The First Principle of Building Wealth (Episode 24)

Updated: December 8, 2021

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Summary of Episode 24:

The different ways you can become rich. (1:18)

The first fundamental principle that can determine your financial success is your ability to spend less than what you earn. (1:38)

When it comes to personal finance, I believe that there’s no good reason to deny ourselves of our own truth. (2:10)

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Wealth starts with learning the habit of saving. You have to spend less than what you’re earning. (5:39)

Five concrete ways that you can do to start saving money. (6:01)

Save money even if you can only save a small amount, even if it’s just 1 peso every day. Because what’s more important is actually doing it, so you can eventually form the habit. And by forming the habit, you’ll be one step closer towards financial freedom. (9:27)

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