the country because I was terminated. I applied for another GCC country and been here for more than 3 years already. I went to vacation every year and sometimes every 6 months but all are normal no one catches me the immigration here in GCC and there in the Philippines (which the BILKISH CROCS use to tell me many times that I’m having hold departure order in GCC countries at the same time in the Philippines – for sure all are lies since I am here and going to have my vacation again soon ) I use to call me here in my mobile and send me lots of emails na paulit ulit lng sila sa mga sinasabi about my debt. Luckily they already stopped calling to my house and going to my house because I told them I will sue them in court if they did that again…and it works naman…hehe…Sabi ko u have my number and email address so better talk to me…Minsan hdi sila tatawag for long time (let say 3 months) them bigla magpaparamdam ulit at mangungulit na bayadan mo ung loan mo at threatening you again. I just stay calm and told them I owe nothing to you so kung meron man ako utang sa kanila ako magbabayad at hdi sa inyo. Dinadaan ko na lng sa biro pag tumatawag sila…Sabi ko o kamusta na ang mga taga bilkish hdi pa ba kayo nananawa sa kakatawag sa akin..dahil wala naman ako ibabayad sa inyo kahit isang kusing..hehe..kung makapal ang mukha nila e mas makapal ang mukha ko dahil wala naman ako utang sa kanila…I already call the bank regarding my case and what they have told me, only me can clear my liabilities to them…No one can ever give me clearance except the bank and to make this happen I need to go personally to the bank or either one of my relatives or co-maker from UAE will go their and settle it for me. Wiling naman ako magbayad sa kanila pero as of now I have no way, I will not trust any of the BILKISH CROCS to have my money without any assurance that I will clear from the bank…Anytime soon I will be having my next vacation and as always I will enjoy it with my family back their in the Philippines…I’m just waiting for a right time to sue all BILKISH CROCS…i’f they still continue to cross their lines at kapag pinuno na nila ang salop ko…dapat ko na silang kalusin…hehehe…hope you learned from my experience dealing with these collection agencies…
    Once again thank you banker and to all of you who read these posts…Just email me if you have some questions or you want to follow my case to BILKISH. My email is [email protected]…


  186. Hi Fitz,

    Your article gives me a little peace of mind regarding credit card issues. I need your advice regarding my concern. Around 2008, I filed a loan application in Union Bank based on the invitation they gave me as a good client. I entertained the invitation and they process my application which is still for approval. After around 1 week, I haven’t receive advice from Union Bank if my loan was approved until I went to one branch and they call the department handling the loans and I was informed that it was approved. Same day I got the check. But I was surprised that the next day I got a bill which is supposed to be for next month since I got the money after the cut-off. After 2 days from the receipt of the check, I got a text from Union Bank that my loan was approved. Note, the information was received after 1 day from the billing. The billing came first before the advice of the approval from text. I didnot pay the amount on that month because I assume that it’s for the next month and at the same time, I went to one branch to inquire about it and they agree that I should not be billed immediately. However, in the next month, i got another bill with penalty already and billing me for 2 months already. I called again the bank and they reverse it. Every month I received the bill, there’s always penalty and I will call again and they will reverse it. I assume that in the coming months, it won’t anymore incur penalty because I already explained to them the situation and they understand it and even the people I talked personally from the bank agreed that I should not be penalized. However, after paying my actual loan based on the number of months stated in my bill, I still get the penalty which I refused to pay because I know I paid exactly the amount and on the due date. The Manager I talked with understand it but in their system it appeard, I said human judgement is definitely different from the system. If you put a wrong info in the system, definitely it will not be accurate anymore. For almost 4 years now I still receive calls and letter from the 3rd party inspite of my explanation and email to them. They also put me in their delinquent clients which resulted to denial of my loan application from the other banks. Need your advise on this on how to clear my name and for the 3rd party law firm to stop sending me demand letter. Thank you!


  187. @okatokat sorry for the late reply, hindi po. Kadalasan naman ang CC naka enroll lagi sa loan insurance kaya kinukuha lng ng Bank ang Death Certificate ng deceased card holder.

  188. If my debtor wont accept my payment? can i pay it to the court ayaw kc nila i wave ang mga penalties na results ng di ko pag bayad dahil sa balasubas nilang collector. i was harrased by their collector. then i reported it di sila umaksyon. im planning to pay the principal to the court.

  189. @Mr T
    Debtor will always accept ur payment kahit na gaano man yan kaliit.Kung principal amount lang ang ibabayad mo hindi pa rin po mako-close ang account nyo.

  190. Hi banker. ask ko lang po…..

    Thank you in advance.

    May 2 po akong CC HSCB at hnd ko n po nababayadan mula nuong may 2012.

    at hnd ko n nabayadan kasi masyadong malake n ung visa cc ko at nag karoon pa ako ng master cc. ung visa ko umabot n ng 97k kasama n ung mga latre charges nila at piba babayadan saking ng 50k nlang. at ung master ko 47k n ung pinababayadan kasama na din ung mga late charges at other fees.

    nag ask ako sa colleaction agency personnel from añonuevo n baka pweding m wave n ung mga fees and charges sakin at kung ano lang ung nagamit ko sa cc ko un lang babayadan ko para lang m close ko ung account ko sa cc.

    madami nadin ako nabasa about sa mga ganto at. naisip ko n irequest sa kanila na dalin nalang sa small claims court. hnd daw pwede kasi hnd nman daw maliit ng pera ung pinag uusapan. tama po ba n mag request ako na summon me sa small claims court?

    thank you.

  191. Isa ako sa mga nagpapasalamat sa artikulo na ito na lubhang malaki ang naitulong sa walang masyado alam sa batas. Naibsan ang aming pag-aalala dahil ngayon ay nakakaranas kami ng panggigipit ng mga collecting agency ng isang bangko

  192. Just an hour ago I got a call from a collector (prime) re: credit card. Per collector, my last payment was May 2007. I leave my company 2009 of July, she was telling of RA.8484 section 14. (the case for me in not informing my CC that I changed my company even I have outstanding. Though, it is not intentional, I told my friends to receive any billings under my name but none of it was received since the policy of the bldg is to prohibit any once the employee resigned. Of course she just wanted me to pay my outstanding. Actually, I am willing to settle it but not as much as she wanted, maybe half then rest will be in terms.

    Will this be possible? how do I arrange it in a manner that she will surely grant me.

    Pls do help me. I only have next day to decide.

    To Ednabus, can I ask any contact re: lawyer. Thanks.
    Thanks in advance.

  193. grace,

    you believe her just like that?

    After BP 22, RA 8484 is the favorite law being used by collectors to misled defaulters.

    FYI, RA 8484 is for people who have FAKE cards.

    so, forget it.

  194. hello

    Meron din akong balance daw na 90K samantalang 68K lang
    credit limit ko. Sinisingil ako nang mga taga law firm.
    OK lang po bah na later nalang ako mag pay pag may pera
    ako or kaya kuna babayaran yung monthly na hinihingi nila?
    Ano po bah possible na actions na gagawin nila pag hindi ako
    ma reach like nag work abroad ako. Wala ako kasi balak na tatakasan
    yung balance ko. Babayaran ko po talaga yung balance ko pag may
    income nah ako. Pero ngayun po, mahirap pa po. May balak din po ako
    mag work abroad one of the reason is para mka bayad ako ng balance
    ko. For but for now ano kaya possible mga legal actions na ma gawa
    nila against sa akin. Ano po kaya kakayahan na magagawa ng mga taga law firm against po sa akin. Na babother na kasi po ako. Baka ito ang reason kun bakit hindi ako naka abroad. :(

  195. Last week I received demand from Molaer and that was the 1st & last demand daw..ang utang ko raw sa HSBC umabot na ng P230K? pinababayad na ako ng full kasi ang sabi sa letter i will be imprisoned…last sept i received a statement from hsbc at around P176K pa lang ang utang…how come ganun kalaki agad? since last sept 2011, always deficit ako sa sweldo, dahil may utang rin akon binabayan sa office…i;m willing to pay pero di ko na kaya talaga dahil kulang pa sweldo ko sa ulam, bigas at kuryente…pls help me..tnx

  196. maren,
    you will receive 99 other FINAL FINAL demand letters.
    imprisonment? please read the Phil. Constitution. lol!
    got a trash can beside you?

  197. I have a pending salary loan to 2 banks. Actually I emailed one of the bank to ask for a reconstructuring scheme but they said they cannot. They said I have to pay in full to them for 199K and if not better to communicate with they collection agency and pay 299K.
    Pwede ba yun na tanggihan nila ang bayad ko? ang alam ko lang na utang ko is 70K lang. makukulong ba ako? willing naman ako magbayad pero not in full.

  198. hi good morning

    this site is very helpfull to someone like me. who’s been worrying to much. i have 2 cc. last payment ko s kanila july 2012 since then they keep on txting and calling me reminding me of my due date. my fault was i ignored them. i also blocked their their no. on my cp. until one day someone called me on my office no. akala ko nakaligtas n ko s pangungulit nila but then ive found out ntrace n din nila ung no. q s office. just this now, i received a phone call here in my office a certain captain contresas daw x. i told him n wala dito ung hinahanap nya. nagpakilala aq s ibang name. he even told me to inform myself. n may search warrant daw cla and anytime pd clang magpunta dito s office. pls help me is it true or just threatening me? im very much worried about it.

    and may i ask for an advise, whats the best thing to do? im not capable of paying my debt in full or right away. maybe in installment basis. ….

    thanks and more power

  199. Hi Fitz!

    I have a EWB Card. January of 2012, my total amount due is only P47,013.43. Since then I never failed to forward my Minimum Amount Due per month. I have notice, that as of October 3, 2012 my total amount due Ballooned to P96,951.81 (interest incurred totaled to P49,938.38) I have not made purchases since January 2012. Is this legal? I have intentionally missed November due because of this and know what…they also ballooned my Minimum Payment due to P25,682.36! Please advise on what I have me to do…. Thanks!

  200. Thank you banker,

    Just want to ask lang ulit, and sabe ng collector sakin dadalin nadaw nila a court ung case ko.
    kapag po ba sana court n ung case ko anu-ano ang pwede ko gawin at hnd pwede.
    please help me.

    Thank you again and happy new year.

  201. hi sir fitz, i signed an account restructuring agreement to BDO to pay my bills based on my terms.. unfortunately, i only pay during first 5 months then i got financial issues.. need to attend to other payments such as education of my neice.. not part of the plan but i have to help him.. i only have enough and i cant proceed on my cc payment.. now, bdo is sending mails saying they will sue me.. pls enlighten me if they can use the agreement agaist me or this situation is still considered credit card debts so they cant file case against me.. pls pls answer, im afraid to this situation..

  202. Hi Bella. No need to worry in my opinion. Just attend to your financial priorities first. Then when you are able to recover, talk to BDO again and have an account restructuring once more.

  203. Hi sir,

    I’m glad to find your website. I know many Filipinos who are in need of advice can receive help from you.

    I have a problem regarding my credit cards.
    I have at least 800k  bill in one of my credit cards and another 100k to my other one.
    I’ve been a good client before but because of unfavorable circumstances in life, i’m no longer able to pay my debt. I need to provide first for my family before pay my obligations.

    I haven’t defaulted them yet but I don’t have enough resources  to pay them monthly, they are maxed out so I’m really on a difficult situation.

    What do you think is the best thing for me to do re: my credit cards?

    What are the steps I might expect the credit card companies will do to force me to pay them?

    Should i engage  with them or just ignore them until I have funds to pay them?

    My wife is a supplementary on my 800k bill but i cut her 2 months ago. Is my wife still liable with my debt?

    My wife is among the 4 owners  (her parents and her brother) in the title so she is not the sole owner of their land titles.

    Are my wife’s properties be taken away from her by the court to be given as payment to my credit card debts even though they were purchased before our marriage and she was listed as single in the land title?

    Can the credit card companies go after my wife’s properties even though she was just a supplement user of my credit card and my name is not  on the land titles?

    One more thing, can credit cards find fraud if i have pending installments then default them?

    Can credit card companies can bring me to court, I’m I gonna be in trouble with the law, can I be sued criminally?

    Can i still get my nbi to go abroad?

    Kindly enlighten me.

    Thank you very much in advance.God bless.


  204. totoo kaya yung mga letters na dumarating sa akin na galing daw sa court? kasi pinapatapon ko na agad.

  205. Pwede po bah? Can i file them a case for a wrong accusation or mali ang binigkas nila. Palagi kasi ako mka tanggap na demand letter with stated a criminal case daw, kahit obviously na hindi criminal case ang dapat.

  206. great thread!!! i also have the same problem. i am currently working in saudi arabia, my wife got a call from a collection agent. they we’re able to reach a compromise to pay monthly 2k for the 20+ i owed, ( half of which is interest). we tried to comply but after being able to pay more than half, we found ourselves struggling… we couldn’t pay anymore. then collector’s threatened to hold my passsport…can they do that??? i wish they won’t make threats lke that even if it’s ’empty’… anyway, thanks for the answers. God bless

  207. diko na nabayaran ang bill ko sa hsbc.nka address sa office e nagresign na ako. ngyon sinabay sa bill ko ng citibank ang letter ng hsbc na nka address d2 sa bahay. letter na deliquent na nga ako at ifoforward nila law firm. narecieve ko sya kc yung citibnk ang frontline ng mail ko.. anu maganda gwin ko.. e ibng bill ko ng credit card e d2 sa bahay nka address na may installment pah.. hsbc lng ang deliquent ako.. help nmn..

  208. Hi
    just wondering f true b na pede k kasuhan under r.a 8484??
    panu po ba un,ryt now i dnt have enough money to pay them?my nakululong po ba tlaha?
    How a bout the so called “the collection of sum of money” anu po
    Meaning nun???hope u can help me..thanks in advance

  209. Hi! What should I do if I deem

    On December 13, 2012 HSBC contacted me to settle the minimum payment for my CC dues in cash at Security Bank by 2:00PM. I was a little late in my payment. Sabi sakin ng kausap ko na “Christine” ang pangalan, “kahit Security bank, sir”. I was also able to find out na wala pang charges at the time of the call. So what I did was, I not only paid the minimum amount due, but the full amount in HSBC valle verde branch before 2:00PM para wala nang delay.

    Aba, lo and behold, when my statement came, they posted my check payment of P1XXk on December 18 (My receipt says I paid on Dec. 13, 1:45PM) at may kung anu-anong charges pa. Late na raw ako!

    So I called them up ng ilang beses about my concern. Sabi nila, wala raw nakatag na may pinag-usapan kami ng collections. Hindi ako magagalit sa kanila o tatawagan sila kung wala kaming pinag-usapan. Sadly, hindi nila inasikaso hanggang sa umabot na sa susunod na cut-off period ng next statement. Sabi nila iimbestigahan nila pero, di nila ginawa. Kaya nang dumating yung next statement ko, mayroon na naman na charges. Hello HSBC?!?! I PAID FOR THE FULL BALANCE! NAKUHA NA NILA PERA KO,tapos ipe-penalize pa nila’ko?!

    I wrote their customer service (yung email address sa website) but they weren’t of much help. Sinulatan nila ako after mga 20 days (sab nila they will revert to me in 7-10 days) na hindi raw namin pinag-usapan ng kanilang collections noong Dec.13 ang tungkol sa waiving of charges kundi ang probable application of charges upon assessment. HSBC, OBVIOUS BA? Hindi namin talaga pag-uusapan ang charges noong Dec. 13 kasi there were no charges in the first place!! Common Sense! Kaya nga “probable” eh. Ito pa, ang letter na ipinadala nila sa akin ay walang pirma.

    Can somebody help me? Do you think I should wait nalang? Pero gusto ko na rin itong matapos. Is it advisable na makipag-usap ako sa isang taga HSBC, I mena from the inside? If so, can anyone give me names?

    Highly appreciate any help you can give.

    Salamat po.

  210. Reighmon: Please call directly the following numbers at HSBC 5817828/5818310/5817824. Madalas po pinapadala ang xerox copy ng O.R. thru fax or scan para maisaayos.

  211. Hi gudpm. di ko po alam kung mababasa nyo ito pero try ko lang po…

    nagsalary loan po ako sa citibank year 2009-2011, our company imposes 25% net pay, meaning pag bumaba sa 25% yung takehome mo, di nila kakaltasin yung mga dues mo sa bank loan, P1,500 kasi ang monthly amortization ko P750 every 15th and 30th, pero ang naikaltas lang nung 15th ay P458 and then P234 nung 30th for a sum of P692, so may balance na P863 na dapat daw ay ipinost ko over the counter. however, i was not informed na ganun pala ang scenario, so what i was expecting is that idadagdag lang nila sa susunod na payout yung kakaltasin sa akin for the bank loan, pero hindi pala ganun, hanggang umabot ng ilang months, nalaman ko na lang na may problema pala nung naka-receive na ako ng letters and calls from citibank telling me na may balance pa daw ako amounting to P4k+, so i explained na auto-deduct naman kami sa payroll and that i was not aware na dapat over the counter ang payment, and i was told na need ko daw ipost yung payment over the counter or thru bank plus yung na-incur na penalty intersts. so nakipagnegotiate ako at nakiusap na bka pwedeng i-waive na lang yung interest since im not aware na dapat pala ipost over the counter yung hindi nakaltas sa akin ng payroll, plus pasok pa naman sa 2-year payment terms (may 4month-pay remaining pa). ang sabi ay iko-consult daw muna sa head nila, so tumawag ulit kinabukasan at binigyan ako ng go signal na ipost na yung original P865 na kulang at waived na daw yung interest kaya binayaran ko agad on that day (giving me instructions on how to post payment thru BDO). tinawagan ko pa yung kumausap sa akin (citibank personel) kinabukasan para iconfirm na nareceive na nila yung payment ko, at ok na daw automatic naman daw na marereceive nila yun once na napost ako ng payment. however, hindi na naman nila ako ininform na need ko kumuha ng clearance certification sa kanila as proof na cleared na ako. yun na nga after a year na naman (tapos na yung 2yr term) nagulat ako na may tumawag sa akin collecting agency at existing balance pa daw ako na 4k+ na naman, iniexplain ko yung mga nangyari at ang sabi ay ok daw. then after a month na naman may tumawag ulit sa akin the same collecting agency supervisor naman daw at ang balance na daw ay 9k+ na. ang sabi ko nga eh “kung alam kong may remaining balance pa ako paabutin ko ba ng mahigit isang taon na alam kong magaacumulate ng interest?” hinanapan nila ako ng certification na cleared na ako, sabi ko ay im not aware na need ko magsecure noon after posting my payment, ang sabi ng collecting agent baka daw hindi talaga ako tinulungan nung unang kumausap sa akin kaya naging deliquent yung account ko. at wala naman daw masama if di ko ise-settle yung balance na sinasabi nila kaya lang ay maba-block list daw ako sa mga bank at hindi daw ako makakapag-open account sa kahit anong bangko. pinipilit talaga ako na magpost ng payment kahit P1k daw or P500 and then tutulungan daw ako na i-apply for amnesty yung account ko from P9k+ ay magiging P4k+ na lang pero for approval pa so ibig sabihin wala pang kasiguruhan at sa tingin ko hanggang sa pursigihin nila ako na bayaran yung P9k+ plus may interest na naman syempre depende sa payment scheme na io-offer sa akin.

    sana po ay mabasa nyo ito! God Bless! Thank you! More POWER!!!

  212. Hi Jessie,
    Please submit your last payment receipt to the agency rep who contated you.Advised them that it was the last amount CTB advise you to settle paying off your account.

  213. Hi good day.

    I am a HSBC Cardholder. 3 months n po aqng nd nkapagbayad. Lately tumatawag cla, they threat and some sort of humilation. Pag nd dw po nakapagbayad ipapakulong. Pati po ung previous employer ko ginugulo nila. tama po ba un? at Totoo po ba n maka2punta cla s bahay ko for re asset checking. Hope you can help me

  214. Hi!
    gusto kong i settle yung utang ko sa metrobank credit card, its possible ba na i can settle it kahit nasa abroad ako ngayon or its advisable na dapat nasa pinas ako to make sure about my payments. kanino dapat ako makipagusap on how to settle my payment? plano ko kase mag housing loan, for sure hahanapan ako ng clearance ng banko para ma release ang loan ko.

    appreciate any advice you can give.

  215. Hi Caloy, Pls contact Metro Bank Collection Dept and ask if they have an accredited payment center to the country u were in.Most of the time meron ang mga Bank nyan.

  216. hi,
    i was not able to pay my my 2 cc since last oct.i am planning to write to metrobank a debt-restructure letter,but i dont know how.i dont have enough money to pay for tty”s fee.i hope somebody can help me with this debt restructure letter.thank you very much

  217. hi guys, same with you got 6 cards na default ako but manage and paunti unti nabayaran ko ung dalawa so 4 to go bargaining lang. I know some you nakaexperience ng mga harassment so am i. Later this year medyo unexpected ung 2 agencies tried to call/sent letter sa HR namen. But for 4 years now ko lang naexperience. last year kasi wala ko threats masiado now lang. Ung ibang cards ko almost 1 year na di natawag so expect ko may mga pasabog. Hopefully paunti unti ay mabayaran din. So kung true kung nabubura nga ung records sana nga. Want to gain more knowledges sa inyo about defaulted cards =)

  218. Hi everyone!

    I received a demand letter from the collection agency a few months back. I was not able to pay attention to it because I had personal issues to settle. Recently, I wanted to discuss my account with the agency kasi I need to get an NBI clearance. Sabi nila my account was pulled out na daw and gave me the number of the credit card company hotline to call. Ilang beses na po ako tumatawag walang sumasagot. Hirap pa naman kasi long distance call po. May tips po ba kayo paano ko ma-trace ang account ko and how to deal with my case? Advisable po ba to get a lawyer? Salamat.

  219. Hi
    If merong branch sa area mo ang Bank or Credit card company where u have an unsettled bal, U can please them to call their head office in Manila or ask them to connect your call at Remedial Div.
    @runner hindi po yan mawawala or erase tulad ng inaakala mo,kahit na nga fully paid k na it takes several years to regain your blocklisting pero makaka vail ka n ng mga Bank products provided may hawak k n Cert of full payment. You can trace ur account by visiting the Head office of the Bank where u owe a balance.

  220. hi jyn,
    You can personally visit Metro Bank Head office Collection Div and personally request for a restructuring, just present to them required docs such as of ur Identification Documents and your card details.If it is already endorse to a law firm mapipilitan na po kau mag pay ng Atty’s fee.

  221. e paano yun, kung ang ibang credit card company e ayaw nilang makipag settle instead endorse nila ako sa collection agency, which I don’t want. pwede bang tumanggi ang isang bank?

  222. Hi edilyn,
    Bago po kau ini-endorse sa mga Collection Agencies binibigyan po kayo ng chance to push back or to settle a required amount within 7 days prior to endorsement to Agencies.If no arrangement done or payment for that period and your account aged already 67 days past due it was then the time that the Bank will send you to a third party.

  223. based on my experience, masyado mang harass yang mga collection agencies na yan, gumagamit pa sila ng pangalan, na sila daw ay taga crame, at pulis daw sila. bakit pumapayag ang PNP Crame na gamitin ang name nila? pero may nakapagsabi kasi sa akin, na wala na raw kasing pakialam ang isang bank once na nai endorse na sa collection agency kasi insured that daw un kaya balewala lang sa kanila.

  224. Hindi totoo ung nabalitaan mo edilyn, Its all under the government of Banks , lahat ng galaw ng Agency dapat alam ng Bank.Kung ano ang violation ng Agency Violation din ng Bank.Kaya di pdeng di monitored ng Bank ang agaency.Hindi rin lahat ng Agency ay katulad ng na experience mo , pero may mga iresponsableng Agency talaga na ganyan ang ginagawa, sana maubos na ang mga katulad nila.

  225. kung monitored ng bank, bakit ayaw na nila makipag usap sa akin, gusto nila sa collection agency. Pwede ko ba sila ireklamo kasi tumatawag sla sa Bgy. Chairman namin (di ko alam paanu nila nakukuha ung number) at sinasabi na may kaso raw ako at Estafa kaya nanghihingi ng tulong para pumunta sa bahay. Hiyang hiya ang mga anak ko…taga Crame daw sila. kakuha daw sila ng mga gamit ko.
    paano naman ako gaganahang magbayad nyan…

  226. If that is the case dapat sulatan mo ang Bank na ganyan ang ginagawa ng agency na humahawak sa account mo.iimbestigahan yan ng Bank or ipapakita ung complaint mo then ur account will be return back to Bank and the agency might be penalized depende s offense nya at mapatunayan ng Bank maaari syang matanggalan ng Licence or accreditation sa bank

  227. actually nagawa ko na yan, tumawag mo ako sa AIG, pero wala silang nagawa. The collecting agency continue to harrass me. Even sa company namin, kakausapin ung ibang officemates ko at sasabihin na manggagantso ako, uutang utang di naman kaya magbayad..etc etc…bakla pa nga yung nang haharass eh tapos sasabihin pa sana mamatay na daw ako…

  228. Hi,

    I need your help po. May utang po ako sa credit card BDO na umabot na po sa 250K and may letter po dumating saken galing Law Office and they will sue and Meron pang trial court sa pasig for the non response of their demands. Can i go to jail beacuse of my credit card debt. Pls. hel po!Hindi ko na rin po kaya magbayad ngayon kasi dami rin po expenses sa house

    Thank you very much1

  229. Hello po,

    Meron po akong utang sa citibank at itinurn over na nila sa collection agency (Bernales and Associates).Halos one week na po nila akong hinaharass dito sa aming bahay.Pinapapirma po nila ako sa isang blankong promissory note at kung hindi daw ako magbabayad ay itutuloy daw nila ang demanda laban sa akin violation of article 8484.Piniktsuran po nila ang aming bahay ng walang paalam para daw patunay sa aking kapasidad na magbayad para ipasheriff ang aming ari-arian tinawagan din nila ako kanina at kung anu anong masasakit na salita ang kanilang sinabi ako daw po ay sinungaling at balasubas.Ano po ang nararapat kong gawin?Pwede po ba nila akong pwersahin na isama sa barangay para daw po pumirma sa isang promissory note?Maghihintay po ako ng inyong kasagutan para sa aking peace of mind.Maraming salamat po.

  230. Hi,

    I called COnsumer affairs of BSP today and sinabi ko yung problem ko, they just tell me to write a letter and send sa email nila, nilagay ko yung mga experience ko sa pang haharrass ng isang agent under PRIME ALLIANCE, HSBC 3rd party..

    What Possible result po kaya ang pwede mangyari. ayoko kasi makipag settle sa agent na yon dahil binastos niya na ko masyado and even call my employer para sabihin na nagkamali sila ng na hire na tao

  231. hi… i did experience the same thing written above… pero ung tao naman is from CIDG daw tapos sa barangay captain sya natawag at nagungulit. ang gusto ko rin malaman na kung sino ung nag file ng case against me, ayaw naman po nila sabihin at kung hindi daw ako mag cocooperate ibaba na daw und warant of arrest sa akin today… hope to hear from you soon

  232. naku, ako from law office nagtatrabaho, wag nyo bayadan, ang pag ipunan ninyo ay ang kinabukasan ninyo, kung winawalanghiya kayo ng mga collection agency na yan, pabayaan nyo sila, wag matakot! kasi ang demand letter isang beses lamang yan at ang sunod dapat habla na agad e ang ginagawa nila e padala ng padala lamang ng sulat at mangulet ng mangulet, o c’mon naman………….WAG MATAKOT WALANG NAKUKULONG SA UTANG PAG IPUNAN AY ANG KINABUKASAN, HUWAG PANSININ ANG MGA COLLECTION AGENCY NA YAN, GUSTO LAMANG NILANG MAKA COMMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAMUNIN NYO NA IHABLA KAYO TINGNAN NINYO AT HINDI NILA MAGAGAWA YUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. @ al, cnu ba ang taong naghabla na kelangan ka pang inform para sa lalabas na warrant, hahaha e di ilabas nila!!!!!!!!!!!!sue you kamo, balewalain mo lahat na yan kalerki, wag kang matakot isipin mo na bumaon ka na dati, ngayun naman dapat ka ng bumangon

  234. @JA kung binabastos ka din lamang habla mo ng harassment, hanggang pananakot lamang sila, panu hindi sila makakacomission pag hindi ka nagpay, wawa naman sila wala sweldo kasi sayo kukunin ang sweldo nila hehehehe, wag mo silang pansinin

  235. hayaan nyo silang tumawag ng tumawag, magpadala ng magpadla ng sulat, sumulat ng sumulat, mangulet ng mangulet at isa lang sabihin ninyo IHABLA NYO NA AKO WALA AKO PAMBAYAD….. yan lang sabihin ninyo lage, bakit kayo magkakautang sa collection agency? sinabi nyo ba na sila ang magbayad sa bank? hahaha

  236. kayong mga collector ng collection agency, ang tatapang ninyo magsalita, e kung balikan kaya kayo ng harasment? kung walang maibayad ang mga tao wag kayo mangulet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. e minsan nga may sulat na dumarating sa akin galing daw sa court ek ek…
    totoo kaya un. tapos may nakalagay pa dun na nasa branch clerk of court na raw ng Pasig. etc etc..

