Victor & Steph Basa: On Plants, Passion, and Happiness (Episode 44)

Updated: December 9, 2021

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Episode 44 Chapters:

  • 01:16: About Victor & Steph
  • 02:23: A Passion Project
  • 02:51: It’s More Than a Product
  • 04:32: Discovering Your Passion Doesn’t Have a Timeline
  • 10:43: The Benefits of Plants
  • 13:15: Green Thumb
  • 18:19: A Responsible Garden Company
  • 24:32: Stories and Challenges
  • 28:31: The Importance of Having Reliable Technology
  • 31:42: A Growing Business
  • 35:34: Advice for Starting Entrepreneurs
  • 39:44: What’s Coming Next for Happy Plant Co
  • 41:32: The Secret to Happiness

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