The Philippines in 2020: An Economic Review with Security Bank (Episode 46)

Updated: December 9, 2021

Listen to Episode 46:

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Episode 46 Chapters:

  • 02:23: Pre-Pandemic Economy
  • 05:10: Resilience and Recovery
  • 09:34: The Banking Sector
  • 10:31: The Worst is Over
  • 13:37: The Biden Effect
  • 14:51: Outlook for 2021
  • 17:16: Global Economy
  • 19:15: Investment Strategies

Excerpts and Highlights:

“Recovery depends on how fast our confidence is restored. But scarring has been deep, so recovery may be gradual.” –Dan Roces

“Don’t just put your money in an investment you don’t understand, especially the risks.” –Gelo Taningco

Time and again, markets eventually recover. And as it has always been, today is the best time to invest. Remember that the risk is not when markets are down and you pulled out. The real risk is when the market is going up, and you’re not part of it.

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