    Paano kaya malalaman kung totoong nakasampa na ang kaso ko?

  238. @ edilyn, kahit nakakatanggap ka ng galing sa court, pabayaan mo lamang, kasi mananalo sila sa papel lamang, pag wala ka maibayad e tapos na din ang kaso, kahit wag mo na i check sa court, smile, gusutin ang mga natatanggap mo na kahit na anu, mastress ka lamang kumbaga.

  239. nakakatanggap kayo ng mga demand letter pero wala namang naka attach na kahit na anung STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT, para makita ang computation ng utang ninyo, papanu nila nacocompute ang utang ninyo ng wala man lang nakaatach na statement of account? o diba malinaw na scam yan, bawal yan sa batas ang maningil ng hindi alam ang pinagmulan, yung certified true copy ng banko dapat, hindi yung certified true copy ng law office na nagpadala ng demand letter, gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. lahat ng collection agency ay COMISSION AGENCY yan, pag di ka nagbayad e di wala sila salary, wala silang pag grocery, imaginin nyo na lamang na kaya nga kayo lumumog sa pagkakautang e sa pagbabayad ng interest ng credit card, halos bayad ka na nga sa kakainterest pa lamang, utang sa kaibigan, sa kumare, sa kapitbahay mabayaran lang ang cc nyo, tapos ng wala ka na mautangan para bayaran ang cc e abah tama na naman anu, naghirap na kayokakabayad sa interest pa lang ng cc nyo, kung wala na kayo maibayad ay wag bayadan, ang isipin ninyo ay ang kinabukasan ninyo, madami na kayo naipakain sa collection agency na yan

  241. correct. just because collectors said so, you will simply believe?
    the court – formal, legal and fair.
    to avoid being scammed.

  242. Hi Mr. Fitz,
    Isa po akong ofw working in dubai. May naiwan po akong unpaid cc sa Philippines amounting to almost 130k, including interest. My bank is HSBC and they sent me an email regarding settlement of account. Nakipag coordinate po ako sa kanila since I have no intention of running from my debts. I even give them my cellphone no. here in Dubai but wasn’t able to answer their calls because we’re not allowed to use cp at work. I already asked them to call me during my off which they never did. Kaya ako na po ang tumawag sa kanila one time to discuss the settlement of my debts. But the person I talked to advised me to call their CAs but I never did. It’s because I would like to talk to them (HSBC) first and made the settlement with them only. After that, nakareceive na po ang family ko ng different demand letters asking me to pay the total of 130k nga (my principal balance is around 80.) Since ilang months na po akong hindi nakakasweldo due to my employer’s financial problems, I wasn’t able to pay the certain monthly installment which I suggest on my previous email. Ako na po kumbaga ang nagsuggest pero wala pong confirmation from them. I was able to pay once nun nakasweldo lang ako. Now my greatest worry is ang pag uwi ko sa pinas. Though I know na hindi naman ako makukulong, I am just worried na baka mahold ako upon arrival or di kaya on my departure? I plan to settle my accounts personally paguwi ko but I am just afraid na baka nga mahold ako pagdating or kung di ko fully masettle ang debts, baka naman mahold pag alis. Is it possible for the bank/CA to do that? Please kindly help me with my concern as this really gives me sleepless nights. Thank you in advance!

  243. Hi banker, kenj here again.

    Itatanung ko lang para sa lahat nadin.

    Anu-ano po ba ang mga documents na dala ng mga collector agency kung sakaling bumisita sa bahay.

    TY Banker

  244. if collectors simply deliver a demand letter or a 1/4 s@@t of paper,
    simply receive it. no big deal.

    HOWEVER,if he demands payment on the spot,or similar issues,
    You will need assurance that he is legitimate, right?

    1. two valid IDs
    2. Authority from the bank( with specifics)
    3. Board resolution of the bank/Secretary’s Certificate appointing him as such, duly notarized.
    4. Latest Statement of Account certified correct by the bank
    5. many more….

    or simply tell them you will just visit the bank personally.

  245. Sir,

    I have this BPI CC which is past due. The last time i paid minimun was Feb 2013. Dati po good payer ako, I always pay in full when I was working abroad. For the past 1 1/2 year di ako nakakuha contract abroad, i started paying only minimun so hindi nababawasan yung utang. Until last week i received a letter dated April 16 that if i cannot settle a payment on Apr 24 my account will be handled by a collecting agent, ADMEREX SOLUTIONS. Kumbaga po late ko na nareceive yung letter. Pede ko pa po ba inegotiate sa bank for a fixed monthly payment with reduced rates and extended terms which i can afford khit handled na ng collecting agency account ko? malaki na rin po kasi yung amount at lalong lalaki eto sa kamay ng collecting agency, di po ba? I need advice po kung ano dapat gawin?

    Maraming salamat po. Nawa’y pagpalain lagi ang mga taong katulad nyo.


  246. may question lang din ako na parang wala pang nagtatanong tungkol dito: may outstanding balance ako sa cc pero medyo mahirap ang pagbayad sa ngayon, lalo at puro minimum amount lang lahat ang nasisettle ko- at sa tingin ko pag hindi ko nabayaran agad ay lolobo pa lalo ang babayaran ko in the future, since di pa naman totally ubos yung laman ng card pwede ko bang ipa-CUT OFF na lang yung card at makipagneqotiate ng amnesty- na babayaran ko yung balances na equally divided in 6, 12 or 24 months or kung anuman ang available na negotiation na maaari nilang ioffer. Meron bang ganung scheme sa credit card na pwede kang magrequest ng cancellation ng card halimbawa kung ayaw mo ng gamitin. salamat!

  247. good day mr. fritz, now i understand that if someone issue a bounced check and non payment of a promissory note is considered a criminal case, what about the insta cash offered by credit card companies? thank you

  248. good day mr. fritz, now i understand that if someone issue a bounced check and non payment of a promissory note is considered a criminal case, what about the insta cash offered by credit card companies? And is it also true that they could put me to jail since my balance is over 100K ? thank you.

  249. i have unpaid loans and cc when i left dubai last 2009. enzi corp is caling menow to pay more than 400k for my loan. can they file a case against me if i cannot pay them? thanks!

  250. hi sir, would like to ask if there is a new rule with regards to UNSETTLED BILL OF CREDIT CARD. i have receive a notice from a credit collector despite of ignoring. the notice thus indicate:Your spouse, if any, shall be included as mandatory party-defendant, pursuant to SECTION 4 RULE 3 of New rules of Court.thanks

  251. Hi sir i signed the promissory note from the collection agencies that i will pay my debts for 24 months my question is the promissory note that i signed considered as a contract? That can be use against me to go in jail ? Thank you thank u please i need your advise

  252. Hi po, I am currently here in London with a working visa, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to renew my visa cause I failed to get a job offer. I still have a debt on my credit card but I’ll be going home soon to the Philippines on June 30, 2013 and I think I won’t be able to pay my credit card balance anymore.
    My question is, can they still find me or call me even if I am already in the Philippines?
    Thank you very much. =)

  253. Hi Mam Florence, If your contact details in the Philippines were declared when you apply there for a credit card, yes they will still call u if your balance is not settled.

  254. Hi, i have unpaid cc from rcbc bankard, almost 44k na ung utang ko, ilang months ko ng ndi nababayaran. The problem is they know my house address anf they keep calling on me. Nahihirapan na ko natulg kakaisip dun sa problema ko na un every now and then naiisip ko na baka bigla nila kong puntahan sa bahay. Please help me on what to do.. I am capable na kase na mabayaran ung utang ko eh..please help me. Please.

  255. Mooon, if you’re now ready to settle your dues just answer those calling you.You can ask for the restructuring of your account and pay thru Bank. If you can make it in a single payment you will be given an amnesty to waive some penalties .

  256. Hi, i am sorry got typo error kanina. Wat i mean is i am not capable na mabayarn ung utang ko. And i think di ko din xa kayang bayaran in 24months.. Please help me. Gaano katagl kaya ako pde magbayd sa kanila..

  257. Hi, ‘yung kasamahan ko sa work, P30k ang balance sa EW cc nya. 2mos.na di nya binayaran, inoferan sya na 15k na lang daw ang babayaran nya thru staggard payment…mga ilang mos.nagbabayad sya, hanggang sa nagstop na naman kasi alanganin daw sa sweldo namin ang due date kaya tinamad na naman magbayad…inoferan na naman sya na P7k na lang. mismong mga ifinax na docs & computations ay nakita ko.
    tsk..tsk..pautakan nga lang ata talaga…

  258. Hi,

    Nag complain na po ako with bsp and tumawag na sung HSBC nagkaroon kami ng settle amount Pero di ko nabayaran ngayon Meron name naman tumatawag pwd ba nila ako kasuhan for not settling the amount again?

    Thank you.. sana po mabigyan Nyo ko ng payo

  259. Hi,

    Nagsulat po ako ng letter with consumer affairs of bsp for the harassment ng collection office, then tumawag so HSBC at nagkaroon kmi settlement kaso HND ko tlga sung agreement… any tnong ko po is pwede pro ba nila in gamitin para kasuhan ako kung Sakali ipasa ulit in s collection agency ,, sana po Meron makatulong sa tanong ko salamat

  260. Hi,

    I have almost 30k debt from ewb & they forwarded it to a law firm and they offered me restructured account. Since i can afford naman ang monthly payment, I accepted it. They fax computations with conforme so i signed it and email it to them. After few days they inform me that hindi daw umabot sa cut-off ang signed agreement ko and they will send me another computation wherein higher than 1k if you compute the total amount. So i rejected it and they’re saying na hindi rin daw mapaprocess ang 1st agreement ko, sabi ko i already signed an agreement & that’s it. But tinamad nako isettle now. What will will be the implications if i ignore this. Please give me advice. Thanks.

  261. Hi Mari,
    Kung hindi po naibalik ang signed agreement na naioffer na sainyo maaaring magbago po talaga ang balance nyo.Kapag po dumating na ang due date na dapat pumasok ang payment at hindi naideposit ang required amount kahit minuto lang na ma-late automatic po papasok ang lahat ng charges.Hindi naman po natin masisisi ang Bank teller or ang contact person natin sa Bank dahil naka data base po ang mga accounts.Para bang orasan na patuloy sa pagtakbo(Access Device).Ang settings po nyan monitored ng BSP at BIR dahil ang mga charges n yan is approved by the law under R.A.8484.Kaya hindi maaaring baguhin ng sino man sa Bank lalo na ng collectors there ang settings nyan.Unless approved by the monitoring Gov’t agencies.Ang unang unang risk nyan habang ini-ignore natin araw-araw po yan tumataas ang balance nyo.

  262. Hi ed nabus,

    Based sa agreement on time naman ang initial payment ko, hindi ko po kasi fault kung bakit hindi umabot sa cutoff nila (i think yung documents ko) hindi nila naiforward agad sa processing. Ang concern ko po kasi nagsign nako ng agreement baka ako maipit to whatever if mag-sign ako ng another. Scan and email copy po ang binigay ko sa kanila. Law firm na po kasi ang nag-paprocess. Gus2 ko na kc isettle on staggard payment na of course afford ko, ayoko rin naman talaga lumobo pa. Ang iniisip o is yung signed documents ko with them. Or what can i do para mabigay nila ang request ko on valid way and hindi ako ma-technical. Thanks for your time…

  263. Hi Sir

    I had a problem with my cc. An agent from Admerex Solutions for my unpaid Metrobank bank cc keep on calling me and saying na pupuntahan ako sa house ng CMAP. What is CMAP po ba.They keep on telling me that if I dont post for payment until a certain day pasensyahan na daw, is that considered a harassment? Thanks po

  264. Hi Rusty.Unang una po hindi pumupunta ang CMAP or Credit Management Association of the Philippines sa mga Card holders.Ibig nya po sigurong iparating sainyo ay masasama ang name nyo sa blacklisting ng CMAP at maaapektuhan ang credit standing nyo. I don’t think its harassment yet , kulang lang siguro sya ng orientation sa trabaho nya kaya di nya malaman ang ibig nya puntuhin.If he just want to inform you that your name is about to black list di po un harassment. Totoo nman po talagang masasama name natin if may unpaid cc tayo.On that case di na po tayo maaaring maka avail ng ibang Bank products such as of Loans and other credit cards.

  265. Hi, i sent an email to rcbc requesting for a reconstruction of my account auko na kase namas lumaki p ung utang ko na more than 44k na but one month n nakalipas wala pa ring reply and then i recieved a text message na narefer n daw ung account ko kay atty. michael yngson and then pag di daw aq nakabayad kakasuhan na daw nila ako. Wat will i do

  266. pls help me,i am really worried… i have a problem w/ bpi credit card..hindi ko alam ang case kasi wala naman ako na receive na notice . ngayon na garnish nila ang checking account namin ng asawa ko sa metrobank at nag automatic closed na ang account.. pls help me kung ano ang dapat gawin at hindi ko pa nasasabi sa asawa ko ang nangyari

  267. @ eva.

    girl sa pag kaka alam ko mahigpit talagaa ang bpi compared to other banks.. nalalaman nga kapag mag open ka nga ng account sa kanila at may my utang ka sa card at other banks ntratrace nila yun.. unlike sa other banks.. i have a friend na nagwowork sa eastwqest bank sa credit and collection.. wala nmn nakukulong sa utang sa card at ultimo sya ay may 3 deliquent cards from other banks. and naitanung ko sknya yun wat if may account ako sa ibng bank. mttrace kaya nila yun at ioauto debit ang utang ko.. sagot nia hindi daw pede yun.. may mas malalaking tao pa nga daw ang my limpak llimpak na utang sa card eh

  268. Hi Ms eva.Pls coordinate asap to BPI Collection Div or the Law Firm handling the case.Request for the restructuring of your account para di ka na maabala.Mabilis kasi mag file ang BPI ccard unlike othert card company mas mahaba ang collection period,pde u po kontakin agad ang BPI to avoid court settlement.

  269. Good Day Sir, i have a serious problem regards to the debts of my late mother’s credit card from BDO, my mother already pass away and then may nagpadala smin ng Final Warning from Law Office, so ano po magiging posibilidad? pasan pa rin namin yung utang ng mother ko sa BDO Credit Card na hindi mabayaran na halos 89,345.10 pesos eh halos naghirap sia sa sakit nya at ikinamatay kaya di na nabayaran ang utang nia.. please give me some advise sir regards to my problem and i hope that it would be help for me..

  270. hi sir! Pwede po bang mahold sa immigration if may unpaid credit card balance pa, no matter how big or small the amount is? I am in UAE po and uwi na sana but im afraid maharang ng immigration pauwi, worse e sa pgbalik ko pa dito mgkaproblem sa phil. Immigration. Is there any possibility khit po aware sila na nasa abroad ako? Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

  271. Nakaka-relate ako sa lahat. Last year, umabot na sa 90k ang HSBC Card (nde pa kasama dito ang RCBC Bankard, East West at HSBC Visa na may balance na bababa sa 10K).

    Sa buong buhay ko ngayon lang ako nagka-utang ng ganun kalaki. Pero as of today, ang balanse na lang is almost 20k and i have savings account na.

    What i do? First, binayaran ko ng buo ang RCBC around 9.5K saka ko ginupit ang card para nde ko na magamit. Sumunod naman ay East West, gupit din pagka-bayad. Ang natira dalawang HSBC. Every 15th and 30th nagbabayad ako ng buo sa Visa then every payroll 2k sa Mastercard.

    Lahat ng additional income (OT pay, incentive, 13th month pay, etc) lahat pinasok ko sa Mastercard. Sa una nakakainis kasi tumutubo sya buwan buwan ng 2k. Pero pinag-pray ko lang nagtipid. Walang gadgets, walang travel at binawasan ko ang pagkain sa labas.

    Hopefully, this September or October matapos ko at mai-close ko na lahat ng card. Ngayon nde na ako masyadong nagwo-worry, may savings pa ak using my BPI payroll thru BPI Direct Save-up. :)

  272. sir,tanong ko lang po if makukulong po ako kungmay utang po ako sa avon na 4 thousand.,may ng txt sakin nacollection agency kung di ko daw babayaran within 3 days pakukulong po nila ako.

  273. I have citibank cc account, delinquent po ako, then they keep on calling me if di daw ako maka bayad mag file sila ng case against me.
    Then medyo natakot po ako . I kept trying to pay kung ano yong sabi nila na dapat kung bayaran. Sir nag apply mo ako ng loan para ibayad ko sa citibank account tapos puno na po ako ng utang.

    maka suhan mo pa ba ako?

  274. Hello po!

    Ask ko lang, meron kasi akong unpaid obligation with hsbc and bpi. Though I havent received any calls nor visits from them maybe because I had to change my number. Wala akong intention na takbuhan sila. Un nga lang hirap na ko makabayad dahil sanibang obligations sa bahay. Ang tanong ko po, mag sa sign na ako ng job offer with a company pero nalaman ko na BPI ang bank nila. So once I sign it, ppunta ako ng bpi to open a payroll account. Will they approve me ba or not? Need ko pa naman ng work talaga para kahit papano mahulugan ko na un utang ko sa kanila. Another fear is that they will get my new address and other details, baka pati family ko ay madamay.

    Pls help. Thanks po.

  275. Hi. May unpaid balance pa ako sa bpi. Then this week i will sign a job offer. I found out na sa bpi ako mag open ng payroll account. Will they inform ba the employer of my debt? Gusto ko na magwork ulit para nga makapagbayad unti unti. Dami kong obligation dto sa amin kaya di ko pa kaya bayaran lahat. What should i do? Malalaman din kc nila yung new address namin once mag open ako ng account sa kanila. :(

  276. i was approached by a citibank agent in national bookstore robinsons galleria, asked me i have an existing cc so i can open a cc with citibank. i told her:
    “i don’t have a job so i’m not interested,”
    but she insisted and asked me if i have a business. i said no.
    “eh how about your husband?” she asked
    sabi ko “yun kapatid ng husband ko may business,”
    then sabi ng agent, “pwede na po un, declare na lang po natin na you worked there”,
    eh ang sabi ko “sa novaliches yun business nila,taga antipolo ako,”
    sabi nya “lagay na lang po natin sa antipolo yun business nyo, pag may tumawag sa inyo fr citibank sabihin nyo na lang self-emloyed kayo…”
    i forgot na the other info na sinabi nya saken na sabhin ko sa tagacitibank pag tumawag…
    if i had signed up, is this considered fraud? kasi the business was just made up…
    also encountered another agent from metrobank naman, ganun din, mag-imbento ndaw g business para maapprove…
    ganito na ba talaga mga agents ngayon?

  277. Hi Cass, Yes it is.Pls don’t join their illegal activity kasi ikaw ang mapapahamak jan.

  278. Hi Michie You can contact BPI and request for an arrangement kapag paying ka monthly with minimal amount no reason to hurls you from opening an account with them. Then proceed with the job you applied.

  279. Hello sir,

    Meron po akong oustanding balance with BPI amounting to 216k. I was been paying religiously not until my father got sick and passed away last Dec 2012. My account was then forwarded to a law firm and made arrangement with them, however di parin kaya ng sweldo ko. although sabi nga I would not be criminaly charged, still they can file a civil case d po ba? Ang credit limit ko po ay 100k, (80k for cash and 20k for purchases). but looking at the story na doble napo un babayaran ko sa knila. Diko po ginamit un purchase only un cash na 80k, pero from 80k not i am obliged to pay 216k? D po ba sila pwede mag bigay ng discount khit bayaran ko yun principal na 80k and some interest. Napakabigat po kasi.

    Un pong agreement is thru phone po at wala nmn po akong pinirmahan. but they sent me a copy of the agreement thru my email.

    please advise me po.

  280. Hi
    Malaki po talaga ang interest kapag Credit Card Cash Advance mas malaki po ang charges compare sa Personal loans or sa Itmes purchase.Since nanjan ka na sa sitwasyon na nagpapasan ng mga charges
    ng Cards , you can always request for a penalty waiver or the discounted amount to settle.Regarding your previous arrangement via phone pwede mo naman ipabago ayon sa capacity mo.Kay Atty Luzano po ba yan na Law Firm?

  281. Hi sir,

    I just came from a BPI branch to seek for arrangement, however, they told me that decision of discounting the amount will now depend on the collecting firm. Sir, if still the collecting firm stand with the same amount that I need to pay… would it then be a violation on my part If i opted to pay only the principal even if we have the previous agreement. Considering that I really don’t have the capacity to pay all the charges my whole life..Is in it too much to be shouldering such amount? Sir, Atty MC Ramiro and associates po un Law Firm

    sir enlighten me more po… kawindang po kc

  282. Ms Lani,
    You can contact the undersigned at Ramiro Law Firm,you can request there the discounted amount to settle depending on your capacity.Hindi po kasi masasara or mako-close ang BPI Card mo kung di natin masesettle ang talagang required amount or just paying the principal amount of 80K. Kung pagbibigyan ka nila sa halagang bawas na ang penalties and other charges of late payments kailangan tanggapin mo na.Wala po kayong violation kung magbabayad kayo ng 80k lang ang consequences nyan hindi kau close account.Yong remaining magiging bayarin mo pa rin.Mas mabuti hanggat maaga makipag arrange ka ng restructuring para di na lumaki pa ang balance mo.How many days na po ba ang date ng last payment nyo? Pls hold your payment hanggat wala pang binibigay na discounted amount to settle para di mapunta sa penalty ang payment mo.Even the Law Firm can not place ur payment direct to Principal it will always credited to Charges.Pero kung may written arrangement kayo na panibago na or kahit emailed agreement pde na po yon. Basta humingi ka ng mas magaang monthly amortization.Matatapos mo rin yan sa pagtakbo ng panahon , hindi naman lahat ng pagkakataon di sasang ayon sa atin ang Langit.Kapag maganda at mabuti ang mithiin natin kasama natin si God sa bawat lakad natin.Don’t loss your hope kahit na wala pa tayong sapat na pagkukunan sa mgayon darating din ang araw na makakakita tayo ng kaliwanagan later.Just believe in yourself and believe in God malayo ang mararating natin. More blessing po sainyo.

  283. Sir,

    Thanks for enlightening me, I really don’t have the intention of running away from my obligation and I don’t even say that I had miss used my BPI CC, caused it had helped in someway prolonged the life of my ailing father, although we lost him the soonest.

    The collecting firm was accommodating in other way up to this time and I have not heard any negative comments, words nor whatsoever from them. So I hope they would still consider my request to pay only the principal amount and that we could meet both ends.. benefiting both parties.

    Somehow, I had already informed my siblings about this… I don’t have to own the problem myself. Good they understood and they’re willing to help in anyway they can.

    Sir, thanks for shedding light… you’re really a big help.

  284. Good eve. It’s me again.ang mga job placement agencies din ba ay hindi nagpapaalis ng may bad credit record? May idea po ba kayo?

  285. Sir nag sulat po ako ang inyo last August 9, 2013.
    May account po ako sa citibank cc, delinquent po ako. Pero nag bayad po ako kung ano yong sinabi ng citibank officer. Sir ang tanong ko po if citibank can file a case against me? Medyo maki yong account ko sa banko. Please help me. thanks

  286. hi jorge as long as nagbabayad naman po tau ng dues natin no reason for them to file any complaints , Mas mabuti kung mag-request ka ng restructuring sa account mo para magbawas o mabawasan ang principal amount to settle mo.Kasi kapag ung minimum amount to settle lang ang babayaran mo palagi without restructuring ur balance napupunta lang po un sa interest and penalties hindi liliit ang balance mo.
    @michie wala pong dahilan ang Placement Agencies na di kayo tanggapin kung maibibigay nyo naman lahat ng required documents in applying overseas job.

  287. Salamat po sa reply.
    Btw, tinwagan ko na yung collections agency ng BPI then i was told na handled na ng isang law firm yung account ko. Kaya lang they will get back to me pa kasi di raw nila mapull out un account ko sa kanila.
    Also this morning, nag open na din ako ng payroll savings account sa BPI cubao. Pero nxt week pa releasing ng atm. While on my way home, tinawagan nya ko to verify my address kasi nga iba na un binigay ko dahil di na kami don nakatira and asked me kung san company ako nagwork before.
    Somehow kinabahan ako pero i know na di ako dapat matakot. Alam ko na tutulungan ako ni Lord na ayusin ang dapat ayusin.
    Since under na ng law firm, pumapayag po ba sila na magbayad monthly? I’m still waiing for their callback. Pero bala may idea po kayo kung pumapayag sila sa monthly terms?

  288. Hi Michie Yes po, kahit naman korte papayagan tayo ng installment monthly . More power and good luck to you.

  289. I have the same problem. May credit card debt sa Metro bank ay almost P200K na, lumaki yung debt ko kasi naging unstable na yung finacial income namin, hindi nakaalis pa abroad yung husband ko, dun na nagka patong patong lahat yung charges sa CC ko. I just want to know kung pwede ba ako makipag usap Metrobank. na bayaran ko paunti unti without interest na ang credit card debt ko, willing naman ako mag bayad sa kanila. Wala pa naman ako natatanggap na call from them.

  290. Hi Lyn mas maganda kung as early as now ipa-balance transfer mo na ang current cc mo.mas maliit ang babayaran mo di pa masisira ang credit standing mo.pls act immediately para di ka madelinquent sa bank.thanks

  291. Hi dent-Balance Transfer is another Bank Service or Product that Payoff Credit Card Balance.It can be done by same Card issuer or any other Bank.
    Halimbawa, Kung ka pong Credit card sa Metro ng 100k na di u na kaya bayaran in full payment at madedelinquent ka na maaari mo ito iapply ng Balance Transfer sa BDO or ant Bank . Usually ang Balance transfer less than 1% per month ang interest samantalang kung hahayaan mo sa Credit Card 4% ang monthly interest or higit pa.Masisira pa Credit Standing mo kasi Delinquent ang status mo.Samantalang kung nag Balance Transfer ka current ang Credit mo.Hindi masisira ang Credit Standing mo maaari ka pa rin maka avail ng mga Bank services.

  292. Hi Fits,

    Would like to know if NBI will hold if my cleance. I was not able to paid for my CC for years already.

  293. Good morning. Paano po ba gagawin kung nawalan ng trabaho at d makapagbayad pansamantal sa kakulangan? Tutoo po ba mga pananakot na makukulong o kung ano pa man? Kapag may tumatawag, sinasabi ko naman po na d ako tumatalikod sa pagkakautang, nagkataon lang na nawalan talaga ng kapasidad. Wala pa naman po kaming pinipirmahan na kung ano man galing sa mga kolektor dahil alam po namin na gagamitin lang sa lalong pang gigipit ito, tama po ba? May utang po kasi kaming magasawa sa Metrobank pero ngayong taon lang naman po nagumpisang d mabayaran. Medyo hirap lang naman po talaga kahit sa pangaraw araw na gastusin. Tama po bang makipag negotiate sa collector o sa bangko mismo.

  294. Sir, paki explain po ulet yung Balance transfer. Paano po yun? Papayag po ba yung metrobank ibalance transfer ko sa iba bank yung credit card ko eh P200K na po yun? malelessen po ba babayaran ko minimum montly due?

  295. Sir pinacommute ko yung total amount ko sa credit card ko sa metrobank oara ibalance transfer for 24 months… Nasa P9,000+ monthly kailangan ko bayaran, hindi ko pa rin kaya yun :-(

  296. Hi Ms Lyn u can request for a longer term to lessen ur monthly payment.Pero lalaki po ang total balance nyo habang humahaba ang term nyo.You can request for 48 months term

  297. Sir, nagrequest na po ako sa metrobank ng longer term, sabi nila hanggang 24 months lang ang inooffer nila. :-(

    Metrobank lang po kasi credit card ko, didn’t try to allpy in other credit card. I tried to apply a credit card sa citibank para dun ko ibalance transfer yung nasa metrobank ko. Subject for approval pa po daw yun since unemployed ako. Ano pa po ang option ko? ayoko naman po lumaki ng husto yung debt ko.

