Top Business Ideas for 2013

Updated: January 7, 2013

Are you planning to put up a business this 2013?

If so, then check out this list of business ideas that in my opinion, would do well for the coming year.

But before anything else, please be reminded that as a personal rule, one should not start a business in a niche where you don’t have passion for.

So while these business trends and ideas may seem enticing, I suggest you still look into your skill set and available resources – and come up with a business venture that will suit your interests.

Anyway, on a related note, I’d like to invite everyone to please check out the December-January 2013 issue of Gala Magazine. It’s the one with Vice Ganda on the cover as shown below.


Why? Because I am a contributor in this issue and my article is actually about the same topic – the best business ideas for 2013.

Just in case you don’t know, Gala is an events magazine and it’s a good reference if you want to know the latest happenings in town. While most of the events are Metro Manila-centric, the article features inside make it well-worth your purchase.

The magazine costs P120 and is available in most bookstores and magazine stands.

For this issue, I’m joined in the contributor page by tech blogger, Jayvee (who is better known in this blog for his freelance awesomeness) and food blogger, Yedy. Props to my fellow bloggers! :D


So okay, enough of the “advertisement” and on to the real reason why you’re reading this article, which is to know the top business ideas for 2013.

In the magazine, I mentioned two business categories and a handful of specific examples. They are:

Go Digital

E-commerce is still on the uptrend in the country and for this year, I expect more and more Filipinos will become technopreneurs.

Businesses in the field of digital marketing, social media management, virtual assistance and home-based exports will have good opportunities this year.

Go Green

Business trends in health and sustainable lifestyle will continue to grow this 2013.

Eco-friendly products, the bicycle business and diet-friendly, lifestyle restaurants will get more attention this year in my opinion.


If you want to know more details about these business ideas, just get a copy of Gala Magazine and read the whole article there entitled, Buzz In The Biz. There’s also one business tip there that I gave which I will leave unmentioned here. :-P

Moreover, below are two additional business categories which I believe will do very well this year, as previously mentioned in the article, Where To Invest in 2013.

Go Travel

The Department of Tourism’s campaign, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” has been a huge success.

Budget airlines, seat sales and the open skies policy also contributed to the ongoing boost in both foreign and local tourism. Add to that the influx of international artists doing local concerts and events and you have a country where a lot of people are traveling.

Tourism Business Ideas

  • Accommodation – specially for backpackers and budget travelers
  • Food & Dining – particularly those that feature local specialties
  • Entertainment, Leisure & Tour Guides – unique, safe and secure facilities for fun, special mention goes to eco-tourism adventures
  • Souvenirs – everyone I know who travels for leisure buys them

Go Vote

Of course, 2013 is an election year, so why not take advantage of the upcoming opportunity to put up a business that benefits the most from the campaign period.

While these businesses are short-term, there’s always a way to redesign your business plan to convert it into a long-term venture. What’s important now is for you to catch the trend while it’s still on the early rise.

Election-Related Business Ideas

  • Printing and Corporate Giveaways – from tarpaulin to flyers, from posters to streamers, from buttons to campaign t-shirts
  • Digital Marketing – there will be an increased need for social media consultants and online reputation managers, as well as web designers and graphic artists
  • Events Management and PR Firms – which includes logistics for campaign rallies and press conferences, such as photo, video, lights and sound
  • Food and Catering Services – the candidates and their supporters will need to eat, specially in their victory parties

And that wraps up my personal prediction for the best businesses to put up this 2013. I hope you were able to get a few pointers from this post.

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  1. Digital is the way to go these days. Every business stands to benefit from going digital. I live in Toronto and the Filipino entrepreneur community is fairly large. I know a few that are in digital too.

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