Understanding The Stock Market: An Online Seminar for Beginners

Updated: September 18, 2015

The Philippine stock market has been going down since April 2015, and a lot of Filipino investors are fearful about losing their hard-earned money.

However, a few of the stock market investors I know are on the other side of the fence, and are actually glad that stock prices are falling.

Why are most people afraid of what’s happening, while a few of them are happy? The biggest reason I see is their levels of understanding about the stock market.

The ones who are frightened are mostly those who just followed last year’s crowd of investors. Almost everyone who are invested in the stock market made good money last year, and a lot of them thought the upward trend will continue this year.

Meanwhile, those who are cool and calm about what’s happening are those who really know how the stock market behaves, and are objectively following time-tested, long-term investing strategies.

If you belong to the fearful crowd, or you’re among those clueless of what’s happening, then I’m here to help you understand how the stock market works.



On September 18, Friday evening in Manila, I will conduct a webinar (this is an online seminar) on how the stock market works, and how to properly invest in it.

When: September 18, 2015 – Friday, 8PM to 10PM (Manila time)
Where: It’s happening online!

Who should attend this webinar?

  • New investors who have zero knowledge about the stock market
  • OFW’s who would like to learn how to invest in the stock market
  • People who have been losing money in the stock market
With host, Edric Mendoza, in ANC On The Money
With host, Edric Mendoza, in ANC On The Money

Who is teaching in this webinar?

My name is Fitz Villafuerte and I’m a Registered Financial Planner and author of the book, The Ready To Be Rich Guide to Investing.

I have been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the Top 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance in the Philippines.

I am a resource speaker for corporate and socio-civic organizations in the country. I’ve appeared in several TV programs like ANC On The Money, where I’ve been a guest many times and talked about wealth management and investing.

The best way to know me, aside from going around my blog, is to search my name “Fitz Villafuerte” on Google and YouTube to read and watch the guestings and interviews I’ve done.

Questions that I will answer in this webinar:

  • What exactly is the stock market? How does it work?
  • What’s the relationship of businesses, investors and the stock market?
  • How do you make money in the stock market?
  • How do you avoid losing lots of money in the stock market?
  • What’s the number 1 mistake that people do in the stock market?
  • How do you invest in the Philippine Stock Market? What if I’m overseas?
  • What are the alternative investments to the stock market?
  • and many more…

What will I get if I register?

  • An opportunity to attend the 2-hour live webinar
  • A video file recording of the webinar
  • The presentation slides shown during the webinar
  • A questions and answers summary from the webinar
  • Several bonus reference and reading materials
  • … and a couple more surprise items!

Quick Questions:

What is a webinar?
It’s an online video seminar. All you need to attend is a computer, a good internet connection and speakers (so you can hear me talk). This is great because you can learn at the comfort of your own home, wherever you are.

What if I’m not available on September 18?
You can still register, because after the webinar, I will send a video copy of the presentation to all paid registrants. This will be a video file that you can watch on your computer again and again.

Is there a deadline for the registration?
Registration is now closed.

When will this happen again?
Tentatively, the next schedule is July 2016, but it will already cost P2,500 by that time. The discounted price of P1,000 is just my early Christmas gift for you.

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity

A lot of Pinoys have already made good money in the stock market from the past couple of years. A friend has actually been able to buy a real estate rental property last year from all his stock market earnings.

This webinar is a learning opportunity for you to join the club of Pinoy stock market investors. Don’t be left behind and start investing in the stock market. Your first step is to register to this webinar today.


Should you wish to be informed when the next webinar will be, please go to this website: Events by Fitz Villafuerte and sign up with your name and email address to receive future updates. Thank you.


  1. hi,at least how much internet speed will you advice for us to have?and will you be giving us a certificate>thanks

  2. Hi Dylan,

    If you can watch a YouTube video without buffering, then you’re okay. I can give a certificate of attendance upon request. Thanks.

  3. Hi, Mr Fitz, just want to ask, where in Manila is your BPI branch? Need the details to be put in money remittance center to be send bank to bank transfer.. Iam an OFW interested in your seminar. Thank you.

