Top 5 Energy Efficient Appliances for Your Home

Updated: March 20, 2023

Scared of the coming summer heat? Worried that your electricity bill would also heat up? No need to be hot-headed this summer!

The reality is some people tend to just endure and suffer through the heat instead of turning on the air conditioning because they think their energy bills could go double or even triple from the regular months.

This summer, you can CHILL!

In this article, we’ve partnered with and come up with a list of energy-saving COOL appliances that will give you unrivaled comfort at an affordable cost.

Carrier X-Power Gold 3

Recognized as the gold standard of cooling, this split-type inverter air conditioning unit brings affordable comfort for only ₱1.50 per hour. Yes, we’re not bluffing.

The Carrier X-Power Gold 3 has undergone multiple tests and was bestowed with a 5-star rating for being an energy-saving AC unit.

Even better, it comes with exceptional features such as a Self-Cleaning Function to lower your maintenance costs and a Unique Magic Coil for oil and dust protection. Sounds like a worthy investment, right?

Carrier Optima

If you’re looking for an efficient window-type air conditioner to cool your studio-type condominium or you just moved out from your parents’ home, the Carrier Optima will never fail you!

It’s a non-inverter unit that comes with an Energy Savings Plug (ESP), so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep for hours. The best part is it only costs ₱25 per day!

Suffice it to say, whatever summer activities you’re looking to explore at home, you can cool off and take a break whenever the extreme heat goes in your way.

Condura Compact Inverter

As a Filipino brand that embodies the values and traits of our countrymen, Condura knows and understands the needs of the Filipino family.

In a mission to be their trusted companion in providing comfort for their loved ones, the Condura Compact Inverter is crafted in relation to the Filipinos’ way of life. Pretty sure you can relate when we say that at the height of dawn, your mom or dad will turn off your air conditioning and you’ll find yourself sweating in the heat.

But, gone are those days because Condura crafted the Energy Savings Plug (ESP). If you haven’t heard, the ESP is a smart innovation that gives additional savings.

All you have to do is plug your electric fan into the ESP, set your AC’s timer, and then, once it ends, the ESP will automatically switch on your electric fan. Simply put, you can enjoy comfortable cooling for long hours without being disrupted by the heat.

Carrier Dehumidifier

Are you aware that humidity can wreak havoc on your prized possessions, such as your bags, furniture, and art collection? And in case you missed it, humidity is higher during the summer because warmer air holds more moisture.

Now, we know how much you value your investments. Thanks to the Carrier Dehumidifier, you can effortlessly remove excess moisture from the air. Moreover, you can eliminate molds, musty odors, and mildew, which are the triggers of allergies.

What makes this product even more beneficial is its clothes-drying function, which protects your garments from unpleasant dampness. Apart from this, the less humidity you have in your house, the less work it is for your AC, which means it makes your AC more energy efficient.

Carrier Ice Maker

Don’t be surprised if you’ll constantly crave ice-cold drinks this sunny season. Considering the sweltering heat, you’ve got to stay hydrated as you drink your way through a refreshing summer with the Carrier Ice Maker.

Say you enjoy hosting summer gatherings at home, or maybe you just want to whip up a thirst-quenching drink for yourself, you can make any drink cool with the use of this kitchen appliance.

In a matter of less than 15 minutes, you’ve got cubes of clean ice to help you beat the heat. Not to mention, it only consumes 135 W of electricity, which means you’re just like charging a laptop!

In Summary

There you have it. We hope you liked our list.

With these energy-efficient home appliances, there’s no need to endure the heat, nor do you have to worry about high electricity bills. Let be your helping hand and make it a summer to remember.

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