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3 Things No One Will Tell You About Trading in the Financial Markets

Updated: January 17, 2018 | Guest Posts, In Focus | No Comments

Trading stocks, commodities, forex, options, or ETFS is one of the dependable ways to build wealth outside of a 9 to 5 job. However, trading is not likely to transform you into an overnight millionaire; yet, many people begin their trading journeys with unrealistic expectations. Successful traders tend to highlight the glamour points of trading […]

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This is How People Lose Money in the Stock Market

Updated: June 2, 2018 | Investing | 2 Comments

The stock market is a battlefield. It’s a war between bears and bulls; between technical analysts and fundamental analysts; between traders and investors — there’s really so many sides fighting that it’s easy to get caught in a crossfire. When a bullet hits you while you’re out there, it will be hard to tell which […]

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The Truth About Binary Options

Updated: April 29, 2017 | Guest Posts | 1 Comment

With all the hype surrounding binary options, it’s only natural that you would be curious about them. In this article, we’re going to cover the truth about binary options.

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The Different Types of Traders

Updated: September 27, 2014 | Guest Posts | 1 Comment

Investors can be conservative, moderate or aggressive. The type of investor that you are will dictate your decisions and strategies when it comes to managing your investment portfolio. In the same vein, there are also different types of traders – both in the stock market and in currencies or forex. Today’s guest post will talk […]

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5 Toxic Myths About Stock Market and Forex Trading

Updated: June 26, 2016 | Income Opps | No Comments

A lot of Filipinos went into stock market trading when the PSEI started making consecutive record highs during the first quarter of 2013. Moreover, forex trading also became a trend, as evident by the increased presence of foreign currency brokers in the country from the past year. A little over a year after all the […]

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What is The Philippine Stock Exchange Composite Index?

Updated: August 18, 2018 | General Information, Investing | 14 Comments

A lot of stock market traders and investors were celebrating last April 2013 when the Philippine Stock Exchange Composite Index breached the 7,000 mark. And since 2015, everyone’s watching as the index tries to stay above 8,000. But what exactly is the PSE Composite Index and why is it important to know its performance? I’ll […]

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Are You an Investor or a Trader? A Simple Test To Find Out

Updated: January 15, 2018 | Investing, Personal Finance | 26 Comments

Many people don’t know that investing is different from trading. Investing is long-term, which means you buy, hold and sell after several years or even decades. Trading is short-term, which means you buy and then sell only after a few days, weeks or months. In forex, some traders buy and sell only after a few […]

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