Start An Eload Retailer Business

Updated: December 28, 2014

Currently, the Philippine mobile market is around 55 million, this 63% market penetration rate is enough for me to say that the mobile telecommunication industry in the country is big business. Almost everywhere, specially in the metro, you could see someone holding a cellular phone, probably reading or sending text messages. And because of this, prepaid cellphone load retailer stores have likewise become widespread in cities and provinces.

And yet, how many times have you or someone you know fell to zero credit balance and couldn’t locate a place to buy load from? Although there is already an extensive network of retailer stores in the city, there will be times that you can’t really find one around. Sometimes it’s already late at night and there’s no store that’s still open near you. But what if you’re on the bus and can’t get off to buy load or you’re simply just too lazy to go out of your house, don’t you wish there’s a more convenient way to purchase cellphone load credits during these situations?


My solution to this dilemma also turns out to be an excellent income opportunity for us Pinoys – and that is to become an cellphone eload retailer. I’m surprised that only a few people I’ve talked to know about this easy sideline. You don’t need to put up a stall nor have an existing business to do this. All it takes is a cellular phone and adequate marketing and selling skills. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Globe, Smart or Sun?
The Philippines currently have three mobile companies, Globe Telecoms, Smart Communications and Sun Cellular. All three offer various prepaid load retailer schemes. Do you want to sell Globe Autoload, Smart Eload or Sun Expressload? It’s your choice but I suggest getting the mobile company where most of the people you know are subscribed in. Can’t decide? Then get two or all three.

2. Get your cellphone ready.
Almost all cellphone brands and models are capable of reading the special retailer SIM cards. Anything that came after 1999 would probably work so this means that you can now have another use for your old Nokia 3210 and the other good working cellphones that are now collecting dust in your household drawers. If you don’t mind switching SIM cards, then you can use the current cellphone you’re using.

3. Look for a local distributor.
Go to the nearest Globe Business Center, Smart Wireless Center or Sun Shop and ask for the contact details of the load distributor in your area. With the exception of Sun Cellular, the retailer SIM cards are only available through these distributors. It’s also important that you know where exactly their office or branch is because you would have to go there when you need to reload your credit stock. Make sure that it’s convenient to visit their location.

4. Buy your retailer SIM card.
Go to the distributor and buy your retailer SIM card. Be ready to buy your initial credit stock too which is usually P1,000. After buying your retailer SIM, ask the distributor to teach you everything you need to know about being a retailer. This includes how to sell load, how to check your remaining balance, how much is your profit per transaction and what number to call for help or if you have further questions.

5. Advertise, sell and earn money.
Once you have your retailer SIM activated, start telling your friends, family and officemates about it. Once you have successfully marketed your sideline to your immediate social circle, expect word of mouth to give you more clients. My brother who’s been doing this in his office often get visits from people from other departments for load, even his superiors occasionally purchase credits from him. If you’re planning to put this income opportunity to an existing business of yours, then remember to ask for marketing materials such as posters and flyers from your distributor. These are free and usually immediately given upon request. The standard profit margin is around 13%.

Congratulations on investing in another income opportunity. Always remember to pay yourself first. Lastly, there are currently independent distributors who offer integrated solutions for selling prepaid load. They offer opportunities for you to earn from different brands of electronic loads and prepaid products through your existing SIM or via the internet like Load.Com.Ph.

These are good alternatives except that the profit margin through these companies tend to be smaller, around 5% to 10% – a trade off for being able to sell your products with only just one SIM card, plus they offer more products and not just cellphone prepaid credits. Just be sure that you understand their terms and conditions and do some background check on the company before you invest because unfortunately, some of them are scams or have weak technical and sales support.

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Andrew Dela Serna. Aleba Blog: How Bloggers Use Their Cellphones. February 6, 2008.

Photo courtesy of Smart Communications, Inc.


