Tips On Creating A Home Office Work Station

Updated: April 12, 2020

When I was still working in an office, I would often daydream of being able to just working from home. I would imagine myself sitting on the couch with a laptop in front of me. My favorite music playing in the background and I’d be working while wearing only my home clothes or pambahay.

Fast forward to the present time and after working at home for several years, I realized that working on the couch can be nice but it’s not very productive. There’s too much temptation to put down your laptop and reach for the television remote, or just take a short nap which would eventually turn into a couple of hours of sleep.

So how do you prevent these unproductive situations from happening?

The answer is by simply creating a home office work station. I don’t just mean having an area where you can comfortably use the computer, but a dedicated space where you can also do paper work.

It is a place where you can sit down, read and write, do some thinking, organize your financial documents, sort through your bills and do other serious stuff.

If you lack this kind of personal space in your home, then maybe it’s time for you to make one. Here are some tips that will help you create a comfortable and effective home office work station.

Home Office Work Station Layout and Design

  • If you have a spare room in your house, you can convert it and make it your home office.
  • If you don’t have a spare room, then just look for a corner where you can set up your work space.
  • An L shaped desk furniture is usually the best to use, but a regular office desk is also good.
  • For those who work in front of a computer table, adding a desk beside you where you can write, sort paper and put other stuff is recommended.
  • Lastly, you can use your dining table if you’re on a budget or have space limitations. Invest on a simple filing cabinet or a side utility desk which you can put beside you while working in your dining area. (I used to have this setup)

Home Office Work Station Necessities

  • Adequate space and good lighting. If you like pacing while thinking, have some room to walk around.
  • A comfortable home office chair. Invest on a good one with effective back support. You’ll be sitting on it while making money so it’s worth it.
  • Have a desk clock or timer and calendar. These can help you manage your time and keep you on schedule with your tasks.
  • Have a garbage can beside you. You can also choose to have a box where you can throw all paper wastes which you can recycle for later.

Home Office Work Station Considerations

  • Consider setting up an area in your work station for reference materials such as books, magazines, and other things you often use for information.
  • Make your office supplies accessible. Keep your desktop and drawers organized so it will be easy for you to get pen and paper, staple wires, a calculator, paper clips, etc.
  • Speaking of desktops, try to keep it in good order because seeing a cluttered desk often decreases one’s apetite for work. Consider having a cork board and pin all your notes and other paper mess there.
  • Decorate your work station with things that spark creativity and inspiration. Bright colors boost energy while personal goals on paper that’s posted visibly can help you keep motivated.

Bonus: Home Office Work Station Feng Shui

  • Locate your home office far from your bedroom. You work in one while you rest in one. The two environments do not complement each other.
  • Wooden pieces with red accents are ideal in stimulating creativity and productivity.
  • The air circulation inside the room should be continuous to encourage good flow of chi.
  • When you’re on your desk, be sure you are facing the open area of the room. Don’t place your back to the door or work facing the wall.
  • More feng shui tips here.

What other tips can you recommend with regards to setting up a home office work station? Kindly share them below as a comment.

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  2. Nice article! I agree with the part about comfortable chair. Actually, I just found some really great chairs on, for really cheap too!

  3. Nice though challenging if the space available is very limited to the bed, bathroom and kitchen.

  4. I always dream of having a good-setup-workspace at home. I might invest on some when given the chance. Great workspace you got there.

    The dilemma I am having is that my soon-to-be-work-area is within my bedroom.. I have the whole second floor as my bedroom and work-area.. anyhoo, nice article you have here.


  5. I was just thinking about this, thanks for the tips! I recently realized that my efforts to go paperless while investing in real estate is futile. I really can’t eliminate having paper copies of rent-to-own/lease contracts, certified true copies of land titles, contract-to sell, etc. I will have to invest in a good filing cabinet. I also recently got a safety deposit box in one of my banks to store post-dated-checks from tenant-buyers and original TCT’s, etc. These things should be kept safe and secure and bank safety deposit boxes are my personal choice.

  6. Ako meron na akong home office work station, pero mini work station lang, hindi tulad nung nasa picture. Someday, magiging ganun na din office ko 😀 nyok.. hehehe

  7. @jonats and jayl
    The part about the bedroom is just a Feng Shui tip. Creating your work station in there can still be a good idea.

    My personal suggestion, have full lighting when you’re working and turn them down when it’s time to relax.

    That way, the look of the area will differ and your mind will somehow be able to get conditioned if it’s working or resting time.

    Yes, financial documents should always be kept in a secure place. And investing in a safety deposit box in your home is recommended for this.

    Good to hear that you already have a home office work station. Kahit maliit lang, at least hindi ka na nagta-trabaho sa ibabaw ng balikbayan box tulad dati. 😛

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