    Basahin mong mabuti para hindi ka lalong maligaw ng landas at para lalong hindi masayang ang pera mo.

    Babala: layunin ng comment na ito na magbigay ng totoong impormasyon kung paano ba nakakasuhan ang isang tao, hindi layunin ng comment/post/author na himukin ang mga mambabasa na huwag ng bayaran ang mga credit card debts nila sa bankong nag-issue ng credit card. Sana malinaw iyon ha… :)

    OK. First things first.


    SAGOT: HINDI. Walang taong nakukulong dahil sa utang. Garantisado iyan ng ating pangkasalukuyang Saligang-Batas. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nito, magkapa-happy-happy ka na. Hindi porke’t hindi ka maikukulong eh ibig sabihin, hindi ka na makakasuhan sa korte. Tandaan mo na iba ang prosesong pagkakaso at iba rin ang pagkakakulong. Magkaiba din ang Civil case (walang kulong) at criminal case (may kulong).

    Tandaan mo na magka-ibang-magka-iba ang:
    A) hindi ka nakapagbayad kahit minsan sa credit card;
    B) pumalya kang magbayad sa hulog sa credit card; at
    C) hindi nakapagbayad o pumalyang magbayad sa credit card base sa restructuring na ginawa para sa iyo.

    Kung ang kaso mo ay A at B, huwag kang mag-alala, kahit ano pa ang sabihin sa iyo ng mga makukulit at mga artistic na collecting agents, hindi ka makukulong in the long run…pero pwede ka pa ring makasuhan…civil case nga lang at ang kaso ay Collection of Sum of Money.

    Kung ang kaso mo naman ay letter C, ibig sabihin, noong tinawagan ka ng mga makukulit na collecting agency at nag-offer sila sa iyo ng restructing eh pumayag ka. Tandaan mo na ang restructuring program nila ay may kalakip na (C1)Promissory Note at/o (C2) pag-i-issue mo ng mga tseke.

    Kung hindi ka makabayad, kahit minsan, o pumalya kang magbayad kahit na ginawa ng mababa ang monthly na hulog mo, AT pumirma ka sa Promissory Note PERO HINDI ka nag-issue ng tseke, pwede kang kasuhan din ng Civil Case na Collection of Sum of Money pero WALANG KULONG iyon. PERO kung nag-promissory note ka AT NAG-ISSUE KA PA NG MGA TSEKE at hindi mo na-good o pumalya kang i-good ang mga tseke mo, maari kang kasuhan ng Criminal Case under Bouncing Checks Law (hindi estafa kasi ang estafa ay pag-issue ng cheke bago o kasabahay ng pagkakaroon mo ng obligasyon).

    Kung ang kaso mo ay A, B at C1, kahit sabihin sa iyo ng mga collection agency na may naisampa ng criminal case sa iyo gaya ng Estafa ay Huwag kang maniwala. Pero kung sabihin nilang magpa-file sila ng Civil Case for Collection of Sum of Money, ibang usapan na iyon.

    Kung ang kaso mo ay C2, malaki ang tyansa na kasuhan ka nila ng Criminal Case under Bouncing Checks Law kung hindi mo mai-gu-good ang mga tseke mong nag-date na.

    “Sabi sa akin ng mga collecting agents, may naisampa na daw na Criminal Case sa akin…..”

    TANONG: Paano ba talaga ang proseso ng pagpa-file ng mga kaso sa korte?

    SAGOT: Napakalinaw sa ating batas na dapat sundin ang mga panuntunan at mga tamang alintuntunin sa pagsasampa ng kaso, mapa-Criminal case man o Civil Case.

    Para sa Bouncing Check (Criminal Case) o Collection of Sum of Money (Civil Case) parehas na dapat na magpadala muna ng Demand Letters at Final Demand Letter sa taong nais idemanda.

    Kapag naipadala na ang Final Demand Letter at walang aksyon kang ginawa, maari na silang mag-file ng kasong Civil o Criminal sa pamamagitan ng isang Complaint Affidavit.

    Kapag nai-file ang Complaint Affidavit, susulatan ka ng korte (kung Civil Case) o Prosecutor’s Office (kung Criminal Case) sa pamamagitan ng isang Subpoena para sagutin ang reklamo laban sa iyo sa loob ng isang takdang panahon. Kalakip ng Subpoena ang kopya ng Complaint Affidavit ng nagrereklamo kasama ang lahat ng Annexes or mga attachments bilang ebidensya.

    Kapag hind mo sinagot ang reklamo, nagpapahiwatig ito ng kawalan mo ng interest sa kaso (isang halimbawa ng pagiging iresponsable). Maglalabas ang Korte o Prosecutor’s Office ng Resolution pabor sa naghahabla. Nakapaloob sa REsolution kung ang reklamo ay magiging isang ganap bang Civil o Criminal Case na dapat dinggin (i-hearing) sa korte. Kung Criminal Case (kung nag-issue ka ng tseke), maaring may kalakip pa itong warrant of arrest laban sa iyo.

    Kung sasagot ka sa reklamo, mas mainam na kumuha ka ng abogado na siyang magbibigay ng sagot mo na may mga kaakibat kang ebidensya na magpapatunay na nagbabayad ka at willing kang magbayad at madodokumento mo ang mga kaganapang naging dahilan (gaya ng paggastos sa pagkakasakit mo o ng kapamilya mo, aksidente, trahedya, nahold-up ka, nanakawan o iba pang krimen), maglalabas pa rin ng Resolution ang Korte o PRosecutor’s office….maaring sabihing tuloy o dismissed ang kaso.

    Kung tuloy ang kaso, ang reklamo ay ganap ng isang kaso. Kung Criminal Case maghanda ka na ng pang-piyansa mo para kung sakaling maglabas ng Criminal Information laban sa iyo, may nakahanda ka ng pang piyansa. mas mabuting unahan mo ng magpiyansa bago pa ilabas ang warrant of arrest mo.

    Sa puntong ito, simula na ng mahaba at matagal na hearing. Pero kung gusto mong matapos na agad, sabihan ang abogado mo na kayo ay mag-motion for Amicable Settlement na mas gusto ng korte para hindi na maabla pa ang korte at maayos na agad.

    Sa amicable settlement, ilatag mo ang mga balak mong paraan kung paano ka magbabayad at kung magkano lang ang kaya mo. Kung papayag sa iyo ang naghabla, magpipirmahan kayo, at ito ay ipararating sa korte. Ang korte naman, idi-dismiss at iko-close na ang kaso mo. Ibig sabihin, kahit may kaso ka, DISMISSED NAMAN!

    Sa dulo ng hearing….. ang Court’s Decision. Kung Criminal Case, dadaan sa butas ng karayom ang naghabla sa iyo kasi Beyond Reasonable Doubt dapat ang mga akusasyon sa iyo….kaya kung makapag-raise ka lang kahit isang DUDA sa korte, malamang na madismiss pa rin ang kaso. Pero kasi, sa Bouncing Checks Law, ang tumalbog na tseke ay sapat ng ebidensya at siya n mismo ang magsasalita para sa kanya.


    Lahat ay may remedyo. :)

    Bago iyang mga usaping kaso-kaso, tandaan mo muna ito:

    1) Kung maliit lang ang iyong utang na di mabayaran, malamang, hindi na magsasampa ng kaso sa iyo kasi mahal ang bayad sa abogado at mahal din ang filing fees. Kahit manalo sila sa kaso laban sa iyo, kulang pa ng pambayad iyon sa mga nagastos nila.

    2) Kung malaki ang utang mo na dapat i-settle at hindi ka nag-issue ng tseke, itinatanong din nila sa sarili nila: paano mo sila mababayaran kung pang-installment nga eh wala ka, how much more kung iyong kabuuan.

    3) Hindi ganoon kadali magsampa ng kaso, sibil man o kriminal. At sa huli ang habol pa rin nila sa iyo ay PERA – ang mabayaran mo sila at mabawi nila ang mga gastos nila.

    4) Sa bawat proseso, may remedyo. Kaya wag kang matakot kahit tinatakot ka pa ng mga magagaling na collecting agents.



    * Kapag may tumawag sa iyong collection agency, KUnin mo muna ang pangalan ng collecting agent at pangalan ng supervisor niya. Kung walang pangalan, hindi ka kamo makikipag-settle kasi marami ng kung sinu-sino ang tumatawag sa iyo. Sabihan mo na agad sa collecting agent ang totoong sitwasyon mo. Kung talagang wala ka pang pambayad, sabihin mo. Kung sabihan ka nya na idedemanda ka, may mga pupuntang pulis, ikukulong ka, iilitin ang mga gamit at ari-arian mo….Sabihin mo na nakakuha ka na ng professional advise galing sa iyong abogado o abogado ng pamilya o abogado ng kompanya ninyo o kahit online-abodado (ito un! :D ) at mahinahon mong sabihin na sang-ayon sa batas, hangga’t willing kang magbayad at wala kang intensyon na takbuhan ang utang mo, hindi ka makukulong at kinakailangan pa ng isang matinong kaso at court order bago ka makulong at mailit ang mga ari-arian mo. Sabihin mo na kung pipiliin ninyong kasuhan ako, OK lang, sasagutin ko sa korte at hihiling ako sa korte ng Amicable Settlement na gustong-gusto ng mga korte para tapos ang kaso at di na maabala pa si judge at ang kanyang sala at hihilingin mo kamo sa korte na sang-ayon lamang sa kaya mong byaran buwan-buwan settlement kasi ang totoo, wala namang pwedeng mampuwersa sa iyo sa halaga ng kaya mong ibayad sa Amicable Settlement. At mahinahon mo ring sabihin na kung hindi siya titigil sa mga pananakot at imbentong mga posibilidad ng pagkakaso, pagpapapulis at pagpapailit ng ari-arian ay siya ang idedemanda mo kamo ng harassment at tatawag ka sa Consumers Affairs Group ng Banko Sentral para ireklamo ang ahensiya nila at bankong apelyado sila.

    * Kapag tumawag ulit, tanungin mo ulit ang pangalan at pangalan ng supervisor niya, at tanungin mo kung totoong idinemanda ka na ba nila kasi kamo hinihintay mo na at inaabangan para sa korte na lang ang Amicable Settlement. Kung ang isang tao kasi ay inihabla na, karaniwang hindi na dapat nakikipag-communicate ang nagdemanda sa idenemanda dahil nga mas pinili na lang niya na sa korte na lang dalhin ang usapan. Kung makulit, kulitin mo rin na sa ngayon ay nag-iipon ka pa at matatagalan pa talaga para makaipon ka kasi kailangan mo munang mabuhay para makaipon. Kung may maitatabi ka, iyon lamang ang maipambabayad mo pero hindi sa kanilang ahensya kund diretso mismo sa banko.

    Iyan lang ang paulit-ulit mong sabihin….walang legal na sabit yan kasi nagiging honest ka lang at ipinapakita mo na willing kang magbayad na walang halong panloloko kasi nga sang-ayon lang sa kaya mo at kung kakasuhan ka nga ay may assurance ka na hindi ka magtatago at hihiling sa korte ng Amicable Settlement sang-ayon sa kaya mo lang na ibayad buwan-buwan (kung P500.00 lang iyon, wala silang magagawa, iyon lang kasi ang kaya mo eh.) at baka makuwestiyon pa silang korte bakit ang laki ng interest nila na hindi na makatao, hindi na JUST AND EQUITABLE. Kaya pwede kang humiling din na kung ano lang ang iyong nautang, iyon lang ang babayaran mo.

    * Mag-ipon ka ng pera kahit ilang panahon pa ang abutin, Kapag may malaki-laki ka ng naipon, dumiretsa ka sa bangko at doon mo i-settle ang utang mo sa credit card at huwag mong kalilimutan na humingi ng Certificate of Clearance sa Credit Card Debt mo. Kung ayaw ng banko, gumawa ka ng sulat, kahit hand-written, na nakaalagay doon na nais mong i-settle ang utang mo pero ayaw tanggapin ng banko, at papirmahan mo sa manager. kung ayaw niya, Gumawa ka ng sulat, sa ganong anyo at nilalaman din, i-address mo sa banko at make sure na registered mail, itago mo ang registry receipt at i-attach mo sa kopya mo ng sulat na ipinadala mo. Kung idedemanda ka, pwedeng ebidensya yan sa korte na nais mong magbayad pero ayaw nila.

    * Tandaan mo na hangga’t hindi mo personal na natatanggap at hindi mo personal na napipirmahan ang mga return card ng mga sulat ng collection agency, kahit maging mga subpoena ay hindi ka maaring hindi sumulong ang kasong nais isampa sa iyo. Subalit hindi ito isang tumpak na remedyo na maari pang magdulot ng paglabas ng warrant laban sa iyo.


    *Siguraduhin mo muna na totoo ang Complaint Affidavit laban sa iyo. Kung totoo, kumuha ka ng abogado mo para sigurado ka.

    Para malaman mo kung totoo ang kaso, i-verify mo sa korte kung may ganoon ngang kasong naisampa laban sa iyo. sa puntong ito, wala ka pang kaso, reklamo pa lang kaya pwedeng-pwede ka pang pumunta sa korte para mag-verify.

    Kung malaman mong peke ang reklamo, maari mong kasuhan ang collection agency. Sila ang ireklamo mo. Criminal offense kasi ang pag-imbento ng mga pampublikong dokumento.

    * Sa puntong ito, maari ka pa ring pumunta sa banko para i-settle ang utang mo at kung papayag sila at tanggapin ang bayad mo, moot and academic na dissolve na ang reklamo nila laban sa iyo.


    * hUMILING sa korte ng Amicable Settlement. Ang amicable settlement ay isang usapan ng nagdemanda at idinemanda na hindi kasama ang mga abogado nila para pag-usapan kung paano reresolbahin ang kaso upang hindi na ito dumaan sa matagalang hearing. Pabor ito sa iyo kung papayag ang naghabla sa iyo kasi makpagbabayad ka sa paraang kaya mo at the same time, madidismiss pa ang kaso laban sa iyo.

    huwag kang mahiya kung may utang ka. alam mo kung bakit? LAHAT NAMAN TAYO MAY UTANG. Iyong mga mayayaman nga, mas malalaki pa ang utang. Ang importante, willing kang magbayad at hindi mo nais itong takbuhan panghabam-buhay…. Kaya wag kang mahiyang magtanong….research-research ka rin pag may time :)

  299. ask ko lng if familiar kau kay mercy catindoy at sa prime alliance? eto kc ung nangungulit skin..and khpon may ng punta daw sa work ko n mga tga HSBC daw…just asking po salamat..

  300. sir,

    May 110k utang po ako sa BDO at 123,00O
    nman sa HSBC

    panu ko ipapafix yung interest at plano ko din ipacut ito papayag kaya ng bangko?

  301. Atty Simon Madrid. A collection agency also… i told them i will pay on the 30th today … however, this atty called me and happened not to answer it because i am at work nagalit xa sabi nya ebabaon nya daw ako lalo sa utang ko … is it unprofessional??? wherein fact ung utang ko is only 18k and tumubo to 100k

  302. hi sir fitz pede ko po ba makuha ang email add nyu may gusto lng po ako iask sa inyu. tnx po and GOD BLESS…

  303. this opinion applies only in the philippines although in some countries like dubai also applies credit cards imprisonment. regarding the question whether or not a person could go to prison for non payment of credit cards. my answer is a big YES because we have a law under R.A 8484. If you use your credit card to “get money or get anything of value” and you dont pay it you will be liable for a fine or imprisonment of not less than 12 years to 20. under par. 9(j) of the law. however, as a lawyer, i was able to depend my client and so far no client of mine went to prison. you can contact me at my email add: [email protected]

    bye for now

  304. ako po ay isang credit card holder at hindi ko po ito nababayaran simula po ng mawalan aq ng work, napakarami na pong harrassment thru phone calls at demand letter ang ginagawa sa akin ng mga collection agent, at ngaun nga po ang last po na dumating sa kin ay may recommendation letter na po ang law office sa credit card company to file a civil case against me… ano po ba ang nararapat kong gawin… kung mangungutang po ako para ibayad sa kanila wala din naman po ako pagkukunan ng ibabayad sa panibagong utang. umabot na nga po ito sa 200k dahil sa interest at add’l charges. sana po ay matulungan nio ako

  305. ako po ay isang credit card holder at hindi ko po ito nababayaran simula po ng mawalan aq ng work, napakarami na pong harrassment thru phone calls at demand letter ang ginagawa sa akin ng mga collection agent, at ngaun nga po ang last po na dumating sa kin ay may recommendation letter na po ang law office sa credit card company to file a civil case against me… ano po ba ang nararapat kong gawin… kung mangungutang po ako para ibayad sa kanila wala din naman po ako pagkukunan ng ibabayad sa panibagong utang. umabot na nga po ito sa 200k dahil sa interest at add’l charges. sana po ay matulungan nio ako

  306. sa mga nagkautang as much as possible i settlte nyo. yung advise kasi ng iba dito ay kesyo wag matakot kasi walang nakukulong sa utang. parang tinolerate mo yung tao pag ganun. wag kang ganun. ang utang ay utang. pwede naman kayo makipag arrange sa mga pinagkakautangan nyo at ipaliwanag nyo yung side nyu. nasa maayos na paguusap lang yan.

  307. Thank you for that article. Finally! You answered all the questions in my head. Btw, if ever i want to go abroad, will this be a ground n rejecting my visa application/work visa?

  308. Hi..i know you very in your work..but i need your held and advice about this matter..i worked in UAE for few years and like others i owed the banks roughly DHS 10000+..or probably triple now including interest…i tried to make contact to my Bank in UAE through emails and call centers but no avail..I want to pay my debts but i dont want to deal with bilkish company.. i want to deal with my own bank…and now i have job offer in Australia and i need that job to support my family as well to pay this bank debt..here’s the problem i need police report from Dubai..i’m scared that the bank already filled a case against me…please can u give an advice who can help with the bank problem and do you think the already filled a case? please help me..

  309. Hi Ken, Ok lng if your job offer is in Australia. Ibig mo bang sabihin need ng Australian Employer mo Police clearance mo from Dubai? Di ba dapat Police Clearance mo from Phils? If you need Police clearance from Dubai kailangan mo talagang ma settle ang loan mo sa Bank doon.Yes meron ka ng case doon kasi sa kanila upon delinquency of loan they immediately submit it to Police Officers automatically meron ka ng record sa kanila kaya kailangan mo itong ma clear. Magandang pde mong gawin mag utos ka ng relatives or trusted friend mo na pdeng magbayad directly sa Bank kung ayaw mo sa Bilkish.Ang pagkakaalam ko kahit mag pay ka directly sa Bank isasama pa rin ang binayad nila sa Bilkish sa mga dapat mong bayaran. Kung hindi sana kailangan ang clearance from UAE ok lng na pumunta ka na sa kahit saang Bansa except UAE.

  310. Hi,

    Need ko po ng advice for the CC of my wife, ksi ang punta na po yung liason officer nag pa pirma na po ng papeles eh, kso di ko po mababayaran puede po bang makipag settlement nalang po na wave na yung ibang fees at bayaran nalng po yung mismong principal makikita pag settle po ako sana this friday.

    may friend po ksi ako na naka pag settle from 6 digit binayaran nlng po nya nasa 34k after years ignoring it, pero yung BPI medyo msigasig po eh, meron bang insurance yung mga Credit Card kapag tinakbuhan na sila.

  311. i have signed an agreement for an easy pay program in hsbc and also a balance conversion agreement to metrobank but sad to say i’m financially broke now my salary is just enogh to pay my monthly expenses is this considered as a breach of contract and a valid reason for me to be filed with staffa? pls do advise. Thanks

  312. Nai-settle ko na ang credit card debt ko. Salamat naman. Dapat pala sa bank ako nakipag-usap. Anlaki ng kinita ng collection agency sa akin. Tsk!

    Pahirapan humingi ng Certificate of Full Payment. Kaya dapat mangungulit ka din. Tapos ayaw na nila i-reactivate ang account ko. Need ko pa naman ang credit card para sa business ko. Parte kasi ng business ang orders ko monthly.

    Ang tanong ko, gaano ba katagal ma-blacklist? May chance pa ba makapag-apply ng credit card? Saang banko pwede?

    Payo ko na rin .. Guys, wag paabuting ma-blacklist ang account niyo. Nakipag-usap agad para mabigyan ng payment options. For 8 months na di ako nakapagbayad, anlaki ng interest. Rumaket talaga ako para mabayaran. Kung gusto niyo nang raket na makakatulong ask me. Kaya niyo din makabangon tulad ng ginawa ko.

    Thanks sa page na to at sa mga nagbibigay ng advice.
    Pakisagot din po questions ko. Isang malaking asset ang credit card ngayon sa business ko. Gamitin natin nang wasto ang cards natin. Isa siyang asset. Hindi dapat siya nagiging liability.

  313. hi emanon you can now apply for any bank’s credit card, just always attached your certification of full payment sa mga application forms na pi-fill outs mo.it will take 24 to 36 months bago mawala ang blacklisting mo .

  314. Thanks Ed!

    Akala ko mas matagal pa sa 36 months eh. Dami nagsabi sa akin baka 5 to 10 years pa.

  315. Guys isa rin po ako na credit card holder dati ng HSBC.. pero dahil wala ako dating kaalam alam sa pag gamit gastos na walang mulat ung ginawa ko kaya ayun deliquent ang nangyari sakin..In 2 years na kakakulit ng collection agency mukang tinantanan na nila ako. After that, narealize ko na blacklisted na ko sa bangko dahil kahit anong apply ko na loan at credit card puro disapproved. After mga ilang months na realize ko na isettle na yung utang ko sa HSBC. Nagkaroon ako ng pera at tumawag ako mismo sa HSBC – recovery department tawag nila at sinabi ko na gusto kong isettle yung credit card debt ko. Then humingi ako sa kanila ng mas magandang option to pay para naman mabayaran ko agad at ayun sabi nila na bayaran ko nalang yung full credit limit ko so from 80.000 naging 36000 nlang..then after ilang weeks since may pera naman ako. nagpunta ako sa office nila para isettle yung account.mabait yung kausap ko so abutan kami ng clearance at bayad..After 1month, nag research ako kung pano mag rebuild ng credit score and i found the INSTACARD ng RCBC.. ANO PO ANG INSTACARD? Ganito po yun, punta kayo sa any branch of RCBC and sabihin nyo mag apply kayo ng INSTACARD, need nyo po magdeposit ng minimum of 5000 kahit magkano gusto nyo dahil ito po ang magiging CREDIT LIMIT nyo..100% approved po itong CREDIT CARD na to..i hohold nila yung pera mo na ( TIME DEPOSIT ) for 1 Year minimum. GUARANTEED APPROVED po ito dahil may pera kayo na nakadeposit sa kanila at ang MAGANDA dito, marerebuild yung CREDIT SCORE nyo.

    Then you can apply a regular CREDIT CARD with them after 1 year..

  316. I opened a credit card account since 2011 to help a friend to take out proximately maximum number of loans to recover his truck from getting towed. The main reason I authorized it once we spoke to a personal banker because he didn’t had access to open one for himself or a social security to begin with. So, I was unemployed by that time and he has a stable job to meet the requirements. Of course, he has been responsible for my monthly credit card payments until problems between us just occurred. Now, he refuses to be supportive, unfortunately, I am unable to pay it off, however, I did called the customer service and asked if there was an alternative way the payment bill can be delivered to his mailing address instead and for him to pay for borrowing loans. They said it’s impossible but I got my credit card cancelled for the moment being in case he misuse its information to jeopardize me. As soon as I get my newer one on standard time, then I would call again for further rearrangement… I doubt that the bank will somehow transfer the debts into his account or something though…

  317. hi

    i have 4000 sum due on my credit card now i am going to resign from my company and changing the new company. Is there any problem for me to do like this cause i dont have the sufficient money here to settlement for this . Can u please tell me is there any problem to change the visa in UAE

  318. i just wanna know if the collecting agent can report a person in Interpol? Nagkautang kasi ako before sa UAE and it so happened hindi ko po nabayaran dahil umuwi ako that time at pumunta sa ibang bansa, kaso nung nag-email naman ako sa bank sumagot ung bank na hindi nag-eexist ung account, hanggang sa tumagal na,7yrs na ang nakakalipas. tapos ngayon may naniningil sa kin dito sa pilipinas at pati anak ko e inahaharass sa Facebook. Nalaman nila kung san kaming bansa ngayon…at tinatakot nila anak ko na papa-Interpol daw ako…is it possible?

  319. Hi Sir Frits,

    Dati din po ako HSBC credit card holder, hindi na po ako naka update for years, tumawag po ako sa HSBC collection department and sabi nila Collection Agency na daw ung account ko. wala pa namn ngha-harrass sa akin na CA, Is it proper po ba na sa knina na ako mg settle?

    Need your help and advise po. gusto ko na din ma settle ung account ko.

    Thank you.

  320. @emanon, hi ano pong raket? interested ako

    @Sir Fitz, baka hindi po ako makabayad ng card ko ng ilang months due to financial problem talaga, ano po kayang pwede kong sabihin sa bank. forbearance po? magkakaroon pa po kaya iyon ng interest?
    please help me po. thanks

  321. @ed nabus, baka hindi po ako makabayad ng card ko ng ilang months due to financial problem talaga, sa april 18 na po ang due date ko. gusto ko pong tumawag na sa bank bago pa man ang due ko para masabi sa kanila ang situation ko. ano po kayang pwede kong sabihin sa bank. forbearance po? magkakaroon pa po kaya iyon ng interest?
    please help me po. thanks

  322. @ed nabus, baka hindi po ako makabayad ng card ko ng ilang months due to financial problem talaga, sa april 18 na po ang due date ko. gusto ko pong tumawag na sa bank bago pa man ang due ko para masabi sa kanila ang situation ko. ano po kayang pwede kong sabihin sa bank. forbearance po? magkakaroon pa po kaya iyon ng interest?
    please help me po. thanks

  323. Hello po,

    I have a question. I have an unsettled amount from BPI credit card and my card was already cancelled because of it. The problem right now is that I also have an existing car loan with BPI and I am almost fully paid with it. The car loan is not delinquent and I paid on time. Quick question. If mg fully paid na ang car loan ko but I still have a balance with my credit card with same bank, will they hold my car documents ( Car Registration.. etc)? Thanks and God Bless!

  324. Hi Harold , hindi po kasi magkahiwalay naman ang contract ng Car Loan mo at Credit Card. If you avail both with the same contract or Package Promo nila maybe possible kung merong pagbanggit sa kontrata na ganun ang gagawin nila kapag na delinquent ang isa sa dalawang Bank product that you availed.

  325. I have a later from CitiBank. My business went bankcrupt, I have only my salary which is not even enough for my family. It says they will file a case against me, my credit is worth all 150K cash advances which I loaned to several people, this people did not pay me. What shall I do.

  326. great thread. it shows how many of us love using CC but unfortunately can’t pay in time. like me, i have outstanding balance three years in the running. but i am ready to pay them. previous posts recommends going directly to the bank and ask for amnesty. then, once fully paid, i will ask for certificate that i fully paid my balance. my question is, how soon will i be granted another credit card? i read BDO can be forgiving to former default cardholders but high interest fee due to risk. please enlighten me on this matter. thank you.

  327. Hello po! Ask kolang po f ano po ba pedeng gawin ko kc nong nag resign ako at umuwi ng pinas galing UAE meron akong d nabayaran na credit card 2010 yon at ngayon nagpadala na ng letter ang law office d2 sa pinas at tumawag malaki poba ang chance na makasuhan ako or makulong dahil sa dko pagbabayad ng cc na sobrang laki na ang inilobo nito. wla po akong pambayad dahil wala napo akong trabaho ngayon.

  328. @honey- basta wag na po kayo babalik s uae wala po kayong kaso pagdatingn nyo rito sa Pinas.

  329. @gillian-hindi ka pdeng kasuhan ng kahit na anong law office dito s pinas kung sa uae ka nag avail ng ccard.Pero wag k n babalik p doon dahil doon may kaso ka.

  330. **tibank called me, i will face lawsuit kasi 150K balance ko, they are asking me to pay 5100 just to delay the deliquency rate so that it will not go to the collection agency or to a lawsuit. I am afraid that collection law suit will be against me and attach my personal properties. I’ve read somewhere, he bought a property with credit card lawsuit attachment. has anyone experience this case? please post comment.I want to pay but I really need more time as I am in tight budget this time kasi pasukan na uli ng mga bata.

