Tips for Achieving Stock Market Success (Episode 40)

Updated: December 9, 2021

Listen to Episode 40:

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Episode 40 Chapters:

  • 00:51: My First Stockbroker
  • 02:08: The First Mistake
  • 03:24: Buy Low, Sell High
  • 05:03: JFC and FPH
  • 07:47: Episode Break
  • 09:34: Losing Everything
  • 12:41: Coming Back
  • 14:48: Lessons

Excerpts and Highlights:

Don’t invest in it until you understand it. Not just how the stock market works, but you also need to have good knowledge of the difference between trading and investing.

Don’t rely on stock market tips. Have your own trading or investing strategy.

Leave your emotions at the door. Let your strategy dictate your trading or investing decisions.

Always have a financial goal. When you trade, have a target price and a cut loss price even before you buy. When you’re investing, have a target amount that you want to achieve, so you’ll know exactly when to sell.

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  1. Excellent broadcast, our young troops were listening with us on a break from home-school work. I believe we all know that nobody is perfect and humans do make mistakes. What you have clearly demonstrated is that the smart people learn from their mistakes and take corrective action. The reverse is also true. Remember the old adage that if you keep doing what you have always done (the wrong things) but you expect a different result, it is called INSANITY !!!

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