  1. […] 6. Eload Sell electronic prepaid cellphone load to your officemates. My brother currently does this with remarkable success. He gets around P2,000 net income a month from selling both Smart Eload and Globe Autoload in his office. He plans to sell Sun Expressload soon once he earns enough to invest on an extra cellphone. If you’re interested to learn more about this, you can check out my previous article on how to start an eload business. […]

  2. i want to sell eload here in our place to gain extra income, what will i do to have an eload business at easy way. i have my own internet at home. thanks … best wishes.

  3. i would like to start an eload retailer business ,how can i avail this product and service.

  4. Hi everyone.

    I believe I already gave all the important details above. If you would like some assistance in setting up your eload business, then I suggest you make an account and try LOAD.COM.PH.

    They have a customer support which can help you set up your cellphone eload retailer business.


  5. sir i would like to know how much at least the starting capital of this business?

  6. @edward
    The starting capital varies, depending on how big you want the eload business to be. However, the minimum capital can just be as little as P3,000. Good luck!

  7. I am interested in being an eload distributor, not just a retailer. How would I go about being a distributor? What are the requirements? What is the initial investment? Thanks.

  8. Hi fritz,

    i would like to start a cellphone business, do you have any idea where can we find a direct dealer for the units.

  9. I am interested in being a prepaid card & eload distributor, not just a retailer. How would I go about being a distributor? What are the requirements? Thank you!

  10. Hi everyone, Mr Fritz!

    I saw this blog of yours and the site Actually I also have an e-Loading business, and also to all networks, internet, Satellite tv, online games, lbc, mrt axs. We can also load to via through internet. And we have 6 data centers that process these load requests quickly. You can check my blog for more infos: or contact me at 09277479459. [email protected]

  11. thanks a lot fitz for your blog. it constantly inspires me to pursue financial freedom. thanks again. 🙂

  12. i’m been thinking about this, an e load station via using internet since a got DSL in my home then i’d like to try, so please e-mail me how to subscribe, and i will be glad having a small business @my place..

  13. iam a present load retailer and wholesale..i just want to knw wat are the requirments and how much the cash bond to apply n smartmoney..and i want to be direct to smartmoney so that i can avail ur promo..tnx

  14. hello,interested po ako magventure sa e-loads all 3 networks sana,and become a distributor, kindly help me,what are the needed requirements to avail?and how much capital do i need,please e mail me [email protected]

  15. Hi, is a free online e-loading service, meaning it’s free to sign up, and free to use. Once you sign up, you only need to top up your ewallet – there are no surcharges of any sort for loading up (except maybe if you go for the western union type of payment, though we recommend going for bank transfers).

    When you load up, you even get extra ewallet credits – an extra 3% for a single top up of PhP 1,000 to PhP 4,999, and an extra 5% for a single top up of PhP 5,000 or more. This means that if you top up PhP 2,000, you actually get PhP 2,060 in your ewallet. If you top up PhP 7,000, you actually get PhP 7,350. To earn more, it’s recommended you top up at least PhP 1,000 or for the best earnings, go for at least PhP 5,000. You can of course, sell load and earn from it even if you top up less than this amount, but you won’t be maximizing your income in that way.

    This is on top of the discounts (varies between eload/epins) you already enjoy whenever you redeem an e-pin or send an e-load, or purchase an e-card to sell to your customers. also has a built-in referral system that allows you to earn 1% of your referral’s top up (whenever they do that) in terms of ewallet credits.

    You can use for managing your business’ prepaid load needs (its loading system is ready for mass cellphone loading and it’s easy to use too), or for your eloading business, whether you’re running it exclusively for that, or along side another business, like a sari-sari store, tiangge stall, or Internet Cafe (since it has MMO game cards, too).

    It’s ready to use nationwide, and across the globe, so if you want to sell in the provinces or maybe sell to OFWs in Dubai, you can do that. It’s accessible over the Internet via a web browser, mobile Internet via WAP, and even through SMS text messages. simply gives you the opportunity to tap into over 50 of its eload and epin products with one free and easy to use account.

    For more information and if you’ve got more questions, please visit

  16. i want to have my own eload retailing business as my income while studying.please send me of current loadings in smart,globe ,talk n text & TM. thanks & more power!!!!!!