  331. hi Dia, if u can deposit ur minimum due to push back ur account pls do to avoid court complaints.Banks never consider anyone on tight cash flow. kahit na ano sabihin natin kahit pasukan or what season na kailangan natin prioritize financial needs natin.request for restructuring of ur account asap to avoid continued penalties on late payment kc tuloy tuloy po yan sa paglobo.

  332. What if my credit is 400k+ ? Mostly loans.. Hindi lahat saken ang loan. May naki ride din amounting 137k. The rest mine. :(
    In 4yrs ngayon kang ako pumalya sa pagbayad. Well it’s my fault anyway..
    2mos pa lang ako hindi nakakabayad (92k) hindi ko na kayang bayaran… Gusto ko na sana makipag settle sa kanila. Ayoko na sana hintayin yung tawag or letter. Possible ba na makipag usap na ko sa bank? Kahit wala pa yung letter nila? Thank you and God bless everyone!

  333. Hi! Will the bank sue me if 400k+ ang utang ko sa CC? Mostly cash loan. Yung amount na 137k sa friend ko na nakiride sa card. The rest mine. In 2 months, minimum due lang nababayaran ko. (40k+mo due ko) Hindi ko na kaya bayaran…..
    In 4yrs maayos naman ako magbayad, in fact early pa ko magbayad. But problem happend… But Im willing to pay naman kaya lang hindi ko na kaya ang 40k monthly. :(

  334. Thank you..Ednabus for the encouragement na gawin ko…Hi everyone if u happen to go to other site. an advice, huwag magbayad at wala din magagawa bank sa nakautang, huwag kau kampante, they will surely file a case.
    Angie, call them if they can offer you half payment. I was just offered this morning a lighter plan payment for 3 months. I have to sell all my properties. I have to do something than loss my job….surely i will be disqualified. Next Time, I will use my card wisely. To those who have big credit limit like me, be careful. I thought i can be able to help people, I loaned so i can lend the vendors for a lower interest than the bombays. About 30 of them. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, they are good. after that, they are gone in smoke. A few left. I was left with almost 700K loan, the vendors were gone. I cannot afford to loss my job now. I have 3 little kids. My prayer is “for the things I lost, It shall be returned 7x fold in another way”. My life has been in debt na parang mamalimos na ako sa mga kapatid ako. A hard lesson I learn for not using my card wisely.

  335. Hi sir fitz

    I have this credit card problem with RCBC. since nagresign ako sa pagtuturo at medyo naloko ako ng previous employer ko dati na kahit 13th month hindi ako nabigyan at nagsara ang school ay Hindi na ako nakapagbayad. To cut it short umabot sa punto na nakareceive na ako ng letter from branch 72 ng pasig city at nakalagay decision na daw. Ang punto ko wala akong ibabayad sa hinihingi nilang amout 141k+ plus 10k attys fee daw. May trabaho na ako uli pero sakto lang sa pamilya ko asawa 2 anak pati lola ksm ang swekdo ko. May kotse nga ako pero company car eto. Ang bahay nakikitira lang kami sa lola namin. Oo nga may celfone pero issue pa rin to ng kumpanya. Paadvise nmn po.

  336. Hi,

    pa help din po, yung collection agency ayaw po kasi makipagsettle ng account ko at gusto nila to pay it in full na 20K, I don’t have enough money to pay that amount in full so ignore ko nalang.

    After 2 months, old employers ko naman ang tinatawagan CIDG daw sa Makati Trial court and Camp Crame, anyone po can help?

    I am willing to pay 20K but installment kasi wala po akong pang fufull niyan. Thanks…

    Please need some advice

  337. hi pa help nman po may cc dnpo akong dnbyaran sa saudi kc po nag kproblima company napauwi po ako ngayon babalik po ako puntang qatar at may collecting agency po nanggugulo sa akin panay tawag dn at pananakot ang tanong kpo mag ka problima ba ako or makulong po ba ako sa emigration ng qatar..natatako po ako please helf guys..thanks

  338. Hi, thanks for this helpful info. My husband recently opened a savings account in a certain bank and after 2 weeks, a person claiming to be from Domingo and Molaer Law office asked for payment for my husband’s credit from HSBC. Now, I was wondering how come ngayon lang sila tumawag since yung utang nya sa HSBC matagal na at hindi na namin ma retrieve ang mga payment receipts. Now we are asking the law firm to provide us a summary of our payments from HSBC pra naman malaman namin paano nila kino compute ang balances pero ayaw nila magbigay. Instead, they suggested na pirmahan na namin yung agreement na magbayad kami ng 14K tapos ang cert of full payment daw ay after 2 weeks pa. Ayaw namin mgbayad kc baka niloloko lng kami. What shall we do? They keep calling us everyday and it is so annoying

  339. hi to all, i just want to share my cc experience. way back in 2007, my EWB cc was became default my debt became almost 200K plus, from 105K originally, after a few months of being default, i received a phone call from a law firm, i answered the call then ask for bargain, they told me that my debts was about 200K plus and they offering me to pay 120K then i asked if they can lower down, finally, we settled with 85K, i pay it for 4 months, after that, i received a full payment letter from the law firm and from the bank.
    Same with my Security Bank CC, luckily, my case was still with the bank then, i called them and asked for settlement though, i didnt get any discounts or rebates but i was allowed to pay my debt for 12 months.
    My problem now, since, i am in a medical field, there are lots of agent sending my info to banks for cc application but until now i get denied. i settled my debts maybe year 2008.
    but fortunately, for a secured loan, i got approved with my car loan at RCBC 2009 – 2012 and PS BANK (current).

    I sent letter to BSP complaining about my name listed on the “blacklist” record, the bank replied, ” we cannot remove your name from the “blacklist record”.

    I believed, banks are unfair… if debts are being settled, they should remove one’s name to their blacklisted record. Just saying!

    to all with cc problem, face them, bargain, and you should pay after the settlement contract, or else, or else more problem will come your way.

  340. for delinquent credit card holders here in the Philippines, the Supreme Court ruling GR 175490 (credit card case) will help you a lot in settling your obligations.. find time to read the full context of the ruling and how helpful it is to your situation.. you can use it against abusive law firms and collecting agency too..

  341. hi! i have cc sa eastwest but then hindi ko xa nabayaran, my offer sila sakin na program and then two mos na akong nagbabayad…tapos my cc din ako ng bpi….gusto ko sana mag apply ng personal loan sa ibang bank, qualified pa kaya ako?

  342. Crest says:
    July 13, 2014 at 5:05 pm
    hi! i have cc sa eastwest but then hindi ko xa nabayaran, my offer sila sakin na program and then two mos na akong nagbabayad…tapos my cc din ako ng bpi….gusto ko sana mag apply ng personal loan sa ibang bank, qualified pa kaya ako?

    – Ang alam ko if you have credit card you can apply for a personal loan, one requirement for personal loan is Credit Card.

  343. Hi! Still paying for the minimum payment.. But the charges… Its getting bigger n bigger! Paano pa mababawasan utang ko kung nasa 4,800 na finance charge ko? Dont know what to do… :(

  344. @Dia-Welcome po mam Dia.
    @AngieDC- Maaari po kayong humiling ng Account restructuring na aangkop sa kapasidad nyong magbayad monthly. Pls call the Bank’s remedial Department.
    @RonRon, please verify well the letter you receive. Kasi parang mabilis naman kung decision agad agad ang matatanggap mo , wala man lng demand demand letter, summon or even notification for litigation? Bago po kasi kayo iendorse sa Law Firms dapat notified kayo. Please check first the letter.
    @King- Please inform the Collecting Agency of your proposal to settle it on staggered. Kung di ka pinapayagan at wala ka din naman pang settle in full you can directly deposit your payment at any branch of the Bank even without the consent of the Collector.More better if you send a request letter address to the Bank Remedial Dept.
    @Toti- Sa abroad din po ba kayo nag avail ng CCard? Sa KSA kasi at iba pang arab countries Criminal Case ang di pagbabayad ng mga ganitong Cards at kahalintulad na loans. Possible po na may kaso ka na roon.
    @Che- You can always request for your Payment History to verify your payment lalo nap o kung matagal na ang account nyo,kasi mahirap na ninyo marecall bawat payment nu noon.
    @Bob-Maaari po kayo humingi ng Certificate of Full payment dahil nabayaran nyo nap o ang Loans/Cards mo. Now if you opt to avail again another Cards or Loans and other like Bank products you will always attached Xerox copy of your Certification sa application forms na ipi-fillout mo.
    @Crest- Kung defaulted nap o ang Card nyo di pa po kayo makaka avail ulit.

  345. Hi! Hindi ko nabayarran ung card ko due to financial issues. I communicated it sa bank to avail any payment arrangement based sa current state ng finances ko but unfortunately wala. They are asking me to issue a 6 month work of check wherein wala akong checking account and wala ako mahihiraman.

    Based on the last conversation, they will endorse my account sa collection agency I failed to settle atleast the minimum amount until this month. To be honest, all I can pay is just half of the minimum. I always told them my willingness to settle my obligation its that I’m on financial lack as of the moment.

    So far, I’m just waiting for my account an map[unta sa collection and try to negotiate with them kasi hindi ko kaya ung arrangement sa bank

    Any advise please

  346. My advice to all. I work in a local bank. Credit is good, like a gun, we buy what we want. I have 6 credit cards of which 3 of there master cards…now I will settle all and maintain only 1 or 2 purposely for travel only. If you walk along SM, meet these marketing strategy offering free gifts, mind you…never entertain them, “my ibon ang credit card mo, swerte mo, meron kaming gift sau..etc..until ma swipe ka ng malaking amount, all you realize ang benenta sau, mabibili mo sa labas 40% of the amount kahit add mo mga sinama na kunwari gift nia”these is what happened to me, hugging me like their sister, my card is swiped for a big considerable amount. Another was insurance which I was able to revert back. I was offered big amount by banks on my credit cards. I was so kind to loan out funds from my credit card to people and so, in the end,who will help me? everybody is gone. Those who got personal loans from me are gone in the wind. losing 700K is not a joke. I just hope and pray, everything comes back 7x fold. Three months, my sleep is so disturbed. I had to enjoy life still. Bakit ako masisira dahil sa nangyari. Invite you to smile and hugs (ariter) sa FB. NEVER DEFAULT IN CREDIT CARD, IT WILL DESTROY CREDIT HISTORY FOREVER. IT IS IN THE BANK’S DATA BASE UNDER BLOCK LISTED. THEY SHARE INFORMATION CALLED BANK TO BANK B.I, THEY HAVE CREDIT CARD ASSOCIATION OF THE PHIL. /CREDIT CARD INVESTIGATORS SHARE INFO ALSO. Never believe in secrecy when it comes to credit card. Wish all everybody Ok.

  347. hello mr fritz.
    Ihad a question too.. meron kasi akong credit card at na delinquent accounts na din sya kasi di ako naka pagbayad. Nabasa ko ang blog mo at nakasulat dito na as long as wala kang pinirmahang agreement they cannot sue you, my situation is this when my card is active I purchased a phone but the merchant/store didnt allow monthly installment, wat i did is I purchased and I requested the bank to convert to installment plan of the whole amount of phone for one year. I remember I signed the application for convert to installment and they agreed. Can they use that paper as a ground to file a criminal case for me? I hope you can give me answers. Im a bit nervous. Thanks.

  348. @ed Nabus
    Meron po akong cash card sa psbank. Di ko na po siya nababayaran. Sa inis ko sa mga collector agent pag nagpapadala sila ng letter ang sabi ko iba na ang nakatira dun. Mas komplikado kung sabihin ko sa kanila un. Ang kukulit kasi. Thanks.

  349. Hi Ms Rhea- Walang masama kung magiging tapat ka sa kanila kung ano man ang reason bakit di ka na nagbabayad gayong may bayarin ka pa. Letters that being sent to you are part of the process na ginagawa ng Bank. May period lang po yan , mamamalayan mo lumobo na ang balance mo due to interests and penalties.Makipag arrange ka na lng for restructuring of your account para di masyadong lumaki ang bayarin mo.

  350. Hi All,

    I just want to share my experience also. I have a big debt in one of the credit card companies because I was fooled by a friend. She let me booked tickets amounting to 50k last 2011 and did not pay me and so costly for me to reach her because she is in East Timor and she already deactivated or block me on any online means to contact her.

    To make the story short, I did not pay the amount to CITIBANK because I can’t afford to pay such big amount and to think that I’m not the one who used it. My debts reached to 220k now and before, there are collecting agents who kept on calling me and even threat me. Good thing, I still have another CC from other company and my credit line was increased because I’m a good payor and has a savings account in their bank. I tried to apply for another credit card just to prove if I’m already black listed and it’s confirmed, I am.

    Good news also, I recently applied for a housing loan worth 1M for my new house and luckily, PAGIBIG approve my loan with no loan difference, meaning it was complete. So it means, PAGIBIG don’t usually based the approval if you have a debts from credit card company. All they need is your capacity to pay, so meaning they are basing the approval on your salary and since your house is used as collateral so I could say that you can still apply for a loan in PAGIBIG. It was ine of my fears also that might they would conduct a credit investigation and for sure, they would see my name as one of the blacklisted :)

  351. Hello, my brother has outstanding balance with a bank for an unpaid credit card na nasa collection agency na. Sabi na daw na nasa court na yun. My sis in law has an account under her name in a different bank. Alam ko if you have an account (kahit na asawa) in the same bank as where your husband owes card-they can freeze the wife’s account. Pero what if yung account is from a different bank? Can the bank (where credit card debt is) get money from your account in another bank?

  352. Hi, is there anyone working here in a bank from IT dept or a programmer maybe who can remove our names from the bank? I have an unpaid credit card, i did it i purpose. I was annoyed by their service. That was 4 yrs ago. Now i need a housing loan from a bank and im afraid it will be declined. Help pls…

  353. @Dave –Nako, mahirap po yan sir, lalo mo dinadala sa panganib ang pangalan mo. Yung nga sinasabi po nila sir nga eh na seems naa enjoy naman tayo sa pag gamit ng credit card, we have to take our responsibility too at bayaran kung anu ang na gamit. And also po, u mention that u used the credit card and u did it for purpose, so ibig po sabihin na talaga ginagamit mo yung credits sa credit card; so dapat po isauli mo rin po yan sir. At ngayon, mangungutang ka nanaman po ulit sa housing loan. Wla po kataposan po yung pangungutang mo sir, bayaran lang mo muna yung remaining balance mo po sa CC bago po ikaw mangungutang ulit. Pag pkig ayos nalang po sa bank po at mag request ng instalment. Pwde naman po yan pakikiusapan yung sa bank. Basta iwasan mo lang yung mga taga agency. Dung ka mag bayad sa bank mismo.

  354. Hi to all,

    meron po akong credit card sa HSBC, di ko na siya nabayaran for almost 2 years, recently lang ng may tumawag sa kin from SP Madrid dito sa work ko sa Dubai, ngayun po sabi ko sa agent, willing naman ako magbayad, so ending po this month end need ko isettle is 25k na lang from 78K, eh gusto ko makasiguro na yung ibabayad ko is final na talaga, kaso ang clearance daw 15-21 days pa makukuha, eh sabi ko gusto ko from the same day na nagbayad ako makakuha rin kako ako ng clearance dapat from HSBC, sabi nila pwede rin naman daw kaso kailangan ko magbayad sa head office ng HSBC at my imimeet akong tao dun from recovery dept ng hsbc na mag-aassist sa ken to settle then once settled na saka iaabot sa kin clearance kumbaga KALIWAAN, since andito nga ko sa dubai, pwede naman daw mag-authorize ako ng tao, sabi ko sa agent, babalikan ko siya kung anung option ang gagawin ko kako. ngayon po nagdadalawang isip na kong magbayad, tsinek ko sa website ng HSBC yung address na binigay nung agent, almost the same naman, yun nga lang sa website ng HSBC nakalagay kung anung floor which is 9th floor, pero dun sa binigay ng agent wala, ang sabi pa niya once sa head office daw ako ngbayad, imimit lang daw ako o nung inothorize ko sa ground floor.di ba usually pag ganung transaction sa office mismo kayu mag-uusap, kumbaga dun ka na lang maghihintay habang pinaprocess yung dapat iprocess. at totoo bang may recovery department ang HSBC or same lang yun ng collections department?

    Salamat po.

  355. @Dave; Hindi po possible ang gusto mo mangyari,walang IT ang maglalakas loob na alisin name mo kung di pa kau fully settled.Kahit na po bayad na kayo still your name is in list.
    @nerdensty;You can deposit your payment at any HSBC branch her in Phils.Ang dalhin mo na lang sa Head office is the receipt from a branch.Before ka magbayad u need to secure a written agreement with the agency of the approved amount to close your account.Always ensure that the card number you will be paying is yours.

  356. Salamat @Ed Nabus: kaso andito ko sa dubai ngayun, binigay naman nila yung credit card # and how to settle abroad, pinag-aalangan ko lang talaga since andito nga ko sa dubai eh di ako makakuha ng clearance from them once na nakapagbayad na ko since sabi nila 21 days pa daw bago makuha eh duda ako.

  357. Good day to all!

    Pls. help me..
    Wala nman po akong balak takasan ang obligasyon pero hindi ko kaya ng sabay-sabay.

    Card defaulter po ako ng HSBC (130K), Standard Chartered (220K) and Citi Bank (95K). Halos maloka na po ako sa kanilang tatlo. I initiate to contact them for account restructure. Si Citibank lang ang nag-offer for Special Debt Restructuring Agreement. I signed the agreement and started paying them 2800 monthly since March 2014 without notification from the bank that I was approved for the said program. 95K with 1.5% interest payable for 4years. Sabi po ng nakausap ko from Citibank Collectors Deparment, bawal daw akong mag-lapsed kc mapo-forfeit ung previous payment ko. Totoo po ba to?

    Another question, may nare-received pa din akong billing statement from citibank. Sabi ng call center, system-generated daw kc un and nasa collections department na daw ung account ko. Pano ko po mapapatunayan na na-approve nga ako sa Restructure Program nila kung ganong hindi ko na nakakausap si citibank? Para po kc minimum lang binabayaran ko monthly pero ung outstanding balance ko ay lumalaki.

    Parang kaso din po ba ng ESTAFA (bcoz I signed the agreement) if i failed to pay them monthly?


  358. Hi!!

    I dont have intentions of not paying my debt. But the thing is, the charges are too big! And in planning only to pay what i really purchased. Would it be okay if dont pay the charges, its amounting to 5k and my only debt is 8,000. Matagal po kasi bago ko nasettle kaya lumaki.
    Thank you!

  359. @Ed Nabus – meron din akong delinquent account sa Citibank for 47K na.. unpaid xa for 5 months na because of medical expenses. I always answer their call and looking for possibility for payment arrangement. They can’t grant me ng payment arrangement peo they need a post dated check which is wala ako.. I asked for the Special Debt Restructuring Agreement and according to the rep they currently don’t have an offer as such…

    Anu pa pong pwede kung gawin sa mga ganitong sitwasyon. I’m willing to pay kaya lang less than what they are asking me every month which is wala daw magagawa and my debt will continue to grow. I am left with letting my account go to collection agency….

  360. @JayBee-Just keep your signed agreement and fail not to comply,yes it will be forfeited if you lapse even for a month.
    @Anjj- Hindi po maaaring principal lang ang babayaran mo.Kung ang ibabalik mo lng sa Bank ay ang halaga ng nahiram mo hindi pa rin po mako-close ang account mo.At patuloy pa po ito sa paglaki.Better to settle it in full including the sur-charges.
    @RR Dapat po mag request kayo sa tamang personnel ng Bank.Bakit po di kayo bibigyan ng Restructuring ? Please contact the Bank asap.

  361. @ Ed Nabus, — thank you po response. Itutuloy ko naman po ung payment ko sa citibank kc gusto ko nman may matapos kahit isa muna.

    Patulong naman po ulet. Hindi ko na alam gagawin ko..

    Kakatapos ko lang makipag-usap ngayon sa Standard Chartered.. 6months na ako hindi nakakabayad sa visa card and personal loan. Tinatakot ako na makakarating daw sa manager ko ung utang ko sa bangko. Pati daw ang company kakausapin nila para mkipag-negotiate for salary deduction ng utang ko sa kanila. At makakasuhan ako ng legal case, pati mga property ko ay kukunin daw.

    Nung monday, may tumawag po sa akin at nag-o-offer ng Amnesty Program with discount. From August to December, kailangan kong magbayad sa kanila ng 4000 for visa and 3200 for personal loan.Then by January 2015, full payment ko ung remaining balance; visa for 55,000 and 62,000 for personal loan.

    May discount nga pero ambigat pa din ung binigay nilang program.
    Ano na po ggawin ko? natatakot ako sa kausap ko. Patulong naman po ulet.


  362. hello a blessed day !

    i had unpaid balance on my cc since 3 years ago but that purchases was been enjoyed by my few friends and did not pay me but my car loan was paid on date by my family and i just fully paid my car loan 7 months advanced to be fully paid since that was a 5 year car loan and right after full my payment i called BDO and informed them that i fully settled in 7 months advanced my car and finished the 5 years loan and i want to get my certificate of mortgage cancellation and certificate that i fully paid and they said i will call back after 3-4 weeks because thats there proceesing period for the release of the certificate and so i called after 3weeks to BDO but i was requested to call collecting department in manila so i called and one of their employee told me to call BDO car loan officer in my place and so i called again and finally talked with one of d employee and he forward me to creditcard department personnel and that person told me that they will not release and cancelled my mortgage in my car loan even i am fully paid his reason was i still have to fully pay my unpaid balance in my creditcard , my question is do the bank has d hold or right not to release the cancellation of my car loan mortgage even if i am fully paid already ? ?

    am planning to visit the office of car loan department just to secure and ask for just a certificate of full payment so i have something to show to my family that i really did paid in full my car loan because they keep asking me why i cannot show them the certificate of mortgage cancellation.
    to those have a legal idea in my problem please help me or give me some good advise.

  363. I am negotiating my CC with Citibank so I can pay in 48 months my past due balance in my account. I’ve read in the conditions, I will be reported as negative with the association of credit card in the Philippines. I wonder why do they have to do that. I am issuing a PDC check and yet I will be reported. I knew the consequence of not funding my check. Does anyone of you experienced this. Can you share me.

  364. HI Fitz / @ Ed Nabus,
    thanks for this article.. i have 6 CCs from 4banks, amounting to 300K ++ & mejo delinquent na ako since June 2014 dahil sa financial reverses.. halos taguan ko na mga CAs na sobrang mangharass dito sa office.
    questions ko : pupuntahan ba nila ako sa bahay ko? may karapatan ba silang kumuha ng anything sa pamamahay ko? pwede ba nilang singilin ang asawa ko dahil sa utang ko? supplementary ko sya sa citibank pero paid naman ang acct nya.. patulong naman po kc napapraning na ako sa tila bingi na mga CA na ito na ayaw makinig sa totoong rason ko. salamat po, God bless :)

  365. ASk ko lng po ,what is this Notice of sheriff na kunin po daw valuable item na mkukuha sa amin kasi na approve na daw sa court of makati.unpaid Rcbc cc is 30+

  366. @JayBee; hindi ka nila pdeng Pwersahin ng sal ded kung ayaw mo.pde nila i hold ang salary mo kung meron ng decision ang korte at natalo ka sa kaso.Do not sign an arrangement na hindi kakayanin ng capacity mo.request for a lower monthly amort pde nman yon ung kakayanin ng budget mo para di ka maka problema lalo.
    @kate;yes pls directly visit the Car loan for your query , If credit card was availed separately with the car it has nothing to do with each other.
    @Doly,yes po patakaran na po ng lahat ng Bank kapag na default na ang crdit automatically block listed with CMAP and the likes. Kahit po may arrangement na kayo for repayment.
    @MP ok lang po harapin mo sila kung pumunta sa office mo,para harapan mo masabi na hindi mo pa kaya bayaran now.Hindi sila maaaring kumuha ng ano man sa bahay mo unless natalo ka na sa kaso at may court order na,and it is to be done by the sheriff.Eh wala p nga sila demanda paano cla kukuha ng property mo.

  367. thanks Sir Ed.. salamat po ulit sa inyo. Sir, sori pero paano po ako magkakakaso? totoo po ba ang court order if ever in my case? kasi po sa narinig ko kunwari lang daw po yun sheriff at court order for unpaid CC debts.

  368. Hi MP With your case as of this time wala pa yan court order di ka pa nga kinakasuhan di ba ? Sinisingil ka pa lang nila.Kaya lang di mo naman tinatakasan bayarin mo. Kung pipilitin ka nila na kumuha ng ano man sa property mo gayong wala namang court order sila na ang kasuhan mo or kapag nang gulo sila sa premises mo pde mo rin sila ireklamo.Kung paano ka sasampa ng kaso,first you need to have a lawyer .Again,magkakaroon lng ng papel ang sheriff kung natalo ka na sa kaso.

  369. Hi Sir ED and Fritz,

    Nabasa ko from top to bottom tong article nyo. Very informative. since 2010 pa yung mga comments. I have some additional questions.

    1. Maapektuhan ba ang governments loan ko in the future like pag ibig and SSS?
    2. for court order ganu ka dalas or may nka pag share na ba sa inyo na ganito karanasan? same with levy?may nangyari na ba nyan dito?
    3. Hindi ko sinsagot yung mga tawag ng collection agencies.. would it matter and fall in fraud?

  370. Hi Kirby;hindi maaaring maapektuhan ang SSS or Pag-Ibig loan mo dahil ang mga yan ay sarili mong pera.Kahit blocklisted ka makaka avail k pa rin nyan. Better kung sagutin mo rin ang tawag sayo ng mga Col Agency para alam mo kung ano na status ng loan mo. Baka may court complaint ka na di mo pa alam.Walang sigalot ang hindi napaguusapan.

  371. Thanks Sir Ed,

    Follow up questions po, pag may court complaint ka. anu po ba yung mga complaint na pwde nila i file sa akin? possible ba ito magkaroon ng sheriff? tska nsa 100k yung utang ko for both cards.. May limits ba sila na pag 100k pwde sila mag file ng legal complaint?

  372. Hi Sir Ed. thank u ulit.
    1. bakit po kailangan pa nilang puntahan ang bahay mo gayong nakausap mo naman sa telepono na? at tiempong wala ka pa dun sa bahay dahil pumasok ka nga sa work? ano ang motibo nila?

    2. pinadalhan ako ng letter ng Molaer re:Metrobank cc gayong wala naman sila sa list ng collection agency ng metrobank? at bayaran ko daw within 5days ang discounted price na 86+ (133k daw ang total) samantalang 70+ lang ang OB ko fr the bank?

  373. Hi K.Cruz-Kapag may complaint ka na you will receive a Notice from court or subpoena. Then maghaharap kayo ng Bank rep for preliminary hearing sa Fiscals.At tungkol naman sa limit,depende naman yan sa Bank,ung ibang Bank kahit 10k lng OB nagpa-file sila ng Complaint.
    Hi MP-kaya sila nagpupunta sa bahay mo upang matiyak na doon ka pa rin nakatira.Mas mabigat kasi ang ikakaso sau kung lumipat ka na ng tirahan maliban na ipagbigay alam mo ito sa Bank kung saan ka may unpaid loan/CC.
    Hindi basta basta magpadala ng letter si Atty. Molaer kung hindi sya accredited ng MBTC. Verify mo din kung talagang galing nga kay Atty Molaer ang letter.Bring it at MBTC Remedial Div para matiyak mo. .Kilang pa po ung 70k? at kelan naging 133k? Mabilis lumaki ang bal sa ccard dahil na rin sa laki ng interest at penalty dito.Makabubuting makipag kasundo ka ng restructuring sa term na kaya mo Monthly.

  374. Let’s make it simple… Article 3 section 20 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution states “SECTION 20. No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax.”

    Mr.Molaer or who ever that is can only file a civil case against the “Credit Card Defaulter” and Civil Case are non jail-able offense. For a principal balanceof 100 thousand pesos (Php 100,000) and below shall be handled by the Small Claim Court . The Process is simple: They’ll just ask if you have a debt and if the answer is “Yes” then the decision is “To Pay”. But of course it will be in the form that you can afford. You set the terms. If you cannot at the moment then be still. Guys don’t worry about your Credit History… why are you still thinking in making a new debt if you cant handle your finances at the moment.

