This is The Simple Reason Why Most People Don’t Invest (Episode 135)

Updated: October 11, 2022

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According to the results from the 2019 BSP Financial Inclusion Survey, 75% of Filipinos do not have investments.

In this episode, I shared the top 3 answers that people give if you ask them why they don’t invest, and what I believe is the actual and simple reason why many don’t have investments.

Most often, people say they lack time, knowledge, and money. These are the reasons why they don’t have investments. But I discussed why these barriers tend to be excuses rather than valid reasons.

Personally, the real reason is that we fear the uncertainty of the future. This fear makes us present-biased and give more value to immediate rewards, monetary and otherwise.

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Excerpts and Highlights:

Most people will choose to get the money now, instead of waiting for the better reward in the future; but are willing to delay gratification to get the higher amount if both choices require waiting.

We all know that it’s important to invest, but we are afraid of life’s uncertainties.

Life is uncertain, and having fear of the future is normal.

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