  17. Hi Sir!
    Interesado po ako sa Business Pero P1000 lang po ang kaya ko, pwede pa rin po ba akong maging Dealer ng Smart e-load Sir?

    Thank you po

  18. I want to have my own eload retailing business as my income while studying.please send me of current loadings in smart,globe ,talk n text & TM.
    salamat po!

  19. please post how to load gaan text or a like.. (other done common denomination)

  20. gud can buy load for me payment via smartmoney rcbc payoneer card check out my blog for more datails http;// thanks

  21. interesado ako. pwede po nyo ako padalhan ng iba pang info., like how much i need to invest? salamat po god bless

  22. Anybody here who are interested on Eload Dealership?
    We make it very affordable to start the investment.
    And eload transaction can be done online.

    Contact me at: [email protected]
    Mobile: 0999 4220521

  23. Hi goodpm magiinquire lang po sana kung ano po ba yung mga requirements para makapagstart ng e-load businees and paki email na rin po sana yung mga details tungkol po dito. tnx. [email protected]

  24. I am already a Eload Retailer of Sun, Globe and Smart… I just started with a capital of P 1, 350 pesos… It is a nice business.

    You can email me if you have questions on eload business, i can help you to start up

    Email: [email protected]

  25. tulungan nyo naman ako, taga silang cavite ako, kaya lang sa alabang ako nag tra-trabaho..malayo kami sa bayan ng Silang kasi boundary lang kami ng sta rosa…gusto ko mag open ng globe retialer sa tindahan ko, di naman ako makakuha sa festival mall globe telecom,…

    san ako pwede kumuha…by area pa pala ito?


  26. I just started my globe autoloadmax w/ P620. P120 for the sim and P500 for the amax load 🙂

    It’s not much but since the local distributor is just a walk from our school so it’s easy to reload & reload. I sell it to my classmates, friends and neighbors.. 🙂

    It’s really a good way for a student to earn money, even a little.. 🙂

    I want to start w/ smart too, Now if only I have a spare cp.. :'(

  27. @hevz. If you want eloading business pls. contact. me at 09189228895. I can offer you a retailer card for only 250 pesos,. you can load to all networks, e game, cable, landline.

  28. Sa mga gusto pumasok sa eLOAD business, 1 SIM LOADS ALL, eto na ang opportunity nyo. Just text or email me your name, address, age and cellphone SIM na gagamitin nyo sa eLOAD. After registration (which is free) pwede ka ng mag-load all networks including more than 300 prepaid products (internet, on-line games, etc) using 1 SIM and 1 LOAD WALLET. Kung gusto nyo maging DEALER, just click on the link below:

    or: 09299776514
    email: [email protected]

  29. gusto ko po sana malaman kung panu po ako magiging dealer ng load pls send me more info tnx…..

  30. im very interested on this please email me all the information inorder for me to start and how much capital needed to start?i wish someone can share his/her experience most especially profits from this kind of business and am planning to go home.

  31. Hi! Im residing at Pasig. Im very much interested with this e-business. Please provide me more informations on how to start this business and contact persons here in Pasig so it will be convenient for me to reload just in case. Thank you….

  32. hi po:) sa lahat po ng mga gustong maging load retailer, meron po akong offer na siguradong magugustuhan niyo.:) 1-SIM-LOADS-ALL NETWORKS po ang tawag dito, it saves your time and money kasi hindi mo na kailangan bumili ng iba’t ibang sim. YUNG GINAGAMIT MONG SIM NGAYON, YUN DIN ANG GAGAMITIN MO FOR RELOADING!:) maganda po diba?:)at hindi lang po yun, pwede ka ring mag-load ng more than 300 prepaid products tulad ng mga ginagamit sa internet at online games na sadyang patok sa mga kabataan ngayon!:) ano pang hinihintay niyo?:) start your own eloading business today!:) kung may mga tanong po kayo, pwede niyo po akong itext sa 09197012627.:)

    kung gusto niyo naman pong maging dealer, pwede rin po:)

  33. nga pala, free po ang retailer program ko, yung gagamitin niyo lang pong loadwallet (pang load sa lahat ng network) ang babayaran niyo:) minimum po 100pesos lang:)

  34. Gusto ko rin po sanang maging retailer ng eload. please email me more information regarding this business. thank you.

