SPIN: Two Turntables and A Time Machine

Updated: April 2, 2011

I would like to share with you today this very interesting short film entitled SPIN.

This 8-minute movie from Jamin Winans of Double Edge Films is about a mysterious DJ who is on a mission to make things right.

Equipped with his magical turntables, our hero turns back time and tries to save a man on a bicycle from an accident. However, when he thought he has done his job, the change he did led to another tragedy.

Thus begins a series of trial and error wherein our DJ tries to find the exact “spin” that will lead to a happy ending.

See what happens and watch the short film, SPIN, below. Be sure to turn up the volume and enjoy the beat!

Lesson learned – “Try and try until you succeed.” 😀

This movie has won in over 40 film festivals worldwide. Learn more about it here.

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