  4. hello, I want to join this upcoming webinar, I have a small problem though, currently I’m here in abroad I dont have a credit card. Is it okay to pay using a debit card?

  5. Hi im Delter Driz OFW from Qatar. I really interested to invest money in stock exchange but first i dont know about stoks and second is there any program for OFW that cannot attend in that particular seminar in manila?

  6. Hello i just to ask regarding this registration,im here in saudi arabia how could i attend in your seminar is thar online.im willing and i want to pay for registration.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. @Alvin
    Yes, it’s okay to pay via debit card, as long as it’s accepted by the Paypal payment gateway.

    This seminar is for people who have zero knowledge about stocks. And it is happening online, and all you need is just an internet connection to attend. It will be like watching a video on YouTube except that it will be a live event.

    Yes it is online. And all those who will sign up will get a video copy of the file which they can watch over and over again.

  8. after the webinar, will you be guiding us fledglings to play the stock market while we develop our wings? Looking forward to this webinar.

  9. been trying to register but every time i click register now no registration form appears. can you please guide me

  10. Hi Mr. Fitz im an ofw im really interested to join for the stock market but I don’t know how to register and how can i attend this seminar.hope u had again seminar for next year in manila thanks lorma

  11. @Marylou
    I already sent you a payment confirmation. Just wait for further instructions on how you can attend the webinar on Wednesday. No problem with the tablet using the tablet. I will give a guide on how to attend using one also to your email within the week.

    I will not be guiding you how to “play” the stock market, what I will be teaching is a long-term investing strategy that you can easily do for many years. And if you do have questions, I will be available to answer them even after the webinar via email.

    To register, simply follow the payment instructions, and you will receive detailed instructions via email.

    The seminar is happening online, so you can attend. Simply follow the payment instructions, and I will send out further details to your email.

    Added to the information above, thanks.

  12. Hi, will there be an interaction between you and your audience? I mean can we ask questions during/after your talk?

  13. @Angelo
    This is a stock market seminar, and I will mention a list of companies that I recommend buying.

    Yes, there will be several Q&A sessions during the webinar. And you can still ask questions after via email.

  14. I am really interested to know about this kind of investment. I want to know what is the best company I should going to invest and how much will I going to start.

  15. Hi Fits, I am currently in KSA and very interested and willing to pay the required regis amount, the problem is that I am not available on the mentioned date, will you provide the video? if yes, how can I get it?

  16. @Windel
    Wala pa sa ngayon. But check out this website of a friend: http://invest.forexaccount.management/

    Yes, but take a screenshot and send it to the email address after you pay.

    I will answer that in the seminar.

    Yes, you will receive a recording replay of the video. You will be sent a link where you can download the video file.

    Yes, the unique webinar link is being sent already to the email addresses of the paid registrants.

    Kindly check your email. The confirmation and webinar link should already be there. Thanks.

  17. Hi fitz successfully registered to your seminar..is there a website i go to for the seminar later on?

  18. Dear Fitz, I already paid and received a confirmation mail from paypal. How long would it take to receive the link of the webinar tomorrow?

    And also, if could not make it tomorrow, can i expect the download link of the webinar on saturday?

    Thank you.

  19. Hello everyone. The payment confirmation has already been sent out a few hours ago, as well as the link for the webinar. If you have not received them yet, kindly check your spam folders first, and if it’s not there, then send me an email again. Thanks.

  20. Hi… I just sent the screen shot of my payment today… Hope to receive your confirmation… Thank you..

  21. Sir Fitz, just emailed the payment. Will you still be sending payment confirmation and can I join the webinar today?

  22. Hello everyone. Confirmation and instructions have been sent to all those who were able to send payment today. Please email me if you haven’t received them yet. Also, webinar reminders will be sent to everyone in a few minutes and right before we start. Thank you.

  23. Hello! i havent been able to attend the webinar yesterday. I was wondering when will the link be sent to the mails of those who could not attend. Will it be available soon?

    Thank you.

  24. Hopefully, you can share your knowledge to others by writing a new book on stock investing. It’s really difficult for beginners to understand, and you have a way of explaining things clearly as you did in your first book.
    I am looking forward for that new book:)

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