  35. i am really interested in e loading business as dealer, pls help me. this is my number 09324121504/ 4533206, 4543204

  36. Hello po,

    Sa OAS and Albay area smart distributor ang area ko. If incase dito kayo nakatira at interested ay pede kyong magsend ng inquiry sa [email protected] or sa tel# 09165568957=Dandy

    Napakamura at madali lng magstart ng business na ito

  37. GD am,magtanong lang po kung saan banda dito sa manila ang palapit na seminar sa eload buisness at ano ang schedule.may balak ako mag tayo ng eload outlate.salamat po.

  38. good pm, magtanog lang lang kung banda dito sa cavite ang malapit na seminar sa load business at schedule my balak ako mag tayo ng eload outlate…thanks

  39. Hello,
    Some to assist me, How to become a load distributor not just a retailer but i want to sale a load wallet also.. please send me a details [email protected].. god bless!!!

  40. may retailer sim ako sa globe, sun at smart kaso yung sa smart nawala bumibili ako ng retailer sim sa mga distributor kaso wala daw available according to you i can sell load in any network. kindly give me feed back regarding this papanu po ba ang gagawin ko para makapag benta ako ng eload sa mga kaoffice lalo na ang smart

  41. i want to sell eload here in our place to gain extra income, what will i do to have an eload business at easy can i avail this product and service.

  42. Hello,
    Some to assist me, How to become a load distributor not just a retailer but i want to sale a load wallet also.. please send me a details [email protected].. god bless!!!


  44. pls send me thru email complete details on how to go through this business. thanks

  45. hi sir/mam i would like to inquire how much if i can start a bussness for loading with a 10,000 pesos capital.tnx me more info

  46. i mean if i can start a eload bussiness for that amount..pls help me give infos.tnx.godbless

  47. inquiring the nearest e-load distributor in our place.
    770 del monte ave., brgy. talayan, opposit masambong, Quezon city
    Tel. 2219004, 4160560,
    bobby ramos

  48. Hello! Could you please send me the details on how to be an eload distributor? How much should be the capital? Do I need to find a booth for that?

    I would really appreciate if can send me the infos as soon as possible.Thanks a lot!

  49. For those who are interested to start a eloading business?

    I suggest you to try the Loadcentral loading business one sim loads all. It is the only one, one sim loads all loading business that comes in very user friendly system that I already try and also have higher rebate than the other free loading business.

    But it you are after in the benefits you will get in loading?

    I suggest to use the traditional sim because the direct company of smart, globe and sun can only give you the much higher rebate than the all one sim loads all loading business.

  50. hi goodmrning po…i really want to be a retailer……i want to sell load dito po sa village amin….but then nagtanong na ako sa ibang mga sub-dealers for retailer sim ng smart but then wala dawe pong stock…so,i wonder kung may available pok kau?…. coz im really interested…..if you read my message just text me here…..09227253896 or 09174737347…..thank you po…..

  51. good am interesado rin po ako na maging dealer please send me some information regarding how to be a globe and smart load dealer and where to go and when for the seminar and for the presentation please

  52. Load dealership and retailing is indeed one of the best business to start today. It’s easy, hassle-free and has low start-up capital. For those, who are willing to do e-loading business, we can provide free technical training on how to use your existing cellphone and sim to become dealer and retailer to start your e-loading business today whether online or offline.

  53. Indeed one of the best business in town. everybody can benefit from it..Students, employees, teachers, retirees and even OFW’s.

    Get into the business while it still hot..

    Thanks for posting

  54. to whom it may concern,
    would you please help me to start a business like this?
    contact me here asap please: 09109277365

  55. sir/madam gusto ko samang mag eload retailer dito sa aming sa sta. peregrina pulilan bulacan. eto po ang aking cell # 09089580135.