    Hindi po kayo nag iisa. Learn from this mistake and move on.

  375. In addition. If they will go to your house then just tell them straight that you don’t have the capability to pay now and you could not give a specific date wwhen you can pay. If they make a scandal… remind them that under Article 358 of the Revised Penal Code. Libel and slander are punishable by imprisonment and if they insist in going to your house to take any of your belongings with judgement of the court and being presided by a Sheriff then the case against them is Art. 280. Qualified trespass to dwelling. Please note that If the offense be committed by means of violence or intimidation, the penalty shall be prision correccional. And if you are trigger happy… then someone might meet Joe Black earlier than expected.

  376. maraming salamat po Mr Julian: Credit Card Defaulter.

    i-share ko lang yun experience ko:
    i called ctbank ysterday asking them for a restructure of my now 55k OB. kaso i need to pay daw muna 23k para magrant yun request ko kc dapat daw paid yun 3months ko. & kung may pera na daw ako they will give me at least 15k discount til NEXT WK if i pay in full. of course sayang yun discount d b pero wala pa nga po pambyad at diretso kong sinabi yun sa kanila but still wala daw sila magagawa, lalaki lang daw yun balance ko pag pinatagal ko. true, pero pano namin mababayran yun kung ganon lang ang binigay nilang options?

  377. I experienced a lot of calls…ayoko na sana sagutin but I have to protect my name. I am a bank officer. After availing discounts….nung nglapse, tumawag ako for restructuring…ang ayoko sa agreement, despite the restructuring, i provided PDC checks, I know the consequence in case wala pundo but I am willing to pay, under the enumerations of the conditions, may nakalagay, I will be listed as negative in the files of CMAP, banks and other financial institutions. I have nothing to do but to sign the paper just so the restructuring will pursue. I don’t need a good credit but who knows I need it in the future. I learned my lesson, sa cooperative na lang namin ako uutang babalik pa sa akin part of interests na binayad ko in terms of patronage. I don’t wanna loan na sa kahit anong credit card. I have several credit cards kasi pirma ako ng pirma sa offer, all good payments for the previous years, dumating ang araw, tinakbuhan ako ng umutang sa akin. What a hell…I almost lost my mind….half million loss is not a joke.

  378. Sir!

    Thanks… Make sense kung wla ka pambyad wag pilitin kung meron at willing ka.. dapt sa terms mo since willing ka nmn.. kung ayaw nila.. fault na nila un… kung lumaki.. lalo mo hindi mababayaran..

    Thanks for the conversation and consultation..

    I will do my best to make an agreement with them,, kung hindi sila mkaka agree sa terms ko na willing nmn ako mag byad.. bahala na… LOTTO nlng ang mag rresolve ng problem ko hahaha

  379. Hi.

    I would seek some advice, here for now, abut probably next week im gonna go to a lawyer and see what he/she says.
    So, I will try this in short:

    I have bank loan around 2000euro remaning left which is 50%(for a car that went up badly, couldnt sell for original price, got broke down multiple time, HUGE loss), and credit card loan around 6000 euro or something remaining left, around 70% left(dentist-in 2008 I had a very bad accident with a bike, lost some teeth) lost my job I was unemployed for many months, all this happened in Iceland, Iceland is currently not part of the European Union but its in the Schengen Zone, Im from Romania, which is in the EU but not in the Schengen.
    So I was there for two years, I had to come home, I just couldnt bear it anymore, I lived alone there, it was very difficult, now my question is: in romania the minimum wage is around 200 euro, paying a debt from that would be amazingly hard, and I’m still unemployed.
    Will they find me, im sure they do, what would be the best option here, I dont want to run away from my obligations, but its just everything fucked up around me, Im on the edge of going crazy.

    how do you seem my situation if anybody has any knowledge how this works out in Europa, would be much appriciated.

  380. Julian: Credit Card Defaulter: “If you cannot at the moment then be still. Guys don’t worry about your Credit History… why are you still thinking in making a new debt if you cant handle your finances at the moment.

    Hindi po kayo nag iisa. Learn from this mistake and move on.”

    ————-> correct! ilan na ba kayong nagpost dito?? e di sana lahat kayo nasa kulungan?

  381. Sir,

    I have a psbank flexi loan/cash card. Di ko na po nabayaran last May. Same din po ba ang rules nito sa mga credit card? I mean pano po kung di ko na mabayaran? May kaso po ba to?
    Thank you.

  382. Hello po..

    i have a debt of 32k from HSBC unfortunately d ko na sya mabayaran sa dami ng binabayaran ko.last payment eh nung june pa amounting to 1500 tapos ngayon sabi sa law office representative kailangan ko daw bayaran is 56k is it really possible na ganon kabilis lumaki un utang ko?tapos kanina parang galit pa sila ang sabi ko naman ginagawan ko ng paraan na mabayaran pero they were insisting na wala na ko planong magbayad so they asked me kung dun pa din ako sa house na nakadeclare ko nakatira kasi gagawa daw sila ng investigation..hindi ba dapat muna magbigay sila ng letter na gagawin nila yon hindi yun basta na lang sila pupunta sa bahay namin..kinakausap ko naman sila im not planning na basta na lang takbuhan un utang ko pero parang sobra naman yun pag judge nila na sasabihin ayoko magbayad sa CC ko,.what should i do?kinakabahan ako na baka pati dito sa office ipahiya nila ko,..advice po please..thanks

  383. Hello po,
    May tanong po ako. Nasa abroad pa kasi po ako, pero balak ko babayaran yung remaining balance ko pag-uwi ko. Pero while nasa abroad po ako, anu po bah possible gagawin ng mga law firm o possible bah na makig coordinate sila sa mga sister company ng bank at dito nila ako sa abroad makakasohan ng any unsettlement balance etc, o mag complain? Possible po bah?

  384. Hi!
    Really great thread for everyone. Some of my questions were answered so I think the best way is to prioritize your personal needs first, and if my capability na to pay, then do so. Whatever reason we have, we still have our responsibility. After all, “napakinabangan” naman natin yung bank.

    Well, the remaining question naman sakin that needs a clear answer is that:

    I have failed to pay even the minimum amount for my Citibank cc for 2 months now. And that I am no longer working, and that’s the reason I’ve failed to pay. I think they were calling my former company, and siguro they told na wala nako.

    I received an email today coming from admerex na yung account ko handle na nila and for payment terms, tawagan ko sila.

    Wala pa po ako balak kontakin sila since wala pa naman akong sure na ibabayad, baka kasi mas lalong lumala kung makikipag agree lang ako sa terms. Pero tatawagan ko parin sila just to let then know na hindi ako tatakbo with my obligations, and that may finance struggle lang ako.

    And now my question is, I am going to apply a US Visa this October, actually for work po ito so non immigrant visa. Will the embassy trace my deliquent account? Will I be denied to acquire a visa?

    Hope you’ll enlighten me. I am afraid. Thank you soo much

  385. Hi po,

    I have not been able to pay my cc balance since june due to unemployment. I did inform the collections agency of my intent to pay as soon as i am able.

    Ask ko lang po if hsbc has turned over my case with the collections agency ibig sabihin ba na yung collections agency ang magdedecide ng payment terms? Pa help naman po medyo mabigat na sa dibdib.

  386. Got an email today from Bankard Collection Group. They said that I overlooked my account. They gave me the last 4digits of the card but I didn’t know that I have a card with that number. Isa lang ang credit card ko at iba pa yung sinasabi nilang Statement date at Due date. Hindi ko nga rin alam yung kumpletong number ng credit card na sinasabi nila o kung Visa o Mastercard ba yun. Sa madalang salita kahit anino ng credit card na yun eh di ko nakita.

    8yrs na akong wala sa ‘Pinas pero nag-maintain ako ng isang credit card just in case umuwi ako ay may magamit ako.

  387. @Cindy-Go for your Visa and be more productive again, by that means you will be able to settle all of your cc someday.As long as you haven’t receive summon yet.
    @Peachy-Ikaw pa rin ang magbibigay sa kanila ng amount na kaya mo.

  388. Got an email today from Bankard Collection Group. May outstanding balance daw ako sa kanila binigay nila yung last 4digits nung card. Pero hindi yun ang credit number ko. Nag-issue ata sila ng card ngayon sinisingil ako. Hindi ko nga nakita ang anino ng credit card na sinasabi nila eh. Anong dapat kong gawin?

    Wala ako sa Pilipinas ngayon

    Salamat sa kung sino man makakasagot sa tanong ko.

  389. Hi Sir Ed_Nabus!

    Thanks for your response. And yes, I’ll be productive again and pay my obligations.
    Last question po, if delinquent cc client nako, will that affect not to be granted to open a deposit account? I have citibank and eastwest cc po kasi. Yung citibank yung hindi ko nabayaran. Ang alam ko po need ko mag open ng bdo account for work ko abroad. Pano po yun?

  390. Hi Sir Ed,

    Just another question. As of now i am still unable to pay my balance with my credit card. But once i am able how do i go about it? What do i need to prepare and if i can just pay the principal amount? Thanks po in advance.

  391. @Mam Cindy You can still open a savings account at any bank pero I suggest wag na doon sa Bank kung saan ka may unsettled balance ,It will be automatically debited . Kaya kung sa iba ka magbubukas ng Account ok lng po yon.
    @Mam Peachy If you are now ready to settle your balance you can always call the Bank remedial department and have ur credit card number always ready. Penalties can be waived upon request but not the interest kaya hindi po possible na Principal lang bayaran natin.

  392. Hi Emjay,
    If that card number is not yours you have nothing to worry.Do not open your email add in public para maiwasan mo ang mga ganyang pangyayari.Kasi kung di un sainyo paano nila nalaman email add mo.However you can email them back and inform that such card number is not yours.Do not reveal your personal info instead ask them for it.

  393. Hi Sir Ed_Nabus,

    Yey! What a relief po :) just to clarify, diba hindi naman po under ng bdo ang eastwest bank? Kasi yung mga nag aalok ng credit card sa mall sinasabi under daw sila ng bdo. Eh may kilala ko bdo sabi hindi naman. Hahaha. Actually, andami ko na po narinig tungkol dun.

    At last, sure ako na makakapag open ang ng bank account. Haaays :) thank you po talaga

  394. Hi, got a question: I have unsettled personal loan with CITIbank back 2010, I wanted to settle it, but I dont know who to contact. And I am thinking of doing a housing loan with pagibig, ma reject b ako dahil dito?

  395. Mr. Ed Nabus,

    Salamat sa sagot…

    May credit card ako sa Bankard 2002 pa tingin ko dun nila kinuha ang info ng email add ko. Kaya malamang sa nag-issue nga sila ng bagong card under my name pero di ko natanggap dahil wala ako sa ‘Pinas. At dahil wala nga ako hindi ako nag-apply o nag-fill up ng application form for another card. Nagpapadala ba sila basta-basta ng credit card sa client na may good credit history? Sinagot ko yung email nila pero ilang araw nang walang sagot.

  396. Hi All,

    There is a collecting agency from dubai asked me to pay “my remaining balance” of my cc account in Dubai. Sinabi ko na bago ako umalis ng dubai pumunta ako ng branch nila upang mag claim ng credit insurance since my cc is insured. Sabi ng bank ay sige ipro process nila ang claim ko at sabi ko nmn ay mag exit na ako dahil sa crisis at bahala na silang mag claim sa kanilang Insurance company that is 2009. Now, 2014 merong tumawag sa akin na taga NBD bayaran ko daw ang balanceat sabi ko walaakong accountsa NBDsa Emirates Bank lang meron ako sabi pa ng pilipinong collector agent bayaran ko daw para daw hindi ako magka problema dito sa Austra

    Now,tanong ko lang…my question is, there is any legal way from this collection agent to “force” me to pay my balance (if this is true) through my companyor court here in Australia?…..thanks for your help.


  397. Hi po Sir Ed,

    May tanong lang po ako regarding CA’s. They offered a significantly reduced amount if I make a one time payment on my delinquent account. The compromised amount is less than ten percent of my outstanding balance as said in their letter. But the compromised amount is also more than the balance I owed them.

    They gave me five days to settle the amount which I couldn’t pay at that time. the amount is manageable, and I can borrow to pay it so that my debt with that credit card company is ended for good.

    I can’t remember when I opened the account but it is more than 5 years delinquent. There has been no communication from them until recently. I am willing to pay but i am scared of the collection agency based on what I read in many blogs.

    Also, since the offer to pay the one time amount lapsed already, does it mean I have to pay the outrageous outstanding balance? Parang sobra naman po yun and I’m so confused and feeling alone right now.

    Gustong gusto ko po bayaran na and move on but based on the coments in many blogs, parang ang hirap kausapin ng collection agency. Also, sino na po nakapag one time payment? Settled na po ba talaga after I pay the comrpomise amount stated in the letter? or meron po ba add-ons yung compromise amount?

    Please po, kindly answer my questions or share your experience. I don’t want to name the CA’s and bank but pwede nyo po ako ma email sa dmagan20 at gmail dot com.

    Need ko po sana may makausap, litong lito po ako ngayon. Thank you po for this blog and for helping out.

  398. Hi Sir Ed Nabus,

    Question lang po, kapag nafile na sa court yun case, what is the worst thing that can happen kung binalewala yung kaso? Ma-aattach ba yung mga properties dun sa kaso at makukuha nila un properties thru auctioning it?

    My mother recently received a summon from a collecting agency of BPI. And due to her cancer, we can barely have her chemotherapy. What more pay the OB. They have properties kaso hindi naman maibenta agad. So are they going to get my parents’ properties ba?

  399. hi kbs hindi po sa collection agency nanggagaling ang summon sa korte po un manggagaling.Ipaliwanag nu po sa collection agency ang health status ng mother nu.and also to the bank

  400. Hi Mr. Ed Nabus,

    Update lang po ito: Nagpadala nga ng bagong credit card ang Bankard sa akin kahit di ako nag-request o nag-apply. Pero dahil wala ako sa ‘Pinas. Di ko ito natanggap pero may tumanggap na taong di ko kilala. Yung sinisingil nila ay annual fee. Sinulatan ko ang collection group, customer service at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, bilang sila ang governing agency ng mga cc. Ayun, ni-reverse nila at ni-cancel ang cc agad-agad. Tingin ko nakatawag ng attention sa kanila na pinadalahan ko rin ng copy ng reklamo ng email ko ang BSP. SuUmagot ang BSP sa akin at sinabing sinabihan nila ang Bankard na sagutin ang reklamo ko at padalahan sila ng copy ng lahat ng magiging communication namin.

    Sinabihan ko rin yung company na wag ako basta-basta padalahan ng card na di ako nagre-request. Black master card daw ang pinadala nila sa akin for having good credit history with them. Pero sila rin ang sisira ng credit history ko sa ginagawa nila.

  401. Hi Sir ed, i have a cc problem sa payment marami ako nakuha g loan na umabot na sa 600k sa isang card pa lang may 300 pa at 40k dahil sa di naibalik ang mga humiram sa akin ng pera. Mag3 months na ako di nakakabayad kahit minimum. Is it possible na bayaran ko kahit 1000 each monthly ang mga cc na yan hanggang sa mabayaran ko lang… Lalo pa kasi lumalaki dhl sa interest… At sabi nilalabag ko daw ang ra8484. Dhl di ako nakikipagusap sa knila sana po mabgyan nyo ko advice. Gusto ko sana pumunta sa main offices nila para sabihin na yan langkaya ko bayaran dhl kulang sahod ko sa mga necessties ng family ko. I need your advice pls.thank in advance.

  402. Hi Enjay, thanks for the update.You made the very right move.At least now you have already cleared things that disturb your peaceful life.Salamat po ulit for letting us know it. Sana tularan ng iba na may kahalintulad na sitwasyon God bless po.
    @Rizl-Bakit naman po umabot na sa ganyan kalaking halaga mga cc mo na di na nabayaran? Maybe you have business and di na kumita. Any amount naman po tatanggapin naman yan kaya lang mapupunta lng yan sa interest at penalties.Hindi rin mababago ang balance mo.Better kung makikipag arrange ka or restructure sa Bank para makahingi ka ng tamang halaga na ibabayad mo monthly.Hindi nyo naman po maba-violate ang ra8484 kung legal ang pagkaka-avail nyo ng cc,wag nyo lng po cla pagtataguan or update them always of your current address.

  403. Hi Sir,

    Baka po pde nyo ako matulungan,

    Ganito po kasi scenario ko. Last sept 2013 i resigned with my company after i resigned nagkaron ako ng navel infection umabot 1 1/2 months ung sakit na yon and then this Feb 2014 na hire ulit ako ngaun po ang problema ndi ko po sila nadvice na ako ay nagresign na sa old ngaun po magfile daw po sila ng ra8484 kasi ndi ko daw sila inadvce. Pero tama parin naman po ung billing address dun parin naman po ako sa bahay namin nakatira ang problema lang ung address sa company. malalabag ko parin po ba ung ra 8484 kung ang ang billing address nmn na nakalgay dun ay kung saan ako nakatira?

    maraming maraming salamat po….

  404. @Ed Nabus – Hi I’m not sure if what I’m about ask is already discussed here. Sobrang taas ng thread, I couldn’t follow all. I have a balance from PSBank and my account is already endorsed to a CA. Just today, I received a text message from an unknown number about a warrant of arrest and warrant of seizure to sheriff of property if I failed to coordinate the criminal case for violation of RA8484 sum of money and my name and picture will be published at leading newspaer blah blah blah… This is the first time I received this text message but already received letters and phone calls before. I couldn’t agree with their terms and the amount to be paid is ridiculously high. I wanted to settle my account at the bank. I tried to call the contact person when I applied at the bank but she keeps on endorsing me to the CA because they already gave them full authority on my account and it’s no longer in their hands. I still wanted to settle the account sa bank mismo. Who should I contact? WIll they entertain me despite their endorsement of my account to the CA? What if I just paid my debt in small amounts directly to the bank using the account number? Will it matter? Will my payment be acknowledged later on? If I get to pay the amount in full including the interest, will they still make all the kulit? Please advise. Your immediate response will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  405. Hi Jairah, You can also coordinate with the CA regarding your account.You can also coordinate with the Remedial Division of PSB. You can dial their trunk lines and ask that you may connect to their remedial div.
    Nagtataka lang ako bakit ka napunta agad sa CA na hindi sinasabihan ng Bank mismo.Dapat meron pinapadalang Notification Letter ang PSB na ang iyong account ay ieendorse na sa CA. Maaarin nyo po kausapin ang Bank na ibalik na lamang sa kanila ang inyong account kung ayaw ninyo makipag settle sa CA.Dahil na rin sa mga foul text messages na inyong natatanggap.

  406. @Ed Nabus – Thanks for the immediate response. PSB already gave me a letter before that they’re endorsing my account to CA. Today, I tried to call PSB hotline and asked to transfer to their collection dept. Pero sabi wala daw incoming and collection department nila. She asked for my contact number para ako na lang daw tawagan nila. I told her I wanted to coordinate with them on settlement of my account and not the CA. I also asked for their email address para masagot ako personally doon. Awaiting for response any day. Sana mag reply nga. Thanks again!

  407. Hi Sir Ed,

    Happy Halloween!!

    Share ko lang po, baka sakaling makatulong at matulungan nyo rin po ako sa aking problema.

    Two (2) CC’s po yung naiwan ko sa pinas na unsettled – HSBC 54k & BPI 56k. And due to financial problems tuluyan ko na po napabayaan yung payables ko sa kanila noong 2012. At dahil po dun ilang letter at amnesty program po ang nareceived ko sa iba’t-ibang Collection Agency.

    October 2014, after 1 year & 6 mos may nareceived ulit ako sulat sa isang Collection Agency regarding my HSBC. After reading some blogs and forums, i decided na makipagsettle sa kanila since gusto ko na rin magkaroon ng peace of mind at maclear na rin ung CC debt ko. I emailed first the bank para lang siguraduhin na yung CA na yun ang my hawak ng account ko. After confirmation from HSBC ngstart na ko makipagtransact kay CA, i make it sure na black & white lahat. Before ako mgbayad ng full payment (1 time payment) humingi muna ako ng signed agreement. Kahit may hawak na ko papel kabado pa rin ako dahil na rin sa mga nababasa ko, d ko tinantanan sa follow up yung CA at bank. After 1 wk nagconfirmed na rin si bank na fully paid na ako at send nila both soft/hard copy ng clearance ko after 2-3 weeks 😊.

    Actually, ito yung plan ko isettle noong una kaya lang masyado yata strict ang BPI. Ilang beses ako ngemail sa kanila pero ni isang reply wala ako natanggap for confirmation. Kaya tumawag na lang ako sa collection department ng BPI dun lang sila ngbigay ng info kung sinong CA ang may hawak ng account ko.

    1) sir ed, possible po ba na ung CA ko sa HSBC ang humawak ng account ko, kahit d sya ung endorsed ng BPI for settlement? though same law firm lang may hawak ng account ko.

    Unprofessional po kasi ung CA na endorsed ng BPI, recorded daw yung conversation namin kaya no need na daw ng black and white. Kaya ng insist ako na mgemail sya para atleast may proof ako kung ano man ang agreement namin. Kasi ang hirap po nya kausap sa phone hindi kami mag agree sa terms at amount.

    2) sir, is it true na pwede maging proof yung conversation nyo sa phone as agreement?

    3) sir, ano po ba pwede gawin para maconfirm ko na accredited ng BPI yung collection agency?

    Sa ngayon waiting pa rin ako sa reply nila via email same witg the coection agency. Gusto ko na din po kasi masettle lahat bago matapos ang taon para by 2015 debt-free na po ako.

    Thanks and God Bless!!

    One down and one to go 😊

  408. Hi Fritz, as you have said if i understood it correctly, credit card debt is different from other bank loans. So will i still be able to get a housing loan or a car loan perhaps since they are separate. Hoping for your response please email me. Thanks.

  409. Hi Mr Ed,

    I lost my job and was not able to pay my cc for several months now. I have been recieving emails from hsbc to settle my account but i’m not able to do so. Now I have started a small business until i get a new job for a more fixed source of income. So i called up the bank hoping they would give me a new payment arrangement so i could start paying again, but they referred me to a collections agency instead. The agency is asking me to pay the full amount now, which i really can’t. Could you please give the number of hsbc remedial department? I’ve been calling the bank but they would tell me to coordinate with the CA. Please advice. Thanks so much

  410. Thanks for encouraging advice I, too sufferred that kind of problem sa RCBC . hirap din ako laki ng hinihinging curing fee worth 5k..

  411. Magandang umaga,
    ako ay ninenerbyos at malapit ng atakihin sa puso. pinadalhan ako ng RCBC ng demand letter through collecting Agent ( Law Firm) gusto nila mag bayad ako ang kaso sapat lang panggastos ko sa familya ko ang sahod. , yun letter may heading ng Metropolitan trial court walang branch, walang civil case number . paano ko ba maidentify if authenticated ito. o hindi.. pagpayuhan niyo naman ako.

  412. Gud evening mag clarify lang po ako pag ba nag offer ng amnesty ang banko sa phone lang at sumang ayon ka legal n ba yun para makulong kahit wala pang contract na binibigay at naniningil pa lang ng advance fee or curing fee.

    Pagpayuhan niyo ako kasi nga inoperan ako di pa ako makabayad ng initial payment n 4k. para makapasok sa Amnesty.


  413. Here’s my situation naman..i think it’s kinda different from the rest..

    I have unsettled cc debts in the Phils. Before i left the Philippines, all of my accounts are in good status. I started not paying it when I left to UAE to be with my husband. I wasnt able to pay it coz i don’t have job there and my husband doesn’t know about it (even up to now). I did not inform the bank that I left Phils at that time. We have funds in the bank at that time but could not use to pay my cc coz this funds have been declared as our settlement fund in our application for immigrant status in Canada. Then, we eventually got our PR Visa and moved to Canada after 9 mos stay in UAE. After 2 yrs since I left Phils., a relative of mine received a letter from a collection agency @ our previous address in Phils saying they will sue me for RA8484 if i will not pay. I sent an email to the bank asking for settlement. They sent me a settlement agreement via email but i couldnt afford to pay the terms…so i did not pay…i haven’t heard anything yet from them after that. It’s been a year already.

    My question, am I liable under that RA8484 law?

  414. Mga Amiga & Amigo, cool lang kayo mag papasko na naman, tiyak mamasko din ang mga collecting agency, uulanin naman ng tawag.. sa telepono para maningil.. he he…

  415. Hi. may problem po ako ngayon, may tumawag po sa kapitan naming at hinahanap ako at pati asawa ko. ang sabi po ayusin ng maaga at pwede pa naman. at pag hindi daw po didiretso na sila sa company ng asawa ko upang ireklamo po ang asawa ko dahil sa ako po ay may utang sa credit card. ako po ay walang trabaho at madami na din po ako naibayad sa kanila nung time na may work pa ako. may karapatan po ba sila na puntahan ang company ng asawa ko kung ang asawa ko ay hindi naman card holder?

  416. 3 yrs na po ako walang work at ngayon at tumatawag po sila sa ibang tao. ano pod apat kong gawin? tumawag po ako kagabi at ask ko kung anong klase po ung sinisingil nila. hindi po nila masabi at madami raw po sila client. abogado daw po ang kausap ko.

  417. I have taken personal loan from standard chartered bank Oman in 2011.During those time they asked my end of service benefit as security and given.Due to omanization company force me to resign and i resigned my job in Oman back to India and company forward my end of service benefit to the bank but still pending some amount against my loan.after a 6 month i got a call from one recovery agency now that agency people harassing me for pay back this amount with out time limit and they told me they will file a case against me and i cannot go any of other GGC.

    I got offers from the same country and other country too.

    Please advise me weather i have to face any legal formalities due to this and have any travel ban if go to same country and different country.

  418. GUd pm, paano po ba makakontak sa Metrobank ; Special Debt Restructuring Agreement . grabe ang higpit collecting agent na may handle ng credit card problem ko kasi , nag paparestructure ako, at nakikiusap ako na i adjust ng payment date from 10 to 16, kasi alanganin date at wala ako maibabayayad dahil wala pa sweldo ng 10, ang sweldo namin ay 15 at 30..

    medyo kinabahan po ako kasi nakapag submit na ako sa kanila ng copya ng 2 ID comapny ID and SSS ID pwede ba nilang gamitin ito sa korte against me kahit di ko pa binabalik ang agreement of contract. na binigay nila sa akin for signature
    Please advise naman.

  419. Hi fitz, everytime i received call from collection agent. I do open this site and read all comments in different problems re: CC, and it really helps me a lot.

    Now, i just want to share with you or everybody what i have experiencing now.

    Last week they call to our office, luckily i was not there dahil nag field work ako. My officemate received their call. They are informing daw na they are from CIDG office, and they will come to our office @ 3:00pm to serve their warrant of arrest. If i will not coordinate with them, that day. Kaya daw tumawag sila pra ako na daw makiusap sa nag file ng case against me. Kasi ayaw din naman daw nila na naka pusas ako palabas ng office namin. Dali2x namang tumawag sa akin yong officemate ko, informing about it. I’m so afraid, biglang inatake ako nang nervious ko. So i go back to the office right after receiving the call. And waiting for them for the whole afternoon. And i thank God na, wla nangyari sa araw na yon.

    Last monday Nov. 24, 2014 may tumawag na nman sa brgy. namin at mismong sa brgy captain namin. They are informing also that i have a case “ESTAFA” daw, and they are from CIDG again, SPO2 SANTILLAN daw pod sya. They have a txt also to our brgy captain, ito po yong txt nya. “Good am Kap , SPO2 Santillan po ito ng CIDG CAMP CRAME (09983092404). Coordination lang po sa na receive naming complaint. NOTED OF COURT ORDER FOR THE ATTACHMEN OF PROPERTY. Re-article 315 LARGE SCALES ESTAFA Respondent:(pangalan ko and address. patawagin sa akin ang akusado o pamilya para ma detalye ko ang kaso o tumawag sila sa MAKATI RTC Branch 56 at hanapin si Atty. Emmanuel Galvez (02) 463 6991 / 0928 811 7151

    As of now, i feel so very ashamed sa aming barangay dahil formerly brgy. captain pa naman yong papa ko. Everytime namn po silang tumawag sa akin, kung ako ang makasagot, maganda naman po ang napag usapan namin, kahit na minsan hina harass nila ako, nagpa kumbaba naman ako, dahil alam ko naman na malaki talaga pagkakamali ko. I always assure to them na pag may extra money na ako, i am will to pay pod naman.

