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How To Accomplish More in 2012

Published: January 2, 2012 | Productivity | 7 Comments

The first week of 2012 has officially begun. Some have already started working on their new year’s resolutions and making changes in their daily routine… while many others, just started working and went back to their usual daily tasks. Whichever type of person you are, it always help to have a plan on how to […]

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Efficient Multitasking For Better Productivity

Updated: January 2, 2012 | Productivity | No Comments

Are you a multitasker? Do you try to do a lot of different things at the same time? There are many arguments against multitasking when it comes to productivity. Some say that multitasking is actually counterproductive because you usually end up with nothing accomplished. Moreover, the quality of your results tend to be less than […]

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