Spellcheck Your Business

Updated: April 17, 2008

Below are some pictures I took of businesses that didn’t quite notice the misspellings in their signs. They may be funny to you but for the owner, this can be quite embarrassing. Imagine if it were you, what would you say to your laughing customers?

There is a simple lesson to be learned here. Always check the spelling (and grammar) of your business signs. Proofread them before you submit the design to your printer and ensure that it’s still correct when you receive it.

Doing so will save you time, money and dignity.

This mistake has been there for months. Either the owner doesn’t know about it or he thinks that his sign’s spelling of restaurant is actually correct.


This one’s not obvious at first glance, it’s because your brain is completing the word for you and not your eyes. A closer look will reveal a funny mistake.


Everything would have been good except for that extra apostrophe which ruins the whole meaning of his business.


Even posh restaurants commit this mistake. Good thing it was just their soft opening menu. But even so, they should have been more careful.


The owner is aware of the misspelling but chose not to correct it because the strong recall makes her customers come back to her place. She actually points it out if you fail to notice it. Now that’s what I call seeing the silver lining.


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