    Sir, i hope you can help ang give me an advise to me. This time halos di ako makatulog dahil dito sa problema ko.

    I am waiting for your reply. God bless!!!

  420. Thank you so much emjay, but how? Ginawa na nila akong masama sa mga ka barangay ko. NAging front page na ako dun. But i must admit the risk. . . . Huh! Di naman din alam nang mga taga barangay ko about the law and even our brgy officials. Because the’yre really assuming na malapit na talaga akong makulong. . . .Thanks sa blog na ito, at naka hinga na rin ako nang maluwag. May God bless us all!!!

  421. Sonia, wala akong masyadong masasabi sa problema mo pero tingin ko kasi harassment na ginagawa nila sa iyo kaya pwede mo sila ireklamo sa Bangko Sentral. Kunin mo yung name at company nung tao, tapos makipag-usap ka sa BSP, kahit sa email sumasagot sila.

    Supervision and Examination Sector
    5th Floor, Multi-Storey Building, BSP Complex
    A. Mabini St., Malate, Manila
    E-mail address: [email protected]
    Tel. Nos.: Direct Line: (+632)523-3631• Trunkline (+632)524-7011 local 2584

  422. Thanks Mam Emjay

    sa information about BSP

    Siguro pwede rin ako mag sumbong sa kanila tungkol sa credit card ko ( MetroBank) ganito yun situation nagpapa amesty ako para makabayad sa kanila kaso , yung payment date na binigay sa akin ay hindi pa sweldo at wala ako pambayad. nakiusap na ako sa collecting agent taas boses ang pag giit sa date at sinabihan pa ako na ikansel na lang ang contract buti na lang . di ako nakakibo .

  423. Nadia,

    Oo naman pwede ka magreklamo lalo na kung sa tingin mo lumalabag sila sa mga rules ng BSP. Nung nagreklamo kasi ako sa BSP, naka-cc rin yung credit card company sa reklamo ko. Sa email lang ako nagrekalamo since wala ako sa Pilipinas. Mabilis sila umaksyon. At natuwa ako kasi diretso sa president ng credit card company yung reklamo ko, nakita ko sa email naka-cc. At sa awa ng Diyos na ayos ko yung problema kahit through email lang.

    Masakit sa ulo yung problema sa mga cc kaya sana wag na nila dagdagan ng harassment.

    Check BSP website from time to time for updates.

  424. ang question ko is, pag pinadala ka na ng summons or even may court rulling na, can a payment arrangement through CA or the bank still possible?

  425. I am willing to settle my credit card ( Metrobank) the problem is sa collecting agent na naghahandle ng card ko ayaw nilang iadjust ang payment sa petsang may pambayad ako.. tapos nung tumawag ako ang sabi ay ikansel na lang if di ako makasunod kasi may cycle ang bank iyun dw ang dapat masunod sobra na ang stress ko..gusto nila magbayad ako sa gusto nilang date pero wala naman ako maibayad kasi hindi ko naman sweldo pa . pwede ba akong mapatulong sa central bank .

  426. Hello po!

    Good day!

    May tumawag po sa akin na External Office daw ng HSBC. Tanong ko lang po, Collection Agency po ba sila? Law Firm? I mean, third party po ba? Naniningil na naman after 2 years. Yung last kasi na contact sa akin ay 2011 pa. Tapos consistent lang ung pagpapadala nila ng letter sa bahay.

    Sabi ng tumawag babayaran ko na lng daw 12K instead of 50k. Actually yung nagamit ko aabot din ng 26k. Pero may nabayaran din naman ako mga 5k yata..

    Advise naman po, Confused kasi ako kung go babayaran ko na lng din para tapos na? O baka may mas ok pa na paraan?

    Thanks po.

    Sana may sasagot.



  427. Hi! I’ve a question regarding my metrobank cc. After neglecting my dues from the said bank, my account was then forwarded to a collecting agency that offered discount so I will not have to pay the full amount and instead pay it in half and within a certain period of time. I kindly talked to them and said I’m still having financial difficulties and willing to pay though I have to fit it in my budget, I even requested for a different payment arrangements which they denied and said that was the best I can get. Before that I was getting demand letters and billing statement which I ignored because seriously, their interest was way higher than I imagined, I have a BDO cc and is using it until now without any trouble. Anyway, today I called the agency and asked if the offer still stand because I might get the money before the end of January, I got confused when the person I talked to said my account was turned over to metrobank and that a representative of the said back will contact me instead. He didn’t provide me with details and he even sounded apologetic which scared me. How is my account got transferred back to metro bank? Is that how their proceedure is? What should I do next? I wish to pay my debt but the sum is really ridiculous for a card I barely used. Thank you in advance so much in advance, wish you can advise me..

  428. Hi, I had a problem din regarding sa CC from EastWest Bank.. Hope my makatulong sa akin, the bank still sending me statement of accounts then nagpadala na ng sulat from a law firm asking me to pay for that specific amount.

    Pero the problem, hindi ako nag apply ng CC, but they’ve processed it. Hindi ako nagsubmit ng any identification card, never ako ng sign ng terms and conditions nila.

    Then, nagulat na lang ako last May 2013 na may tumawag sa ako asking me to pay for my cash advance daw? Then tumawag ako sa kasamahan ko sa work in Manila, (I am working here in the province in the same agency), then she confess to me na sya ung gumamit ng card and nagcash advance ng 10thou.

    Then binigyan ako ng bangko ng copy ng delivery receipt nila and sya nga ang tumanggap. Then pinasulat ako ng bank na sabihin ko na nagkausap na kaming dalawa at sinabi ko na napag usapan na namin kung papaano babayaran pero hindi ko sinabi na ako ung magbabayad.

    Nong una binabayaran nya hindi umaabot sa minimum amount. Pero ngayong patay na sya, umaabot na sa 25thousand ung bill then para sa akin ayaw kong bayaran dahil hindi naman ako ung umutang. ni hindi ko nga nakita ang credit card na yun.

    Ano po ang gagawin ko? Any help? Thanks po..

  429. Kindly advised naman kasi nalilito ako if paano ako makapag sesettle ng account sa Metro bank credit card nuong una ang ENZI ang kausap ko tpos di kami nag kasundo sa payment ngayon Añonuevo na naman ang naniningil sa akin , normal ba na nag papalipat lipat ang collecting agent naguguluhan ako. paano ba makapag settle ng maayos para mabayaran ang credit card delinquent.

  430. Hi,

    Ako po ay may utang sa credit card na hindi ko nabayaran sa dahilang sobrang gipit ako sa panahong eto. Ang problema ko po ay nakatanggap ako ng summon galing sa Pasig Regional Trial Court noong October 2014 at binalewala ko po eto at hindi po ako pumunta sa korte dahil na rin sa mga advice ng mga kaibigan at mga nababasa kong articles sa ibang site. Ngayon pong January 2015 ay may tumawag sa opisina na pinagtatrabahuhan ko na isang superintendent sa camp crame at hinahanap ako subalit ng mga panahong iyon ay wala ako kaya ang manager ko ang kanyang kinausap. Ayon sa manager ko ang napag-usapan nila ng superintendent na eto na kung sakaling hindi ako makikipag-cooperate at tatawag sa kanila ay nagbanta na ipa-NBI nya ako at ipapatanggal sa aking trabaho at pupuntahan pa sa opisina na pinagtatrabahuhan ko na kasama ang NBI na may dalang warrant of arrest. Hindi po ako nagreturn call sa pulis na eto. Sa ngayon po pakiramdam ko ay parang pang-haharass ang ginawa nila sa akin. Hindi na ako makatulog at nahihiya na rin akong pumasok sa opisina.

    Ang mga tanong ko po ay:
    1. Tama po ba ang ginawa ng pulis?
    2. Sa hindi ko po ba pagsagot sa summon, tama po bang ang CIDG ang maghabol sa akin?
    2. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin ngayong hindi ako pumunta sa korte?
    3. Ano pong kaso ang maari nilang i-file sa akin sa hindi ko pagsipot sa summon? May mairerekomenda po ba kayong attorney para sa akin na bihasa sa mga ganetong kaso sa hindi pagbabayad ng credit card.

    Maraming salamat po at sana masagot po ang mga tanong ko.

  431. i have a question
    if the father is bankrupt and on debt loans and has also left dubai ,can a daughter or wife enter Dubai on student or visit visa
    do answer soon

  432. hi, i read above na if ever na malaki ung loan involved the credit card company may opt to file a case instead of selling it to a collection agency… but if may tumatawag na sa akin na collection agency, does it mean na the credit card company has already dismissed my loan and has already sold it, therefore i don’t have to fear being sued by the credit card company?

    thanks! hope to receive any feedback…

  433. Paki explaine naman ano po ba ang bank cycle kasi sa restructuring yun ang sinasabi ng collecting dapat mag bayad what if wala pasweldo sa date paano ka magbabayad ng amnesty, saka diba pag nag amnesty ka pwede mabago ang due date.

  434. Hi! Just wanna know how to pay may cc after 2 years..I went abroad so before I leave the country I forgot to settle all my cc which are hsbc and ew banks.. Can you please tell me how..

  435. Stress na stress na ako sa Añonuevo Collecting Agent grabe malapit na akong maatake sa puso, laging tumatawag sa opis ko nasuspindi ako ng wala sa panahon.

  436. I got a letter from BDO via the Mijares collection agency.. it was threatening to contact local sheriff… what will they really do. Help. I am jobless, suicidal and really hanging onto dear life. I have any money and even rely on my brother to be able to eat daily. This is making me want to take my life because I really cannot afford it. I have another debt with another bank. I’m just very sick right now that i cant afford the combined credit of a little over 30K. :(

  437. Hi ask lng po kasi indi ko po nabayaran ang cc q en my husband was in dubai at plan nya aq kunin. Mahaharang po ba ako sa imigration o magkajaproblema po ba ako sa pag alis ko sa imigration natin papuntang dubai?

  438. i have the same problem with them di na po ako nakakabayad ng mga credit cards ko gawa ng magisa ko na lng na ngwowork para sa 2 anak ko.lagi 2mtwag ang collection agency lalo na ang EASTWEST bank at sinasabi ma my pupunta na empleyado nila at papipirmahin daw ako ng documents para magbyad.TAMA po ba yun?
    please send me a reply…nadly depressed na po. thank you..


  439. Good day i have problem regarding my personal loan 5 years ago from JCG bank in hongkong with 21000 HK$ out standing balance.Now im here in philippines last year i recieved a demand letter from INZI company stating that i need to pay half of my loan if not they will sue me in court but i ignore it.I never recieve any sopena if they pursue the case or not.The question is if i go back hong kong again mahohold po ba aq sa immigration? And im planning to settle it personally

  440. Nagka hit ako sa NBi last Wed lang. Nag iisa lang ang name ko dahil very unique sha. Posible ba non-payment ng cc ang reason last 2013 lang ako kumuha wala naman ako hit. Takot ako

  441. @ stressedme – Kung alam mo na hit ka dapat tinanong mo anong hit mo. Civil case lang naman ang CC then criminal case ang ni re- record sa NBI. So dapat tanungin mo NBI baka hindi ikaw yon.

  442. Hi, I’m Jean.

    I just received a letter from M.C Ramiro & Associates today saying that it’s my last opportunity to settle my delinquent obligation which amounts to P 50,000. Sadly, I don’t have a money yet to settle such amount, I stopped paying Metrobank since last year because I lost my job and I just got a new job last December as much as I want to pay them, my salary is not enough because aside from that, my father is sick and we need to pay for his medication. Now, the thing is, based on the letter they sent me Metrobank has endorsed my issue to a LAW FIRM which is M.C RAMIRO & Associates I believe. Before that, I called Enzi a collection agency for help though I wasn’t able to send the documents they need and now here, MC Romero is the one who are now contacting me. Can anyone help me or can give an advise of what to do? I’m afraid to make an arrangements because if ever that I wasn’t able to pay for what we have agreed since I am going to resign by next month on my current work due to some personal issues there. T.T helppppppp please? :(

  443. Ms. Jean dont worry kasi pag wala ka mabayad sa kanila lilipat ka uli nila ng ibang collecting agent… nagyari na sa akin yan.. eh from Enzi nalilipat ako sa collecting agent na sobrang walang hiya. ngayon nasa iba na naman ako…

  444. Hi po.. Just done paying po sa credit card ko.. Nagreklamo po kasi ako sa Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regarding po sa naissue sa aking credit card na hindi naman ako ung gumamit. After 1 month po nagreply yong bank sa concerned ko and from 31thousand pesos, ung binayaran ko na lang is 10thousand pesos. Hindi ko naman po pwedeng singilin yong gumamit ng card ko kasi patay na sya, inako ko na lang lahat ng responsibility para maclear lang po ang pangalan ko.

    Yesterday lang ako nagdeposit ng 10thousand pesos. And right now waiting ako ng Certificate of Full Settlement 2 to 3 weeks from now.

    Hope po after I share this, this will help you to enlighten your mind regarding credit card problems..

  445. @NAIDA ibig po ba sabhin nun yung M.C ramiro Collecting agency din ? As per checking kasi law firm sya kaya medyo kinabahan ako. Of course kung may pera at may sobrababayaran ko naman yun, unfortunately kulang na kulang pa sa pagpapagamot ng papa ko kaya natatakot ak makipag settle din kasi d ko pa kaya ang another gastusin. Thanks

  446. Ms. Jean, basta maging maayos ka lang makipag usap sa kanila, yung pangungulit at pananakot part part ng business nila pag wa sila masingil wala silang kita.. sarili mo ang unahin mo bago sila. kasi palipat lipat lang yn ng collecting basta pag kaya mo makipagtawaran ka .

  447. hello, same the others i had a credit card problem. just received a summon from the collection agency stating for the civil case (sum of money). what will happen if i don’t respond to the summon. since they giving me 10days to respond. till the moment i don’t have enough money to settle the dues. can i request ba from collection agency to pay the dues in lump sum. thanks for the answer.

  448. Hello, i have the same problem sa inyo. Dami kong credit cards at hindi ako nag apply sila mismo nagpadala sa akin at ngayon nahirapan ako magbayad kasi lalong lumalaki sya.

  449. Cris, be firm, wag mastress tinatakot ka lang ng mga yan basta makipag usap ka s banko. ng maayos, dinaanan ko na yan sa buwist ko, nireport ko sa Central Bank at inaksyuhan agad eto kahit paano nagmellow sila.
    nakakuha pa ako ng discount at hinuhulugan ko sa kaya ko. sa minimum na amount hangang matapos…

  450. Hello miss nadia, I had a question for you, meron din po akong CC na d pa nabayaran at tinawagan nila ang mayor at kapitan naming na may filed case na daw po sa akin na estafa, tapos po tumawag ako at naki pag negotiate sa bank 100K babayaran ko tinawadan ko tapos binigay sakin 20K nlng daw kasi yun yung credit limit ko dati,. I am very willing to pay so ngayon pinapabayad nako sa bangko din naisip ko ano yung magiging hold ko na nag bayad na ako ng 20K at di na ako nila sisingilin ulit? ok ba na mag padala sila ng agreement dun sa branch na babayaran ko before ako magbigay ng pera? is it true po kaya na may naka file na case sakin parehas nung sinasabi nila sa kapitan namin? enlighten me please. gusto ko na po tlaga matapos to. kaso dapat maka siguro po ako, im afraid singilin uli nila ako after mag bayad ng 20K wala nko pambayad pa.

  451. Yads, before ka magbayad hingi ka ng agreement sa kanila na nakasulat ang pinag usapan ninyong amount, yun lang ang hold mo. kahit saang branch nila pwede ka magbayad basta banko nila yun resibo ng binayaran mo bigyan mo ng kopya ang bangko or i e-mail mo .

    yung case na sinabi mo as long as nakikipag communicate ka sa bangko , wag ka mastressed. humingi ka agad ng certificate of full settlement . wag mo patagalin kasi may mga bangko na matagal mag update ng records, kaya may pag kakataon na kahit bayad mo na nakareceived ka parin sulat ng paniningil. saka ok na ang 20 k.

  452. Gud morning , ask ko po yung promissory to pay the credit card ay legal na ba, katulad ng contract for restructuring, pwede na ba ako makulong pag di ko tinupad.

    pa Advised naman.

  453. Gud am po. Meron akong deliquent card noong 2008 pa and then hindi ko n nabayaran. Now kumuha ako ng bahay thru developer. Now kailangn ko mag issue ng check. Question ko po makakapag open po ba ako ng checking account kahit my endorsement letter akofrom developer? Madedecline po ba yung application ko dahil sa deliquent credit card. Please advise me po. Tnx

  454. @sam2sam:
    Based on experience, I also have a delinquent card way back 2009. Tapos 2010 na approve yong Housing Loan ko sa Pag-ibig at binigyan ako ng endorsement letter ng developer ko to open a checking account. So far nakapag-open naman ako without any questions asked from the bank na pinag-open-an ko. I hope this will help you.

  455. Achiever Says:
    Anyone could give an advise;
    Currently i have P109K CC Bill P40K of that is Finance Charges. My last payment was Dec 2014. Right now i could not afford to pay since I don’t have a work and only my wife is earning and just enough for our daily expenses. Just this morning a law firm called me up to investigate and apparently demanding for a payment. I said to the Representative that I have first to call the bank to know the status if my case was endorsed to this collecting agency.
    1. Can I go back to the bank for the settlement? I dont want to settle with Collecting Agency since they are not the one who will issue a certificate for full settlement.
    2. What could be me strategy in order for me to settle less.
    3. If there is an agreement reached between bank and me, is it proper to get first the agreement before paying the agreed amount? i believe this is my protection once I settled the agreed amount.

  456. question po…ayaw kasi magbigay ng magandang program ng HSBC at malaking discount para sa amnesty. so inisip kong hintayin na lang na mapunta sa collection agency kasi pag sa kanila, halos kahit anong amount diba eh papatulan nila? puro interests naman kasi nagpalaki ng balance ng cc. nag-i-issue din ba ng certificate of full payment ang CA?

  457. question ko po hindi po ba ako makakakuha ng nbi clearance pag may unpaid
    debts ako sa credit card ko

  458. I got in touch with the collection agency in charge of my account and was able to arrange a reasonable payment scheme. Basically, I need to pay all the money I owe the bank in 35 months. I will be sending the payment agreement to the collection agency (a law firm) on Monday. I know some people advise against this because I could really end up in legal trouble if I don’t end up settling the account but I am going to pray that by God’s grace I finish paying off my debt in three years (or less!).

    I’m going to have to work really hard and pray no bad thing ever happens to me in the next three years so I can pay the entire debt.

    I had been a Citibank member since 2003 but fell into hard times in 2014. I stopped paying my credit card in July 2014 and only resumed paying in December 2014. By then, the bank wanted me to pay the balance in full but since I couldn’t, I just paid whatever extra money I had every month until I felt confident that they would allow me to pay the whole sum in installments (it’s now May 2015).

    I will let everyone know by the end of the third year what happens. Wish me luck and pray for me. :-)

  459. @ecarg makakakuha ka pre kasi hindi naman criminal case ang utang sa credit card. kaya no worries.

  460. Hi,

    What about non-payment of government loan? No PDCs involved nor signed contract. But it’s more like ‘advancing’ the retirement pay 30years ahead.

  461. Hindi ko rin nabayaran ang cc ko since last year.may tumawag po sa akin na taga collection agency at nag email ng promissory note at humihingi ng proof of income, any govt ID at dapat may pirma ko..legal po ba ito at pwede ba nila itong gawing merit pag nag kaso na sila sa akin?sana po may makasagot.

  462. guys i have a question. I hope somebody here can help me. May BPI credit card ako noon year 2007 nung nagwowork ako sa BPO. year 2010 nag apply ako ng job sa BPI at natanggap naman ako. pero don na rin nagstart na di ako nakakabayad sa bpi credit card kasi naospital lola ko at ako lahat gumagastos dahil ako lng naman sa family namin ang single pa. hanggang sa umabot na ang credit card debt ko sa BPI ng more than Php100k dahil sa penalties and interest charges. Ngayon nga 2015 nag resign na ko sa BPI, may karapatan ba sila na huwag ibigay yong last pay ko at savings ko sa company? Di naman staff card yong BPI credit card ko kasi nakuha ko yong card na yon nung nagwwork pa ako sa ibang company. Pwede ba nila huwag ibigay yong last pay and savings ko kasi sabihin nila na may BPI credit card debt ako> Pls guys i need your help medyo malaki kasi ang last pay ko at savings ko sa company at ito lang inaasahan ko to move on and start a new life. Maraming salamat sa magrereply.

  463. Hi , I have a question. This is for my best friend who currently living in Indonesia.
    He used to stay here in Sydney for a while before he went back to Indo. He left in 2012, he told me that he owes around 30-35k debt ( credit cards and personal loan), at that time he had no choice because he had an emergency back at home and he also got redundant from his employer here in Australia. He said it’s really really hard for him to pay up the debts, because he has got a lot of factors in his life at the moment ( 2 kids, family, house mortgage in Indo, etc ).

    The question is, what happens if he doesn’t intend to pay? Will he be chased up for this eventhough he is living in Indo now? I heard of like 7 years written off something like that, but not quite sure what is the exact definition of it.

    Ooo, also he is still holding a PR ( permanent resident ) of Australia, and he intends to extend the PR status every 5 year, will this be a problem when he comes back / re enter to Aussie? Will he get asked in the airport or anything? Also is it gonna effect the PR?

    What is the worst could happen in this case? Thanks a lot

  464. Hi

    I have had two credit cards when I was in a well paid company during 1997-98. One was from Standard Chartered Bank and the other from HDFC. The first one had a credit limit of 15k INR and the second with a credit limit of 23K INR.

    I lost my job in the beginning of 1999 and had to sit at home. I started using the card when I had no job thinking that it could be paid when I got employed. Things didn’t go well the way I thought. Card stopped vending money. I received a job in 2001 abroad. They started calling me. They told me I owe them 500,000 INR where actually I owe them 38,000INR.

    They started to threaten me and bothering me. I threw away my cell number for ever. They were silent. I discussed this credit card issue with my friend who was a legal advisor to a Nationalized Bank. I told him, that I was willing to pay these credit card companies. He discouraged me and advised me if I had money to waste, just give him. This was happening during 2005. I was doing well, and I was willing to pay and my friend discouraged me as well.

    However these boys discovered where my parents were staying and then they traced my wife and child. They were the local gangsters who was engaged by these credit card companies to bring the money back.

    I started talking to them once again. They were talking about 500,000 again. I told I was willing to pay a reasonable amount, but if they were scaring me I would have no other choice but to approach the court.

    They called after three months and told they are willing to agree for INR 300,000, once again I told them I was sorry and I told, I was ready to contest in the court. They took few weeks to call me again to tell another amount and that was 100,000INR

    I contacted another friend of mine to know what was to be done in this case thinking that they wont come down further. He discouraged me as well and told me that they were going to write off my debts because it is over 7 plus years. Since they knew about my whereabouts and as a last attempt, they were trying to make me to pay them whatever I could as I am working abroad.

    He suggested not to agree with the 100,000 and he insisted that I must always say this sentence that I was willing to pay and if they didn’t agree with me, I was willing to contest in the court.

    They called me again and I repeated the same sentence all the time since then. They called me after a month and told, I could pay 53,000INR as a full and final settlement. I told no, they threat me again that they will go back to 500,000. I said that I was wiling to contest in the court. They said 53000 INR in two installments. Well I also lost interest in the cat-rat game. They helped me when I was in crisis and I thought 53K is a reasonable amount for 38k. Thus I paid them in two installments and settled the issue forever.

    Since then I never had a credit card. But I want one against a fixed deposit. I wonder if the agree with me.

  465. Hi, I just received a summon from Makati Regional Trial Court that was brought by an employee of our Municipal. A case has already been filed against me by East West Bank.

    I still don’t have money now because my house was burned 2 months ago and we are on the stage of rebuilding a new house and the money we used for it came from the insurance and cash advances from our company.

    Please give me some advice. Thank you

  466. Media Releases

    Credit Card Debt Collection Practices Considered Unfair Under BSP Regulations


    Do you know that there are existing regulations that are meant to provide for credit card debt collection methods that are reasonable and legally permissible?

    Do you know that credit card issuers and their collection agents should observe good faith and refrain from engaging in unscrupulous or untoward acts, to the extent of harassing and humiliating
    the credit card holder?

    For the information of the public, existing Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regulations prohibit credit card issuers and their collection agents from engaging in the following instances of unfair collection practices:

    • The use or threat of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or property of any person;

    • The use of obscenities, insults, or profane language which amount to a criminal act or offense under applicable laws;

    • Disclosure of the names of credit cardholders who allegedly refuse to pay debts;

    • Threat to take any action that cannot legally be taken;

    • Communicating or threat to communicate to any person credit information which is known to be false, including failure to communicate that a debt is being disputed;

    • Any false representation or deceptive means to collect or attempt to collect any debt or to obtain information concerning a cardholder; and

    • Making contact at unreasonable/inconvenient times or hours which shall be defined as contact before 6:00 A.M. or after 10:00 P.M., unless the account is past due for more than sixty (60) days or the cardholder has given express permission or said times are the only reasonable or convenient opportunities for contact.


    Supervision and Examination Sector
    5th Floor, Multi-Storey Building, BSP Complex
    A. Mabini St., Malate, Manila
    E-mail address: [email protected]
    Tel. Nos.: Direct Line: (+632)523-3631• Trunkline (+632)524-7011 local 2584

  467. Nice to read comments. in my case CIBIL report says CC dues written off but now after 9 years getting call from agency for CC
    dues. I dont remember anything except that I have settled CC account. No records available. What to do now? Pl advise…..

  468. I need your help po, biktima po ako ng scam sa internet, and pinakita po sa akin ay shipping fee lang tapos po hiningi na po ung credit card info ko ung akala ko pong 450 ay naging 18,200, hindi po nila pinakita sa akin ung final amount bago po ako magproceed, nung nalaman ko po sa next page na 18,200 na po ang kinuha nila account ko, nag cancel po ako agad ng order at pina blocked po sa metrobank ang card ko ang problema ko po panu po kaya ang gagawin ko kasi ayoko ko pong bayaran ung 18,000 kasi nabiktima po ako ng scam sa internet. kailangan ko po ng payo niyo salamat po

  469. hi

    How can I stopped collecting agencies from calling our office number?
    It’s very embarrassing answering their calls, I’m just afraid I will be suspended because of their frequent calls. I have a pending cc debt of 21k now. And just received my soa today saying I have to pay IMMEDIATELY.

    Thanks, please help.

    facing financial crisis :-(

  470. Yung mga negative comments at pinananakot yung access device law ay mga COLLECTION AGENTS!!!

    Wag nyo pansinin mga inutil na yan!

    These CAs are the worst kind of people. They are the scum of the earth, they prey on the distressed and live off their misery.

    8 ang CCs ko, sagad lahat ang credit limit all the time. Pero walang problema sa akin kasi may pambayad naman ako. Or so I thought. Then came when I desperately need to spend money “somewhere” else. It didn’t took long for my debt to snow ball. After several years, nabayaran ko din yung 6 pero yung 2 hindi ko na inasikaso kasi sa tingin ko sobrang dami na naibayad ko sa interest at saka dun sa 2 cards na yun ako naka experience nang pinaka grabeng taktika nang mga collection agents. Yung 6 cards kaya ko nabayaran kasi yung CA maayos makipag usap at nag offer na staggered basis yung payment. Yung CA dun sa 2 pa, hayop sa lahat nang hayop kaya tinabla ko na. GU TU HIL!!!

    Credit card companies walang patawad sa interest but they will talk to you nicely. Collection agents walang patawad all the way. Nasisikmura nyao galing sa pang gigipit nang already gipit nang tao ang pinapakain nyo sa pamilya nyo? TINDI NYO!

    As for the access device law, I’m not a lawyer but based from what I gathered, it only applies to those who applied for a credit card and disappeared right away (there is the element of intent for fraud). Most of us, we we’re paying interest for a loooonnnngggggg time already before we stopped paying. In this case, the access device law does not apply.

    Of course I’m not happy defaulting with those 2 cards, but given my circumstances and after computing all the interests I have paid for several years I can tell myself in the mirror that I have already paid more than what I owed.

