The Bad Credit Hotel Online Game

Updated: September 22, 2014

Are you suffering from too much debt? If so, then maybe you need to spend a night at the Bad Credit Hotel.

This online game was commissioned by the U.S. Treasury and the Advertising Council in America.

It hopes to teach young people about responsible credit card use and educate them regarding debt management and basic personal finance.

The game’s objective is quite simple: find a way to get inside Room 850, which in the U.S., is the perfect credit score.

I spent time playing Bad Credit Hotel and it took me around 15 minutes to complete. The game feels as if you’re watching an Alfred Hitchcock horror classic, which is so appropriate because that’s how one might feel if he or she is being haunted by bad debt.

The Bad Credit Hotel
The Bad Credit Hotel

Depending on your internet connectivity, the game can run a bit slow on some parts. Just be patient and use the loading time to think about the things you just learned.

One thing I liked about Bad Credit Hotel is that, even though it was created with the American audience in mind, the lessons presented are universal. Well I guess it’s because debt and credit affects everyone, regardless of where you live.

To give you an idea what you’ll learn inside Bad Credit Hotel, here’s an outline of the subjects tackled inside the game:

Debt Management

  • You’ll get to play with a hands-on calculator where you can make a simple monthly budget that’s almost similar to my Monthly Budget Worksheet.
  • There will be tips on how to handle your creditors when you’re having trouble paying your debt.
  • There’s a primer on filing for personal bankruptcy as a debt management plan.
  • You’ll also read some helpful information on the U.S. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Facts about Credit

  • What is a credit report and what are the information inside it?
  • What is a credit score and where is it based?
  • Information about credit counseling.
  • An explanation of common terms used in the credit card world.
  • There’s also a Real Cost calculator that lets you see how much you’ll exactly pay when you revolve a purchase on your credit card.

Excited to play the game?

Then get yourself ready and check-in to Bad Credit Hotel.

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  1. While I do think this is a great idea, i think it is too little, too late. I also think bad credit hotel is somewhat patronizing and definitely creepy.

    I suppose the intentions were the right ones…

  2. sounds like it might be a cool game…dont know bout the bad credit theme its got..probly trying to tell kids…if you get bad credit you might end up here…lol

  3. Effectivement, je le confirme, les crédits et particulièrement le surendettement touche tout le monde! Je vais tester ce jeux “Bad Credit Hotel”. Le rachat de crédit existe dedans ? Ça peut être amusant …

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