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10 Tips for Profitable Long-Term Investing in the Stock Market

Updated: October 5, 2020 | Investing | 2 Comments

The stock market is a great place to invest in. And it is greatly profitable if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, a lot of people put money in the stock market hoping that it will make money for them. But hope is not an investment strategy. And you’ll most likely lose money instead […]

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Five Quick Tips For Long-Term Investors in the Stock Market

Updated: December 13, 2019 | Investing | 3 Comments

Investing is not a sprint but a marathon, especially in the stock market. That means when you buy shares of a company, then you should be prepared to let your money “sleep” for many years. How many? As long as you can, but I always say at least five years. Fortunately, long-term investing in the […]

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