    Uulitin ko, WAG MATAKOT sa collection agents. Ang tanging dahilan lang nila kaya kayo pupursigihin singilin ay HOPE. Kaya wag nyo sila bigyan nang dahilan para umasa na makakasingil sa inyo. Wag nyo ipakita na apektado kayo nang pang haharass nila. Just face them with a smug face. If they sense fear and anxiety they’ll “keep the pressure on”. If they go to your neighbors, then help them reach more neighbors. If they threaten a law suit thell them you’ll gladly accept the subpoena. When an alleged attorney, NBI agent, DOJ officer, policeman from the nearby precinct calls you up and asks you to pay or else you’ll get a warrant of arrest, subpoona whatever, just tell them to bring it to you personally and you’ll gladly accept it.

  471. is it possible that being a delinquent credit card holder can be charged of estafa? somebody called me and harrased me.. My name daw was on Manila Bulletin and the company was possible to be closed because of me.. My basis po ba ito. Kindly help me po sa nakakaalam.. Thanks!

  472. Alvin enriquez from Manila Bulletin called & ilalagay daw in print ang name ko.. ive been delinquent for almost a yr now.. hindi sinasadya pero wala pa akong pambayad kc.. may ganito po ba talaga?

  473. The best thing to do is really pay the credit card bill on time. For me I make it sure that I pay on or before the statement date so that to avoid any trouble and being blocked as one of the bad creditors. It is just a matter of being a responsible spender.

  474. hi po ask q lang po… pano po kc nagkaron aq ng first cc q dahil s east west po… nabigla n lang po aq kc sa company po namin ang nag apply is ung superior q aq lang po pinagtanungan nya bout superior q tapos ask nya info q din tapos nag alok q ng card umayaw nman po aq kaya laking gulat q po nung may nagpadala skin ng card ng d aq nag aaply … una ayaw q po gamitin xempre po nung nangailangan aq nagamit q din…. nag babayad po aq nung cmula nung nag karon n po ng financial problem don n po aq puro tubo lang nabayaran kaso lumaki ng lumaki at ndi q n po talaga nabayaran… ngayom po hinaharass n aq at may pumunta n sa bahay nmin… ano po dapat q gawin gusto q man ipay ala po talaga aqong financial… tapos ano po yun kahit ala aqong application form n pinirmahan s knila pwede b aq kasuhan… salamat po

  475. Hi Sir fitz,
    Thanks for this info na kagaya nmin hinaharas na po sa CA mga masasakit na salita at pinahiya kana para lng makapagbayad ka sa utang mo my pulis pa na pumunta sa bahay namin taga camp crame daw yon. Malaki dn nman ang pasalamat ko sa creditcard ko kasi nagamit ko tagala cya hangang 3yrs sa validity niya wala tagala akong balak ipa close cya kaya lng ng my malaking problema dumating sa familya namin 29k lng yong utang ko with interest na guro to pero hindi ko enubos yong limit ko sa creditcard kng ano lng tagala ang kaya kng bayaran yan lng ang e purchase ko po. Nag xpire cya last jan.2013 until april 2013 bagbayad pa po ako hangang na nganak po ako hindi na ako naka pag pay noon until this yr. Nag pay ako ng 500 last yr kasi sobrang kulit ng CA na yon. Ngayon namin kailangan kng maghulog ng 5k para bigyan nila ako ng agrement dn 20k para onetime payment daw. Sabi ko wala akong pera ipa court daw nila meron na daw akong warrant of arrest din. E installment nlng ayaw nila din. Lalo akong hindi maka bayad niyan kasi yong bunso ko na dengue po cya 10days kami sa ospital lahat ng expenses utang yon. Problema ko na daw ipa court na nila ako.. So hindi na ako nag reply mula ng nabasa ko tong blog… Nabawasan ang kaba sa dibdib ko..

  476. Same here. Eastwest dn card ko. Isang taon ksi nla akong tnwagan para magapply ng cc so after 1yr umoo nko. Ngayon about 30k ang balance ng cc ko pero ang ngamit ko lng dun eh below 20k the rest is interest n charges n pumatong. Hnd po ako pumapalya ng byad everu month ng min due ko. Kaso last month ndelay lng ako ng 5days dhil s emergency nwala S isip ko n due n nga pla. Nagbyad ako ng 15th of the month pagopen kp ng email ko ng 17th may statement balance n dumating ng 15th hnd ko sya nipen agad nung araw n yun. Ang min due is nsa 4k eh nagbyad lang ako nung 1500+ dahil late ko n nkita ung email. Ngayon s boss ko sila tawag ng tawag at hnd skin. Naiins nko. Kahit B nagbbyad k ng min due mo eh kukulitin kprn nmn ba. Wla akong blak takbuhan ung cc ko kya nga nagbbyad ako. Hinihuntay ko lng mkakuha ng mlking deal s trabaho ko para mbyaran ko ng buo yun. Haist.

  477. Hi Fitz, nag open ako ng another savings account , at may CC debt ako.
    Posible po bang ung pera sa account ko eh malagasan gawa ng collection agency?thanks

  478. Ako po nagbbyad naman monthly ng min due ko, ndelay lng ako ng 5days last month at ngyon ang min due ko nsa 4k na. Eh 1500+ lng bnbyrn ko dun monthly -_- late p email ng SOA nila immediate nklagay s due date. Pwede bko mgreklamo?

  479. Hi again Sir fritz, I try to call EastWeast bank na pwd ba akong magbayad sa utang ko sa cc na delinquent na, wala daw silang access nyan, sabi ko kasi ang hirap ng taga CA maningil agad agad pa. Try ko daw tumawag sa toll free kaya lng ng tumawag ako nasa coll.dept na daw nila yong account ko.. Paano po ya maam gustong kng magbayad kaya lng estagard basis nga lng nag explain po ako sa customer service nila…
    1. Makukulong kaya ako nito? Kasi until now hindi po nag bayad kasi wala pa akong pera lalong na lubog sa utang ako ngayon.
    2. Ano po ang dapat ko gawin?
    Salamat po sa response, I need it po.

  480. Ang naging problema ko naman is di ako nakapagopen ng savings account sa bank dahil nakita na may 10k balance pako. 2years ko gamit ung cc and bnbyaran ko cya before due. They even approved credit limit increase. Nagkaron lang ng problema that i had to quit working due to medical issues. Matagal bgo ako ngktrbaho kya patong patong na ang interes. Nung magoopen ako ng savings account nadeny cya. So un ang pwd mangyari, kaht savings di k makakapagopen.

  481. Hi Fritz,

    I have 2 perosnal loans in Security Bank. One account I requested for restructuring which they only sent the form via fax and I signed it. Fortunately I had a chance to fully paid kahit di pa due. May natira kong one account matatapos siya ng September 2014. June 2014, I requested for OB which inemail sakin ng agent. Im rest assured matatapos na ko ng September. The due date arrived I settled the final M.A. I was shocked the new agent told me na may balance pa daw akong 30k for the final month dahil narestructured daw account ko and may pinirmahan daw ako na form. In good faith ako na ndi ko inapply yung 2nd Security account ko for restructuring yung 1st account lang dahil yun yung malaking amount and mas matagal ko pang bubunuin. Unfortunately, nagresign na yung previous agent but I still have her email of my OB as of June 2014. I cant afgord to pay that huge amount. I dont have a knowledge the 2 pala yung nirestructured nung previous agent ko. What should I do?

  482. hi fitz, any advice how to proper settle credit card debt? ive been wanting to settle my dues but unless i can be assured that after my first repayment/resettlement the balance would no longer incur additional charges and would eventually get a clearance after settlement.

  483. i have an outstanding balance with citibank and eastwest. with eastwest, the amount has blown up to around PHP 200K. For citibank, the amount has blown I guess around PHP 300K. I had financial problems, and I am paying only around PHP 500.00 – PHP 1000.00 a month. will this cause me problems? Will I be sued in court? I am so afraid as I am solving this problem on my own.
    I have tried to settle with them on installment basis. Pero they demand in full. What should I do?

  484. what if i still have left 40k debt in my credit card and i wasnt able to pay until now and its about 3months unpaid and now my husband is about to start a job and apply for new account same bank that i have debt with will he be declined by the bank and be questioned?

  485. @rosana
    As for my experience your husband will not be questioned because he is considered a different identity and account, so I think he will not be declined, unless he will apply for a credit card then there are big chances that he will be declined.

    I also suggest that you pay your credit card as soon as possible, you can talk with your bank representative, don’t be afraid since they will be happy to discuss the solutions (just don’t talk with those collecting companies because they are going to be assertive ) . Your credit card debt will have a long term effect on your records. It is a good feeling if you have a good credit score.

    Hope this helps.

  486. How about the personal loan and credit cards na nakuha abroad like Dubai? Is there any legal action this bank can do sa pinas ? thanks

  487. Hi sir,
    I just want to share what happened this week..my co worker called me kasi may tumawag daw na taga peoples journal at ippublished ako kasama nun company na i worked before.parang notice to the public.tapos ibblock daw ako sa lahat ng government agencies like nbi, dfa etc..is it possible po ba..thanks

  488. Hi Sir,
    Nagapply po ako ng Car Loan na decline ako dahil may unpaid CC daw husband ko 8 years ago. I talked to him and totoo nga daw po. Can I pay the amount directly sa bank or do I have to go to Collection Agencies? Natatakot kc ako baka napakalaki na pala nun at guluhin lang kami ng mga CA. I want to clean his record kasi nadadamay ako kahit maganda record ko. Ty

  489. can i be sued for a criminal case for failure to comply a signed amnesty program for unsettled cc debt? i still do have payments but Im really struggling to meet the required monthly amort. Someone emailed me a supposed court order in Makati but I live in Davao. Any thoughts on this sir? please do share. thanks!

  490. I have an unsettled CC with BPI for more than a year right now. I’m now negotiating will the collecting agency hoping that they will give me a reasonable discount so that I can pay it. My concern is, will it affect the application of my payroll account? Unfortunately, the payroll account that the company i’ll be working with soon is BPI. I already signed the contract. It’s just that I’m worried if BPI will disapprove the payroll account application. Please advise.

  491. I heard many horror stories from credit card defaulters, from the collection agencies, from reading a blog about credit cards, credit card paranoia. Many defaulters found help on that blog

  492. Hi! Im a professional nurse in the Philippines and i just got a job here in UAE. I have a pending debt in metrobank since 2014 woth 23k, pero mostly intereSt nlang iyon. I worked as a nurse in the Philippines and I only earned 10k a month. Nung una nababayarAn ko pa ng minimum amount yung cc ko pero nung huli sobrang laki na nung interes hndi ko na nabayaran. After a year of my last payment which was 17k, tumawag sakin yung ca and demanding me to pay 23k by aug 25. Wala pa po akong pera kasi kakastart ko palng mag work dito sa uae. Sinabi sakin nung ca na mag fafile daw sila ng case against me and ipapa cancel nila yung prc ko, he also threatened me na papa uwiin nila ako sa Pilipinas. Is that possible? Im planning to pay my debt once mabuo ko na yung 23k. Pag nabayaran ko na ba hihingi pa ba ako ng clearance from metrobank na clear na yung account ko? I hope someone can answer my questions. Thank you!

  493. i have a restructuring program approved by the bank but before that I had already paid more than the total amount I had used excluding the interest & late charges. is there anything I should be worry about my approved restructuring program from them which is to be paid for 4years.
    thank you

  494. What is the difference between “credit card” into a “personal loan”? i have unpaid balance and now it was closed. Is the same with credit card issue?, since one of their requirements during my application (3yrs ago) was creditcard.?

  495. Really am going crazy!!! I cannot afford to pay anymore my credit card…. my salary is not enough on our daily expenses… some times I’m thinking to kill myself just to stop my worried… i’m so problematic..

  496. Ask ko lang po banker. 5 months past due na yung bpi cc ko then may tumawag na sakin from collection agency nila asking me to pay 86K. Nanghingi ako ng discount at kung pwede na installment pero di pumayag. Yan daw ang minimum amount to pay para ma reactivate daw ulit yung credit card ko. Di ko naman po kayang bayaran ng isang bagsakan yung gnyang kalaki. Question po:

    1. Ma rereactivate ba talaga yung cc ko ulit?
    2. Thru text and phone calls nya lang sinasabi sakin yung amount to pay. That’s the minimum amount daw to reactivate my card. Pwede ba ko manghingi sa kanya ng formal letter?
    3. Last month, I paid 7K out of the 86K na hinihingi nya. Balance transfer ako nagbayad thru bpi online. Nacheck naman po nya yung payment na ginawa ko. Then ask ko lang po kasi bpi ang payroll account ko, may tendency na auto debit nila yung payment ko don?
    4. Magrereflect na po kaya agad yan sa CMAP-NFIS as adverse findings?

  497. Hello po..

    My credit card case is already filed. Tinawagan ko ung bpi to make negotation but the bpi told me that my account is no longer under bpi or hindi na pag aari ng bpi binili na ng isa sa mga collectors. So yung collectors kinausap ako, at ang hinihingi nila na downpayment sa unpaid balance ko is 50k and wala akong trabaho.. nag negotiate parin ako.. binigyan ako ng 3 years tapos sa first yr ko is 3000 2nd year is 5k then pag 3 rd year is 15k per months yan lahat.. tapos paghihingi ako ng 4th year mas tataas pa ung amount na babayaran ko in total.. hnd na magfix sa ganyang balance. they already filed the case.. pero hnd ko talaga makaya bayaran ang hinihingi nila kasi wala akong trabaho at may isa akong anak.. anu dapat kung gawin?? hnd ko kaya bayaran ang hinihingi ng collector agency na ito… kala kasi nila humahakot ka lang ng pera.. kung ma pursue ung case pagpapadala ba sila ng sheriff sa bahay at kukuha ng gamit? sapilitan kahit hindi sakin??? at ung case ba makikita sa nbi???

  498. Napansin ko lang lahat ng mga question sa comment was already answered sa blog post. Basahin na lang po natin ng paulit ulit yung article andun na po halos lahat ng sagot.

  499. Dear Sir
    My brother in law is not paying his credit card dues and bank people are calling on my no. What action I can take so that they stops disturbing me

  500. Dear Sir,

    Need your advise, please.

    Can the bank or the collection agent cancel your travel documents or commence for deportation due to unpaid credit cards?

  501. Ra 8484 sec 9 yan po ikakaso sken but wla nman ako credit card.. Pro s globe po may bal ako un po kya un?

  502. Can someone please answer:
    Can I just pay only for the principal amount on my credit card and remove all the interests? The message here is I do really want to pay, and I know that this was all my fault but with interests on top of it? Honestly… I can’t.
    Thanks a lot.

  503. To all bloggers here! Don’t believe to all Collection Agency Callers as if you are being threatened to publish your names and photos in newspapers, including your employer’s names, that they will file a case against you in court, visit your house with sheriff, demand letters, court orders, caller from law-office of attorney A, B, C, etc… and all forms of harassment, these are all FRAUDULENT ACTS by collecting agencies for them to collect money from you guys. If you are being harassed, you can directly tell them that you will report them to FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) and file a complaint to CONSUMER FINANCE PROTECTION BUREAU.

    What happens when you couldn’t pay your cc after 90days is that, the bank will sell your information to a collecting agency, and these people working in collecting agencies have no fixed salary, they just depend on ‘honorarium’ that they will get from people whom they harassed thru phone calls and demand letters. But take note guys, this is their MODUS OPERANDI!

    If you really want to clear your name from the bank, go directly to the bank and ask them if they agree that you pay the principal amount, and if the bank agrees, demand for a Bank Certificate that they have cleared your name from any financial obligations… If they don’t, leave the bank with your SWEETEST SMILE and do not pay them at all.

  504. hi sir. the police contact our barangay just to say if i dont pay my credit card loan the sheriff will come to my house. andthey give RPSB national capital region office taguig. and they said to contact that no. is it through that i will be get by sheriff or be in jail?

  505. sir, how about if i paid already my debt in 2008 and suddenly aftr almost 10yrs they are trying to ask me to pay my unpaid balance but can’t tell me how much. and they are asking me a proof of payment that was already 10yrs ago. hindi ba unfair naman na ngaun lang kung kelan wala na mga proof of payment ko. and why after almost 10yrs saka sila maghahabol sa akin.
    Nang tumawag ako s CS ng credit card they told me cleared na ko s knila. the agent is coming from Summit Office, and habang tumatagal usapan namin sa phone ay lumalaki din un amount na babayaran. from 3k umabot na sya sa 10k in just 15mins na kausap ko sya.
    Any advice sir?

  506. Hi. Is it possible na istop muna ung billing until such time na mabayaran mo balance mo? pakonti konti nga lang. if ever nasa collection agency can I still renew it pag nakabayad na?


  507. Hi currently po nakikipag coordinate ako sa SP Madrid for my remaining balances for 2 cards.ung isa po is cleared na, may isa nlng po na natira.
    Nag sesettle po ako thru online transfer na direct ko pong binabayad sa actual credit card number ko which is enrolled sa online banking ko po.
    Legit naman po ung CA na un no? since ang payment ko naman po is direct sa CC ko mismo? please advise po. Thank you.

  508. Hi po.. I have an metrobank cc po the amount of 96k po, pero naka bayad naman po ako nang 20k+ na po.. Kaya lang po sa ngayon mas lumalaki na po sya umaabot na po sya nang 1128k po, may tumawag na po sa akin na taga agency .. Gusto ko po sanang mag installment po, pero hiningan po nila ako nang partial payment po of 10k.. Kaya lang po talaga akung ganyang pera.. Kasi gipit po talaga ako.. Please give me and advice. Tnx

  509. hi fritz,

    been delinquent for 3 years now. I had 3 cancelled credit cards and a collection case. My question now, i had a collection case from BPI, If ever I was able to open a savings account with other bank, will that collection give them the right to garnish my account with the other bank? Thanks

  510. I have the same issues with you, Joy (June 25,2016). Were you able to open a payroll account with BPI? Thank you.

  511. Hello ask ko po meron po kasi akong utang sa BPI mga 300k mahigit po dahil sa CC ko po sa kanila. kinukulit ako ng collection agency na mag bayad yung luzano law office. Wala naman po akong balak silang takasan kaso ang taas po kasi ng hinihingi po nila sa akin monthly amortization. Wala na po akong peace of mind i dedemanda daw nila ako. Pwede pa ba to magawan sa pamamagitan ng pagbabayad na yung credit limit ko lang ng panahon na un ay yun lang ang babayaran ko? natatakot na po talaga ako sa totoo lang pahelp naman po ako please

  512. Hello, ask ko lang, meron kasi ang mother ko na delinquent account na ngayun ay nasa collection agency na, willing naman kami magbayad pero ang hinihingi nila samin ay more than twice nung amount sana na dapat namin bayaran, may pag asa kaya na matawaran or yung exact amount lang yung bayaran namin?

    and if ever po na magaapply ako ng personal loan sa ibang bank, makakaapekto po ba yung account ng mother ko para sa approval ng loan?

  513. Thank you for sharing this blog. I really need help. I have a cc debt of 200k with BPI. Now, it was forwarded to a collection agency. The payment arrangement that they offer is too high for me. What should I do? Please help.

  514. Still the best way is to settle your account, not paying depth is not criminal case but it is a civil case, now we have what they called SMALL CLAIM COURT, 1million below, collection agency or the bank can file a case “Sum of money” if court found you are guilty be “will fully not paying your depth” court can order cease or/and garnishing all property that they want to cover the all damage that not paying your depth.

  515. I have debt and I am afraid that I may be included in the blacklist, though I am not sure. Hope someone can give me an advice. I was pregnant at that time when I found out that my husband became addicted to gambling and that he borrowed money from thugs. He was in a suicidal stage at that time and in order for me not to use my own savings for my pregnancy, I used my CC and got a loan to pay for the money that he borrowed from those thugs. I managed to pay for a couple of months but as they say when it rains, it pours, our business closed and so I have no choice, no income for me to pay for my debts. Now, I am planning to engage in online jobs (ESL teacher) but the only payment is through BPI. I am afraid that they might find out about my debt and would refuse to let me open an account. My question is, since I changed status from single to married and changed my last name of course, would the bank still manage to identify me if I do belong to the said blacklist?

  516. yung ibang comment ng experience nila para mga tanga lang, uutang di naman pala kaya bayaran tapos hihingi ng advise..

  517. Hi Guys,
    just a question, I have a housing loan to a certain bank and I paid it regularly, but I have also a credit card with them.
    I havent paid my credit card for a year now and its bloated to a huge amount.
    After my housing loan is completed, is the bank have the authority to hold the property and my land/house title

    please for your advise, Thanks

    Mark Reyes

  518. Hello,

    my situation is I sign as a CO-MAKER only in which there are 3 checks worth 31k in total… Hindi kinontinue nung nangutang yung payment so Im the one being harrassed and threatend by the Agency to pay almost 60k worth (including atty’s fees etc). The agency said theres an Estafa – case already filed sa Pasig Metro trial court. Tapos may warrant of arrest na daw due to non appearance. Whats the best thing to do? eh yung mismong nangutang does not even care about it…

  519. For BPI Credit Card users, don’t lose hope. You could still request the for special debit arrangement to settle your debts for up to 48 months (max) to pay if you have valid reason.

    However once you proceed:

    1. Account will be deactivated.
    2. Your earned points will be forfeited once card is deactivated.
    3. You will continue to receive your statement of account reflecting the
    monthly amortization of this payment scheme.
    4. Request for reactivation is subject to approval after completion of the
    payment term.

    Email them at p&[email protected] or call (02) 898-9233, (02) 898-9294

  520. Hello, i found all the discussions so informative, salamat.
    My problem is CMap. I encountered difficulties before and was sued for bp 22 which were all dismissed. Also an unpaid credit card in 1999 with citytrust. Is there a way to remove those from the CMap. Is it legal to do what they are doing? It is like being judged guilty of a mistake which has already been solved! Pls advice

  521. I was in a terrible situation sometimes last year. We urgently needed to get a new house, my score and partner’s score too was bad. We tried all we could to get a loan but all effort was in vain due to the bad credit score.An lawyer I contacted to help dispute our collections requested for $1000 upfront, the major credit repair companies gave a year estimate to get us to where we need to be, God so good to us, I later met with a credit score specialist and instructor, he gave me some instructions and requested some information from me regarding my credit score in which I provided everything to him. Luckily for me, this man was able to fix my credit score, I was so amazed because he completely removed all my inquires, collections and late payments, I’m happy to tell you that I’m writing this review from our new house which I wouldn’t have got without the specialist’s help. I know some people out there are in this kind of situation and I would love to help to put specialist’s contact here, You can message him privately on his mail which is hackwiz at protonmail dot com if you like, this help cam at a time I already lost all hope.you can tank me later.

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  523. Hi thank you for this blog super informative tlga nya. Medyo nabawasan ang worry ko. I have an unpaid credit card sa bdo but i already talk to them via emails and phone calls. To give me time to settle my unpaid debts just after i gave birth. I also explain my situation but they still insist me to pay it asap. As of now dumoble na ang babayaran ko sa knila. And dame na rin ako narerecv na demand letter and calls. Ask ko lang is it possible na pumayag silang principal amount lang un babayaran ko? I dont have any work na po. Thank you po sa response. It really means alot.

  524. hi, i need an help/advice.
    i currently have a debt of amounting to almost 600k with my BPI credit card. i was actually paying the minimum until one day, narealize ko na lalo lang lumalaki yung utang ko, until hindi na ako nakabayad ng tuluyan. naforward na sa collection agency account ko. and yesterday, i got a text message about “Notice of Execution” by an attorney. wala po akong balak takbuhan ang utang ko, i am willing to pay monthly hangang sa ma-fully paid ko ang account ko. will they come to my house and get my personal belongings? i am currently renting na c fully furnished na bahay. so all the appliances are not mine. also, nag wowork ako sa call center ngauon, will my work be affected as well? what can i do about my scenario?

  525. Hi! Good day. I have a problem po. Way back 2009. I was 19 back then metrobank issued me a creditcard kasi my lola opened an account under my name. Hindi naman ako nag apply. Pero to cut it short, deliquent na yung cc kasi i dont have means to pay it off kasi student palang ako that time. Hanggang na endorse sya sa isang CA sobrang takot ko nun kasi lahat ng threat sinasabi sa akin. Nagbayad pa nga ako sa kanila ng ilang thousands hanggang umabot sa time na hindi na sila nangulit. So ngayon may work na ako sa isang bpo and someone messaged me on fb and feel ko na dahil sa account ko yun and isa na naman sa collection agency. I’m willing to pay pero in a monthly basis kahit 3 or 4 years to pay pa. I hope pumayag sila. Question, kailangan ko po ba i contact yung metrobank or magdeal na ako sa agent right away? Na trauma ako dati. 7 years ago yun. Hindi ko naman tatakbuhan wala lang talaga ako pera that time. :(

  526. Hi, good pay po. I have unpaid cc at PNB. I received already a demand letter which stated their i need to pay the whole amount if hindi ako mkaka bayad they will push through my case. Then i talked to them na next year ko kayang bayarin sa ngayon im a very financialy crisis. Sabi nila hindi daw pwd dapat daw bayaran ko na agad. Hihingi sana ako ng advise kung ano dapat gawin? Do i also go to jail?

    Thank you sa advise

  527. This is great article gladly appreciated. Honestly, I have been delinquent for my cc for 12 years ago and i do not know if this still in their record since no one calling at me now for this matter.

  528. I owed $45000 in credit card and $15000 on Line of credit from my bank which I’m been banking for 45 years and paying a minimum of $900 a month without even reducing he balance. I’m past retirement but still working and with my pensions declaring bankrupty is out of Question. Must note that these debt were Insecured. None Collateralled

    So Retiring from work at anytime and depending on pension income alone I decided to Go for Debt Relief Proposal engaging the Services of Licensed Trustee .. Filing the Proposal in Court and giving the Bamk 45 days to contest which the Ban k did not bother here is the Court approved Proposal withou bankruptcy declaration. I only have to pay the Bank a Total of $20000 thru there Trustee of which the Trustee will deduct his commission for the Five years and I will be Debt Free. Instead of Paying the Minimum of $900 for the next 300 years. I only be paying 20000 divided by 60 payments.

  529. Hi Fritz
    Thanks for this site it is really informative. How do i got into site? well here’s my problem, last 2012 i have outstanding balance of Php 80K with my Standard chartered CC , since i moved out to different country i failed to receive my SOA which is the main reason why i became delinquent , so there are fees added on top of my balance , i called customer service if there’s a way that they can waive the penalty but they rejected my request until i no longer can pay the balance , then yesterday after 5 years i got letter from a third party collection agency informing that i owe them Php495k – Super duper na shock ako, now i am scared due to huge balance pwede ba nila ako habulin in court? there are asking me to pay 40% of the 495k to have the case closed for 10 days i am afraid i cannot meet their deadline cause i dont have that money in hand.. Will you please advise me what should i do?

  530. Hi Sir Fitz and Sir Ed Nabus,

    i had a deduction of 2K ++ in my payroll account , and the description was “deposit set off ” from “recon unit” , the bank (BDO) deducted it from my current balance. What does it mean ? Was it related to my unsettled BDO CC? what should i do? Will i all my payroll deposit will be automatically be set off ? Please need your insights about my concern on what does it mean ? and what should i do?

    Thank you for your immediate response. God bless,,

  531. Is it legal for a law firm agencies to publish your photos on newspaper PDI in particular for the unpaid credit card. Will the newspaper really do that without legal council on my part?

  532. Good day! I would like to ask if ever mag apply po ako ng credit card sa ibang banko, and then may 2 months na no payment po ako sa metrobank for the reason na wala pa akong trabaho that time. Is there any possibility na ma disapprove po yung application ko? Im an existing metrobank cc holder, naka experienced nga lang talaga ako na 2 months no payment. Thank you po

  533. Hi, i have a loan account with a bank here in Makati in 2015, payable in 36 months. At first, the monthly payment of the account was going well. However, the bill statement slowly did not arrive on time, resulting to surcharges, delayed payment fees and interests were added. Then worse, bill statement arrived once every 6 months, and the result: I got lost with the details of the account. Although I can and am willing to pay back, i did not pay for about 8 months. then demand collection letters came, including calls. I told them I am not reneging from my responsibility to pay. However, I requested that they waive ALL the surcharges and other extra fees as the surcharges were because of their incapacity to send Bill Statement on time. Yes, they waived the additional surcharges for the year 2016. BUT NOT 2017. I told them that i will restart paying back the account provided they too will waive the surcharges for 2017, which they agreed IF I WILL PAY ALL THE ACCOUNT P75,000.00) AT ONE TIME — which i cannot. Acccording to them, I can only negotiate a monthly payment scheme, but with another % interest, and, together with all the accumulated surcharges for 2017 to the present. I disagreed. My point was: why would i pay for the penalties which were imposed to me BECAUSE OF THEIR mistake of not sending Statements on time! My wish that I told them was — they waive the accumulation of surcharges, etc., for 2017 and when granted, I will CONTINUE to pay the monthly payment of (P3,800.00) just like when the account was still good, when the Bill Statements were arriving on time. Remember that the account was current when they were still sending the Statements on time! Any comments, Sir?

