The Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012

Updated: December 26, 2018

One of the things I always look forward towards the end of the year is reading the “best of 2012” stories that many news websites publish – a tradition that has also been adopted by numerous blogs.

So for today, let me do my share and give you the top ten posts that made this year memorable.

These are the most viewed, most shared and probably the posts which made the most impact to the readers and visitors here.

So here they are, the top ten blog posts of 2012.

10. Introducing ASK: A Personal Finance Q&A Website
This year saw the birth of ASK, a website where people can share their questions and give their thoughts on business matters, investing concerns and personal finance issues. I am truly proud of how the site has grown over the months, and special thanks goes out to all the active and knowledgeable members of the ASK community, who continuously share their wisdom and experience there.

9. An Interview with Mr. Mark So of Forex Club Asia
Mark So is undoubtedly the person which made the biggest impact to me this year. Through him, I was able to discover and learn the “fast and furious” world of currency trading – which is now one of my active sources of income. But more than being my forex guru, Mark has also been a business mentor and great inspiration to me.

8. Comparing Time Deposit Rates of Philippine Banks
A four-part post, this article series was my personal mystery shopping adventure which resulted to a lot of discoveries regarding our current banking system and customer service. Doing this post further strengthened my belief on the importance of being proactive in our quest for financial knowledge, and most of the readers agreed.

7. How Do You Make Money From UITF Investing?
This is one of the posts with the most prolific comments for 2012. I didn’t expect that this article would solicit such high interest and produce a lot of questions from readers – and there are actually still some left unanswered, which I hope I can reply to in the next few days. But if you’ve always wondered how you can make money from UITF investing (and similarly, mutual funds), then this post is for you.

6. My IMG Wealth Academy Experience
Attending the IMG Wealth Academy is one of the best financial decisions I’ve made this year. Not only has it augmented my views on personal finance, but it has also expanded my professional network. And after deciding to pursue the business side of IMG towards the end of the year, I now have a new source of “weekly” passive income.

5. Is Buying a House or a Condo Unit An Investment?
The post which produced a lot of reactions, both online and offline. I think I struck a nerve with this post, based on the number of emails I suddenly received from OFWs, real estate agents and property owners regarding the topic. In the end, I believe I was able to get my point across and I’m glad that the post was able to help a lot of people in their real estate investing decisions.

4. 6 Quick Tips For Beginner Investors
I think this is the most shared 2012 article on Facebook, which made me realize that investing is indeed one of the most appreciated topics by my readers. That’s why for the coming year, I’m planning to write more posts about investments and share with you more stories about my experience as an investor.

3. The Best Philippine Stocks For Long Term Investment
This is another post which received the most number of shares online. It may not be a “big hit” in social media, but I’ve seen and read so many people share this article in forums and newsgroups – and it’s amusing how this post was even forwarded back to me through email by a friend, who didn’t immediately realize that I was the one who wrote it.

2. ANC On The Money: My Money Story Feature
This list would not be complete if I didn’t include one of the most memorable experience I had because of this blog – which is my television guesting in ANC’s On The Money. It’s always wonderful to reach out and share my story to people “outside” the internet and this opportunity allowed me to do just that.

1. The Sandwich Generation
This is number one on the list because this one had the most “behind-the-scene” reactions from my readers. From the day I first published it up until now, I’d receive emails almost everyday from people who would privately share their heartbreaking stories about being part of the sandwich generation. And I’m glad that collectively, we’ve found moral support, motivation and inspiration from each other.

And that completes my roundup of the top ten posts for 2012 here on Ready To Be Rich. Feel free to check out all the other posts which didn’t make it to the list above through the Archives Page.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for being part of this blog through 2012, and I hope you’ll continue to be part of it in 2013 as we journey closer towards financial freedom.

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  1. Very nice list of posts. I plan to read each of your top 10s one at a time so that I will have time to really focus and concentrate on things:)

  2. Happy New Year Fitz! I’m glad you posted this because I see the good ones that i missed! One of the most memorable experience I had for 2012 was meeting you at Webcamp! My kids were so jealous =)

  3. Sir Fitz,
    I would like to be a blogger can you be my mentor?

    Can you guide me and be your student?

    I am an avid reader of yours many years back.


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