The Best Strategy is Always to Sell a Product that Sells Itself

Updated: September 27, 2014

I have a friend who works as a medical sales rep and I think he has a relatively easy job simply because the product he carries has no direct competitor in the current market.

In short, he doesn’t need to do much sales talk, and he usually just needs to reach out and present medical literature to doctors to get orders.

That’s a basic example of a product that has the capacity to sell itself.

But of course, such products are quite uncommon. And in the world of business, a market monopoly rarely lasts long, specially for profitable items.

Fortunately, our guest blogger today, Jacob, shares with us another perspective on selling products that also requires minimal sales strategies.

Let’s read and find out below.

One of the biggest things keeping many folks from seeking profitable careers in sales is that – salesmanship is an art form.

You need a handle on the power of persuasion and be willing to manipulate the consumer’s thought process in order to make a deal.

Sadly, it’s not exactly honorable work all of the time – but that’s only when a company’s sales demands the direct influence of a salesperson.

Fortunately, not all sales enterprises are reliant on such debonair dealings to make a profit. Starting a vending machines business, for example, is just one way you can make money without making sacrifices to your ethics and character.

User-operated kiosks and vending machines are going to continue to boom in popularity as more goods become accessible via such machines. Technological improvements have turned many vending machines highly resistant from tampering.

This allows relatively expensive products like DVDs and video games to be kept in such machines for long periods of time without fear of theft. It’s not just a business based on candy and soda pop anymore, even though these items continue to drive the vending machine industry.

Consider the incredibly low overhead of managing vending machines and other devices. You don’t need anyone but yourself. Added to the fact that such devices can be accessed by customers at virtually all hours of the day and night, the savings-to-profit ratio will be unprecedented in your entrepreneurial experience.

Non-regulative hours also mean that you can be your own boss; you can set your own schedule and manage your tasks on your own time.

The majority of vending machines still operate on a cash-only basis, too. This means you’ll be operating a business with minimal currency and capital transfer. It’s straight from the machine to the bank. Payments to suppliers can all be done electronically directly from your business bank account.

But vending machines and similar services are just the beginning. If you aren’t looking for a way to the A-list, but, instead simply want a secure means to make a living through sales without sleazy practices, then search for a product or service that virtually can’t lose money due to prevailing demand.

Everyone needs a haircut so why not open a barber shop? So long as cars continue to run on the road, a gas station is a certain investment in the right area. Sales doesn’t always have to be shady. You just need to know where the opportunities exist.

This guest post is written by Jacob Scholl. He is a vending machine business owner who lives in Canada.

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  1. That’s right. The most important thing that I’ve learned here is that if you want to be rich, you have to know where the opportunity exists and sieze it. I personally like the idea Jacob Scholl had. It was a vending machine business. You don’t need man power. Everything is automated. That’s opportunity.

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