10 Awkward “Money Moments” Found on My Social Media Timeline

Updated: June 23, 2020

If you’re on Twitter, then you’ve probably encountered tweets that begin with the phrase, “That awkward moment…”

This meme actually dates as far back as 2009, but is interestingly still popular today.

For those unfamiliar with it, “That awkward moment” is a preface that people use when they want to share stories about uncomfortable social experiences.

While most of those status updates are meant to be funny, I have read some tweets that also carry hints of sarcasm and annoyance… which will really make you wonder about life’s little ironies.

What exactly am I talking about? Well, check out these these 10 awkward “money moments” which I’ve seen people share on my Twitter timeline and you’ll understand what I mean.

Ten Awkward “Money Moments”

1. That awkward moment when you discover that a friend who owes you money is in Boracay having a vacation.

2. That awkward moment when you accompany a friend to a Feng Shui store so she can buy an expensive money charm, and then her credit card purchase transaction gets denied.

3. That awkward moment when your friend is borrowing money from you to fix his car. Dude, if you can’t maintain a car, sell it.

4. That awkward moment when an officemate asks you to talk to a credit card debt collector on the phone, to lie about him not being there.

5. That awkward moment when someone you’re barely friends with, is trying to borrow money from you.

6. That awkward moment when a friend invites you for coffee, and he suddenly gives a network marketing presentation there. Tell your true intentions next time, you’ll have more luck getting my interest.

7. That awkward moment when a friend confides to you that she married her husband, simply because he’s rich.

8. That awkward moment when you have to wait for the bank officer to read their own brochure, so she can understand and explain their product to you.

9. That awkward moment when a friend who owns a very expensive smartphone, asks if you could send him prepaid load credits.

10. That awkward moment when your friend shares that she’s finding it hard to save money, while sipping a Starbucks Frappuccino.

Bonus: That awkward moment when you realize that you’re that person whom one of these status updates above is referring to.

What about you, can you share any awkward money moments that you or someone you know have experienced? Do share them below.

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  1. That awkward moment when you found out that a friend who owes you a huge amount of money bought a Prada and a BlackBerry, but she didn’t bother to pay you, not even a cent. :p

    Hehehehe. :p

  2. Nice post, Fitz. #1 hits the spot. Years ago, someone borrowed money from me and went Skywalking in Cebu. =D

  3. The awkward moment indeed. And that awkward moment where you want to ask for the payment for the money your friend owed you except they keep giving praises of how generous you are or how kind and lenient you are for not demanding payment T__T

  4. That akward moment when i filed for offset hours to compensate for ‘unpaid’ OT hours then was denied, tapos ang approver went on a one week VL. what a douche!

  5. I got terminated from work for telling the truth that my manager took $2,400 from my cash float and promised that it will be paid by my colleagues.

  6. That awkward moment in the middle of the conversation you already sense that it will end up on borrowing money. #facepalm

  7. Haha. That awkward moment indeed. I kind of experienced more than 5 of these instances. Haha.

    That awkward moment that the person who owed you money is purposely trying to hide from you when belong in the same workplace area.

  8. Yes, I have experienced many of these during my 66 years on earth. Number 8 stands out since I relocated to the Philippines eight years ago. There was a period of a couple years where it seamed like every time I entered the local bank, someone was sticking a brochure in front of me asking “Sir, would you like investment?” I will scan the literature and if the product appears to have merit for further consideration, I may ask a few questions such as “what is the fund expense ratio?” More often than not, I get what we Americans call “the deer in the headlight look.” That “look” occurs on a dark country road as you come around a bend in the road and there before you is a whitetail deer, frozen with fear in the middle of the road from your approaching headlights. Those are the times you are happy that your brakes are working well! SO, why do the banks put inexperienced employees out front representing products they have little or no knowledge about?

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