Tagaytay Living With Asilo by Avida Land

Updated: February 28, 2013

One of the reasons why I love living in the south of the metro is because I’m just an hour away from Tagaytay.

A lot of my friends, specially those who live in Quezon City, envy the fact that I can just hop into my car and enjoy Tagaytay’s cool weather at a moment’s notice.

Indeed, for many years, Tagaytay has been the most accessible vacation destination for those who live in Metro Manila; and always one of the must-see places for foreign tourists – thanks to its beautiful sceneries and refreshing climate.

And now, thanks to Avida Land, everyone can get a chance to have their very own vacation home in Tagaytay.

Asilo Tagaytay is Avida Land’s first vacation home development project. It is a mixed-used residential property for families, couples and individuals, who wish to have a beautiful second home in Tagaytay.


The word, “Asilo”, is derived from the term “silong” which means “shelter”.

But Asilo Tagaytay is more than just a shelter, and more than just another condominium, in my opinion – because this Avida project is designed to blend in harmony with Tagaytay’s quaint charm and lush greeneries.

Avida has envisioned this project to be rustic and nostalgic, much like Tagaytay’s character. From its pitched roofs and structure colors, to its courtyards and unit terracing – Asilo will not look like an out-of-place, cold, concrete monument standing in the middle of the forest – but a comfortable, homey and familiar place where everyone can enjoy a time out from the busy city.


And like all Ayala and Avida condominium projects, Asilo Tagaytay will fulfill the five condo must-haves:

  1. Free-flowing air and sunlight – Avida’s living spaces are smartly-designed so natural light and air flows inside the entire unit, not just in one room.
  2. Fewer units per floor – lets you enjoy more privacy with fewer neighbors, saves you the stress of crowded hallways, long elevator lines and jam-packed amenities.
  3. Sensible amenities – amenities that are fun but practical, every facility is well-planned so you won’t have to pay unnecessary maintenance dues.
  4. Emergency power even inside your unit – eases the stress of power outages by providing more stand-by electricity. You can keep your lights on and even turn on your TV and refrigerator.
  5. Easy payment terms – Avida offers a stretched payment scheme that lets one easily own a condo without compromising his/her lifestyle.

Should you wish to learn more about this project, I encourage you to visit the Asilo Tagaytay website. Or call Avida at +632-848-5200 (within Metro Manila), or 1-800-10-848-5200 (outside Metro Manila).

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  1. fritz, i have a question is sunlife is good insurance company? my workmates offered me all in one insurance good for 15 years maturity..

  2. Greetings Mr. Fitz:

    I have nothing personal with developments in Tagaytay City, but i noticed high rise condos and other buildings are becoming abundant, i hope they develop and create more Eco-friendly structures in the future.
    One reason why I love Tagaytay, because it feels and looks like a province. I live and work in the city, used to seeing high rise offices and buildings its like a “metal rock” jungle not to mention the wastes. So its very soothing and a relief to go and view Tagaytay Nature, but seeing these building structures popping-out and Tagaytay slowly becoming a Metro City like Makati, its kinda disappointing. Can’t they build condos out of bamboo or coconut lumber, para naman nature ang dating, wala bang nakakaisip ng Nature Theme Park para sa Tagaytay. Nakakahinayang kasi, nature lover pa naman ako, hehehe peace po.

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