Top 5 Places To See and Visit in New York

Updated: March 1, 2015

Anyone who loves traveling will surely have New York in their bucket list – I know I do.

And today, our brand partner Philippine Airlines, gives us five of the top places to see and visit, if ever you find yourself in The Big Apple.


The world is a big place. And each destination differs from one another in various ways – culture, religion, food – but amidst these differences, there are places that stand out.

In this article, we’ll enumerate the five must-see places you should visit in one of the most amazing cities in the world – The Big Apple, New York.

The Grand Central Terminal


One of the places that can take you to New York’s past. It’s a living, bustling house to The Big Apple’s notable history. The well-preserved terminal will surely give you goosebumps when you set foot here. Take a glance at the secret passageways for a dumbfounding view of the set up.

The Central Park


Do you want a relaxed, cozy morning walk or jog? Then visit the Central Park. Although the park may not be free of tourists, this 843-acre sized green-filled spot in New York City can surely give you your own personal space. A bike ride around the park is most recommended if you are to visit here.

Theaters and the Film Forum


New York is definitely the place for film lovers. Currently, 39 theaters are running and are always packed with an audience. The Film Forum is a place where passionate cinema lovers go to in New York City. And one you need to visit if you’re a movie buff.

The Empire State Building


The infamous Empire State Building is New York’s tallest structure. Be aware that the Empire State Building is home to tourists and tourists almost come every day so you better watch out and be ready because the building is going to be filled with lines of people, waiting for their turn.

New York Times Square


Arguably the spot in the city that’s full of fun things to do – the Times Square is the place in New York which is awake 24/7 and there’s so many choices here from billboards to bars, from laser parks to raw cuisine. Spend your time mingling and partying all night.

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