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Where To Find Employees and Freelancers For Your Business

Updated: November 25, 2014 | Business, Freelancing, General Information | 2 Comments

An excellent product, a strong vision and a purposeful mission are not the only factors that make a profitable business. More often than not, a dynamic and innovative leadership coupled with a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals form the larger reason why a business becomes a huge success. Ask any entrepreneur what the most […]

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Reader Mail #15: On Finding Work, Investing and Family Finances

Published: June 18, 2010 | Investing, Personal Finance, Reader Mail | 3 Comments

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of Reader Mail. This is where I post the questions I receive from my readers and share with you the answers and advise I gave to them. For today, we’ll discuss the topics of finding work, investing and family finances. Note that the names of the senders have been made […]

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