  534. Sir, Good day! may existing bank loan ako dito sa Saudi, at isa po ako sa napauwi kaya wala parin akong maibayad. Any ideas and advice Sir? Thanks in Advance.

  535. I have a cc debt from citibank amounting to 200k na and bankard amounting to 60k. Nagka sunod sunod kc ung financial problem so Im not able to pay it anymore. Now, kakalipat ko lang sa US and wala pang work. I plan on paykng my debts if may work na ako but it wont happen until next year. For now wala po akong means mabayaran ung utang. Will I be liable for any criminal case if di ko sila iinform na Im already here sa US? Can they sue me if andito na ako permanently? Salamat po sa sasagot or baka may same experience. Nagwoworry kc ako and I feel helpless.

  536. Hi Sir Fitz,

    Thank u for this i formative insights. I just wanna ask, is this also applicable if you have debt outside home country?

    I left a personal loan un abudhabi uae, and as expected collection agencies are hunting me now and my family.

    They also sent me email:

    Filing a Civil case against you.

    · Black List your name at the UAE’s Central Bank (Al Etihad Credit Bureau)

    · Applying an attachment order against all your assets.

    · As per the terms and conditions of the loan whereby Bank may initiate legal proceeding in your home country PHILLIPINES, which may have a jurisdiction over the customer. we will be looking at the option of filing a statutory bankruptcy case against you, due to non-payments on your liabilities..

    As per the last statement, would that be possible?

    I hope to hear from you.thank you very much in advance.

  537. Greetings!

    Can you please help me and answer my question? Thank you!

    I have a Security Bank Gold Mastercard with q credit limit of 45,000. I already maxed out my balance 2 months ago and was not able to pay even the minimum payment every due date because business went bankcrupt. Last May 20 , 2018 came my salary and payroll account is Security Bank since I started to work again. I did not withdraw my salary. Then today May 25, when I tried to withdraw my salary it was deducted 3,000. So I called customer service. They told me the debit was for credit card , I was shocked that how come they deduct money without informing me from my payroll to pay with my credit card. They transferred to credit card department and even credit card department say that 3,000 was not even posted in my credit card account.

    So my question is, is it legal for Security Bank to automatically deduct the money from my Security Bank Payroll to my Security Bank credit card?
    Is it even legal for them to do so without informing me at all?
    If it is illegal then what will be the steps I need to make?

    Thank you!

  538. @FRANZ

    You should review the terms and conditions of your SB Gold Mastercard. If it’s there that they can do that, then what they did is acceptable.

    If it’s not there, then you can file a complaint with DTI and also have your bank’s branch manager assist you with your concern.

  539. Hi po, advise naman po,
    di na po kasi ako nakabayad sa cc ko from eastwest since 2014, dati hinuhulugan ko pero every delay tumataas po yung interest hanggang sa d na talaga ako nakabayad. 25K po yun. pero kung iisipin yung total na nabayad ko sobra na 25K kaso yun nga lagi ako delay , until d ko na nababayaran. ngayon po may laging nag e-email sakin from SP madrid law frim daw, nagbabanta na pupuntahan ako sa company, totoo po ba na pumupunta sila?

    second question ko po , nag ooffer kasi sila na bayaran ko nalang daw ng 17K ma bibigyan na daw po ako ng clearance dun sa utang ko, totoo din po ba yun?

    salamats po

  540. Good day po,

    Same case here sa may mga delinquent credit card account.
    Totoo po ba na pupuntahan nila residential address ko for possible list of properties na pwede nila makuha?
    Legal ba yun?
    Yan yung email ng collecting agency.

    Thank you.

  541. Just wanted to share a personal CC horror story here. I was given a very generous credit by a well known hongkong bank via my first job. I was delayed for 1 day in paying my my due of 6K. I got calls after calls, harassing, cussing and belittling me for that 1 day past due. The young rebel in me (and not knowing much of the consequences of my action) decided to give those collection agents a hard time. Only to find out that they harassed my mom instead. They told her a police will knock on our door and pick me up for non payment. She therefore agreed to pay without me kbowing. 2 months of delinquency they adked her 35K (atty fees and addtl fees and interest they said are included) for the 6k. She bargained and said she can only give them 15k. The collection agency gave her a receipt for that. Fast forward 5yrs I am ready to take up a housing loan. Lo and behold my bank showed that unpaid cc from the hongkong bank. When i dealt with the CC bank they show no record of my payment, and they said they do not know the agency. I tried to trace the agency and they have ceased operation. I am not sure who says the truth at this point. From this day forward I dont trust banks and if I can afford it. I pay all in cash.

  542. @Jenny

    They’ll eventually stop bothering you (takes about 2 years before they stop). But they’ll contact you again once you trigger their system by applying for a loan or a credit card in the future.

  543. Hi there,

    I just received a Summon for Sum of Money for my BPI credit card. I am struggling financially. Don’t know what to do. Please help.


  544. Hi Fitz,

    My wife had a credit card problem way back in 2011. The debt on her credit card was from the boss whom she trust will pay it. Sadlly, her boss went to the US and the debt remains unsettled. To add to her problem, she also lost her job and couldn’t pay for the balances.

    Now, “I” am trying to apply for a loan but the bank denied it because it says that my wife has a bad credit record. Please do note that i have no existing nor unsettled debt history. I have had some loans but all are paid well.


    – Does my wife’s bad credit record really affects my application for the housing loan?
    – What should I do to fix the credit record?
    – Our budget is limited and I’m not sure if I can pay the total amount since it’s way back 2011, what should I do or tell the bank to negotiate, if allowed, to lessen the amount?

  545. Hello, i had a BPI card and was defaulted since last year pa. 200k yun balance pero now since defaulted na siya, umabot na ata ng 300+ ang balance. Thank you sa mga insights, matagal na akong silent reader dito. Kaso lang kahapon, may nagpunta daw sa bahay ng byenan ko na “clerk of court” daw ng sjdm per utos ng makati trial court. In 15 days daw magpakita kami or else baka mabigla daw po kamj. Dapat po ba kami magmbahala? And tama ba yu sinisindak niya byenan ko? Help please!

  546. Hi fritz…
    Can u help… Meron na meng narecib na draft copy of file ng civil case… Super tagal na tong card na to mga 9 or 10 years na… Nagharass sila na kesyo pumunta na sila sa barangay at maghaharap na pero wala nmn tlava nun vinerify namin. and ang nirerequest ko nuon is kung pwede masettle yun utang ko lang.. Kc ang alam ko asa 40k yun now… Sinasabi nila asa 200k plus na sa letter..
    Medyo ako eh nerbyosa.. Wala nmn me planing takbuhan. Ayaw lang nilang makipagsettle .. Yung bangko ba mismo tatawagan ko o un nagpadala ng letter? Union bank to… Salamat po…

  547. Hi share ko lng experience ko regarding sa credit card debt.. katatapos kng ng hearing nmin last yr october 2017. during ny hearing pinapili ako ng judge sabi ko settlement agreement.sabi sakin ng BPI atty na antay nkng dae ako ng letter regarding sa settlement agreement. So narecve ko yng letter kaso ang taas ng demand nila na monthly, tinawagan ko yng law firm sabi ko diko kakayanin yng demand nila sabi ko pa nga 13k lng nmn salary ko. Demab nila 25k a month. so,to make story short sabi nlng sakin ng atty, may case oarin daw ako. Ibig sabihin nun hindi kaya ng agency yung demand ko maa monthly.. Nag ask nrin ako sa PAO, sabi ni atty,mag antay daw ako ng pabibago subpoena kpag if wala daw sila makuaha na pagaari ko like lupa, ssakyan and etc. Yung demand ko na papanigan ni judge wgichbis 1500 per month.. Importante lng nagre reply kabsa email nila, bigay mo contact nos if nagpalita ka, bigay monaddress mo kpag nag change ka ng tirahan. If may hearing umatend ka, koag hindi ka umtend magihing default judgement daw yun.. Wala ka ng chance na mkapag explain kun dika aatend sa hearing whixh diko nagawa nun kc natakot nga ako.. Bsta sabihin u lng na yun kng kya mo amount na bayaran nd willing mo bayaran yng utang mo bsta sa abot ng budget mo. Constant communication lng.. As of niw nilipat na ni judge yng case ko frm manila rtc taft to makati rtc na ako.. Sa nagun nagoffer sakin ang bpi ng big discount thru tx if ika cash ko yngb140, 649. 00(from 489,000-due to interest) plus 15k for atty fee. Binaba ni judge yng debt ko sa nagun nangangalap pa ako pra mabayaran ganyan amount. Update ko kau later ng case ko. Tnx

  548. I have cc debt with bdo… able to pay for the first few months kaso nagkasunod sunod ang mga di inaasahang crisis(health problems?) involving myself and family members… di nakapagbayad on time hanggang sa June na ung last payment ko, di na nasundan… di naman ginustong maging delinquent kasi malaking bagay din naman talagang may card ka, kaso inuna muna ung medications… lagi ako tinatawagan ng isang CA, frm Pacer i think, natatakot naman ako sa totoo lang po, mas nade-depress naman ako… we were abt to get into a settlement sana last week kaso nagkapropblema na naman which is beyond my control… 36 months settlement sana un kaso di nga natuloy, after few days, tumatawag na naman asking me to pay a high amount or just pay in full… I am getting so worried every day… may mga borrowings pa kc ako sa tao gawa ng nagkasunod sunod kami sa ospital… gusto ko muna sana ma clear ako sa mga nahiram ko sa tao since nandto lang kasi cla sa paligid ko plus may sinusuportahan pa akong gamot then settle my debt once na OK na ako financially, kaso kahit mag explain ako di naman nila ako maintindihan, kaya kapag nagriring o may nagtetxt sa phone ko, parang sumisikip naman ang dibdib ko… inaalala ko rin na bka puntahan ako sa work or dto mismo sa brgy namin…

  549. Hi Fitz,

    I know this is an old thread, but I’m still hoping that you can give me an advice. Any
    advice from your readers will be much appreciated din po.

    I had a BPI credit card with 200K credit balance and now I owe them 290K (mostly interest na ang excess na 90K) since I failed to pay (for almost 2 years now – from September 2016) :(

    I was a good payer until my niece got a dengue fever, rushed to the ICU and was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks. Wala kaming ibang malapitan kaya I used my credit card for the expenses until hindi ko na kinaya bayaran plus nawala yong fulltime job ko as an online freelancer.

    My questions are:
    1. Can BPI or the collection agency file me a case when I didn’t sign anything when BPI enrolled me to their credit card? Someone from BPI just called me over the phone, asked me few questions about my work/address/financial etc., and then after almost 2 weeks, they sent me the credit card via mail. Basically, they qualified me for the credit card via phone.

    2. I’m in the United States for 1 year now and I’m still getting emails from the collection agency and just yesterday, my mom sent me a message that they got a demand letter from the collection agency. What’s the best thing that I can do? I never replied to their emails coz I’m afraid that it’s not the best way to approach the problem or they can use it against me. I have no plans to run away from my obligations to pay. It’s just that I still don’t have work here. I just gave birth and I didn’t share this with my husband yet. I’m not afraid to let him know…it’s just that I want to settle this on my own by looking for a job here and hindi ko po gusto idamay ang husband ko sa debt ko while I was still in the Philippines and single.

    3. The demand letter says that if I won’t be able to response after five(5) days, they’re going to file a case against me. Can they really do this? If yes, what’s the worst thing that can happen? I’m scared coz we’re planning to visit the Philippines before the end of this year. Can they just grab me from the airport and put me in jail?

    I really look forward to your advice or from your readers with similar situation,

  550. Been experiencing the same situation, I have an existing CC from eastwest bank and as of now I don’t have a capacity to pay in full snce I lost my job last yr, I was willing to pay pero yung biglaan na malaking amt hindi ko talaga kaya my monthly salary was 8k only kulang na kulang pa sa expenses ko. I’ve been receiving calls and messages from collection agencies and until recently last na nagtext sa akin ay meron daw akong possible civil complaint ESTAFA, and they gave me a number of an Atty. to put it on hold. i panicked and I even end up thinking whole night saan ako kukuha ng pambayad and i end up crying the next day dahil nawawalan na ako ng pagasa I was living on my own and wala akong malapitan na kahit sino regarding this problem,now I tried to message the bank directly since meron ng reconstructing program. This blog gave me hope na hindi lang pala ako ang nakakaranas ng ganitong nightmare, and I think kung matuloy man yung sinasabi nilang case i’ll be able to face it calmly. THANK YOU

  551. Hi Ask ko lang po regarding ito sa credit card debt ko. Pwede po ba ako makasuhan if di ko po maipaalam sa collecting agency kung saan ako now. Tinanong kasi nila if saan ang address ko. But ang naka address po sa cc details ko ay yung office address namin kung saan ako nag tatrabaho but Naka leave po ako now sa work dahil preggy po ako. At na inform ko na din po ang collecting agency na i’m on leave sa work kasi nga preggy po ako. Ano po ba ang gagawin nila if di ko sila na inform na umuwi ako sa province namin? Ayaw ko lang po kasing sabihin yung address ko dito sa province namin gawa ng buntis ako at worried po ako baka malaman family ko about sa utang. Pa advice lang po ako sa prob ko. Thank you po and God Bless.

  552. Hi Fritz how are you, Just want to ask. I am planning to pay the collection agency. You mentioned, that the money will go to them, no to the bank. If I will pay the agency, how long will my name be gone in the bad credit history? or will it be gone?

    Should I pay the agency or the bank directly?


  553. Hi Fitz,

    If I have unpaid credit card debt and already received a summon for sum of money, aside from savings account, properties if any, pwede rin ba nilang kunin ang Mutual fund investment and fund values s VUL ko in case. Thank you

  554. Can one still be liable to pay outstanding card debt if he/she s no longer filipino citizen? Migrated to 10 years agi to NZ.

  555. hinaharass din aq ng collection agency na yan. pero wla nman aq magawa kasi 1yr aq wlang work. nagtetext saken tinatakot aq. kesyo punta dw aq brgy nmen at meron dw aq summon galing sa pulis. tpos my nag text pa na wait q dw cla sa bahay at magpupunta dw ksma sheriff. wla nman nagpunta. tpos kanina my nagpunta nagpakilala taga banko pero hinala q collection agency. tinanong aq bket nde aq nkakabayad sinabi q nagkasakit aq 1yr na q wla trabaho. ayun pinakausap aq sa agent nila sa phone. sabi q willing to pay nman aq kaso hirap tlga aq dahil my sakit aq at wla aq work. then nag offer cla reconstruction program. sabi q email nila makita q un offer nila. then nde q na alam susunod na mangayayare. cguro bayaran q nlng paunti unti kpg meron pero once mka recieved ulet aq ng panghaharas sknila..tlgang nde q na babayaran ipakulong nlng nila aq payag nman aq eh. kesa lagi nila aq tatakutin.

  556. Hi Fitz,

    This is to share my experience regarding my credit card status. Last February 28, 2019 I received a letter from collection agency informing that my credit card account was referred to them for appropriate action due to delinquent account.

    This was happen due to unexpected financial problem. Tinawagan ko muna yung credit card company para malaman kung ano pwede ko gawin then ni refer nila ko sa collection agency na may hawak sa account ko. Diniscuss ko sa collection agent kung ano yung ngyari kung bakit umabot sa ganitong sitwasyun. Then diniscuss nya sakin kung ano pwede gawin need ko daw mag down ng 20k within this month then 5k na monthly.Masyado tlga mataas yung down na hinihingi naya pati yung monthly sa current situation ko hndi ko tlga mapoprovide. Nakiusap uli ako sabi ko kung pwede pa ba yun mababaan sabi nya hindi na daw, sabi nya manghiram na lang daw muna ako sa mga kaibigan ko ng pera or kung may post dated check sila para daw ma settle ko yung bill. Gusto ko rin naman masettle ito para wala na ko iisipin kaya lang hindi ko alam kung saan ako kukuha ng ganung pera. Sa ngayon hindi ko alam kung ano gagawin ko, sana may makapag advise sakin kung ano pwede ko gawin. Sana po ay matulungan nyo ko.

    Thank you

  557. Hi guys anyone can advice me, pipag bayada na kasi ako ng collection agency ngayong monday ng 3k para daw maipakita sa bank yung willingness to pay pero wla kc ako copy nung napag usapan namin nung thursday sabi nya iemail nya daw pero until now wla pa akong narereceive. Gingawan ko ng paraan para maprovide yung 3k pero ok lang ba na magbayad na ko sa banko even if wla pa akong copy nung napag usapan namin? and ganun ba tlga yun may downpayment? please help naman po!

    Thank you.

  558. maganda niyan bayaran nyo inutang nio kasi eh- nakinabang naman kayo- ibalik nio lang, normal lng may interest yan at aware kayo bago kayo kumuha ng ganyan. maging patas lang kayo

  559. Molaer AA called me up uli, regarding the RCBC credit card after more than 10 years nabuhay uli, ,

    forever ba ang loan sa credit card, two years akong nag bayad sa RCBC ng restructured program ano ang dapat ko gawin wala na me resibo natapon ko lahat it almost 10 na , akala ko wala na pero bakit parang di nabubura.

  560. hi ariel,

    ask lang meron din ako account na di ko nasettle sa BPI umabot sa 467k,,, nagpadala ng demand letter si lawfirm sakin at pinakausap ako ng messnger nila sa head nila by phone and sinisingil ako at need ko daw magdown ng 105k and 25,700 per mo for 18mos. pano kaya to, pls help and give me idea

  561. @Ariel

    ask lang meron din ako account na di ko nasettle sa BPI umabot sa 467k,,, nagpadala ng demand letter si lawfirm sakin at pinakausap ako ng messnger nila sa head nila by phone and sinisingil ako at need ko daw magdown ng 105k and 25,700 per mo for 18mos. pano kaya to, pls help and give me idea

  562. HI everyone,
    I have also the same concern, I wasnt able to pay my debt for may, then when i checked the min. amount due for june, i was shocked to the point na iniisip ko na sya every night. My debt was only 30k and I planned to settle in cash nalang sana way back december 2018. but then the charges increases everytime na malate ka or hindi mo na settle yung full amount. I’m willing to pay naman but then i am experiencing financial problem this time. what should i do? Please help.

    Is there any Group chat in Fb please add me.

    Thanks and hoping that someone will notice my comment.

  563. Hello everyone…i just want to quickly say that i got loan from a well registered and loan company today, and i got their email on TV advert this morning and decided to contact them and to the glory of god i just got my loan now, you too can get a loan from any country just contact he now on ([email protected]) or whatsapp (+13198509558)

  564. Hi Sir Fitz,

    Good morning!
    I just want to ask if RCBC Bankcard has the rights to go in our house to harass me and my family for an unsettled account on my credit card? I had a financial problem in the past that’s why I failed to pay my credit card debt for 1 year already and it’s now forwarded to collections agency. I received a text message from Mr. Ramirez Legal Officer that they will visit my house for the reason that whatever properties will be listed is subject for immediately attachment, seized if legally warranted due to malicious intent not settling my bankcard account. Then yesterday, the mediator called me and advised me that my BANKCARD account is litigated last week and will be filed to the court for judgment. I’m now scared that I’ll end up in jail. I want to settle my balance of 308k including the interest and everything its just that with my compensation right now I dont have the capacity to pay it all and they told me to pay 30k this month and they will negotiate with the bank with a payment pln. The problem is I dont have the money to pay may debt due to financial problem. I was thinking to end my life because of the harassments I received from Mr. Ramirez Legal Officer.

    I hope you can give me advise on what to do.


  565. Hi,

    What if the reason why I am not paying my obligation is that the amount they are charging me constitute Fraud? My cc has been compromised and illegally used online. I have reported it both to my issuing-bank and to the shop where it was used but I receive unsatisfactory feedback.

  566. @Paul

    I was in the same boat as you a while ago. I borrowed (for a span of two years) close to 200k on my BPI credit card for medical expenses, tuition fees, and to be honest, for splurging on stupid things. Around February 2017, I resigned from my job and stopped paying my credit card debt. I got another job around October 2017 but before then, I was already receiving so many calls from BPI. I ignored them all until I received my first letter from a debt collection agency. Still, I ignored it. But, around December, nag decide ako to face this debt and be done with it dahil nakaka stress isipin ang utang araw araw. It was affecting my mental health already. I emailed the collection agency first to acknowledge my debt and to explain my situation (how I accumulated the debt, when I stopped working, and when I started earning a monthly salary again). I did this to, hopefully, make them understand where I’m coming from and why I won’t be able to pay my balance in full in one go. Truth be told, my total debt has risen up to 398k!!! It almost doubled and I have nothing to show for it.

    Anyway, the debt collector I was in contact with was very understanding. I had this idea in my mind na baka same siya nung debt collector sa Shopaholic na book/movie. Lol. Anyway, she gave me three payment options. Hindi ko na imemention ang exact numbers but the gist is all three options required an upfront payment and then monthly payments for an agreed period of time. I chose the option where I had to pay 50k upfront and 11k/month for 18 months so 248k in total. It’s still a lot but I just thought, I owed 200k originally and I deserved the 48k-punishment for being neglectful and to be frank, for being wasteful of money. And if I have 18 months to fix this mistake, I should be grateful. Once agreed, I signed a settlement agreement with the debt collection agency with the terms mentioned above. And yes, it’s a contract and binding and the agency can go after me and file a civil case if I did not abide by the contract. My family and friends talked me out of signing the contract but I ignored them, because I want to make a commitment to pay and get rid of the debt once and for all. And I want a legal contract to protect me once it’s all over.

    I started paying off my debt in January 2018 and fast forward.. it’s now October 2019 and I am still not debt-free. I still owe 44k which has now risen to 55k due to interests on missed payments. I missed the payments for 8 months because I left my job to take care of my father who had a stroke. I explained this to my contact at the agency and she understood. We renewed our contract so that I can start paying off the remaining 55k balance in the next six months. I am happy with it so far.

    My advice, and this is just me, is to try and pay off the debt but talk to the debt collector and come up with a plan that WILL work for you. Otherwise, it’s a lose-lose situation. If you haven’t signed anything yet, they cannot take you to court legally and you can file a case against them if they come to your house and harass you and your family. Maybe I was just lucky with my debt collector but the best thing to do in this case is to be honest about it. Tell them how much you earn a month and what’s left after taking out your necessities (food, house, utilities,) and other bills and give them a number kung ano kaya mong ibayad each month. I’m guessing your balance now is 308k but maybe what you really owed (with what you used the credit for originally) was significantly less. Factor that in when negotiating for an amount. Settle it for more or less half the amount and negotiate a payment term depending on how much time you need to pay it off. I had 398k and I was able to settle for 248k.

    For your own peace of mind, I would recommend paying off the debt. The thing is, the debt will never truly go away. The bank or debt collection agency may just keep it tucked away if it’s not worth their time and money to collect. But, really, the debt is still there – they know it and you know it.

  567. Hi need help lang po, I know I am a defaulter and have no capacity to pay ngayon kasi I am paying personal loans made I have from my friends/wife’s friends bago ko simulan ulit pagbabayad kay metrobank. Now I received the following text message : “Civil Case No. 427331-88 vs……..

    Good Day!
    We are concern of your continous refusal to comply at the NOTICE that we raised. In view of this matter you are given 1 day to call.

    FAILURE will give us valid reason to process the documents as WRIT OF PRELIMINARY ATTACHMENT FOR THE GARNISMENT OF PROPERTIES. We trust that you will give this matter your preferential attention.”

    Text message written word for word. question po I did not receive any subpoena, nor letter about this civil case. also is the case number legit?

  568. @guruvan80 as far as I know, Legal docs such as summons are sent via mail, not email or text message.

  569. MTC BRNCH 63 -CRISPIN AMORANTO 09102557382/09557351319

    paki verfy regarding sa complaint ni HELEN PADILLA. – MAJ. DELGADO

    same here buti na lang naenlighten ako maraming salamat sa Article na to at sa creator

  570. Hi,

    I got into a huge credit card debt. To sum it all, mga nasa 2M na siya. I don’t know what to do now, it is my fault because I was not able to control myself and end up with this terrible problem. I am just earning around 25k a month. I still have Food, Internet, Meralco, Water Bill to pay monthly. So if I were to count that, what’s left from my salary is around 15 to 16k a month of spare. I humbly ask for your advice, how I could get out of this predicament. Is there anyone in this country that I could ask for financial advice or assistance. Thank you for this article.

  571. Reading multiple comments, thoughts, and experiences in this blog. My dilemma right now is, should I settle my credit card debt through the COLLECTION AGENCY? or should I apply for CREDIT CARD AMNESTY through the Inter Debt Relief Program (IDRP) of BDO and BSP?

    Roughly my credit card debt is around six figures, and I do have intention on paying it off. The collection agency offer is really tempting as it offers a huge discount for you to settle the amount.

  572. thanks for this info. very enlightening… I have a case both credit cards and personal loans wont be able to
    pay due to this pandemic.. Before that i involve in mini cooperative that you can invest and returning your
    profit like 20% or 30% which is i received naman in a 1year with no doubts which is half of them pay bills on my
    personal loans which is i borrowed it in 3 banks in a Max loanable amount 270k, 90k, 155k 3 banks..
    Which been grant so far and invest it this cooperative…
    The worst scenarios when pandemic ruined all my dreams and little business and investment.

    So this time, Im employed with my wages deducted with 35% instead of retrenchment.
    Im worried to how can i pay this 3 banks.
    I have 2 kids, Rented home, and only bread winner also.

    So everday i try to search on internet reading some articles in different countries and being praning if what
    happen when i can’t pay personal loans and credit cards.
    So i found this article that gives me some ease and reduce stress and worries.

    Beforehand i try to negotiate one of my credit cards if i can a pay a very minimum amount in a long term payment, but
    the bank declined my proposal, unless i paid my amnesty which is i cant afford that around 300k.

    So i pay in a amount of 1500 which is supposed is 14,565 for nothing until my credit card interest is
    acumulating every month.
    This 1,500 per month which is i request before to hold my account from any legal proceedings..

    Honestly, it will not help, they try to ( PIPIGAIN kapa) instead to settle withit.

    And my personal loans is my problem how to deal with it due this may financial situations.
    I dont have an intention to run away..
    My reason not to pay it because my investment in mini cooperative is not operating anymore due and my online
    Some of my loans i used it during lockdown because i dont received any salary with in 4months that’s
    why my family survive.

    I hope some of your financial advisers help me.

  573. Hello po, meron na po ba dito na ka settle ng credit card debts with Collectius? Citibank po yung credit card. I have been contacting Citibank for a 10-yr old credit card debt but I was informed that it is with Collectius. I am hesitant to contact Collectius pero kasi willing naman ako magbayad ng outstanding balance kaya lang baka po sobrang laki na ng patong kasi 10 yrs ago pa. I just want to know if Collectius would cause more trouble or will be more helpful in settling my debts? Thank you po.

  574. May nakukulong po ba sa PSBANK Flexi Loan? Hindi ko po syq nabayadan nung nagpandemic. Almost 5mos din qkong wqalng trabaho. From 75k na utqng ko nqging 177k na sya qs per CA. Please help pano gagawin. Gusto ko bayadan yung tlgqng naging utang ko lang. Kung magkakaron ng tubo yung makatao naman hindi yung ganito na kalaki bigla

  575. Hi Guys!
    I just need your opinions and sone advises as well. I have unsettled cc bills to BPI that is now worth 396k. Then I received a mail coming from them that if I won’t pay they will obliged to get any money left on my savings account with out any demand. Is this really possible with out my consent? Please enlighten me. Thanks!!

  576. @Michie – reagrding sa pag-open mo ng payroll account sa BPI. May mga interrogation pa ba about sa unpaid loan? Same case kc with you, my new company’s payroll account is BPI. Kaso meron ako 11 years ago pa ng unpaid loan..Nagwoworry ako na hindi ako makapag-open.

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