  56. tanong lang po..paano po maging dealer sa globe,,

    gusto ko po talaga maging dealer ng load sa globe dito sa e. rodriguez , quezon city.. pls help me… gusto ko mgkaroon din ng extra income …thanks .. email me nlng po . [email protected]

  57. hi i am from cembo makati, gusro ko po sanang mag umpisa ng smart loading business. Would you help where can i enquire?

  58. hello rita i can help start your eloading business use ur existing simcard and start loading.

    im giving away FREE uniload retailers activation. contact me 09228999705

  59. hello po”tanong lang po kasi interested po ako sa ganitong buseness kasi gusto ko lang po mg buseness nito may existing simcard ako tapos gusto ko nga itong sim card ko ay ipaactivate para maging epa load wallet ko”pra maka start na ako sa pag retailer ng load..
    taga cebu ho ako at san ba outlet u sa cebu para mkapunta ako.pls naman paki advice tanx ..

  60. Hello
    I’m interested po na mag try maging distributor,,i am globe retailer before then nawala lng kasi ung cellphone ko kaya nastop po…
    I’m from valencia city bukidnon.please send me some references on how to start and location ng service center dito sa bukidnon na pwd akong mag inquire regarding on this.
    thank u a lot….

  61. hi sir!
    i want to invest to an eloading business, but i just want to be retailer because i still dont have the time to manage a large scale. but i dont know where to get or buy a retailer sim, could you suggest somebody or a place where i can buy a retailer sim. Thanks! keep up! your site is very informative! like it!

  62. good day sir/mam,
    interested po ko s eload business,pero d ko po alam kung pano mag start…taga rito po ko s caloocan….please send me the details at my email ad..thanks

  63. hai po gusto ko po sana magtry ng loading business dito sa philex pero di ko po alam kung pano… inform nyu nlng po ako sa email ko thnx po wait ko po reply nyo

  64. HiI would like to put up an e-load business herein our place in Palmera Calocan City near Robinsons Maigaya where can I find a distributor and I want to attend a seminar can you please help me thanks

  65. i want to start eload business here in naga city/pili, cam. sur, bicol area. which prepaid load service providers are valid these days? i dont know hu to contact, help pls..! kindly send details to my email add. tnx!

  66. interested po ako mkjoin.. tnung ko lng po if pwd k mgload tru sms and anu yun mga keyword kpg mgppload ng 50 gamit yung sa message?
    thanks po

  67. if ever po na gagawa kami ng machine para sa load ng tatlong company panu po pede loadan ung machine?may balak po kc kaming gumawa ng loading machine….tnx po! god bless!

  68. hi sir this is jomar im just asking kung magkano po ba ang capital kung gusto ko pong magbukas ng load retailer.

  69. i want to be prepaid cards and load distributor in our province of bulacan,pls send me references or infos,many tnx god bless

  70. hi taga Bacolod city negros occidental ako, gusto ko sanang maging e-load retailer,magkano ang kailangan kung puhunan, at paano ako mag avail noon, please help


  71. Hi Fitz,

    I just want to acknowledge what you’ve done here, my first time on your blog-post and your website, I’m so amazed and greatful for your work. Cheers!


  72. mga kababayan ingat kayo sa mga taong nagbibinta daw n ang mga e load na yan, tapus mag open kang nang any account, masmart maoney pa silang sinasabi, uras na maibigay nyo ang number nan gphone kasa ang smart money card, tiyak, hulog na kayo sa butas. lahatanang pera nyo sa mga account nyo sa banko, kaya na nilang E hack yon at kunin nila nang mga pera nyo sa bangko.

  73. sir,
    good day sir im interested to have a bussiness sub dealer load
    meron ba kayo dito sa cebu???? if you read this message pls. send me an information about this bussiness this is my cell. number 09276574624.. thanks

  74. Sir,
    tulungan niyo po ako how to start this e-load business just txt me this cel#09293888335

  75. Please send me details how to be start an eload business. Im From Pasay. Tnx

  76. letty asilo may 02, 2013

    Good day sir im interested to have a business for my small sari2 store. Tanong ko lang po kung paano maging distributor/retailer? Please send ne details about this business please send to my email [email protected]. Sana bucandala imus po ako sir. Bigyan mo rin po ako ng idea para sa kapatid ko po na nasa calape, bohol paano ko sya matutulungan sa business na ito. Maraming salamat po.

