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List of Investments For Passive Dividend Income in the Philippines

Published: November 13, 2020 | Investing | No Comments

For most people, passive income is the ultimate source of cash. It’s money working for you in the best possible way. Fortunately, there are many sources of passive income. If you’re a songwriter, then you’re probably receiving royalty payments. Or if you own a rental property, then the lease payments are your source of passive […]

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BDO Raises P40.1 Billion in Fixed Rate Peso Bonds

Published: February 4, 2020 | General Information | 2 Comments

BDO Unibank, Inc (BDO) successfully raised P40.1 billion of fixed rate bonds, or eight (8) times the original offer of P5.0 billion on robust demand from retail and institutional investors. The one-week offer period ended last January 24, 2020, with issue date set on February 3, 2020. The bonds will have a tenor of 2.5 […]

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Stocks vs Bonds: Differences Between Them When It Comes to Investing

Updated: July 6, 2020 | Investing | 2 Comments

There are many types of paper assets and investments. But two of the biggest components of most portfolios are stocks and bonds. Even mutual funds and UITFs are mostly composed of stocks and/or bond investments. And many people ask… What are the differences between stocks and bonds? What are the similarities? And where should I […]

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How to Invest in Bonds for Beginners

Updated: September 19, 2020 | Investing | 13 Comments

If you’re looking for an investment that’s less risky than the stock market but earns higher than time deposits, then consider investing in bonds. But what are bonds? How do you make money from them? What are the risks? And finally, how do you invest in bonds? What are bonds? A bond is a debt […]

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Stock Market Alternatives: Where To Invest Aside From The Stock Market

Updated: November 22, 2019 | Investing | 9 Comments

“If I don’t know or if I’m not yet ready to invest in the stock market, where can I put my money instead?” That’s the question many newbie investors are asking, especially when I published the previous article, that’s why I decided to write this post. Below, we’ll discuss a handful of stock market alternatives […]

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Where To Invest In 2013

Published: January 2, 2013 | Business, In Focus, Investing | 28 Comments

Let me start the year by giving you some advise on where to invest this 2013. The Philippines certainly had a great run last year, and many are predicting that the local economy will continue to rally through the “Year of the Snake”. So if you have some investment funds available and would like to […]

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