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Generic Medicines: A Comparative Price Study On Generic Cholesterol And Other Maintenance Medicines

Updated: July 27, 2018 | Money Saving Tips | 12 Comments

Do you buy generic medicines? I do because they’re cheaper than the branded ones. But do you know why they’re cheaper? Is it because they are of less quality or less effective than branded medicines? I did a small study on this and found some very interesting information. I discovered that a generic drug is […]

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How To Save Money On Medicines

Updated: April 18, 2018 | Money Saving Tips | 15 Comments

A friend of mine was complaining to me the other day how expensive prescription medicines are. He was not happy because the antibiotics he just bought cost him his weekend budget for recreation. I know exactly how he feels and that prompted me to do some research and think of ways on how one can […]

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