  77. Interested po sana aq na kumuha ng retailer sim ng Smart or Maging Sub dealer sa Smart, Globe and Sun.

    Nasa Mandaluyong Area ako. May alam ka po bang distributor dito?? please email back

  78. Please send me details how to sell eload business. I want to have eloading business in our place…thanks!

  79. hi I want to start my e-load business asap pls.tell me how can I start these business.thanks a lot pls.e-mail me.

  80. sir i would like to become an eload dealer via online,whats the requirements??how can i become one??please kindly inform or txt me #09183565115

  81. Okay talaga ang ganitong business. Pwedeng pwede kang kumita ng extra sa daily income mo from work.

  82. Sir,

    Good day po.Tanong ko lang po sana kung papaano maging load distributor. Magkano po ba ang puhunan sa ganitong negosyo.Balak ko na po kasing mag exit d2 s Saudi at diyan na lang sa Pinas mamalagi para makasama ko naman ang pamilya ko. Paki email na lang po and detalye.

    Maraming salamat po.

  83. Good day po.Tanong ko lang po sana kung papaano maging load distributor. Magkano po ba ang puhunan sa ganitong negosyo

  84. I want to have a business which i choose to sell a load that why i need your help were i can buy a retailer…patolungan nman po aq kung san aq pwd mkbli nun ung tatlo n sana sa 1 sim pa msg nlng po sa fb q tnx much.. ;);)

  85. pano ko po mareredeem ung 300 free text to all network don sa e-load ko..nakaka6k ako or more per month pero di ko magamit ung free text

  86. Good day po.Tanong ko lang po sana kung papaano maging load distributor. Magkano po ba ang puhunan sa ganitong negosyo..i’m in Cebu City..pls email at [email protected]

  87. hello po.. ask q lng po f pnu kung sa akn n mgpapaload ung mga nag reretail s tndahan,.. panu po un?]

  88. Hi .. Im interisted to be a load distributor.. But i dont know how.. Can u please help me..this is my contact no. 09153549202

  89. Hello good morning! I just want to ask to where I can buy the e-loading sim for globe and smart because I am interested to be a distributor or subdealer or retailer…I am here now at cainta Rizal… This is my number 09108257291. Tnx!

  90. Hi good evening, I want to have an e-loading business, where I can buy that sim? I am living in southern Leyte, my email add is [email protected]. Currently I am abroad, but I will be going home for good by May 2015. I want also loading station for mobile, laptops internet, cables, etc. Thank you.

  91. Good noon po gusto ko po sana mag business ng e-load,ask ko lang po kung san banda yung branch ng Antipolo taga Cogeo gate 1 Antipolo po ako,paki rply nalang po sa e-mail add ko po at [email protected]..Thanks po Godbless..

  92. I am interested for this kind of business.can you help me how to become a load dealer and retailer.

  93. good evening po…pano po magload ng regular 5 or 10 sa load wallet? pasend nalang po akuh sa fb ko this is my name jomar fernandez bugarin

  94. Hello. I have a retailer sim already. Since we moved in, i have no idea where’s the reloading station here in Landayan, San Pedro Laguna. Please help, just text or call at 09064260681. Tnx

  95. tnx po ang dmi qng ntutunan sa mga nbsa q, mas mgnda cgurong punta aq s main and then tnung q nlng pnu process tnx lking tulong, 🙂

  96. Gusto ko po maging prepaid load dealer pano po ang gagawin me 09253889238..thnx in advance

  97. Hi Good Day, my name is Alona. I am planning to open a Reloading station near to a transport hub in my place in cavite. I have an eloading business at home, a 1 sim load all pattern from one of the Networking company powered by Load central, so somehow I have the idea of the business already. But what I am interested in is how to become a dealer of the 3 networks(Globe/Sun/Smart). Please help me know the dealership process of this business. please email me at [email protected]

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