The One Who Succeeds Most in Life (Episode 13)

Updated: December 8, 2021

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Summary of Episode 13:

The 4 Types of Thinkers. (4:03)

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TED Ed Talk: The Importance of Focus by Richard St. John

When we say focus, we often meant long-term focus on a specific goal. However, meron ding short-term focus, which is concentration. And that’s also important–learning how to concentrate on what you’re doing so you can accomplish your tasks. (7:30)

The key is to practice, practice, practice. You have to be intentional and be self-aware. You have to always remind yourself that you need to focus on your goal, and you need to concentrate on your work. (8:16)

There is a connection between what we get and what we are committed to experiencing. (8:56)

Success requires clarity to what’s at stake and what it is that you are committed to doing. Then, whether you feel like it or not, do it anyway… Successful people are often those who are focused and committed to their goals, and they live each day intentionally in the pursuit of the things they want in life. (10:04)

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  1. This was an important message today from Fitz. At this time of crisis (4 April, 2020, covid-19 virus), much of your FOCUS should be on preserving/maintaining your health and boosting your immune system. My beautiful bride and I both earn income at home from our on-line gigs and we steadfastly do our work. Someone has to venture out at the designated times during this lock-down. Unfortunately, my wife is the only one allowed out as I am considered a senior citizen here in the Philippines so no pass for me. I believe I have the stronger immune system and it should be me venturing out as I have no preexisting conditions but that is not the rule of the day. One thing we MUST do is the decontamination procedure when my wife arrives back home. All but a minimum amount of her out door clothing is stripped off and she takes a pre-scrub in the carport. While wife then enjoys a nice shower in the CR, hubby places her outside protective clothing in a soak designed to kill everything prior to washing. Then I hang all items in bright sunlight, exposing all sides (inside and outside, back and front ) of the fabric to ultraviolet radiation. Overkill? Maybe, but we treat this seriously as a part of our survival. In no way are we derailed from most of our “normal” work but we now also FOCUS on preventing the microscopic size enemy from entering our home or infecting the family. We do what we do with purpose!!!

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