Think Different

Updated: December 7, 2007

When I resigned from my good paying job a few years back, a lot of my friends and even my mother called me crazy. They may think that way but within me, I just wanted to try something different in my life. I didn’t want to follow the path which most of our parents did, which is to find a stable job, earn money and raise a family.

I wanted to find financial freedom.

This YouTube video is an old advertisement of Apple entitled, Think Different. It praises the inventors and innovators of our time, specially those who learned NOT to follow the rules and create their own path for their lives. In the end, they have changed the world.

So to all of you who are on their way to financial freedom, I dedicate this to you:

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  1. […] Innovate I was inclined to say Invent as the last way to find a good business idea but I changed my mind and settled with Innovate. While it is true that pioneering minds led to the formation of many great companies such as Ford, GE and IBM, I believe that we have surpassed the period of invention and is now living in an era of innovation. Most, if not all, of the products and services that come out nowadays are improvements of the original version or an integration of several old concepts. Fostering an innovative mind starts with opening your eyes to what’s around us and allowing ourselves to think different. […]

  2. Hi Fitz,..great and very inspiring article of yours…may i’ll be one of those who think different,..i already subscribe your blog,..your blog is one of the best blog I have read and read just started it from the past week…i did follow this blog together with Tyron’s millionaireacts,..both of you have common goal on achieving financial freedom,..thanks to both of you for empowering us Pinoys,.i hope many Pinoys will visit both of your blog,..simply the best blog i ever read since i’m not an avid blog reader,..but for now, i’ll read your blog and tyron’s blog…wish you all the best!


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